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  1. Albany Foundation - Report

    Answer: Of course they can! I'll do you one better: Why aren't they going towards SEFCU?!!
  2. If that's a route someone wants to take, folks would be better served doing that for Benson. Isn't his contract coming up?
  3. Football, athletics resources (moved)

    I wish there was a button to push on this board that would legitimately show how much I agree with you. The whole thing leaves me shaking my head.
  4. Football, athletics resources (moved)

    It's simplistic but I don't think "too" simplistic. Money is allocated to priorities. If the president makes it a priority the money that is available gets channeled accordingly (to the degree possible.) If the money has to be raised, it has to be a priority in order for a Development Office to focus on it. For our purposes, I would distinguish between priority and wish list. People fund priorities. They hope someone funds a wish list.
  5. Football, athletics resources (moved)

    They also got state $$ for infrastructure before the bottom fell out in 2008. UAlbany had to make it work with bonding, etc ... Being last in line was a self-inflicted wound as there always seemed to be some upheaval in campus leadership.
  6. Football, athletics resources (moved)

    Ugghh. When the President supports something the money is always there. And when s/he doesn't, it never is.
  7. Football, athletics resources (moved)

    Wasn't that opportunity available under McElroy? Or did I misunderstand the scuttlebutt?
  8. Football, athletics resources (moved)

    We're Not Dead Yet .. at least according to Coach G - https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/UAlbany-football-13339283.php
  9. Football, athletics resources (moved)

    I gave $18.44 to football with the message that unless there are changes are forthcoming, that I would be joining the group boycotting. I still don't feel good about it but could see no other way to communicate the message.
  10. GDAC donations

    @Eli I was contacted by someone representing a group of alumni that are boycotting the campaign and any future donations until the Title IX issue is resolved. I explained my reluctance to withhold donations that would adversely impact current student athletes. They shared the concern and said that they came to the decision reluctantly because they couldn't figure out how else to send a message that a change was needed. They said (unprompted) that it got to this, in part, because of the contact renewal by Benson. It didn't make sense to me until after they explained that it called into question any of the decision making going on at the top of the Athletic Department. And that because some of the budget money is fungible, donations ear marked for one thing would make it so possible to shift money (e.g. I donate $500 to lacrosse and they just move an unrestricted $500 out of lacrosse over to football.) Here's the kick in the pants - they're looking to hit 1844 people to hold back donations. I would be #923.
  11. Title IX violations

    Plus side, maybe (?), is that at least it's not a separate lawsuit. But it means that it doesn't go away due to tennis players graduating.
  12. Title IX violations

    Sorry - doing too many things at once here. Confirmed that rowers were added as plaintiffs to the lawsuit. School is saying they shouldn't be allowed to sue because they're not already varsity athletes (or were varsity athletes in the case of tennis players).
  13. Title IX violations

    Confirmed. Rowers were added. School not denying claims. Just saying they are "time-barred" and that they can't be part of the case because they aren't current or former varsity athletes (aka - claim is that only varsity athletes can file a Title IX suit.) Not sure how that makes any sense. They're current students and even requested the addition of Women's Crew as I understand. If someone out there knows how this stuff works better than me, please come to the rescue.
  14. Football, athletics resources (moved)

    Is there any word out there about legit plans for resolving the Title IX stuff?
  15. LIU will have Women's Rowing, Rugby, Equestrian, AND Fencing?!? Anyone know if they're trying to get out ahead on Title IX?