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  1. Ha, I just did the same thing 5 min ago, and last night, and yesterday morning.
  2. And Fields should not be laying in a heap on the field in the 1st quarter.
  3. On one goal JD gave up, Quint actually said something right when JD dropped his stick and left the upper corner of goal wide open for a guy who dodged in close and scored.
  4. Time for the discussion to start for the next step to a national title!
  5. Anyone find the entire post-game presser? Not on you-tube as yet. Like to hear what Tierney had to say, the grump that he is.
  6. Some other stats: 10 for 10 on clears, only 5 turnovers, none by Tehoka, 2 of 4 on man-up.
  7. Believe it ended dead even. Thank you Tristan David. You get a extra big steak tonight. Great game but should have closed it out earlier. If we have to nit pick, defense and JD were a off a bit.
  8. Nervous as hell till we get up 4. So close every time then they score.
  9. Pouring here in NC so much that I lost my Directv signal most of afternoon. Luckily still can get ESPN app to watch games.
  10. Just for the heck of it, since the other game is before ours, and we all are confident UA will win, who do we want to win between Yale and Loyola? Yale whooped us last time so is Loyola the better choice with Spencer??
  11. Great news but once again team is cursed with bad weather, rain Saturday on LI. Hope Fields doesn't slip and reinjures knee. Look for that good knee brace he had on last week.
  12. Groundbreaking

    Well aware of this new facility at JU since my daughter just finished her sophomore year there(does not play on lax team) and of course mail and email asking for donations from parents. I know the AD and mens coach want JU to be the premier mens (and women's) lax program of the deep South as they are the only D1 program in Florida and improved facilities along with conference titles will attract home talent to stay in FL ( ie. Davis Diamond). True, Milne Field needs improvement for both lax and football, and I am sure that will occur as President Cost, a JU alum, is not shy about building and improving facilities.
  13. Richmond

    I believe TD is at 82% for year. Of that, he won close to 90% of those on his own before the wings were within 10 ft of him. BUT not in the Yale game. Mackie is a big dude, so is Baptiste, and Mackie tied the ball up alot and his wings killed us. Not sure how good Denver's wings are, they may be untested like ours due to how many FO's are won clean. TD may try to hold him off long as he can, but our wings have to get the GBs.
  14. NCAA Selection

    Good weekend for Coach, win opening game, Fields survives, and son Kyle scores 5 goals in 4th to bring Hopkins back.