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  1. Football, athletics resources (moved)

    Is there any word out there about legit plans for resolving the Title IX stuff?
  2. LIU will have Women's Rowing, Rugby, Equestrian, AND Fencing?!? Anyone know if they're trying to get out ahead on Title IX?
  3. Title IX violations

    I've been off the radar most of the summer with some family stuff. But just heard that the court granted a motion to add 4 rowers from Women's Crew as named plaintiffs. Motion outstanding to certify the case as a class action suit. Did I get bad info? I didn't even know this was out there.
  4. Title IX violations

    @dslyank Don't know the answers to your questions but someone I know just tweeted this out: http://title-ix.blogspot.com/2018/07/court-denies-motion-to-dismiss-lawsuit.html
  5. Awesome - thanks! Sadly, even a simulator wouldn't improve my game much if at all.
  6. Heard they had a big upgrade with a new golfing simulator this year. Looks like they put it into action right away.Good for them!
  7. Women's Basketball 2017-18

    Not Gordon Graham. Don't actually know him. But that idea would be intriguing. Not sure how social media savvy a guy like that would be. Regardless, not pissed that they cut tennis anymore than if they had cut field hockey (even if I thought it was tragic). My 'beef' is with self-inflicted wounds of any kind. It just happens to be Title IX right now. If they had cut tennis in favor of a sport that could deliver numbers that wasn't crew, I'd still be sitting on the sidelines and just reading these boards like the arm-chair quarterback that I should be. Personally, I'm starting to like the idea of an NCAA run in curling or speed skating ...
  8. Women's Basketball 2017-18

    The athletic department is radioactive right now. That Federal Lawsuit is killing the moral inside the department and out. How do I know? Because I took the time to talk to some of the people that are there. If you want to say my sources are flawed or inaccurate - I'd be willing to think that could be a possibility as I'm not personally there and you might have a line to different information. I'd love to be wrong, in fact. You're right about grinding an axe insomuch as I think bad decisions should never be excused, accepted, or tolerated until they are corrected. The solution is simple - If Benson won't add a women's sport, get rid of Benson and then solve the Title IX problem by bringing someone in that will. I have my preferred sport but am actually closer to agnostic. It's just that I'm more familiar with some sports than others. Department culture is more important than campus culture but we shouldn't imply that campus culture it's unimportant. And the campus just isn't there yet. Thought it was close a few years ago and then it seemed to fall back. That's on Student Affairs not Athletics though. How do I know this? Because I have to go up there on business pretty regularly. I walk across campus and start talking to students. My sample size is small each time but it's adding up.
  9. Women's Basketball 2017-18

    Neither one of the last two were true 'up-n-comers' though. Coach Abe particularly. Bernabei-McNamee had two head coaching gigs before UAlbany and significant D1 experience as an Assistant. I think we're going to experience a lot of pain trying to attract someone that can maintain the program let alone elevate. The athletic department isn't attractive right now. Title IX issues, federal lawsuit, budgetary issues, campus culture - the only reason to take this job is so that you can move on to your next one. The problem is that you'd have a better chance as an Associate Head Coach somewhere else.
  10. Siena under investigation..

    Thanks for the correction. My info came from a guy that was playing football at the time. When it impacts you directly, I suppose it can color your interpretation of what you're told. Agreed on the disaster of Siena basketball. Which disappointments me insomuch as cross-town rivalry's are almost always good.
  11. Siena under investigation..

    I assume that you know that D3 has the same Title IX requirements for proportionality, right? Siena's solution to their Title IX issue was to cut football and focus on basketball. When we were D3 the school cut the wrestling team (among others) to do the same thing. D1 requires a minimum number of sports on both the men's and women's side so the AD already has his back up against a wall. There's not a lot of ways to fix that problem that doesn't include adding another sizable women's sport. As much as they seem to be trying to avoid that.
  12. Siena under investigation..

    Respectfully, the Title IX violations are not minor as UAlbany was short 97 roster spots. But those violations do PALE by comparison what's going on over at Siena. All we have to do is add another sport. How do you fix THAT problem over there?
  13. Cremo nichols leave...

    Came in 2014. My understanding that's it's a 5 year and hasn't been extended yet. @Dane96 Person is pretty well connected but I'm with you. The person that told me ddefinitely would have had contact with the President before but can't see how this would have come up in conversation. Suppose it could have been a leak from someone else that picked on some general dissatisfaction. Lots of things could have been handled better so, agreed, jury still out.
  14. Cremo nichols leave...

    I was with someone this past weekend that told me that Benson in on the chopping block at the end of his contract. This person has been pretty reliable in the past but I'm not convinced in this case. I thought he had a pretty big win with the stadium donor. Anyone know what the real story is?
  15. New Word Mark and Team store

    Just showed this to someone that does graphic design work. Her response was a bit technical "Yuck". Then "Looks like a cross between graphic writing/graffiti lettering and ms dos/unix text. Ugly"