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  1. Took the words out of my mouth... We could have been 7-4 is an absolute and complete lie and revisionist history at its finest. They looked like GARBAGE all season... Anyone saying now after a desperation win that they were close this or competitive is an ABSOLUTE LIAR! My tickets will not be renewed. I may go to a game or two early... If they show promise, otherwise I'll save my money. They don't deserve my 4 season tickets and donation on top of that.
  2. Lol... Two year of its not as bad as it seems as they continue to accelerate the losing. So in short he can go winless next year, play close games and it's all good... Just keep collecting the paycheck. It's an absolute lie that they could have easily been 7-4...they were outclassed and were lucky to win the two ooc games. They were aweful and complete trash all season. Top to bottom...
  3. What will it take for you to face the music that is Gattuso?
  4. I'm sure you're not... The next savior has arrived. Until he's not... Just like VT, Brunson, Sussman etc. And when this kid fails... In part because gg in year six still can't field a decent oline, you'll peddle the next savior. It's what you do... Move goalposts just like Benson and Gattuso. 5 year plan is now a 7 year plan. Should be upgraded to a 10 year plan next year. Question for you... What do you expect in terms of wins next year? What will it take for you to finally say, not good enough?
  5. Benson has said as much... One more year. Winning record in caa or kick rocks.
  6. Exactly, this only means something if they follow up and show positive growth next season. And please... Let's stop moving the goalposts and telling us how they are close that's what was said last year and they won one caa game by the skin of their teeth. Just shut up and recruit your arse off... Have a good off season and show something. This should provide VERY LITTLE relief for gg and staff. The temp on his hot seat is still a roaring fire...
  7. Read it... Love it long time... Enjoy it. http://sbufan.createaforum.com/stony-brook-football/g11-rivalry-week-stony-brook-albany-empire-clash-aka-get-the-golden-apple!/30/
  8. I'm with you... It's a start to a really long road with me. It will take a lot more. Give credit where credit is due... It's OK.
  9. They are what their record says they are.. Please stop... Please. I know this is some personal vindication for you but they sucked. Doesn't mean they and you can't enjoy this but shelve the narrative...
  10. Haha... Gg you dog... Go celebrate like it's freaking 1975...congrats to the kids.
  11. I feel bad for the kids... No celebrations here. I know people think I hate gg... I don't...I want him to win. He failed again... Brutal for kids.
  12. Wow... I feel really bad for the kids. Great effort... As for Gattuso... Half a step forward one full step back. Fire him...
  13. It's a start for Gattuso to win back the hearts and minds of UA fans. He has a looonnnggg way to go but congrats to him and the kids. My only concern has been I want him to win. Today they rose to the occasion and in the process won against our biggest rival... Good for him. For today I lay off him...