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  1. Woof that's pretty brutal for assistants. Even at Stony Brook.
  2. UVM has had blue balls for almost 15 years from seeing a preliminary design
  3. Fair enough, from watching these past few years I think they realize the landscape is changing in college lacrosse. I couldn't see anything negative towards UA in his recent post. We haven't won. We are 1-4. Playing well in a loss is still in a loss. No matter the sport you don't get votes in polls because you play well and lose to ranked teams.
  4. So there are public/State funds available to UA, but they would like to allocate it elsewhere besides athletics?
  5. You just said Quint believes traditional powers should be ranked no matter how they perform (history), but then you say UA based on history should be top 30. I think the program gets a ton of positive press. By the way a top 30 is not much to brag about when there's only 73 teams in D1.
  6. We were ranked #1 for more than 10 weeks last year lol. I don't think there is any biased. Where do you believe this years team should be ranked. Quint had Albany in his poll at #1 for a ton of weeks.
  7. Will brown with a chip on his shoulder/something to prove is when he’s at his best. A little heat even if it’s from the horrible AD I think is good.
  8. Brown renewed in 2016 for five years. The contract expires after the 20-21 season.
  9. Time has flown. Brown has only 2 years left on the current contract and if there is tension between the AD and him it’s doubtful they’d be extending him this off season. With the Fairfield job opening up it wouldn’t surprise me if he’d be interested in that.
  10. Nope it wasn’t, but he wasn’t given much of a chance by playing what 5 min a game?
  11. I would say he is the best all around player on the team. No one else comes close
  12. Yes Healy is a sniper. You have someone who can play some sort of defense and face guard him he’s got nothing.
  13. Yup no Clark equals swing it around the perimeter for 29 seconds and then chuck up a deep shot
  14. As much as you dislike him, he is the only one that can create off the dribble
  15. Thanks. I was hoping a game like this would be streamed on espn3 or + as it’s easier to watch on Tv. Oh well
  16. I get it, hopefully he is motivated. I doubt the coaches are looking at advanced stats like that when placing these votes though.
  17. He won 7 rookie of the week awards. Why wouldn’t he get it just based on that
  18. So the America east announced this espn+ deal and this game isn’t even going to be televised?
  19. With all these advanced stats, can someone explain the reasoning behind starting Hank? I know I've said starting doesn't mean anything and it's about who's on the floor when the game ends, but this one I don't get. Is it just his size they want in there?
  20. Agreed. That's what I believe as well. The fact that he's made posts like this all last year there has to be more to it.
  21. I was, but even if you did know more I wasn’t expecting you to post any info anyway.
  22. I think there has to be more to this story than him just tagging a lacrosse stringing company. I do notice the one poster who has semi insider information has not commented on this thread
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