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    Right now we are projected to play Villanova in Philly. If thats the case UA should have a good crowd as far as students go.

    Where? Will they stick you in Dutch Quad or can this be done with the price of parking in the RACC lot? A big tailgating crowd would surely make an ESPN2 highlight! I'm going out for white hots and beer tonight! 12535[/snapback] We haven't decided yet but we are thinking over in the RACC lot b/c we have to be there really early to get tix anyway. So we will prob park there and tailgate. We did it for the football games and it was a lot of fun.

    I'm in for some pre-game celebration, as the little lady will be chauferring me around throughout the day. I have a feeling the fun police will be on top of their games, however. 12527[/snapback] Oh man, the offer sounds tempting, but I have to take that fun drive back to our beloved puritan city later that day.... Well, maybe one or two beers!!! 12529[/snapback] A bunch of us students are getting a tailgate together saturday morning so anyone who wants to join in can come... after we get our tickets we are grilling and what not. COME ON DOWN!!
  4. Tickets???

    Hear, Hear. What's with the pissin' and moanin'. I was a member of one of the most unliked (by the administration) fraternities at UA (no not Kappa Sig) because of our partying and the general ruckus we caused (ask a certain assistant soccer coach about our frat...he might cry) and none of us would bitch just like you did. ARE YOU FOR REAL? Kegs and Eggs versus probably the biggest sporting event in school history? Furthermore, if you have done it once, you have done it twice; Kegs and Eggs is something I am sure you will do another time in another place (for example Kegs and Legs) Gimmie a break. 12455[/snapback] I agree. I am currently a student here and I'm so pumped about this game. A group of us drove out to Binghamton Saturday morning and watched both games and had the time of our lives. We sat directly behind the basket for both games and went nuts (you probably saw us on tv). I am a senior and instead of KEGS AND EGGS we are all throwing our own party for DANES BBALL. As much as I love kegs and eggs i would rather watch the Danes go to the dance. I suggest people stop wining about kegs and eggs and throw a party for the danes and get your tickets at 9 am like the rest of us. Kegs and Eggs happens every year but its not often in your college career that your school gets a chance at the dance. I love drinking as much as the next crazy college kid and thats why we are having a party for the danes and getting our tickets. People should not worry about drinking for once and get some school spirit b/c until recently there hasnt been a lot of it. Cant wait to see the RACC go crazy and see yall there!! GO DANES!!!