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  1. Recruiting - 2019

    Mitch Doherty kicked off his season at the National Prep Showcase yesterday with a win over Link Year which has a couple D1 prospects.
  2. 2018-19

    With four players gone due to graduation and four to transfer, we return 10 points of scoring next year. Devonte Campbell at 6.7 ppg Ahmad Clark at 3.7 ppg Nick Fruscio at .3 ppg We are set up really, really well to have a Rookie of the Year candidate since we'll have at least 5 and they're going to have to play.
  3. I pictured him as a John Carroll (of Hartford) type player and I don't think it's that far off. Skilled big man who can shoot that we can run our offense through. We just have to get to the "run our offense" part of that equation.
  4. College basketball games are 40 minutes and with 5 players on the floor that means there are 200 minutes to go around. Last night we played freshman for 101 of those 200 minutes. As good as our freshman our, unless they're named Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett, we're going to struggle early in the season. I'm surprised at the reactions to Lulka. Maybe we all expected him to come with a cape, a big "S" on his shirt and fly around Sefcu Arena. I thought he's been pretty solid for his first two games - Avg 9PPG, 6 RPG while shooting over 58% from the floor. He showed a couple of nice post moves. Right now, our offense is no where near organized enough to get him consistent touches in the post.
  5. Cremo nichols leave...

    Just a reminder that reading this thread isn't mandatory for anyone.
  6. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    For the most part that's what he does. I actually liked him playing the PF spot tonight when it happen. The guy just battles every game. There's a lot of sorting out for the rest of the spots - Miller, De Sousa, Brooks, French.
  7. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    For as much as Devonte gets slammed here. He had a double-double and was the only starter without a turnover. Everyone is giving Reece Brooks a pass. 0-6 and 0-4 from three. Tough debut. He has a nice drive and pass on the Lulka layup though. For the most part, if we can keep outrebounding people and turn the ball over less than 50 times a game, we'll be alright.
  8. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    It's been a while since we've thrown freshman to the wolves.
  9. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    I also thought Lulka and Hank looked rattled at times. Healy did not at all.
  10. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    I know, right. It was almost like it was his first college basketball game or something.
  11. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    Isn't looking at stats part of a vision test. I mean, you need your vision to look at them. 8 and 6 in his first game on the road. Lulka and Hank put the ball on the floor too often and got it taken away from them.
  12. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    The fact that we have 20 turnovers and are in this game is amazing.
  13. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    Devonte misses an open jump shot - everyone notices. Devonte grabs another tough rebound in traffic - no one notices.
  14. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    Some of the issues with French and Lauderdale is missing on defensive switches. Probably not that unexpected considering how many new guys we have. For the most part, I like the way Clark is handling things. Trying to run the offense before making plays late in the shot clock. He's killing the board too.
  15. Playing Group

    CB mentioned he'd probably play nine guys. Starters mentioned were Hank Lulka Campbell Clark Healy or Miller So with injuries, three out of the next group Rizzuto Jerotic French Lauderdale Brooks De Sousa I liked Brooks and Lauderdale in the scrimmage but haven't heard much about either of them leading up to tonight.
  16. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    According to Michael Kelly of the Gazette we'll be starting the three Aussie freshman tomorrow. Clark Healy Cambell Lulka Hanks Lulka, Clark and Devonte were also named captains.
  17. Cremo nichols leave...

    I'm not surprised. That seems to be the way the NCAA wanted this to go. The "liitle guys" become a farm system for the power conference teams. I'm not annoyed at the guys who left but I am at the system.
  18. 2018-19

    Good win for what's their faces over GW. Tough loss for Hartford. You'd expect a team with as many senors as they have to open the season strong.
  19. Butts in the Seats 2018 edition

    Maybe. Facilities are important but they aren't a magic ticket. Event Vermont fans would probably tell you they have the worst arena in the AE but they've still been the marquee program in the conference for the past decade. Iona is probably the same. They have a middle of the pack MAAC arena and still managed to own that conference. That said, I'll take a nice Sefcu upgrade...
  20. 2018-19

    I'm only going to say this to make you feel better. This team is shallow and not very talented.
  21. Not sure I have this straight but Undercuffler can start and play in the next three games but still be a redshirt for this year?
  22. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    Asante Gist, who scored a ton of points at Eastern Kentucky Kentucky his freshman year was a mid-season transfer to Iona. He wasn't supposed to be eligible until January but the NCAA gave him a waiver so he'll he eligible for our game. Between the grad transfer rule and now this waiver, as an Albany fan I just want to say, "thanks so much NCAA for all you've done for Albany basketball recently."
  23. Butts in the Seats 2018 edition

    I've been seeing the "Seven Saturdays in Sefcu" promo alot (I think my coffee maker displayed it this morning.) I really, really wish they would have put Albany Cup Champions in that ad somewhere. Actually, not just somewhere, everywhere.