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  1. 2019 Bracket Challenge

    This didn't age well.
  2. 2019 Bracket Challenge

    Iona came to play tonight. Up 5 at the half over Carolina. Don't care about my bracket for this one. It's fun to watch.
  3. 2019 Bracket Challenge

    Really good tournament for the Ohio Valley Conference. At-large bid and win for Belmont. Another win with Murray State.
  4. Siena's Jamion Christian

    Just remembering last year.
  5. Siena's Jamion Christian

    Not sure why your laughing. This means another spring of "Will Brown to Siena" rumors. Seemed like they cast their fate last year the way they got rid of Pastos. I'm not sure how any coach coming in is going to believe a long-term contract deal or extension over there.
  6. OT: UMKC

    Caught my eye because we played them in a tourney a few years ago. In the past 24 hours, UMKC has had 9 guys announce they are going to transfer.
  7. 2019 Bracket Challenge

    Really, really wanted to pick Gardner Webb over Virginia. Had to stop myself.
  8. Looking forward to 2019/2020

    Probably not a surprise after their amazing win over Virginia in the NCAA tourney last year. Oh, wait. That was Odom and not Boals? Bleh. At SBU for three years and then moves on.
  9. Maybe. It seems like every year people are saying Vermont is going to take a step back next year and then they don't. They dropped a little this year but I also think there are more good coaches in the conference now. That's a good thing. I will say, this time last year I was a little jealous Vermont got Isiah Moll. Now, not quite as jealous. He might end up being really good but he didn't have the freshman year I thought he would.
  10. Recruiting - 2019

    Cook is playing on a JUCO team with a bunch of guys who are D1 transfers. I'd have to think that's a higher level than where Brooks was playing. He had over 100 assists this year and really good rebound numbers for guard. Funny the schools that are involved with a guy from Georgia are all in the northeast and upper midwest. If he's a PG and playing with a lineup with De Sousa, that's a big lineup of guards.
  11. And now Monmouth is in the "lowly MAAC" championship game. Yank, please PM me the winning powerball numbers while you can still see the future. Thanks!
  12. I'd be more impressed if Kenpom told us Bing was going to beat SBU. I'll stop complaining about Sessoms being ROY now.
  13. Cool story on ESPN about the Aussies at Albany. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26182429/the-story-college-basketball-unlikely-aussie-stronghold
  14. Awards

    It's a pretty good freshman class when guys like Lulka and Rivera from UML don't event make the all-rookie team. To me, Lutete is a first-team guy.
  15. We've matched up with them pretty well this year. The thing that concerns me is that we have almost no post-season experience. UMBC has some guys who have been through the file. Players that have won championships can usually find an extra level in the playoffs.