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  1. nice image from days of old ... but, it looks like Mike Black, John Puk, and Sam Rowley in the middle of the action ... certainly would be open to a few blue collar scrappers in the mold of Sam ... kid was a package
  2. Fall Ball

    GreatDanes06, you made me very nervous for a moment ... "this happened" ... I said, "uh-oh" ... sigh of relief, followed by a "wowzers" ... not my sport to play, but certainly can appreciate the skill/artistry ... sooooooo, looking forward to the spring
  3. another solid step forward for the athletic dept. / football team ... congratulations
  4. I am in for a few $ ... I'll cover the paint ... and, if necessary, the bail
  5. Capital District/Shaker High School standout CeCe Mayo signs with UA/Coach Bernabei-McNamee ... congratulations to both sides ... http://www.ualbanysports.com//ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=15800&ATCLID=211663158
  6. Happy 4th

    naturalized or natural-born, it's a great day to celebrate our citizenship/national family ... best wishes to all
  7. Where are they now?

    one of the all time great UAlbany athletes/representatives on/off the court ... congratulations to Sam on his success/direction ... I was always happy to see a sports reporter with a microphone/camera in hand to interview him, I knew the piece would show the university and athletic dept. in a very positive light ... hope he sticks around the U.S. for the long haul and remains active in the UA family
  8. those lyrics are repugnant ... hate to see a UA gem paired with filth ... not suggesting, but you could set that montage to Adele and it would be fine ... disappointing choice ... let's go win a game on Sunday
  9. Danes vs UNC

    Thank you to UAalum72 for posting a link to a collection of Times Union photos from last night ... I was afraid that they might have had only one picture from the game ... UA defeats an ACC power in the NCAA Tournament and the front page of the TU sports section features a marquis photo of Cloutier scoring for North Carolina ... are you kidding me? ... head scratcher
  10. makes me think that someone is concerned about transfers from their own program and stopped by to create an issue on our side
  11. OM(f)G ... thank you to David and the team for their efforts ... highlight of 16-17 was the contribution of David to the win over siena ... look forward to seeing the young man and team return in 2017-2018 ... Thank You
  12. sincere condolences to David and his family ... best wishes going forward
  13. @ UVM - 2/22 - 7PM

    agreed ... would enjoy the win, but would prefer not to be playing them so close to tournament/playoff time ... no matter the outcome tonight, I would like our chances in an AE Championship game
  14. Season ticket renewals.

    Agreed ... I hate to speak in any negative manner about the program/administration (and I am sure that fans of LCC will have a field day reading our posts), but Clickclack hits the nail on the head ... We are not even close to filling that arena on regular basis ... Does the administration expect an increase in attendance/season ticket sales with such a bump in prices? ... We are not there yet ... deja vu: I think back to the first year that they charged for parking in the SEFCU lot - average (real) attendance was about 600 - and they decided to charge for parking ... really? (yes, I know that we had a different AD at the time) Agreed x2 ... There is a solid core who have been coming to games, every night, for years/decades (and a number for fewer years, but also, there every night) ... often joke about how during the early years of DI everyone knew each other on a first name basis, because there were only a few hundred people in the building ... wife and I would pull into the parking lot saying, "Lets hope they keep it close" ... won't mention the member of the athletic dept. who stopped down during a women's game, many years back, to hand us a gift and thank us for coming out every night when the women were not competitive and there were about two hundred fans in attendance Eli gets it, bingo ... I am all about growing the program ... understand the need for revenue ... supportive ... but, to just have a significant increase thrown upon the loyal base without any clear public plan about where the revenue is headed (goals, projects, etc.), is disappointing attended games as an undergraduate ... was present at games (no season tickets) in the years following graduation (Class of '93 ... medical leave senior year, otherwise Class of '92), would have purchased season tickets at the time, but there was no need ... few in attendance ... purchased season tickets for the first time in '02-'03 ... believe that it was '03-'04 when they put the courtside seats in, so I purchased 6 (just the wife and I), expecting that the program would grow, that it would be a nice vantage point, and that the program could use the $ ... flash forward ... still have those 6 ... paid $1800 for the men, plus $600 for the women last season (plus, four season tickets for football ... don't have lacrosse season tickets, but at just about every home game $) ... wife and I did not need six on our own, but for the past 13 years we have tried to bring neighbors, co-workers, family, friends, and even a few strangers who would not otherwise come out to UA games ... guarantee that I market the program in the community as much as anyone: alums, fans, UA employees ... so it caught me by surprise that our seats for the men went from $1800 to $3300 (still waiting on the new price for the women ... comparable increase? ... we'll find out soon) ... again, I know the value of the product has grown and that the administration - in a perfect world for them - would reclaim the seats that we sit in and distribute them to new corporate donors (but it does cause me to ask, where were those folks when the only people in the arena were players, coaches, referees, medics, support staff and a few hundred fans?) ... love the phone calls that I have received in the past week from a few close season ticket holders ... similarly dismayed We don't play in a comparable arena ... we don't (yet) draw their numbers ... and we have not been 'in the game' as long no, not too poor ... just significantly disappointed by the process ... thought we deserved a better approach ... maybe I expected too much
  15. Ali Jaques and the LCC athletic dept. just announced an open bar night at D'Raymonds to celebrate the news ... I haven't checked, but I'm sure that Jenn Rizzotti has something similar planned in Hartford ... what an amazing run the UA women have made under her guidance ... best wishes for continued success and Thank You!