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  1. Cremo nichols leave...

    Joe's slow push shot from the hip will get blocked all day long in a power conference. Let him enjoy a ride with the big boys but there is no part of his game ready for prime time.
  2. Bunch of people, inc pro scouts and agents at baseball field right now. Anyone know what's up?
  3. First time in a long time another AEast team gives our guys a challenge - Down to last event with 1.5 pt lead! Ladies take care of business.
  4. Agree! Plus in retrospect (which too soon we may have a lot of time to do); who would have thought that Cochrane, Clark,Anderson, Foster and yes even Campbell would be as bad/inconsistent/non existent as they ALL turned out to be. It probably was a mistake to redshirt all the Aussie's; but it looked like we were so deep??????? I'm not sure how anyone blames the bench when Nichols and Cremo absolutely folded when UMBC, and actually, anyone else other than terrible Sienna put pressure on them. And, believe me, I'm not blaming these kids, I am pointing to the coach who, despite success, has never been able to get his players to handle pressure. NEVER. Sure, he has had individuals who could handle pressure, but it's never been because of a coaching regimen, imo. Back to this game, hell, Campbell kept the best O player in the Aeast to what, 4 points through 30 + minutes. Campbell is a D beast and worth his weight in gold. But without help, Nichols and Cremo are no D help, no way he keeps Lyles down all game. It seems we have forgotten about the great inside dynamic we had with Foster, Stire, Charles early in the season. Foster is all but forgotten. AS for the bench, look at playing time in the preseason. Coach has his system, any system has faults, his system rewards his guys and punishes those who need the most time. We are paying for that now.
  5. That building was there already and has been retro fitted for this purpose. Not sure they could have done anything else. Those windows at the end look out over the ocean so I'm sure they wouldn't want to cover those up with bleachers.
  6. I've said it before. I'll say it again. CB crushes these guys in practice in early season, including early conference. I believe, in anticipation of Wed., he's given them a bit more rest and BINGO, you see a team with energy. Obviously it helps that UMBC couldn't throw the ball into a black hole tonight but this is my theory of this season thus far.
  7. I like our second half chances
  8. Terrible America East!

    Apologies if this is redundant from other game posts. My feeling is that CB's notorious work routine through the first half of conference play caught up with this team. They've been moving like sloths in molasses. Maybe combined with some illness and general winter time blues. I know all teams get the latter 2 but I think CB is a real hard ass on conditioning later into the season than most. I just hope that, as has been the case, this will make these guys more ready than the rest at conference time.
  9. Showing the break. They'll get in gear
  10. Wow, what a game. Just watched and even though I knew the outcome, that was a lot of fun. Foster should be a beast in the AEast and dominate. There is no one in the league who can change his shot like the Louisville bigs. I hope he comes into league play with crazy confidence. The whole team should ride this into a league championship. Rallying cry, Remember the KFC YUM! No, nm.
  11. Watching Louisville vs. Memphis. Hope our guys feel a little better about their performance vs. this very talented, big (compared to us) and athletic Memphis team. Holding their own vs. Louisville.
  12. The inside play was brutal, I was right there, and there were many mismatches, all in Memphis favor. Unlike the rest of our games, we couldn't rebound away poor first shots. I think guys have been spoiled by the clean up crew. Memphis wasn't having it. Great stadium, great town, glad they made it a game - staying at The Peabody, highly recommended.
  13. Not a big crowd expected! http://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/columnists/geoff-calkins/2017/12/09/memphis-tigers-basketball-attendance-problem/937338001/