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  1. Yes, shot themselves in the foot with those blunders.
  2. UVM just blew a lead with 3 min to go and lost to UVA. I think the AE tourney will be alot tougher than we thought back in February at start of season. SB playing much better, UVM solid and we all know what UMBC can do. If not careful, UA can be part of a semi final upset like 2 years ago. But first, beat Yale then Hartford to secure hosting.
  3. Pretty solid win. Fields seemed ok after the 1st quarter when he trusted the knee more. Probably will be sore tomorrow. Hopefully no issues Sunday. TD solid but odd he took a few FO off in 2nd. Was it by design or did he tweak something or had bell rung maybe? JD was fine but did give up 3 goals with impossible angles that he should cover. Yale is good. Hopefully we play up to competition like vs Cuse and MD.
  4. Just checked the media guide. Started womens BB in 1964 and have never had a male coach. P.S. Mari Warner was here a loooong time, holy cow 20 years.
  5. Nice resume with some big time programs. When was last time we had a male womans coach if ever? Hey, its worked out for UConn 😁
  6. Still surprised we are a 1 seed but will take it. But if the season ended today and this is the bracket, I don't like the quarterfinal match up with probably Denver. TD and Baptiste a 50-50 draw on FO at best . Plenty of time for the bracket to change .
  7. The loss hasn't hurt too bad so far. Kessinich dropped UA to #3 behind Maryland and Duke. The media poll has us at #2 with four 1st place votes. Waiting on the coaches poll this afternoon.
  8. Well, time to digest the loss, and maybe we can laugh about it on Memorial Day. Just checked Laxpower RPI and we still are #1 by .01 over Maryland. We were up by .06 before loss. A few things they need to do: 1) get healthy over next 13 days. Assuming Fields and Reh did not have any secret surgery, they should be ready. 2) beat Bing and Hartford to secure home field. UVM, SB also have only 1 loss in AE but we beat them both to take any tie-breaker 3) beat Yale. Good for confidence, also could get us back to a 1 seed if Maryland loses any game left
  9. So my wife tells we are going out to dinner with a few neighbors tonight. I said, damn, wanted to watch the game but I figure its UMBC, should be easy win and I will watch highlights later. WTF happened!! Peeked at live stats couple times and figured we about to go on 10 goal any minute and put the game away. Terry Foy of IL said on bracketology story if we run table, we may have the greatest season of all time. Maybe boys have been reading the hype too much. What a year to be a Retriever. Take down 2 #1's. Damn!
  10. Thats a bummer. Wanted UA to defeat a top 5 team when we play them.
  11. By the way, very disciplined team lately. Back to back games with zero flags called on UA.
  12. We were 2 for 3 on man up and 2 good shots on the one you mention. Yeah improvement!
  13. We all feel Fields could and probably should skip this one and then with the next 13 days off, he would be 100%. He cant catch Lyles 400 point total unless he avgs 7-8 pts/game thru national semi game but then again, he could. How much does he and Marr value another Tewaranton for UA? Is Fields not a frontrunner is he misses a 2nd game?
  14. We had 16 turnovers, 8 of them SB forced. GB's are an issue here and there. Seems we lose them when our long sticks try to scoop them up in a scrum which I assume is difficult to do if ball is near your feet and your stabbing at it with a 5 ft pole. Any former long stick players on the board that can attest to that?
  15. Considering the new moving parts, take the win. Defense did play a bit sloppy in 2nd quarter. Tehoka had some pretty assists but he still trys to split 2 guys and turns it over too many times. Diamond and Laffin were ok, nothing exciting. Paterson I thought could have done more. TD did not lose a FO so with all those possessions, the outcome should have been decided earlier. Move on to UMBC.