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  1. Pretty sure Pelletier is a local product who played at st rose and landed on the staff as a graduate assistant. That’s pretty much as good as playing for him. Can even say it’s worse than playing for him as you can mold a graduate assistant into yourself
  2. I was agreeing with you lol. It was more at statefan that it was a terrible comparison. Two of WB important assistants during the 3 peat are no longer even in coaching.
  3. I’m sorry I just don’t see it with Lulka. To be a post player with stone hands will never work. Everyone wants to compare him to S Rowley, yet Rowley had some of the softest hands and touch around the hoop. Just hanging on hope that he turns into something like him and the only similarity is that they’re Australian.
  4. Liam Gleason got another D1 head coaching job. Show me a Brown disciple with a D1 head coaching job. That final four team was driven by a once in a life time face off guy and a tewaraton finalist
  5. Can someone explain to me what Romani Hansen has to do to start?! Guy averaged double digit rebounds the previous 5/6 games and yesterday only gets 19 minutes. WTF is it with these honorary starts for Brett Hank? Somebody explain that sh*t to me.
  6. And being unprepared falls on... you got it the coaching staff
  7. No disrespect, but a top five program in the America East is not saying much.
  8. They’re young, they’re injured blah blah blah. It’s either put up or shut up next year. Take the purple glasses off for one minute please.
  9. This staff has done Jack sh*t when it comes to recruiting since sanders and singletary. The staff didn’t even have to recruit Cremo as he was going there no matter what. He helped them out there and he helped them leaving early!!
  10. 😢 tears. Tears because this is an actual topic
  11. All Nichols and cremo did abruptly leaving early was buy this coaching staff time. Everyone harps on how much it hurt with them two leaving, but no one remembers that that team was disappointing as hell anyway and was downward spiraling. It just proves how bare the cupboard was due to all their recruits leaving. They’ve developed NO ONE since David Nichols and that’s the hard facts.
  12. Again who’s been out for long periods of time besides Lulka and Anderson? My question is why do they feel the need to start Hank every game. Start Hansen. I think we are where we are. Healthy or not this is how the team would have been at the beginning of the season if everyone was healthy. .500
  13. Im not sure who’s injured for Stony Brook right now, but my comment earlier was about them losing Yeboah, who was already a first teammer not a potential one.
  14. I don’t disagree with much of what you said. Yes they were plagued with injuries, but even if they were 100% do you really think they’d would have been able to compete for a regular season championship? My main question is what’s going to be the excuse next year if we have another 9-7/8-8 mediocre season. Stony Brook lost a potential 1st team guy and their coach. Hartford list probably one of their best graduating classes last year and reloaded with a dominant grad transfer and developed some of their underclassmen. Are we going to hear that facilities are reallly holding back the coaching staff from recruiting??? Hope they win out so I can eat crow.
  15. Without him who knows if this team has even 6 wins total. The most important player on this team.
  16. It’s all good. I’ll wait for the excuses next year. Seems to me all of the injuries happen at practices. Maybe change something there who knows. Last year it’s they’re young, this year it’s they’re injured. In my opinion our full team healthy is not better than Vermont, Stony Brook, or even Hartford.
  17. Every team deals with injuries. Who’s missed significant time here that’s really held this team back? Jojo Anderson?
  18. Another 9-7 season here we come 🤷🏻‍♂️
  19. Hold up all we heard all offseason was how athletic this team was suppose to be smh
  20. If the school has time to actually remove you from the roster on the website, it’s probably safe to say he gone.
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