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  1. Cuomo announces NY teams can start their training camps etc it appears in preparation for some kind of season. I got a feeling this upcoming year will be held but only with season ticket holders in attendance spaced out all over the gym and stadium.
  2. That's certainly your call I respect that...if there is a season I hope you whoop it up at home cheering this team on.
  3. I work in downtown Saratoga...I hate the track.
  4. I for one will be sad if there are no fall sports...football finally looks like it turned the corner and I was really looking forward to the season. Fingers crossed still...some time on the calendar yet so maybe this settles down some before the call needs to be made.
  5. This one is out of left field and I have no clue what to think. Been a while since this kid played basketball.
  6. Let's face it ..we are out of options.
  7. This is what happens when you think kids will be immediately available and NCAA stalls the by laws change. Kid would have to sit and we have zero depth at the forward spot so can't afford to tie up a ship in a kid that needs to sit. Back to two available...
  8. This is a problem for gates...and our front court depth. There will ABSOLUTELY be one more big joining. One transfer down from a bcs program fell through. Darn...
  9. I'm no angel when it comes to this type of talk...but on a cool head, I'm not entirely crazy. This is a kid who's been nothing but a good citizen...getting his education. Brown will figure it out.
  10. Dude...it's not the fans job to construct roster...telling a kid we don't want you on an open forum is kind of low. I mean shoot, I could understand of it was in heat of game or something but on a cool head? He's not going anywhere... As for rotation... - jojo - Healy - Horton - gates - center to be named later
  11. Quick review of this kid based on looking at his numbers. - Legit big body at 6'7 235lb - Draws fouls at an insane clip...127th in the country, 105th in the country as a freshman, this usually means a very active player who plays hard - Is a very good rebounder - Solid passer for a big...assist rate of 14%. By comparison Lulka was 6.1%, Hanks 5.7%, Lauderdale 4.7% - Can't shoot...can hit a ft% though...which is good considering he lives at the line. Without seeing him it's hard to predict what he'll do here but analytics are encouraged for what we need here. Watching video's of him...can't believe how much he reminds me of the old Knick Anthony Mason.
  12. Ain't no one going to he sitting out a year once May 20th happens...jmo
  13. The NCAA rule change will be voted on 5/20 and I believe it's a foregone conclusion that it will pass that's why you see some schools ahead of the curve recruiting kids that will most likely not have to sit out. As for Hinckson, he would play the four here. He's a legit 6'7, 220lb. For comparison, Travis Charles was 6'6.
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