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  1. I try to watch as litttle America east basketball as possible. Stats say 14 and 10 so I’d guess so.
  2. So how did Hartford manage to land this grad transfer from Pitt/st John’s?
  3. Oh lord message boards getting into players heads 😂. What has the world come to?
  4. Looking at the stats from yesterday, they went without a FG for the last 9:28 of the first half. Woof. I was 100% for shaking up the starting lineup, but did Brown give a reason for sitting Healy?
  5. That doesn’t make much sense since French was playing some solid D against Monmouths bigs. Was he injured? I know he took a shot to the face and never came back in after they took him out around the 10 min mark.
  6. Yet Hank was getting minutes in crunch time? That’s another thing I didn’t really understand
  7. Yup I’m hoping they put it together in conference, but like I said in the other post, you can only use the Cremo/Nichols narrative for so long! Everyone knew it wasn’t going to be pretty last year, so free pass. So far it’s not pretty this year and sooner than later that excuse is going to wear thin.
  8. Can only use the Nichols/Cremo excuse for effecting recruiting for so long. What are we doing as a program? I honestly think we are where we should be. The average finish in America east play since 2005-2006 has been 9-7. Middle of the pack in the America East. Yeah, yeah we have 5 championships more than any team besides Vermont. The same way some accuse Siena fans for hanging onto their glory days in the late 2000s, they could be doing the same soon at this rate.
  9. Lulka, Lauderdale and Hanks can get about 6 inches off the ground combined. I’ve only watched one UA player be successful as a big not be able to jump and that was Sam Rowley. None of those three have craftiness, footwork, or touch like him.
  10. It’s what I was thinking, but who knows. Only thing we know is he has not been good. I thought I heard the announcer say Monmouth had only played 2 games in December so that could have had a lot to do with it. If the team has shown the ability, but can’t maintain it, that’s something for the coaching staff to figure out. If the talent is there as some are saying it’s their job to get it to work. It always seems to be these 5+ min of just terrible offense and turnovers. When you can see things are starting to get out of whack burn a time out sooner than later and it’s always been later.
  11. How many chances has the French gotten? You want to talk fumbling passes missing bunnies, just watch tape on Lulka last year. The difference is he’s allowed to play through it, while French would get the quick hook. French altered a ton of shots with just his size and length today.
  12. And you can tell he is not a D1 player based on what? He’s played 1.8 min a game for the year and I bet all those min came in garbage time or against the D3 they played. If he’s not a D1 player half these guys on the team right now aren’t either.
  13. His length was always there. It’s more why hasn’t he gotten a real opportunity. The one bright spot of the day.
  14. *3 real post season invites. Can we please stop counting those C list games. Based on UA’s record in those shows how much they actually care. Injuries suck, but every team deals with it, and the good ones fight through it and work around it. The Cremo/Nichols departure definitely hurt record wise for the following season, but they already knew before hand that they were going to have at least 4 scholarships open. DeSousa and Rizzuto had already signed early, which meant they had at least 2 scholarships to work with before the school year even started. I think the recruiting and development problem is all a trickle down effect from the 15-16 recruiting class where only 1 player stayed from the 6. Obviously no one knows the exact reasons for departures, but no matter the reason it hurt the program.
  15. 5-1 in America East championship games, luck or not I would say he’s a big game coach.
  16. I understand he’s not going to be conditioned for 20+ minutes, but when I hear “try and play” it sounds like he’s still hurt.
  17. Well if we are a top tier America East program like some like to believe, going 0-3 is unacceptable. Which means there’s a problem somewhere.
  18. I don’t doubt his ability to get to another NCAA, but it’s not going to be as easy as putting in a bid to get the first 2 rounds on your home court. Over the years you always hear from him all that matters is 3 games in March. There needs to be an emphasis on winning the America east regular season FIRST. The goal should be that.
  19. There’s definitely a problem, but it’s not my problem lol. WB’s the one that’s got one more year left on the contract.
  20. For the 14-15 freshman class only 1/5 came back. Right there says a lot. Mike Wells Max Twyman Wheeler Baker Germey McKay Greg Stire
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