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  1. 3 minutes ago, dslyank said:

    No one seems to want to talk or speculate about the elephant in the closet?????  With a good chance basketball and other winter sports starting late, maybe; and fall sports being pushed to spring, maybe???   Will basketball etc. late starts push them into spring??    What will an ALL-SPORTS season look like???  Will 2020 spring sports who ALREADY lost a full season be given any special accomodations/considerations??   Does UA have the facilities and finances???  

    In my opinion; assuming the covid situation is improved, there’s probably a pretty good chance that basketball get pushed back to January with a conference only schedule (I think that’s when conference play usually begins anyway).  I also think there’s a good chance all fall sports moving to spring with a limited schedule.  That said, I think spring football presents some issues - primarily, a spring season makes it difficult for the players to recover and be ready for a fall 2021 season so does that season become a spring one as well?

    In terms of facilities, I think the athletic department can figure this out.  We have the track and field stadium (not sure what it’s called now) that’s only used for two or three events each year.  You also have the lacrosse field that has brand new turf and hasn’t been used in a year or two.  Lastly there’s the PE gym - not an ideal space but basketball and volleyball games can still be played there.  You’d need to figure out how to let students have access but that can all be figured out.

    I think  the challenge for the athletics department might not be facilities but how to handle scholarships going forward.  The NCAA has said that student athletes won’t lose a year of eligibility for participating in sports this year so we’ll potentially have a lot of fifth and sixth year seniors in 2021.  Not sure how those scholarships are reconciled with new recruit scholarships - I don’t believe the NCAA will allow more scholarships. 

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  2. 18 hours ago, HOF2013 said:

    Cj Smith, Oxbridge Academy, West Palm Beach, FL, CB, 6' 3", 190 Lbs..4.5740  https://twitter.com/Cj_Csmith  Listed as a safety at Nebraska,  redshirted - was listed as the nation's #19 Safety out of HS..

    I’m so thankful for this opportunity, just want to thank Albany University and the entire coaching staff for believing in me and giving me a second chance. With that being said i’m 1000% Committed to Albany University.  @CoachDavila  #AllPraiseTheMostHigh🙏🏾

    Committed to U Albany



    High School teammate was V’Lique Carter (transfer from Pitt).

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  3. I’d say it’s about right for us.  We lost a lot of productivity and have a lot of unknowns - especially the offensive line and wide receivers.  That said:

    1.  I think Villanova might have the most talent in the conference.  I think they return almost all of their starters from last year and JMU lost a lot of key players.

    2. In my opinion, UNH is overrated every year but this year they don’t play Villanova or JMU so that might help them.  

    3.  Delaware wasn’t that bad last year but their starting QB missed a lot of games and they lost some close games.  They’re building great facilities so they’ll get great players but I don’t remember anything that warrants them being ranked so high.

    4.  I think we have the potential to be good but with so many unknowns, it’s too hard to say.  Also, the schedule will be a challenge with Monmouth, UMASS, JMU and Villanova in consecutive weeks.

  4. 16 hours ago, Clickclack said:

    Some time ago there was a lively discussion about sefcu renovations... The rfp that went out for design etc. Does anyone know where that thread is or if anything has happened with that rfp? I know some of the posters have access to NYS procurement and bidding site. Rfp definitely went out if I recall. Anyone got anything on this? 

    I don’t know about the RFP but President Rodriguez and his staff just completed a series of Alumni meetings in Florida and the topic of athletic facilities came up.  There wasn’t a specific answer but he did say the recent discussions had three phases.  Phase 1 was new seating in SEFCU, phase 2 was renovating the pool area to give more space to the varsity athletes - not sure what that means and i don’t remember the third phase.  There was a UAlbany overall presentation and discussion and it sounded like the athletic facility meetings just occurred so I don’t know how defined everything is  but sounds like there are some ideas and someone (Benson?) has priorities.

  5. On 2/18/2020 at 10:15 PM, HOF2013 said:

    Agree 100%.  He is just not a good coach!

    From footballscoop last week:

    Albany (FCS – NY): Special teams coordinator / co-defensive coordinator / outside linebackers coach Joe Bernard has been promoted to defensive coordinator and corners coach Curome Cox has been elevated to co-defensive coordinator, source tells FootballScoop. We understand that there are no open positions on the staff at this time.

