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  1. Well, season has come to an end. Saw this article and thought it was interesting especially the DeSousa piece...and a few words about Jerotic. https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/UAlbany-hopes-rebuilding-year-develops-into-13677697.php A lot to look forward to with two great recruits in the fold but desperately need help with a true PG should something open up.
  2. Siena's Jamion Christian

    This is an effort to keep the roster together... Im not sure he can coach. We'll see...
  3. Siena's Jamion Christian

    Rumor on Siena board is that he was making 275k. Siena is a financial mess and a few years away from leaving the TUC permanently. Yesterday's events probably hasten that eventuality. That's a program going nowhere. 4 coaches in 10 years and a lot of losing. More losing next year and will struggle to get to 500 and that's pending who transfers out or who jc takes with him. It's a mess...
  4. Siena's Jamion Christian

    I feel bad for a few decent Siena fans but this couldn't have happened a better bunch...L M A O
  5. Siena's Jamion Christian

    It's true, there is video evidence, he's a still capture...
  6. 2019 Bracket Challenge

    Where's my annual punching bag (aka. uofalbany) at?
  7. Cremo nichols leave...

    I got a space right next to me...
  8. Cremo nichols leave...

    https://twitter.com/Davey_Ballout13/status/1107415695426502660?s=19 I don't know what this means... Lol
  9. I will be picking them first because they have lamb but I'm happy about the talent we have in the program and what's coming. Folks will have to contend with UA.
  10. It was expected... Umbc doesn't have a lot of weapons or scoring... They generate a lot of their offense off their defense. Today uvms defence ranked 1 in ae came to play. Figured umbc would have a hard time keeping up.
  11. They had 2 in conferences losses this year... They had 1 last year. This year down the stretch they struggled in some games. They lose two 5th year seniors one of whom was their only reliable outside shooter. They had 2 guys on first team one of whom graduates, they also lose dingba who's like a 25 year old senior from the defensive team. They will still be picked 1st as long as lamb is around but I see them vulnerable. They will need to find some shooting and a reliable big after lamb.
  12. They lose ernie... They have very little inside outside of him. Uvm took a step back this year from last and will take another step back next season.
  13. Benson's Contract

    There is an updated master plan that is under his tenure... Athletic specific.
  14. Benson's Contract

    Listen, we $iena on Benson a lot and for good reason but, I find it hard to believe that the AD has noting to do with athletic facility construction. Let's be fair...
  15. Benson's Contract

    I'm gonna hold off on that... Right now he's the dope that didn't fire Greg Gattuso.
  16. Benson's Contract

    Dude, it will be 2045...of course that's gonna be possible.
  17. Benson's Contract

  18. Benson's Contract

    The dye has been cast...it won't be that big.
  19. Benson's Contract

    Rumor has it, the plan that went out for RFQ calls for expansion/lobby into the existing SEFCU lot so they plan is to expand the footprint of the building, yes...obviously pending money.
  20. Benson's Contract

    If this was a brand new facility maybe, but they are constrained with the footprint of the building.