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  1. My boycott started last week...I will absolutely not be there.
  2. Title IX violations

    Wow...this just keeps getting better.
  3. Title IX violations

    I don't know what this mean, rowers were added meaning crew is now an official sanction sport at UA and this will go in part of wholly to satisfy title IX issues?
  4. Fair enough, I read it twice. Thing that stick sout to me in your writeup that they aren't playoff talent but they shouldn't be this bad. Sadly they are, not sure where you park that but at the feet of Gattuso. I'll respectfully disagree on the ol and dl. Honestly they both look mediocre (ol)to downright brutal on the dl. They are incredibly soft, get zero penetration and especially the d line are punked game in and game out. The corners are the worst group I've ever seen... They downright stink. They can't play bump and run at all, or Gattuso won't let them allowing them to get ripped on short slants and hook throws. You'd think if they are backing that far off or going zone they would at least be good against the long ball. My observation is they get burned at every level repeatedly. It's a $ienaty group... Probably need to recruit over every corner. I will agree with you, there is probably talent to be better than this but patsos with a football is gonna patsos, incompetent.
  5. Care to explain what you are seeing why you say most talented team we've ever had? They looks absolutely aweful. The lines get pushed around, corners are horrible, qb play is very shaky, they can't tackle with the exception of like 2 or 3 guys. They can't get any pressure on qb... This team has very little talent and they are punked by everyone. Some skill positions have talent.
  6. I wish I could find a way to turn my anger to apathy...I'm not there yet. Although under no circumstance will I attend another game this year. Furthermore, there is a very very strong possibility that I will not be renewing my 4 season tickets. As recently as last week or week before that I believe I said I couldn't give up my seats. But the way things are going...I'm so sick to my stomach I feel compelled to put my money where my mouth is unless there are significant changes. It kills me to type this, I never though it would come to this with this loser coach...I was upset that Benson gave him that unearned extension last summer, instead of proving me wrong, he as the leader of this program has failed even more spectacularly then I could ever imagine. There is zero future with him at the helm and waiting for years for him to be fired is financially taxing. This man after 5 years is a proven loser, #patsoswithafootball.
  7. 4 of the next 5 are against playoff teams or winning CAA teams; the cupcake part of the schedule is over...now that's scary! Before this thing winds down this will get even worse.
  8. It's not his fault, it's injuries, youth, moon and stars, not his game plan, next week will really be his game plan...please note, this may be the weakest overall schedule we've ever had in the CAA and we are going to end up with 2 maybe 3 wins. LMAO!!!! STAY POSITIVE...He takes no responsibility for tough times or loses, please credit only the wins. BTW, is this team executing his game plan now or is it still someone else's? Just wait 'till next year, ye of little faith, they will have even more talent, proven QB's etc. It's gonna be awesome.
  9. As of today, this guy has a winning % of 31% in the CAA and dropping and yet he continues to be employed. If there was a favorable termination clause we are now in the realm of fire mid-season.
  10. 2018-19

    Won't be there today... Would appreciate a detailed report.
  11. That's my sense as well... About 1.2 owed if they don't negotiate a buy out... Even if they do... Albany isn't gonna pay him off 750k for instance even if he would take that big a cut. He knows he's got Benson in the bag.
  12. He can't recruit either... There is very little talent all over the field. Both lines are terrible and get pushed around, secondary etc we all know. How about qb? 5 years in and a walk-on is starting, a kid who game to game goes through wild up and down swings between serviceable and like he's never player... BTW he's a senior. 5 years... 5 years he had a chance to recruit a qb,he simply can't do it... He just can't! Bob Ford left with NEC talent all over the place recruited with limited scholarships and the talent was 10 times better than this... He was supposed to build on it and all he's done is run it all into the ground. And Benson re-upped him. If he's not fired the damage dealt to this program will be immense.
  13. This is the cop-out GG loves to go to...we are right there. Clown - you just lost to one of the worst teams in the country in Richmond who was previously winles in the CAA, stop it...JUST STOP! He already went there in the Singelais article posted on Twitter.
  14. I'm pretty sure he wears headset...he throws it down plenty.
  15. Who's going to blitz, the talent it garbage...this whole mess starts on recruiting trail compounded by poor coaching. It's no wonder when Bob Fords kids aged off the team the play nosedived. This is top to bottom the least amount of talent on both lines, and all over the defense I've ever seen in my years of following this program. They were winning somewhat in spite of him and as the talent has dropped they can't overcome the bad coaching. Gattuso is so stupid, he couldn't help himself and hype this roster as having depth, finally CAA team, talent etc. This is the very definition of $ienating ones self... Benson has roughly a month to figure out who he can afford to fire. With any luck everyone but Joe Davis is fired in a few more weeks but that will required coming up with massive amounts of buyout money. If Benson can't get out of the mess he's created, he needs to resign!!! This will not WILL NOT get any better. 5 years and it's all downhill. There is no recruiting that's going to make this better with him at the helm, there is no magic bullet, there is no player that's going to come in and fix this. This is a total rebuild. Fire him, find some way.
  16. $iena offensive line... BTW... If Benson gave him self an escape hatch in contract fire Gattuso. If no escape hatch fire Benson... One of these two clown needs to make like a tree and leave.
  17. How much more of this? #firegattuso #patsoswithafootball
  18. Imagine Benson wasn't a fool and didn't extend Gattuso. We'd only have a few more weeks of this mess. Instead we have 4 more years of precisely this... This right here, this abomination. I'll think long and hard if I'm gonna renew next year. This was the easiest game left on the schedule. The only remaining thing I have left as a fan is to not renew. May donate the manoney to the basketball program. Very upsetting... Sick to my stomach. There is almost zero chance they will win a single game in the caa. A season in which Gattuso crowed about depth, talent this finally being a caa roster. And he completely $iena himself. Winless in the caa.... Boooo #firegattuso
  19. 10 penalties for 122 yards... Man this is wild. You can lack talent, size, speed depth but to be dumb to boot... That's quite an accomplishment. 6 game of the season and they are making more and more mistakes. Just forfeit thr rest of the year. What a disgraceful shame.
  20. That absolutely looked like pass interference... Ref was standing right there.
  21. Albany dinged for 60 yards of penalties and we just started the second quarter. Not good...