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  1. Can't explain NJ but gonna throw this out there for PA. I think it's Penn St football. You have one of the biggest programs in the country that every HS kid in PA wants to play for. I'm sure Penn St has plenty of camps every year for HS players and coaches to improve their play. Combine that with HS programs and coaches who want to get their kids to that elite level at the flagship university. This leads to just better players, more involved HS programs, and more knowledgeable coaches. But of course Penn St can't take every good player in the state so that's where we come in. If Syracuse was in the Big 10, won some ships, and had a stadium like Beaver stadium, we might see more talent in NY and then get some of those players a notch below Big 10 talent. Make sense? My theory doesn't quite work for NJ cause Rutgers hasn't had the success or following PSU has.
  2. She avg 20 min per game, 4.5 pts, 3.2 rebounds
  3. And if Undercuffler is throwing it, good chance of a completion! 😝
  4. Looks like Stony Brook will not challenge anyone in AE. Otchere, Lattimer, Onalanyi, Garcia, and Foreman all have left the program, that's 4 starters. SBU board members blame the coach, Ford, but players are saying he was cool.
  5. Not sure if posted but IL shows McComber and Skidders as entering the transfer portal as underclassmen and they have them in their top 15.
  6. TD is staying at Yale for 5th season. Seems he found a loophole to play another year. Ivies do not allow more than 8 semesters of an athlete but since he transferred in, he hasn't hit the 8 yet at Yale. Ingenious but obvious if you know the policy.
  7. I guess he saw mucho bench time with JoJo and Amica next season?
  8. Yorktown is a very good program and sure Marr's connection helped get the kid. Nate was ok in goal, certainly not a JD or Blaze. Be nice to have an experienced guy and not throw one of the youngsters into the cage.
  9. At least they announced this transfer before Nates decision. He figured to be the starter if he came back but now he might think it's only 50/50 and not worth it if the back-up.
  10. If Amica gives us the career of Mike Black, we are in good hands for 4 years at PG. I would signup for that right now. As for giving out a scholly to a couple more HS seniors right now means those players were looked over by D1 teams and same for D2, D3 schools and we then over reached for what are non-D1 talent. We all loved Fruscio for what he gave on the sideline and in locker room but he was not D1 player. Just to fill out the bench with guys who ride the pine doesn't help the front court issues. Don't think CB will find talent at this point at the HS level. There are exceptions but those players probably have academic issues who would not qualify to play here.
  11. Thanks. I see your concern for injury bug and CB teams seem to get hit hard with injuries during practices especially in the pre season. Maybe continue social distancing during pre-season practices coach? 😝😝😝
  12. I see he last played for Norfolk St in 18-19 after RS freshman year due to NCAA partial qualifier. Was on MEAC all- rookie team avg 4.5 pts a game in 12 mpg. Shot 48% but was 68% from FT and 11-41 from 3. Where was he this past season? Not on Norfolk St roster.
  13. Alright Scott Marr, put on your best recruiting hat and have Michael Sowers from Princeton come by for a visit. He just put his name in the transfer portal since Princeton (and Yale) will not allow a withdrawl and then a re-entry to get the extra year. Now if TD does the same, and we get both guys (and Tehoka comes back), look out for next season! I must be dreaming, lol.
  14. I know it's only April but if you look at our current roster for next season, I don't have a warm, fuzzy feeling about next season and I don't see other AE coaches saying watch out, UA looks loaded. We have 4 mystery players to fill, JUCO unknowns or grad transfers that were not stars. Then you look at what we do have currently, probably one player who can make one of the three All-AE teams in Healy and if we are lucky and he gets PT, Amica on a All-Rookie team. That's all I see. Lulka bouncing back? Eh. Hutchinson building on rookie season? UA track record on that lately is suspect. Rizzuto and Hank doubling their numbers and being a consistent force? Doubtful. History shows us that best case in the four other schollys is one guy MAY be a player that helps team night in, night out. Not getting my hopes up after getting them too high at start of this past season.
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