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  1. Cremo nichols leave...

    They did have talent around them...Charles was a great complimentary 3rd piece last year they had a solid 5 in Stire rebounding and defending down low. They didn't get it done...the chemistry on last years team was IMO pretty clearly not healthy. They went 10-6 in league play and folded in the first round to a 7-9 SBU at home. Won't get into any details but Cremo was the surprise departure. The clock struck midnight on the other one. It was time to part.
  2. 20 games over 500 and leaving for an O line job? Money must be cray cray...When Gattuso is fired 2 years from now, wonder if we give him a call.
  3. Cremo nichols leave...

    Honestly I haven't watched them play at all. Have seen Joe for like 3 actual in-game minutes and have seen ZERO Nichols. Just can't be bothered to care, they walked out on UA. I'm to busy breaking down KenPom to see when our first W will come...Hopefully next Wednesday against UNH. LOL...
  4. Cremo nichols leave...

    Baker did redshirt when he transferred and had to sit. But it's true, he never redshirted at UA so would have not been on this team. Still the most talented freshman I ever saw at UA although Healey is giving him a run for his money.
  5. Failure to protect the ball and give up a breakaway layup yesterday was the dagger. Listen... I'll be the last person to claim being rational after a loss and can often be seen toting around a gascan and matches at game time be even a day after I shake my head. That's brutal... Gave away a win regardless of Ricky sinking a 3 to end it. That can't happen... But it did. But as others have said... It's who we brought to the dance so have to dance. By all accounts hes a good kid and tries hard most of the time. Yesterday still stings... He lost that game with failure to protect the ball there. He doesn't have a lot of help... Most notably with any other slashes or penetrators so he is forcing things quite a bit. But if people in their rush to defend him don't acknowledge that he does some things that aren't good then they are simply being dishonest. Doesn't mean everything he does is bad and maybe it will get better but in my opinion he is regressing as he presses more and more. Maybe he'd be different if he and Healey had some help back there and on the wings but they don't. Not right now... Im not advocating for him to be run off the team (once I'm rational) but remains to be seen of he can positively impact winning. Yesterday he didn't... It's OK to acknowledge it. This team isn't very good... It's the truth.
  6. He's probably be really good off the ball... Miller played well today. Give him a bit more burn there and see where it goes.
  7. For the record I'm not here... Walking him. He just needs to play team ball. Right now he's not a winning player. Needs to fold himself into the team concept.
  8. I'm down on him right now... He's regressed... Pressing and many mistakes. But he still the best they have at point. He's on a bad snide... Out of control. Nichols like... You can disagree if you want. Remains to be seen if they can win with him. Right now the answer is no. Disagree?
  9. You look at Healey and you look at a kid like rizzuto and de Sousa and you have to wonder if we should have red shirted those 2. Neither is ready to contribute. Most surprised with how over matched rizzuto looks. Kid had an a10 offer... He is completely lost.
  10. Sbu defense is more ferocious then uvm... Will take a miracle to win.
  11. Clark's has completely collapsed as an asset to this team and its high time to consider pulling him from starters and limit him to 18 min a game. There is no future with him.
  12. Deveststing loss... No words to describe the bitter sadness. Just end the season...
  13. Clark can go screw himself... Kid is out of his mind in a bad way. Dope...
  14. Couple of observations on your post... With Clark, Albany is playing at a slightly FASTER not slower pace. Last year, average possession length was 19.1 sec or good for 323 in the country. This year average possession length is 18.3 sec or 287 in the country. They are actually playing faster not slower. Obviously there is a difference between running and shorter possessions but I think they run a good deal this year as well. Adjusted tempo metric which is a better indicator of pushing pace appears to be almost identical. As for Connelly vs. Lulka comparison...to be honest what Lulka is doing is unprecedented things for a big at UA. He is FAR more advanced then any big we've ever had at UA at this stage in his career. Connelly played a LOT of minutes as a freshman and Lulka is blowing his numbers out of the water. Lulka has a CHANCE to be really special at UA. This coming from me who almost torched him to the ground after his game at Iona to open career.