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  1. Going out on a limb and going to say 4 year guys may be slightly better, but only because it takes years to gain trust from WB. Interested to see the #s as well.
  2. No doubt WB is a big game coach. I’d just like to see him treat every game as an America east championship or NCAA tournament game. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say this team should be able to at least start the season 3-0 with games against Bing, Maine, and UNH.
  3. That 15-16 team was still one of the best team was probably better than any of the three prior tournament teams. Still so disappointing.
  4. I look at 12 as the benchmark number as that should get you pretty close to at least a 2nd place finish.
  5. I’m as big of a fan as they come. Let’s be real on the championships. Without being able to host the quarters and semis in 2013 or 2014 who knows what happens. Without a prayer and miracle in 2015 we’re playing in the NIT. We ended up winning and all three runs were absolutely great at the time. The tournament format has changed since then and the regular season finishes over the years has been mediocre. Yes we made it to the championship game in 2017, but have lost in the quarters the last 3/4 years, which should be unacceptable. I can count on one hand how many times we’ve won more than 12 games in the regular season in conferences. The team needs to absolutely start the conference schedule off strong and not put itself in a hole again. **Off the top of my head I believe we’ve one 12 games only four times in the regular season! That absolutely boggles my mind as how bad this league has been over the years.
  6. What recruits is he losing to other America east teams because of facilities?! Winning the regular season and the America east championship is the ultimate goal every year right? I’m ready to hear who we are losing out on. I hear year in and year out, oh this guy was a steal, rizzuto is A10 quality, wait till JoJo is back, Romani is a baller, Flory is a sniper. I do agree he’s got to many of his former players on his bench. Is anyone really going to speak up against him if they don’t agree with game plan or rotations? Kudos to him for being able to get all his own guys though. I’d do the same if I could.
  7. He cost Clark at least 10 assists last year from not being able to catch the ball. I already saw at least 1 tonight.
  8. Injured or not Lulka has got the worst hands I have ever seen. They are feet.
  9. Gotcha. I have no reason not to believe you. I asked that because if the coaching staff did have some sort of idea then they did an awful job on the recruiting trail preparing for it.
  10. Did David already have the 18-19 season mapped out before the start of the 17-18 season?
  11. Everybody should just have zero expectations out of Anderson to minimize the potential disappointment.
  12. Should probably try it on the men’s side too.
  13. Yes definitely a shocker for the the only true mid major team that received ten top 25 votes last week.
  14. No more freaking out. It is what is. Let WB stay forever, put him on the hot seat, fire him, doesn’t matter. I was definitely guilty of unrealistic expectations of where the program can go when I started following in 2004. Yes others have seen it come a long way, but 2004 on is all I know. We are in a low major conference with one true mid major team in Vermont.
  15. Clearly the team is a mess 5 games in. They had a head start to their season with the Canada trip and somehow look even more lost. On a side note, they’ve turned what was once a home court advantage in the far baseline bleachers into a makeshift extension of a hospitality area. Someone said they were just broken last season, but I guess attendance numbers were so bad they didn’t even bother.
  16. What. A. Mess. If WB would have gotten the Fordham or George Mason job after the 2014-2015 season this program would have been in a lot better shape.
  17. Thought Fruscio graduated this year no? Fruscio is a different case than Reece as his dad coaches at Albany Academy.
  18. That was my thought last year when filling out the roster. Instead of just scrapping for a 13th man did they think of ever giving Fruscio the last scholarship?
  19. Maybe, but wouldn’t well known artists go to TU anyway to perform?
  20. I used to think 6500-7000 too, but that is too big. We averaged a little over 2k this season albeit a bad season. Our best season attendance avg was about 3500 I think. With a 6500-7000 seat arena players will feel like they’re playing in an empty facility.
  21. ODUs stadium is nice, but way too big for what we need. Give me a Quinnipiac or Monmouth type place. Or even something like Stony Brook. I think an arena around the capacity of 4K with all chairbacks is perfect.
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