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  1. Their MBB budget is significantly higher than UA's as well...hence resources. Our MBB athletic budget is at 1.9million, theirs is at 3.1million. This is the only thing that concerns me.
  2. Why is being alive a requirement? Wooden today is a better coach than Patsos and Mitch put together.
  3. Groundbreaking

    Alan is toast... An AG doesn't give that deal unless there are goods.To bad it won't change what happened to nano.
  4. Siena under investigation..

    There are other ways to reach out even if not reaching out.
  5. He burned bridges with breaking the nichols cremo stuff... Snake.
  6. Siena under investigation..

    And BTW, how nuts, block Oduro from UA but try to poach UA's coach...LOL
  7. Siena under investigation..

    If at some point soon Brown doesn't get things like COLA, SEFCU, fully funded summer school sessions... it's going to be harder to win recruiting wars and harder to win....Put up or shut-up day is coming for UA Admins. Gonna need to figure out if UA is going to strive to be a mid-major program of some gravitas or a low major happy to be D1. You can't have schools like UMBC, SBU etc. lapping you...like they are right now with facilities etc.
  8. Siena under investigation..

    Well there's a turn of events...
  9. They give away my tickets? Bro, if that happens hide the gas cans and my computer... Lol
  10. Still can't renew tickets...hmmmm...anyone else had any luck?
  11. Siena under investigation..

    Most of the kids if not all they are recruiting have never heard of them...last time they were good the kids they were recruiting were in pre-K and didn't even know how to read. Delusional fan-base. Give it another few years and none of these kids would have been alive when they were good. How D'Aregenio managed to run that program THIS FAR into the ground is amazing...lol. And the guy is still employed over there...lol Look at their entire athletic department...the whole thing is an affront to D1 athletics.
  12. Unless it's an injury that rest can't heal...