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  1. 4 fouls in 11 minutes. I can totally respect that because that's how I play defense. I just want to see him on the court more. Some of it is just being bigger and stronger than the other guy and he takes the worse of any contact. Tim Ambrose was pretty foul prone early in his career for that reason.
  2. I see what you did there there Yank. That's some high level message board posting there. So, you have Great Expectations for this group, then?
  3. Can't really complain about the defense. Can complain about the rebounding. The young guys are going to be inconsistent and they were - Lulka, Rizzuto and Healy combined 6 for 28. A good night by just one guy in that group and we're in the game or winning it at the end. The play I liked last night was when Lauderdale caught the ball in the post, backed Knight down and scored. Then, he didn't get the ball again. Granted, he fouled at an elite level and couldn't stay in the game. I'd like to see him stay on the court and get the ball a little more. If nothing else, I'm enjoying watching Ahmad Clark. He's pretty much doing everything he can this year.
  4. In today's TU, CB said Rizzuto would enter the starting lineup when his conditioning was for it. Kinda curious how that's going to look. Maybe move Campbell to the 4 and Lulka to the 5? And Eli advocating Campbell going to the bench in 3...2...1...
  5. I like a lot of our pieces, we're just not always playing together that well. That will come. The last few games we've been shooting between 25-30 threes a game. That's usually not Will Brown basketball. It'll be interesting to see if that continues. Pretty happy with the way Lulka has played except for a lot of moving screen fouls. I'd really like to see him get more touches instead of so much hoisting it up from outside.
  6. Recruiting - 2019

    Over the weekend, Mitch Doherty's team beat a team from Vermont and Trey Hutcheson beat a team called the Saints. Hutcheson had 31 points in a 5 overtime game. (Yes, five.) Doherty was the Blackburn Tournament MVP with a win over Vermont Academy.
  7. They are pretty big and athletic but their shooting is bad. They didn't really seem to capitalize on those great years they had with recruiting. At least not yet. Thought we might see Melik Martin last night. We had offered him at one point before he committed to Monmouth. Not sure if he's injured or not.
  8. Lauderdale and Brooks seemed to lose out in the numbers game in the Rizzuto debut. Devonte got more time at PF when we played Clark, Healy and Rizzuto. Devonte getting PF minutes doesn't help Lauderdale's cause at all. We'll see if he gets more time or if they stay with French at the big guy off the bench. Either way, I like our bigs this year. I'm still not sure who are backup PG is going to be. Kind of looks like Ray Miller is going to hold down that spot?
  9. So Rizzuto just strolls into the 9th game of the season and, after not playing a minute of D1 basketball drops 13 pts, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals. If there are any other Rizzuot/Iatis out there we should totally offer them a scholarship. Also, nice find of Fruscio to set up his score. Best game of the year for Hank. I'm not sure what the MAAC did to Ahmad Clark but had 30 against Canisius and 29 against Monmouth. There were stretches of Ahmad and four frosh out there. That's a good sign. The zone in the first half was interesting. Made rebounding tough though. Monmouth is good for what ails you but a solid step in the right direction.
  10. 2018-19

    Future opponent Niagara is up 4 on Pitt with a few seconds left. Crazy final 10 seconds. Pitt missed a shot at the buzzer to win but Niagara holds on.
  11. Was noticing today that Hank has started but really isn't playing starters minutes. He's only play over 20 minutes a game once this year against BU. I'm hoping he develops into a better free throw shooting Metcalf as time goes on. I understand the frustration with Campbell. I think the problem with playing Campbell at the 4 is that Lulka, French and Lauderdale are actually playing OK (off and on.) The other problem with playing Campbell at the 4 is that none of the other candidates for more minutes (Miller, Brooks, De Sousa) have been playing well enough to warrant more minutes. There's still a lot of auditioning going on and it will probably last when Rizzuo and Flory come back. If there was a bright spot from this weekend, it was Lulka. He's strung 3 double digit scoring games in a row together.
  12. We had a putrid home loss against Harvard to go 2-6 in the first 8 games of the 2005-06 season. I don't remember how the rest of that year went.
  13. Hopefully I wasn't complaining about him. He's been really solid. I have noticed what you're seen on the drives to the hoop as well. In his defense, our veteran big guys in past years have been really good at recognizing when guards drive and sealing their man to create a lane to the hoop. It's one of the things our young bigs have to recognize and improve as the season goes on.
  14. Hoping this trip was like the Legends Tournament in Michigan was a few years ago when Mike Black was here. The team seemed to gel winning a couple of games in that tourney. I don't have many complaints with the way Ahmad Clark has handled the point but I'd like him to be a little more choosy with his shots. Also, since I'm asking for stuff. I'd like to see Lauderdale and Lulka playing together and the ball going into the post more. I 'd like Lulka to get more shot attempts.
  15. Milwaukee is kind of like the Horizon League version of Albany. They had a couple player poached via grad transfer to bigger programs last season.