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  1. James Allen mentioned in this morning's TU that we've been talking to Albany Academy's Marcus Jackson. His older brother, Andre, committed to UConn a few weeks ago.
  2. Happy to see we've offered another local player. Shane O'Dell from Schalmont has an Albany offer according to twitter. 6'4 guard.
  3. Undercuffler - 380 yards and 2 TD. Flacco - 187 and 2 TDs. Flacco had more passing attempts. This offense is looking more like the one Joe Davis had at Fordham. Great win to bring into Homecoming weekend next week.
  4. I don't think Carter is going to shoot 75% from three like he did today. His best quality was that he didn't try to do anything he's not capable of doing. He got his team into the offense, played defense and took shots when he was open. Probably not a surprise that his team came out on top in the scrimmage. As good as Ahmad can be, he still seemed to settle for long threes too often. Hansen hit some outside shots and then put the ball on the floor a few times and got to the rim. He and Doherty's shooting from outside are going to be a problem for other big guys and create more space around the hoop.
  5. I guess I missed that. Admittedly, I was watching Hansen much of the time. French looked bigger, stronger and more aggressive. Still going to be a tough time finding minutes in that front court.
  6. That was fun. Curious to see a box score for that game. Rian Carter made himself know pretty quickly. Hansen is really good. I like the combo of him and Malachi. They seemed to play well off each other. Rizzuto was EVERYWHERE. Didn't see Lauderdale or Jojo Anderson play and I'm still not sure who you would start. .
  7. Story in today's TU says we've added guard Rian Carter from Rochester as a walk-on. He' played two years at JUCO - https://www.colbytrojans.com/sports/mbkb/2018-19/bios/carter-rian?view=career&pos=sh
  8. Recruiting - 2020

    A little surprised we're offering another guard. I thought we'd go for a guard and two bigs in next year's class.
  9. Recruiting - 2020

    It's one of the best ones around. A company from CT made it into one of those panorama posters a few years ago. LadyDP got one framed for me a few years ago and it hangs upstairs in our house. I'd like a Peter Hooley "the shot" poster too.
  10. That's actually from last year and has been kicking around a while. I was listening to the CBS podcast the other day. They interviewed a bunch of coaches about the best job in college basketball outside of the P5 conferences. Lots of Gonzaga and Dayton picks but some coaches actually said Vermont was one of the best jobs.
  11. Interesting tidbit in the Hansen story. He was contacted by high major schools but wanted to go where he could make more of an impact. On paper, I like the looks of our front court: A slimmer trimmer Lauderdale Hansen who played well in Canada Lulka who was better than he was given credit for last year Doherty who was touted coming in.
  12. I'm too busy trying to figure two things out: 1. Was Click's math error last week in GG's favor? 2. Statistically, we have the best defense in the conference. Oddly, Towson is statically the worst defense.
  13. Take a player

    Now that basketball has started (more or less) I put these questions to the board: 1. Besides Anthony Lamb, name the AE player you would add to our roster if you could. 2. Name any college player you'd add to our roster if you could.
  14. Take a player

    My picks: 1. Stef Smith from Vermont. 2. Cassius Winston from Mich State
  15. Saw this posted on the Twitter feed and was wondering who #22 is. According to the roster, that's Fruscio's number but unless he's changed a lot over the summer, that's not him.
  16. Super excited to see Fruscio named captain. Love seeing his energy during games. I believe he's #2 in career points for a walk-on.
  17. Lousy news about Anderson. Not sure he would get a redshirt either since he used one at Nevada when he transferred from Northern Arizona. Hopefully the prognosis turns out to be better than first reported.
  18. The brutal part about that missed FG. We had first and goal on the 4 yard line on that possession. Penalty, sack and then a missed FG.
  19. I'm leaning closer to Click's 18 wins than 25. The Hooley,, Rowley, Singletary teams won 24 games. All the spotlights will be on Vermont this year and I'm fine with it. They have 7 of their top 8 scorers back off a 27 win team. That's pretty rare air to be in. I'm excited to watch our young, hungry group come together and scrap. I'll be happy to be wrong if GDG99's win total is correct.
  20. Busting Brackets looks at Cam Healy - https://bustingbrackets.com/2019/09/27/albany-basketball-depth-look-star-guard-cameron-healy/ Also, Blue Ribbon preview picks us third in the AE and puts Healy on the first team all conference.
  21. A couple of things about the Lamb quote: -Some people on the AE board are calling it a prediction. It wasn't a prediction, he said it was a goal. -If that's his goal, credit to him for staying in a single bid conference and not transferring "up" somewhere to try to fulfill it. -Every year he's been healthy, he's won the conference championship at gone to the NCAA tourney. Say a championship would be his goal wouldn't mean that much at this point in his career.
  22. Recruiting - 2020

    Recruiting is an interesting process. Really hope he has a great career at LIU.
  23. I so hope you are right. A win over Richmond would be my personal Mardi Gras. The last three loses have to the Spiders have been brutal: Triple OT Double OT (I think) Field goal wit a couple of seconds left in regulation.