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  1. I believe that the incoming freshmen all go to summer classes and camp starts right after that. There was one player a couple of years ago who signed but ended up going to prep school so that might explain some of the players not on campus. But that’s just a guess.
  2. I don’t want to be too optimistic but this will be the best team that we’ve had and I think the schedule is extremely favorable. This team should win 7 games. 1. Depth and experience at running back 2. More experience and depth at QB. Could end up with two newcomers at the top of the depth chart in Testaverde and Nyc Burns 3. More experience on the offensive line. Even if Solt isn’t back, Desir will be back and I think Verdi will be good. 4. Defensive line will be solid - loses Hoskins but there’s enough depth to have a very good two deep. Looking forward to seeing if Ibn Foster will get more reps. Also, looking forward to seeing Mazon Walker play 5. Linebackers might be a question mark. If Justin Walker is gone, Julian Cox is definitely gone so you’ve lost two of the top three OLB’s. Will also have a new MLB. Good news is Eli Mencer is back 6. Secondary - everyone’s back except Jamal Robinson 7. New OC
  3. I think that when they remove you from the current roster, you also get removed from the previous ones.
  4. Ryan Solt not on the roster. Let’s hope it’ll be updated - he was one of the highest rated recruits... was hopeful he’d be able to give the offensive line a boost this year.
  5. Thanks for the game info. Any changes on the OL? Who were the starters at LB?
  6. Cremo nichols leave...

    I’m sure it’ll be a great opportunity for both players. For Nichols, I don’t know that he handles the ball well enough to be a point guard at that level and not sure he shoots consistently enough to be an off guard (he didn’t this year anyway). For Cremo, his outside game was good this year but his strength has been his low post play (in my opinion), it’ll be tough playing in the low post at P5 school. I do hope they have each have a good year. While it’s tough to see them leave, they're getting a chance to chase their dreams.
  7. Good news for the program. Interesting as Nick Sanchez was just named co-Defensive Coordinator / Corners Coach a few months ago. So, either he left and that created a position for Barnard or he was let go to create a position.
  8. Agreed, we don't know what happened. That said, in general, i think this team is better when Cremo and Charles are the primary scorers and Nichols stays in "the box" and plays under control. i think that puts Nichols in a tough situation because he was a primary scorer last year.
  9. Butts in the Seats 2018 edition

    I think people need to recognize that butts in seats is the culmination of engaging students in the right way while they're still on campus. It's a cultural thing that has been done so poorly for years, and by most accounts, students still think the school is doing a crappy job. This I put on the student affairs staff. They just have the wrong people in leadership positions who then hire people that are equally as weak. The stories that I've heard make my skin crawl. Students are pretty shrewd and they sense when you're feeding them a line of *h*t There isn't a marketing budget big enough to fix that kind of grass roots problem. Obviously I have specific examples. Fixing something after the fact is hard. The culture has to be changed to the point where students are seen as the priority rather than a something that staff has to deal with to get ahead. A better question maybe would be "How do you change an on campus culture?" I think the issue is so much bigger than us. I haven't lived in the Northeast in over 20 years but i'm not aware of any college football programs that draw well in the Northeast - Syracuse, BC, Temple, Rutgers, UNH, Maine, Stony Brook, even Maryland struggle. i guess Penn State would be the exception. I do know that, for the most part, college sports is very different in the south and other parts of the country. I don't think changing marketing is going to work - we had these same conversations when i was a student over 30 years ago.
  10. I'm optimistic that he'll help the offense. He really didn't say anything in the interview - just a lot of coach speak. But he's new, still getting to know the players and hasn't had a practice yet so i'm sure that he's still feeling things out a bit. Will be interesting to see if things are any different in a few weeks when they start spring practice.
  11. My sense is that Benson made a commitment to Coach Gattuso and kept that commitment. Yesterday, at either the NLI press conference or on the radio show, Benson said that he spoke to Gattuso before last season and agreed to revisit his contract after the season. So this was after the 7 win season where we should have made the playoffs. Benson said that they agreed to wait so it didn’t become a distraction. IMO, Benson just kept his commitment. I can’t think of any other reason to justify the timing. I do think the team is headed in the right direction and they should be very good this year especially with a relatively weak schedule.
  12. That's some serious bull$iena. We're the number 2 or 3 team in the country in every poll. During the UNC game, Quint Kessenich called us a mid major about a dozen times. He toned it down a bit in the week afterwards but my guess is that’s the perception regardless of what the polls say.
  13. I think his title is the same as Luvaras (before he left for Robert Morris). So Im not sure if hell have more influence over the offense than Coach Bernard but Im optimistic.
  14. From FootballScoop Albany (FCS – NY): Fordham (FCS – NY) co-offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Joe Davis is joining the Albany staff in the same role, sources tell FootballScoop. We understand that Davis had a number of other FCS opportunities as well. Coach Davis previously served as offensive coordinator at Shippensburg (D-II – PA), Wheaton (D-III – IL), North Park (D-III – Chicago, IL), and also helped led Northern Iowa (FCS) to the FCS quarterfinals as offensive coordinator in 2015.
  15. I think it's a good move. Dudzinski was a DC at Maryland and at UMass - I think he lost the job at Maryland when the new coach came in a couple of years ago. Not sure about naming Sanchez an assistant DC - not that it's a bad move, i just wasn't aware that there were many assistant DC's. Maybe they're grooming him...