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  1. Benson's Contract

    I thought the 'master-plan' was put together between 2010-2012 (someone please correct me if dates are off.) Assuming this is accurate, wouldn't it have been done of McElroy's watch? Meaning the bid is going out under Benson but was planned for by others.
  2. Benson's Contract

    Would more seats allow for outside revenue via concerts and other events?
  3. Benson's Contract

    Few people on this thread might like to derail Benson's future at UAlbany ...
  4. Benson's Contract

    I"d be inclined to believe you! Is there a reason things have stalled? Or, I suppose, progress isn't well known?
  5. Benson's Contract

    I've been told something similar. But it was part of a broader discussion so I didn't want to over interpret it.
  6. Benson's Contract

    If accurate, then it seem that either: (1) Benson has lost/doesn't have the influence with the right people in order to make it a priority (particularly if the $$ are there); or (2) He's beloved by someone(s) because he's keeping Athletics from stealing the spotlight from other priorities (aka - he's complicit)
  7. Benson's Contract

    Was doing some math and realized that if he started in August 2014 this would be year #5. So unless he's had a undisclosed extension along the way ....
  8. Benson's Contract

    Anyone know when Benson's contract is up for renewal?
  9. Football, athletics resources (moved)

    Respectfully to @GODANESGO, I responded to a question that was posted in this thread. It was about as dispassionate as I have been on the topic. It's a serious issue that the department is facing. @dslyank - I'm actually with you. I don't know if crew is the answer. It could be an answer because other schools have already used it for that purpose (balancing Title IX in relation to football. ) It's a sport that I know which is why I speak on it. But that doesn't mean it's the only solution. Also, I think we're in agreement that something needs to be done before things get worse. One version of worse is having something imposed on us. Side note, it doesn't seem to be off topic in a thread about football/resources because Title IX has such huge implications on them.
  10. Football, athletics resources (moved)

    A change in head coaches does NOT directly have an impact on Title IX concerns. But replacing that coach with a male coach COULD have an impact on Title IX concerns particularly if there are already demonstrated pattern of Title IX violations. There's no concern unless someone files a complaint. Full stop. As an example, based on enrollment and participation data, the school was violating Title IX for more than 20 years (per recently complaint, OCR report, and other data sources.) It's doesn't become a 'problem' for the department unless someone files a complaint with the OCR about it. It could become a problem for Benson because he is under intense scrutiny. The optics are less than desirable in the middle of a federal lawsuit.
  11. Prepare for greatness

    Doesn't mean that I'm wrong. So, I'll continue to be Mr. One-Note until they solve this self-induced problem.
  12. Prepare for greatness

    Maybe it's a fundraising effort to pay for defending themselves in the Title IX lawsuit. Or something akin to "Build that Wall (to keep women out)"
  13. Your right that crew is not part of the school or whatever the particulars. But oh man, this has gotten worse. There was a reply from @NickyBucketz that has since been deleted. That's the person I was saying looked like they were from Athletics. It looks like @albanycrew reposted was was lost. This is getting interesting. https://twitter.com/UAlbanySports/status/1075786733017534465
  14. I know this isn't specifically a fire Benson/Gattuso tweet but it has s to Title IX. Could be wrong but it looks like the department rolled out an internal troll. Regardless, this can't be good. https://twitter.com/UAlbanySports/status/1075786733017534465
  15. Albany Foundation - Report

    Answer: Of course they can! I'll do you one better: Why aren't they going towards SEFCU?!!