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  1. Lunardi posted his new brackets and we're still a 16 and now play duke in greensborough. http://proxy.espn.go.com/ncb/region?group=1&teamId=150#150
  2. i can't even log in. i think you need to use real player. when did you buy it?
  3. im having the same problem and im getting pissed off. 11901[/snapback] are you watching it.
  4. im having the same problem and im getting pissed off.
  5. you can just buy the game and watch it from your computer. you can get it from the vcu athletic site.
  6. Tickets are actually going to be given out to students at 4pm. There are 1,000 student tickets. Well actually 1,994 because i alredy got 6 of them.
  7. My friends and I are going to make some signs. Any ideas?
  8. You can get out of the meetings if you want to and have a decent reason (ie, the game). Shoot me an email or PM with your RA/RD name if you're worried about cathcing any flack. And you're sophmore right? It's harder to get out of these meetings if you're a freshman. 11501[/snapback] GODANESGO, can you get me and some of the people on my floor out of the meeting tonite? My RA spoke to the RD and said it was mandatory.
  9. My RD is Jason Benitez, and my RA is Ope. I live on Colonial Paine Hall. If you can get me and everyone on the floor out of it it would be great.
  10. shoot Charlie V., Dr. McElroy, and Dr. Hall an e-mail w/ mention of this problem ... it may result in lines of communication being opened ... perhaps residential life will begin to "care" if the senior administrators demonstrate w/ contact that they do 11499[/snapback] If I had their e-mail address I would.
  11. I spread the word to everyone about the basketball team and not many people even know that the team this year is actually pretty good. You guys wonder why the student turnouts arent that high, I'll tell you why. Tomorrow for our hall the school scheduled a mandatory hall meeting at 9:15. Hmmmm wait, but thats during the basketball game. Obviosly the Resedential Life does not care and there is no way to escape these meetings. That is f'd-up
  12. How true do you think that is? If it is, it is huge for us.
  13. The best way to get people to go to the games is by giving away things. Basically having promotions rally towels and t shirts etc. At the Siena game they gave out purple t shirts to everyone. Thats is what they should do for the BPG. We should also have a yellow out similar to other schools when they have the white out. Another thing is I don't think that many people are aware of what our basketball team is doing. Over the past months I have gotten many of my friends into follow the team this year and i think we had the biggest group of students (about 15 of us) attend the game against UMBC. We sat at the far end and the "RACC ROWDIES" were no where to be seen. To sum it all up people just do not care here.
  14. Rally towels for the growl would be sick!
  15. Did anyone happen to catch the bing. vermont game? They stormed the court when they beat vermont. It was like they won a championship or something. Also where the hell were all the Racc Rowdies?
  16. Is the CAA the next level all America East teams move up too? It seems to be the trend in the past years.
  17. How do I become a part of the Racc Rowdies and where can i get one of those shirts?
  18. We need Wilson badly he's one of the most important guys on the team
  19. I want Buffalo in the Bracket Buster. A little battle of the SUNY's.
  20. You are absolutley correct I forgot about that. Good observation.
  21. I might sound crazy but I would rather be a 16th seed and face Florida again in the tourney.
  22. The best case scenario would be for us to finis first and Bingamton to finish right behind us in second. If that does happen we would not have to face them in the first or second round of the tournemant. It is definitely not fun playing them up there no matter what seed they are.
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