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  1. New Starting Five?

    I think we need to be careful to not castigate a young man to much and just let the coaches do what's best for team. Yes, he's struggles shooting the ball but let's remember, he's a Dane and his effort has never been an issue especially as we turned over such a huge part of the roster. Whatever role he's in, I wish him the best of luck...he's a good kid but if there are better options available for the good of the team hopefully they are utilized.
  2. New Starting Five?

    I belive this will be the configuration...
  3. Yep, they were dreadful from the line...and they did carve us up inside...
  4. Defense gave up 1.01pts/per possession...it's not great but hardly dreadful. Yes, they were ball watching on a few screens and back-cuts and that was troubling...tail end of 1st half especially but I thought they played decent on the ball defense. Right now they are getting caught on screens, not communicating consistently on switches and closing off back-cuts. Even if the baseline cuts are given up, the big has to step in and close off the driving lane instead of giving up a dunk or layup, that didn't happen a few times. Focus has to be right now keeping opposing guards from penetrating and breaking down the D at will, and getting out to shooters contesting the 3. Yale is ranked 108 in the country on 3's and yesterday we gave up 28% from 3. I'll take it!
  5. I'm glad to see that the to's last few games have been relatively under control...only 11 yesterday, 16 against Monmouth but 11 against Dartmouth a few games ago. That's important for a young team. They are trending the right way there.
  6. Let's see if they got some revenge on the mind after getting wrecked in Belfast.
  7. As do I... Im actually encouraged and I am seeing progress. They lost on the road to a top 100 kenpom team by 8...have another half dozen games in ooc but they will be decent in the ae. Outside of uvm... No one else is scary. They absolutely need flory to push Campbell to 4 and cut his minutes... Clark's fouls really hurt today as they were clicking and then he went out with 2 quick ones. Defense was bad in spots... Healey finally had an off shooting game. Rizzuto needs more work to get into game shape. Young guys show progress. Future is bright...
  8. At least 5 DB's committed so far...Looks like he's trying to fix what was essentially a D3 situation at corner. That entire CB rotation needs to be gutted and replaced, none of them deserve any playing time going forward. Looks like he's targeting bigger kids as well and not an entire secondary of 5'8 and 5'9 kids...
  9. Albany Foundation - Report

    This was emailed today, thought it was an interesting read. https://www.alumni.albany.edu/s/1642/images/gid2/editor_documents/uaf_docs/foundationreport_2018_low_res.pdf?gid=2&pgid=61&sessionid=f7359b8b-009b-409c-af10-8a4f66eb4a00&cc=1 The $98 mill raised is actually up to $105 mill as of today according to the campaign page... https://www.albany.edu/thisisourtime/ This is probably a really stupid question but how are these resources allocated once the school gets them? Can any of the unspecified funds go towards...umm....say...SEFCU renovations?
  10. Albany Foundation - Report

    I'll remind everyone that they already have $5mill+ for SEFCU renovation as specifically designated by the Casey gift. I've heard a number around $20mill needed for a complete gut and renovation similar to what SBU did on the Island. I've also heard unsubstantiated rumors but from a good source (in the past) that Benson at least a little while ago was still thinking a brand new arena. I'm still flabbergasted that they have managed to secure ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE MILLION DOLLARS...how long has this campaign gone on? This further underscores my personal belief that if Benson would only put something to the UAlbany community at large, a plan, a vision, a rendering, a campaign...ANYTHING...maybe people would rise to the occasion especially if it's a sensible plan. But like everything else in his tenure, nothing is communicated, there is no outward vision.
  11. I'll be surprised if we are in position to steal...
  12. Drop the stupid 10 dollar parking charge and drop tickets by 20%... They are pricing many folks out.
  13. This may be borderline impossible... Yale a 15pt favorite. Hopefully we continue to develop and grow and make it a ball game.
  14. Hard to not get excited about rizzuto and his future at UA. Him and Healey on the wings with Clark driving... Woof
  15. Good for devonte... Nice kid, hopefully he turns a corner or at least can keep the d honest.
  16. It's bad man... Poor kid I feel. For him.
  17. Albany needs to hit the glass... 20/8 them in the glass. Can't let that continue.
  18. When flory comes back he should make like Brooks and find a seat.
  19. Monmouth rips off 3 straight 3s. Down 9...cant stop a 3 in any game.
  20. Rizzuto trying to initiate offense... They are lost.
  21. Rizzuto dressed and warming up.. Not sure how much he plays but looks like we'll see him tonight. Can't imagine his conditioning after that much time off...
  22. Wow... Devastating...
  23. https://dailygazette.com/article/2018/12/05/ualbany-men-s-basketball-needs-to-improve-defense
  24. There's no doubt they will...it can't get much worse so even if they win 2 CAA games, you can bank on these two losers patting each other on the back. Bottom line is winning overall record and at least .500 on CAA or fire BOTH OF THEM! But it won't happen... Again, Benson has exhausted all benefit of the doubt...he had NO REASON to extend Gattuso who lost many games before that extension and yet he did...not only did he extend him but he maxed out his years under SUNY contract limitations. At most, if he thought GG could turn it around, he should have given him an extra year at most 2 which would have in effect given him either 2 or 3 year lifeline (including past season). Benson deserves every bit of the blowback he gets and more on that poor decision. He's doomed this program to a half decade of losing unless people think a coach with a winning percentage in half a decade of under 30% in the CAA is somehow magically gonna become Nick Saban. There's should be very little doubt as to what Greg Gattuso is, a loser when it comes to football. His results speak for themselves. I also don't believe for a minute if this guy loses at the same rate next season, 3 overall wins that Bensons will do the right thing...He's not gonna eat 900k (3 years left)...you can book it. GG knows he's got it made at least another 2 years...at least! Benson isn't fit to be the AD!
  25. Agreed, buck stops with Benson and he's been derelict in his duties with that reckless extension and he should be held accountable for it. Is there any question had Benson not done what he did that Albany would be free of Greg Gattuso? As an administrator, Mark Benson gets a solid D- from me...there have been so many issues over his tenure; everything from poor implementation of stadium policies (numerous), Title IX issues, lawsuit as a result, Gattuso, very little direction from a facilities standpoint or at least nothing communicated etc. The only thing I give him credit for is GDAC which is on the right track. Otherwise he's got a batting average similar to Gattuso...is this athletic department better off under his leadership then McElroy? I honestly don't know...convince me it is. His fate should be closely aligned to that of Gattuso.