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  1. So, 50 people were bused back to campus out of 1000 but it's a UAlbany party. When is the TU finally gonna go out of business?
  2. Under Armour relationship off to a great start...
  3. Not an unreasonable expectations...a projection the likes of KenPom is a significant jump. As you pointed out, this year will remain one of the youngest teams in the AE if I'm not mistaken. Yes, they have good amount of experience but we'll see how that translates. I'd feel better if JoJo could play. I'm intrigued but cautiously optimistic. This team will surprise both in the good and hopefully bad. Still a lot of youth in the rotation and PG position needs to be better as well as rebounding.
  4. My mentality is, you have to beat who the CAA put on your conference schedule. I'm not gonna ding GG or UA Football because the schedule is easy. Tied for 2nd is tied for second in my book, we are very deep into the season here.
  5. KenPom rankings for 2020 are out... Albany projected to go 20-11 In somewhat related news...the AE as a conference is projected to be 24th best conference, the power MAAC is ranked 28th with Siena about 100 spots below us in pre-season projections. Doesn't mean much but LOL
  6. We win again... Today not very sharp but key plays in key spots. Found a way, they don't ask how you won but if. Need this bye week badly... Lots of injuries. Congrats to team and coaching staff. Having themselves a season now. Let's keep going. Tough stretch to close out season.
  7. Needs to rebound better just on the outside is what I heard.
  8. It appears Hutcheson may slide into this group as well giving us 9. Fingers crossed on JoJo. So rotation would be PG - Clark/Jojo SG - Healy/Rizzuto/Hutcheson SF - Rizzuto/DeSousa/Hutcheson PF - Hansen/Lauderdale/DeSousa C - Lulka/Hansen/Lauderdale If JoJo is ruled out for the year...then I think you'll see Healy drop down to point with increased minutes at the 2 for Rizzuto and increased minutes for DeSousa at the 3.
  9. Per Goodman, Albany will scrimmage UB this Saturday...
  10. Game 1: MBB vs. Lehigh 11/09 7PM

    Game is Saturday the 9th of November. Hard to know what to expect out of opposition with zero games played but initial projections are not kind to Lehigh. Albany favored at home by 12pts according to Bart.
  11. Albany picked #4th in preaseason... https://americaeast.com/news/2019/10/17/2019-20-mbbpreseason.aspx
  12. Really guys? Two weeks ago everyone here wanted him fired, now we are talking COY and FBS? Listen, great win last week but this is still the dude that lost to Monmouth and Richmond and has a horrific, eye-bleeding type of record. He's all our, good or bad.
  13. It's being fair....If I'm going to beat the $iena out of him on here when he sucks...I have no problem saying, hey, we may have something here that isn't an embarrassment. What's fair is fair!