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  1. Well he’s a lame duck coach next season. Extend him two more years with a pay cut, get rid of Knots and bring in an assistant with experience. Doesn’t even have to be D1, just someone who’s been in the game for years.
  2. This might be a hot take, but I would take a step back from recruiting in Australia.
  3. Did not know that about Jamar. Started following his sophomore year, which was his redshirt sophomore I guess.
  4. You are banking on someone that’s coming off of ACL surgery. At this point I would just put a giant question mark by Anderson’s name for next year. So pretty much have a giant question at the PG spot!
  5. Because they never use them correctly. Foster was used incorrectly in my opinion and he should have played more than just 15 min a game. Same goes with Hansen as he was already a D1 player last year who averaged almost 10pts a game and is only playin 18 min a game this year. Hansen should have started from day 1 when he got here.
  6. Are we really going keep adding youth in there as an excuse? It’s basically 2 full seasons for that core,3 if you include the redshirts
  7. The issues with this group are horrendous. WB has one more year left on the contract. You have to wonder if any sort of extension has been discussed. It’s also never good to have a lame duck coach on the recruiting trail and I think a two year extension tacked on after this season would be the right play. Whoever is in charge of player development for the bigs needs to go though. Watching last night on TV WB just looked defeated and lost. Who knows, he may want out himself after next season. *rip up the contract for next year and give him a new 3 year extension with a pay cut. I think that’s plenty fair. Use that extra money and bring in an assistant who can work with bigs. I’m not sure if the school is allowed to do something like this, but just a thought.
  8. They partially did. Hank benched, but not replaced with Hansen.
  9. So does any one know if JoJo Anderson was recruited already knowing he had a knee injury that would require surgery? All I found was an article back before the start of the season saying he is trying to play through it. If this staff knew that before giving him a scholarship that he’d need surgery what in the hell were they thinking?
  10. It’s ok we are lucky to have WB. We lose our one and only player that can create his own shot and handle the ball. Luckily we’ll hopefully have a backup PG coming off ACL surgery and a so called freshman stud to slide right in 👍 But ahh shucks, if it weren’t for that Cremo and Nichols leaving a year early.
  11. Indeed. It’s Vermont and then everyone else. Laughable to even think we were ever in the same class.
  12. No. We are in 3rd place because this league is awful
  13. I just saw rizzuto eurostep into the defender for a charge. Unreal.
  14. Coaching staff doing last minute read of the message boards 😂
  15. That’s a straight up a lie that only the players get credit in good times. The coaches get plenty of credit when they win and they should take plenty of heat when it’s a mess. Also finishing in the top half of this dreadful league is not that difficult. Especially if people want to put us in the same class as Vermont.
  16. I’m with you, we are a low major school. Some will disagree with you and say we are a mid major. As I’ve said I had some grand illusions of what the program could become after each of those runs, but in reality the program is as you’ve described.
  17. who said they got banned lol. since 05 I have probably only seen one person get banned.
  18. That’s another point, some people have been following the program pre-D1, others like me started following the program when they were already a D1 program. Doesn’t make me any less of a fan of the program. In fact there probably isn’t one user on this board that’s a post 2010 graduate. It’s a valid question though as far as what would you rather see. 3 years in a row of 1st place finishes losing in the conf tournament or 3 years of 9-7 in 4/5 place finish and a trip to the NCAAs. I used to think NCAA is the end all be all, but for sustained success and building a program give me the regular season championship.
  19. I believe there’s more to it than just counting your NCAA tournament appearances if you want to build a program with sustained success year after year. Our NCAAs where great and fun, but looking back I’d take 2 straight regular season conference championships instead of winning the 11/12 and 12/13 conf tournament. Yes that sounds crazy, but I’d think that would have done better for the program in the long run. Click and Eli were good for this board. It’s funny as I felt they have toned it down from 10 years ago. If people are really getting offended by message boards don’t read it. It’s now less active without then on it.
  20. If they play well then we’ll credit the staff. Credit is give where deserved.
  21. We’ve finished the regular season in first twice! We’ve won 12+ conference games in a season only four times! I’d say WB is lucky to have Albany. Albany will be here for years to come long after he’s gone and he’ll be collecting checks from Albany for years to come too.
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