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  1. Seems appropriate to post here that the fundraising campaign has hit it's goal of 150million dollars raised ahead of schedule according to alumni communication recurved today in my email.
  2. There weren't many takers interestingly enough...look how long it took.
  3. I got a feeling it will be conference only schedule starting after Christmas and only season ticket holders will be permitted with people being spread around the arena.
  4. I'm going to take the contrarian view after reading the article. Nothing from my reading of it seems completely over the top, even the 2% set aside for financial aid to low income students. P5 schools are making huge bank of these kids, schools are making huge profits. If there was EVER a time to help minority communities to better themselves this is that time. Education clearly plays a huge role in how successful one will be...otherwise, why are we pontificating about people lifting themselves up by the bootstraps? How much do these mega programs need, people forget that these are colleges that are supposed to nurture and educate the next generation, advances sciences and humanities to better our word. These schools don't exist to simply provide football entertainment. To that end, invest some of those windfalls in your communities and human beings. I'd have to learn more about it but first reaction to this for me isn't one of rebuke. I think when people ask for help or ask to engage in civil discourse on the issues of the day, it would be foolish not to at least listen. What's the alternative, riot about it? EDIT: probably the most eyebrow raising item is the 50% distribution of revenue among all athletes, maybe a bit to high but it can't be the 100/0% split that it is right now. Their biggest concern appears to be their own well-being in this pandemic...it's their right to stand up and say we don't feel comfortable playing considering how this is being run now.
  5. How is a tax rate from 70 years ago relevant to the events of today? As for Sweden, the better measure is percentage of GDP going to taxes. Sweden is the second highest taxes country in the world after Denmark. Anyone earning over 32k will pay between 49-60% in taxes when all of the taxes they pay are combine. Many there are VERY happy to do it as they have a lot of trust in their government and tax services, which we do not have here. What works for them doesn't mean it will work here. Mind you, I'm not opposed to helping those that need it. I'm not opposed to even expending social services, what I am opposed to are able-bodied people living off social services as a career. But that's a different conversation. Sweden as a country is far more geographically constraints, with a more homogenous and much smaller population then USA. They have 10 million people in the entire country, smaller population size of metro NYC. What you say is true about higher happiness, that much is undeniable, they routinely top surveys. USA is just a much different and larger beast with many more competing priorities. Sweden is very happy to be tucked away into the corner of the globe and live a peaceful/quiet life. For better or worse, we aren't like that. That comes with it's own advantages and disadvantages.
  6. Go look at the polling done in the country of those who want Medicare for all...support drops like a gigantic boulder when you tell them your taxes will go up. It's a fact...polling is there. Everyone wants everything until they realize someone is gonna have to pay for it. Tax rate is Sweden is 57.20%...Denmark you say...55.9%...socialism they want...lol. Imagine you have a nice 100k\year job...great...well just take 56k right off the top. Enjoy your 44k. But blabber blabber baller...something something something...socialism...drool.
  7. Yeah...tell it to the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics (USSR). But then you support BLM, as one of their founders put it...“We actually do have an ideological frame[work],” Cullors said of her organization. “We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories.” <- this here is not subject to debate nor is it ripped out of context. By their OWN admission, they are telling you what they are and what they stand for. I for one am going to believe them. So we (meaning I and you and blorp) are at an ideological impasse as to the larger issues at hand. Although I wholeheartedly agree with him/her on extrajudicial justice point he brought up specifically in the case of Floyed and Breonna Tayler. I could even entertain and engage debate on rebalancing the police budgets. What I will never agree to is disbanding the police department entirely. As to your assertion that social democracy isn't socialism...this is simply hog-wash and nonsense. As Wikapedia put it... You may think socialism needs to be reformed, based on my life experience it needs to be buried 100 feet under ground encased in concrete. The 100 million dead cry out for it. As for carceral state being responsible for the destruction of the nuclear family. It's an exercise in chicken/egg circular argument. Poverty, single parent homes etc. has a huge impact on incarcerations rate etc. An entirely separate conversation. You should ask yourself why it is that Communist Party of USA has the hard-on that it does for BLM. All it takes it to turn off CNN and start reading. Many people would turn away from BLM and join the many other viable social justice movements if they only knew what the trojan horse that is BLM actually stands for. I know it's a popular refrain to pose this question but it does have some validity...black on black crime is bordering on civil war in inner cities and BLM is silent. If you have proof to the contrary, I'm willing to consider it. In fact most internet and twitter social justice warriors are mute when Chicago and Detroit report their WEEKLY murder numbers. So far in 2020 according to Chicago Tribute link here 2,249 people have been shot and yet there is radio silence. BLM would rather protest the marginal case of extrajudicial "justice" and turn a blind eye to one city having over two thousand shootings and it's only July. So spare me your righteous indignation. The reality that can't be argued away is that a black man in inner cities is FAR more likely to be murdered by a fellow black man, than a cop...silence! That's why so many people who are not part of the fake "woke" crowd roll their eyes at BLM. It's a front for everything on the socialist shopping list with the exception of true equality for minorities. When BLM tells you clearly what they stand for, turn a blind eye to other ills that face their own supposed constituent (the black person) the only logical conclusion that follows is they don't give a &#036;iena about blacks lives. Again, I'm all for freedom to kneel, I'm all for peaceful protests (especially in non-epidemic times) etc. I acknowledge that racism still exists even in significantly diminished form. Again, my issue isn't with people peacefully protesting violence against minority groups. If you want to support mass riots, looting and burning of cities, that's your prerogative but don't get bent when other say, it's not right, that's not a way to achieve social justice and what are we doing here? With that being said...I'll give you the courtesy of the last response on this. You and I have a very different worldview but in the end, this is a UA sports message board. I'll try to bite my tongue on any response unless you wish to continue the dialog. I just couldn't resist this topic when I saw it posted. I do love to debate people...not sure why I never joined the debate club in school. LOL
