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  1. Recruiting - 2018

    Just finished junior year so I assume another 3 year degree guy so is a smart kid. Was a walk on freshman(midseason so he may have 2 years left), played a few games sophomore year. Past season started 1st 12 games but then came off bench rest of way except 3 other starts. Averaged 5 points a game in 25 min per game but has a hard time hitting the broad side of a barn, 36% from field, 31% from 3, 70% on FTs(only 17 FT all season). Did have a 1.8 assist to TO ratio. 6 foot 1 inch, 200 lbs.
  2. 2019 Danes

    Now that the TD rumor is now official, what about the Teat rumor? Does he wait to see if TD joins Big Red and stays due to increased possession or does he still not like the coach and is out of there? If he comes to UA, there is your quarterback/ facilitator. 99 points past season, 62 were assists.
  3. 2019 Danes

    Would love the answers to a few questions if TD gave an exit interview: 1) when did you 1st feel a transfer was needed, before season, during season, or after NCAA's?? 2) if team won the national title, would you still want to transfer? 3) if you can't get released to Cornell and stay at UA, will you be welcomed with open arms by teammates and coaches?
  4. 2019 Danes

    I am not the source, lol The same source believes Ierlan is seeking a more structured and disciplined program than the one at Albany, which is generally considered to be more relaxed than others.
  5. 2019 Danes

    So the Cornell move is a sticky wicket as they say unless an appeal is granted. Maybe UVA is the more logical move( and a fine academic institution).
  6. 2019 Danes

    As much as we could understand TD getting an Ivy degree ( and little bro there) , why would Teat leave that for a UA degree? Not get along with Milliman? Thinks Marr's style would let him have a shot at Lyles single season points total? Academics, course work to rigorous at Cornell, GPA suffering? All possibilities I guess.
  7. 2019 Danes

    I understand your point and agree that especially at attack, the next great star is up and coming. Weather it was Resitaris, then the Thompson's, Fields, and now Nanticoke and McComber we have that covered but FO guys like TD are rare. I do feel that we take a step back next season as we integrate new players in key postions, maybe top 15 team. It was the following season I was excited about with TD, Patterson, Diamond as seniors, Siekerski if he is goalie as a senior, and Tehoka a more experienced junior and McComber a year under his belt. But losing TD affects these next 2 years severely.
  8. 2019 Danes

    Let me throw this out there and see if this makes sense. I will assume that it is TD and he was unhappy. I don't know the young man but from what we see on the field he is an intense player, hardworking at his craft. The team is a loose, laid back bunch of guys , who are allowed by coaching staff to goof around in practice, and generally have fun. Now our success has been great over the past decade, so that atmosphere does work, but when it gets to big game, we fall short. Could TD be unhappy about how the team is run, where a more serious attitude at crunch time could put the team over the top? He might prefer the coaching staff to light a fire when team is being outplayed but Marr is too calm. TD is busting his butt winning FO's , being serious and intense, and may feel that others are not held accountable for turnovers, poor defense, ill advised shots, etc . Can't change the young man and Marr won't change so it could be oil and water. Does TD think he can not win a championship here in next 2 years due to this? I could be way off base but I respect the board members thoughts. Let's hope he stays and rumors were just that, rumors.
  9. 2019 Danes

    Singelais tweeted that Marr declined to respond to rumors of UA transfers in or out of program. Odd that Marr did not say there was no truth to it to squash the rumors according to Mark.
  10. 2019 Danes

    Seems odd its Patterson. He will start, have green light at all times, and should get 60 goals next season with his accuracy. Tehoka is a possibility but with whole Indian thing, wanting to play for this team and Marr, and taking over as the big name with Fields gone, seems implausible. Besides, Marr would send the Thompson's to his house to convince him to stay, lol.
  11. 2019 Danes

    Getting a "good" one but losing a "great" one if it is TD. Don't have any faith in our current other FOGO's and even if the transfer in is a goal scorer, we will not have the ball enough to make this an acceptable trade-off. Let's hope it's all a ruse or Marr works his magic to keep the player here.
  12. 2019 Danes

    Maybe it's a straight up flip of Ierlan to Cornell and Teat to UA lol.
  13. 2019 Danes

    I saw that rumor on Laxpower and dismissed it as confusion with his brother from Victor HS going to Cornell. I would hope he would never transfer but after the move by Cremo and Nichols, you never know in this day and age. Is he unhappy with his courses and major or he would like to play more midfield after a face off instead of running off field?? Not sure of what FOGO's think of that cause he can score alot if left out there.
  14. I know we wonder what would have happened if Fields never got hurt. Doesnt look like it really mattered. Both losses to Yale had very little to do with Fields, ground balls, physical play, and our defense doomed us . Would we have lost to UMBC with a non-injured Fields? Still might of and would that have changed the seeding and made us a 1 seed if we beat UMBC? Still would have lost to Yale today if we had beat Duke Saturday.
  15. Congrats to Yale. The team that beat UA twice and wins the ship validates their skill, physicality, and speed. Was their year and wraps up the Twewaratan for Reeves. Coach Shay is a good guy, had nothing but praise for our program, Marr, and loved Connor.