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  1. Actually when I arrived at UA in 1979, they were still talking about the Ithaca game which was in 1978. Ithaca was undefeated, the game played at Bleeker Stadium, and ABC broadcast the game. Dario Arango from the soccer team booted a 45 yd FG at the gun to win 9-6.
  2. Tough, gutsy win. Again JU throws TD passes when needed and does not throw to the other team. Tied for 2nd in CAA but that was the easier part of schedule. Rest up.
  3. Seems a tad low considering some national publications have us a solid second behind UVM. Guess that's why they play the games. Let's prove the coaches wrong and go 16-0 lol.😜
  4. Nice win for the boys but imagine if we won the Monmouth game like we should have and we would be 5-2.
  5. Guess this is a backup plan in case JoJo has to medical red shirt. Hopefully can shoot better than previous stats of 39.5% FG, 30% from three, and a ugly 55% from the line for a guard?
  6. He might have if the frosh is one who has to pop the top of his Diet Coke cans. 😝😝
  7. This has happened before during preseason, injuries piling up. Is it possible CB pushes them to hard and practices are just too physical?
  8. Recruiting - 2020

    Looks like that pic is for the AE Championship game vs Vermont in 2006. I guess no one can find a more current one where SEFCU looks like a solid looking mid-major arena with SRO, lol.
  9. The good thing is that CB already has a good idea of what the new guys bring and the team chemistry after the Canada tour. The guys should be able to pick up things quickly. Just STAY healthy!
  10. Get the INT with 4 min to go in half, chance to cut it to 7 and Undercuffler throws into what became triple coverage and intercepted.
  11. Does seem odd. UA criminal justice graduate school is ranked #2 in nation after University of Maryland every year. Should want to go there if you can get in.
  12. Recruiting - 2020

    City Rocks tweeted he committed last night. Just watched this video of him in NYS high school playoffs and their class AA ship. Gets to the line and hits regularly, good handle, nice crossover. PG of the future!
  13. In 1979, I used it a few times during open swim. There were school records in different disiplines on the far wall I assume when we had a D3 swim team which may have been dropped before I started there. The individual seats around the perimeter above the pool may have been nice during swim meets to catch the action.
  14. As visitors, the ref will tell Gattuso to call it and he would say "neither"! Lol
  15. Canada Tour