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  6. 17 hours ago, HOF2013 said:

    Coach Keith Dudzinski is now at the University of Michigan; https://thespun.com/big-ten/michigan-wolverines/michigan-reportedly-adding-former-big-ten-dc-to-coaching-staff

    Bobby Johnson III is a new O Line Assistant Coach

    I always thought the offensive and defensive analyst positions were interesting.  They’re not actual coaches and don’t get paid much - can’t coach a position or in a game.  They’re  similar to grad assistants or assistants to the assistant coaches.  The role does get you visibility and exposure.  Mike locksley, Steve Sarkisian...

    I do worry about who will become our DC.  The offense struggled under Coach Bernard and so has the Special teams since he became their coach.  I know he was co defensive coordinator but I’d hope they get a more established DC.

  7. $60 million is a lot of money.  For perspective, our endowment is only $71 million, our football stadium was $24 million and I’d guess good minor league stadiums are probably less than $30 million. 


    What can they possibly build for that much money?  $60 million would probably satisfy our wishlist for football and basketball.


    That said, congratulations and good for them. 


  8. My guess is that they want to wait and see what offers may come between now and the February signing date - but who knows.  I’d rather have them not sign than to sign and not show up.

    Also, the other variable is scholarship offer.  We know that they were offered but don’t know of it was a partial scholarship or full scholarship.  I can see them going elsewhere for a better offer or waiting to February for a better offer.

  9. 4 minutes ago, Clickclack said:

    The thing that jumps out at me without watching these kids move etc. is the size both weight and height. There appears to be some serious size and length. Am I misreading things?

    I think you’re reading it correctly.  We’ve been undersized and Coach has talked about getting bigger and longer and it looks like we’re making progress.  Someone stated this earlier but we’ve had some big linemen who haven’t worked out so now we have a couple of more.  We still need more size everywhere but definitely need the length in the secondary and at wide receiver.

  10. 27 minutes ago, Eli said:

    I took the time to compile the stats into a spreadsheet. I stand corrected...he's certainly a great QB but you can make the case for most of these guys to be on 1st, 2nd or 3rd teams.

    It seems, with the way the NFL is going (Lamar Jackson, Wilson, etc.) that not being able to be mobile enough can be a detriment when people look at your stats.

    Also, he took a lot of sacks...

    QB			Team			Year		COMP	ATT	COMP%	YDS	AVG	TD	INT	LNG	SACK	Rsh ATT	Rsh YDS	Rsh AVG	Rsh TD	Rsh Long
    Jeff Undercuffler	Albany			Freshman	261	463	56.4%	3524	7.6	41	10	64	35	59	-139	-2.4	1	12
    Trey Lance		NDSU			Freshman	171	256	66.8%	2491	9.7	25	0	88	11	128	870	6.8	11	61
    Kevin Thomson		Sac. State		Junior		263	448	58.7%	3212	7.2	27	8	88	13	127	619	4.9	12	36
    Ben DiNucci		JMU			Senior		227	319	71.2%	2982	9.3	25	5	80	22	101	498	4.9	6	34
    Case Cookus		Northern Arizona	Senior		290	481	60.3%	4095	8.5	31	7	94	17	45	19	0.4	1	27
    Eric Barriere		Eastern Washington	Junior		258	438	58.9%	3712	8.5	31	4	80	26	119	558	4.7	8	92
    Kenji Bahar		Monmouth		Senior		289	448	64.5%	3684	8.2	30	9	92	26	76	177	2.3	4	65


    Eli - thanks for the chart.  Not related to the topic but we give up too many sacks (and we throw too many interceptions).   Just points out that we need to improve the offensive line.

  11. 4 hours ago, jimbo said:

    I’m trying to be more analytical than optimistic. Our O line was ok, but it wasn’t like they were the be all’s. Only one made a conference team.  GG has said Kobe Thomas is good and will likely move to center.  He sure looked lost on Saturday. I’m more worried about the D line and DBs. That’s a big hit in experience and performance. McDonald was a dynamic player when healthy, so he needs a replacement. 

    I know that Coach Gattuso talked about Micah Royster moving back to center.  He started at Center as a redshirt freshman before Nico Cuban transferred in.  I agree Kobe Thomas had a bad game but I think he had a really good year overall and he’s only a freshman so I think he’ll be fine going forward.  On defense, I just think we need to get bigger.

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