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  1. Yes yes we know... You're the expert... I give the lb a solid C today maybe terrible was to strong. Secondary a resounding F-, d line a D
  2. I got it a push right now... Need a good week of practice to not lose next Saturday.
  3. Lb sitting in zone were beat a bunch of times... They barely ever blitz and when they do they can't generate any push... D line is completely ineffective...
  4. Good offensive game for the most part. I have no idea where you even start with this defense. They are bad at every level and position. I know we lost two safetys but what excuse is there for these terrible line backers... Most of them are brutal except for mencer who's just OK. The corners are rediculously bad... it's not getting better. Still so many poor tackles... It's hard to watch. For the life of my I don't understand why they play off the wr 10 yards at the line. Even when they play that far off they are still getting murdered on long throws. Why do we have an entire roster of small, slow corners... Who's recruiting the secondary? They won't fix this this year... The talent not there. They have no edge rushers except I think 31...they struggle to put any pressure or penetration. This program is in a bad spot... 5 years in and they have no depth, no talent all over the place. Brutal...
  5. Just punch the freaking ball... Do something. Where did they recruit these corners?
  6. 2 kids on wr out jumps both our kids on 3rd and 6 for another bomb.
  7. Lol... Can't get fg team out to kick fg burn time out... Lmao.
  8. How does the corner who can't bump and run at all and spots receiver 10 yards on like of scrimmage still get beat like that. Throw this kid off the team....
  9. High comedy these corners... Can't run at all with wr falls down on an emberassming tackle. That was hilarious
  10. Pray that offense doesn't sputter or its good night Felicia...
  11. This is the worst defense I've ever seen at any level. They may as well just spot teams 7 points... Where is hof?