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  1. Siena under investigation..

    Yes Fran was a class act as was that wife of his.... Lolz... Especially when she got into it on his behalf with reporters where Fran had to tell her to sit her ass down. They were both often completely unhinged.
  2. Groundbreaking

    Imagine when done they will take recruits of all kind through there. Just the next step and evolution of the athletic department. Wonder if there will be any training or rehab facilities in there etc.
  3. Groundbreaking

    It seems that way...feels to me like a really big deal. I mean this is almost double what Casey cost... That's nuts.
  4. Groundbreaking

  5. Groundbreaking

    Speaking of constructions...does anyone know what's involved with the recent award of a 35 million dollar project to...It was just awarded 3 weeks ago or so.
  6. Cremo nichols leave...

    Other than trying to extrapolate out of their JUCO stats how well it translates to a D1 game, not much is available right now on sites such as KenPom etc. Have to be encouraging that a few of the kids appear to be good shooters, that can translate well to the D1 games. Obviously right now is mostly gut based on what's available on tape with respect to athleticism, effort etc.
  7. Groundbreaking

    Should be a beautiful building when done and really enhance the profile of UA as a true/world-class research University. Imagine if they hadn't stolen NANO from UA.
  8. Groundbreaking

  9. Cremo nichols leave...

    Please PLEASE drop Oneonta and pick up a money game to pay for COLA!
  10. Cremo nichols leave...

    He didn't really have a clutch gene...can't count how many key ft's he missed.
  11. Cremo nichols leave...

    He was a spectacular offensive talent for UA, one of the best we've ever seen...telling that not one defensive play made the highlight.
  12. IMO, that's not how you grow a fan base...
  13. LOL...how stupid is this athletic department? Seriously...how myopic and idiotic are they? Gonna send this to Benson...
  14. Recruiting - 2018

    This weekend is an important one to put a bow on this recruiting class, or darn close to it.