  8. You should read up on the boxer rebellion and then read up on the Red Guard and superimpose it over today...you clearly have no idea what socialism is...yes...this time unlike the other 20 times it's been tried, you'll get it right...not like Venezuela or Soviet Union or China or Cuba or Cambodia or Congo or many others. What is being advocated by the fringe left isn't democratic socialism of Norway. How many people does Marxist\socialist ideology have to murder...and make no mistake many time it ends up here...before people realize it doesn't work. As WSJ wrote in 2019...linked below...socialism always ends in return to capitalism (best case) or millions upon millions dead (worst case). The two most prominent socialist states in history of humanity (China and Russia) are response for the death of close to 100 MILLION people combined. But but...I'm sure BLM will implement it much better. I mean they are already on their way torching property. Again... reference red guard. Who can forget how wonderful CHAZ was until someone got shot to death. 6 people were shot in 10 days...but police BAD. LOL https://www.wsj.com/articles/socialism-fails-every-time-11554851786 As for social safety nets that exist like social security being a socialist construct...absolutely rediculos and again shows no understanding of what socialism as advocated by BLM founders themselves is and how it differs from social safety nets in place. Start with the widely accepted definition of socialism as espoused by Marx and Lenin and parroted by BLM. I won't quote it here but involves controlling the means of production and distribution and has serious consequences for individual liberty and innovation among other things. If you're gonna take up the mantle of socialist here, you should at least figure out what it stand for and its origins. If all government action such as police and schools are currently socialist...then you need to explain why the socialist machine in Minneapolis killed George Floyd. As previously noted ..large socialist governments trample on the individual liberties almost without remorse. You're probably the guy that thinks Amazon is immoral and should be taken away from Bezos who worked and innovated for decades to build it. And when you take off the table the incentive of people to innovate and you turn into a &#036;iena hole like Cuba or the Soviet Union where my parents had to wait on a waiting list for 6 years to buy a washing machine...then you'll know you've arrived at the utopia you pine for. Maybe you can separate BLM from their socialist roots. I'll err on the side of caution and believe them when they tell me who they are. Scary that so many here long to be Cuba...I know you think you won't end up there...but you will. Only question is how long it will take. The ones suffering won't be the Elizabeth Warren's and Bernie Sanders of the world. It will be you and me and our children. Case in point...just a small tiny example of this. As Mr.Socialist lectures you and me about climate change...he's probably doing it from 30k feet in the sky... hypocrisy is the currency of the radical left. Now let's queue up you telling me how you'd like to be Sweden or Canada...
  9. This came across my Twitter timeline written by a mixed race individual and retweeted by an athiest Sam Harris. Interesting read and perspective...not from the right. https://areomagazine.com/2020/07/29/the-pivotal-irony-of-american-racism/ And now square this with BLM desire to replace and displace and marginalize the importance of a nuclear family. By the way...Soviet Union was much in the same way...kids were programmed to turn in their own family if someone didn't kneel at the alter of socialism. The state became more important than the individual. Instead of the state being by the people for the people...the people were expendible meat bags in the larger cog of government. Rights and priveladges were trampled with impunity under the guise of the state knows better. You can see it here already...an honest debate of differing opinions is impossible. Cancel culture burns everyone and everything in its wake. Word are violence even if they are simple an expression or debate of inconsequential positions. This is what BLM is...and what they seek to impose beyond the cath phrase of Black Lives Matter...of course black lives matter. This great republic is in trouble...an existential threat of socialism under the mask of BLM will destroy it if people will let it. Of this I am certain...decouple socialism from race issues and see how the country embraces social justice. But it can't be done...don't kid yourself, BLM has higher priorities then social justice.
  10. BLM and their cover statement of Black Lives Matter is fine. Problem with BLM is once you get past the front door. As someone born and raised in Soviet Union ... what they advocate and stand for is truly frighting once you get past the statement. Primarily of concern for me are their strong ties to Marxist communist idiology...having had a front row seat to this party first half of my life...I speak not of theoraticals. Founders of the movement personally verbalize this so this is not debatable. I have no problem with players kneeling...it's a free country (mostly still)...do what you gotta do. I'll defend your right to do it. But there will NEVER be a day that I support the BLM movement in its present form unless such a time where they renounce their Marxist roots and idiology. I will never understand their unwillingness to speak out or protest against the horrendous murder rate in inner cities. But that's an entire different conversation. BLM is a front to usher in socialism...there is a reason that fringe far left groups cling to BLM. Having said that....my pledge will always to be treat all with respect (unless I'm ranting here after a loss...lmao...I make no promises). I hope that makes sense...
  11. Other than that full size logo above, the design is kind of growing on me...ever so slightly. Firs impression was... I don't mind the font...hopefully they did this entirely in-house otherwise fire the people that put this together and demand our money back.
  12. LOL...they literally just tore down the logo...didn't even put the old one back up.
  13. I've always known or thought this would or might happen but now that it has I'm still really sick about it. I agree with it and all but still feels like someone kicked me in the balls. This sucks...
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