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  1. That crossed my mind last night also. When Clark went out after the T, I was surprised CB didn't play JoJo Anderson. The past two games, Clark has scored north of 25 points per game. That's both awesome and fun, but I don't know if it can be sustained. Quiet night for Hutch. I was wondering if he's hit the freshman wall. He's been playing a ton of minutes, including last night. Lulka looked tenative and a little lost since coming back from injury. It seemed like a point by CB to get him more minutes. That said, he was the only guy, other than Ahmad, to hit his free throws in crunch time. One big positive, from the bench troika of bigs (Lulka, Lauderdale and Hansen) we got a combined 18 points and 10 rebounds. More of that. Also, hats off to Rizzuto for embracing his role of being the energizer on defense.
  2. Albany and Hartford at the top of the standings. Just the way all the preseason publications didn't have it.
  3. Agreed. They seem to want to play like Maine. Pour molasses on the court and limit possessions. Hopefully we can stay patient in halfcourt.
  4. I'm totally fine with that. Maybe make it nine or ten years. I'd been thinking when Lulka came back and was healthy that he'd go back into the starting lineup. After seeing Hutch play over the last couple of weeks, I'm not so sure about that. BTW - classy move by Coach Barron of Maine to contribute to Coaches Cure CF yesterday.
  5. Worst 3 game winning streak...ever. Totally agree with Click about Ahmad Clark. He battled the whole game long and was really impressive with his toughness. He got upended by a Maine player and one end and landed on his back (which was already ailing.) He bangs the free throws and then a minute later takes a charge where he got leveled. Maine isn't talented but they played hard the whole game. We were more talented but played hard for stretches. Hopefully that's the only time we see Cam Healy go 1-9. If he hits even a couple of those shots he normally does and that game would have been fairly comfortable. It'll be interesting to see if we change our defensive plan again Prijovic. He was eating our lunch. We survived and I'll take ugly wins.
  6. Watching Vermont @ UMBC. I thought Isiah Powell (formerly Moll) was redshirting but now suddenly he's playing?
  7. There's a basketball game today. An actual home basketball game at SEFCU Arena!
  8. If Stony Brook beats New Hampshire on Saturday it sets up a clash of the undefeated next week, Hartford (2-0) at SBU. I don't know who's going to win the AE but Stony Brook just make conference play a lot more interesting (an fun.) Hopefully we can continue to improve, get healthy, and join the fun.
  9. Maybe...but SBU's roster is pretty similar to last year and we were OK against them then. Their offense is more varied this year. Last year, the plan seemed to be to stand around and hope Yeboah did something. Vermont's offense has looked like that the last couple of games. Hope Smith or Lamb makes a play.
  10. That was fun to watch. I was hoping for overtime . Vermont got every good bounce and whistle you could hope for in the last minute or five.
  11. Stony Brook knocks off Vermont in Burlington. Tough, impressive win up there. Also, Hartford was left for dead before the season but is now 2-0 at the top of the standings.
  12. It'll be interested to see where Mike Smith ends up next year. He had a medical redshirt and the Ivy League doesn't allow fifth-year seniors so he'll be a grad transfer somewhere. The Ivy seems to lose a lot of talent every year with that rule.
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