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  1. That SB womens team is solid. 16-0 and half of the wins were against top 20 ranked teams. They play a tough schedule . Collision course with #2 Boston College (17-0) in NCAA.
  2. Well as I said earlier, this team should beat Hartford even without Fields. Then the biggest decision of Marrs career. Do you play Fields if he is 75% in AE tourney? If you do, have a better chance to win it and have a top 5 seed in NCAAs and a home game. Of course if he reinjures the knee, he will be out for NCAA and probably lose in 1st round. If you hold him out, don't think we win the AE the way other teams are playing , lousy seed, and tougher road to the big weekend. Tough decision but true that a loss in AE still means we play in NCAA. Loss there and season over.
  3. Listened to Marr on Wylands show. He is a players coach. Did not seem upset or critical by teams performance in specific areas although the questions were fluffy. Why not ask him about ground ball effort losing 40 of the 55? Said team doesn't adjust well when Fields came out. Why not coach? Happened before. Also said they need to work on 10 man ride on clears. Has that not been practiced? Can't adjust in-game? Have to wait till this week to work on it? As for Fields, waiting for dr but said if good, can play Saturday. Are we nuts? If this team can't be Hartford without Fields, then we don't deserve a bid.
  4. Excellent summary. Been saying it all along . Can Marr turn the team around without Fields? Can TD figure out how to beat a bigger guy? Has Tehoka hit the freshman wall? Can Diamond, Reh, Patterson score when needed? Any team in the country can lose on any day. No dominant team but right now we are not a favorite.
  5. May have peaked too early in season. Without Fields now, another peak is doubtful. And now Maryland just went down to Ohio St so if we had won, #1 was all ours right to the tourney.
  6. I think we were sold a bag of goods on Fields injury. Had almost a month to recover and they stated he was 100% yet a non contact planting caused it to buckle again. Not a dr but that doesn't sound like 100% healed if sprained again so easily . Think his knee is not healed till June or July. Can he play in NCAA's and be effective? Doubt it now.
  7. Marr has to be pissed on effort on ground balls. And defense has been exposed.
  8. How many freakin times is Tehoka going to lose the ball on a slide as he holds too long?? Coaches?? Teaching??
  9. Ballgame boys. Another bad clear. We are afraid of holding the ball and running with it for fear of hits. Tossing it in the air with no care.
  10. Well I was shocked on the come back vs Maryland so can they do it again?
  11. Do we have a GB yet?? How did Yale lose 2 games? They are tough.
  12. Sum up the game in 2 words: out-muscled and out-hustled
  13. Holy crap Yale is physical. We are scared of them
  14. Guys have to step up, TD? Tehoka?McClancy ? Sloppy clears!@
  15. Shocked if he returns. Glad he could walk but cutting will be impossible