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  1. Do we need a subscription for "Great Danes TV." I have not used it in a long time, because all other sports were/are on america east tv or espn?? Also, anyone know what UAsports are moving from espn3 to espn+?? Will AmericaEast TV still be free?
  2. BestDane, I really HOPE you are right, that the shot clock will lessen the loss of TD; but I still think it is an absolutely devastating loss {unless Jones or Altimari and the wings step up big time.) IMHO the shot clock and good D will allow for more possessions, but I feel the shot clock will only minimally lessen the impact an elite face-off person has. Hope I'm wrong and your right. Anyone else like to enter the "debate." [not a debate really, just a discussion.]
  3. So you are saying, improved D and quality goal keeping negates an elite face-off man? The reverse of this, an outstanding offense (and excellent face-offs the past two years) have been a UA trademark for years; covering up not so good D. While I AGREE, under the shot clock UA must strengthen its defensive play; I still do not see how the shot clock lessons the importance of a quality/elite face-off person.
  4. I suppose with a shot clock it will help us get the ball back more often when/if we lose face-offs? But I am not sure why you say this will negate the loss of TD? He was fabulous at moving the ball forward and getting the offense going quickly. I would like to hear your reasoning??
  5. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Divided how many ways?
  6. 2018/2019 Schedule

    UA WINS. There is no down side to dumping LCD; other than I would have preferred a money game or two. Bensen did his job. He works for UA not the Albany chamber of commerce. As for alumni in the area; UA has something like 140000 over all & plenty live in the area; and MANY in the area & out are pretty PROUD today.
  7. Absolutely in the long run Marr @ the FIL tournament was/is nothing but a POSITIVE. But I agree with 2018, that with the loss of coach Gleasson, graduations and other loses, this is a team in transition with many needs on and off the field. While I have every faith in Scott {and his work with the Iroquois certainly enhances his ability to handle these challenges}, I for one am anxious and a bit nervous about the immediate future of the lacrosse team. I am an optimist by nature, but fear a step backwards for this team. HOPE I'M WRONG!!!
  8. 2018/2019 Schedule

    WHY? LET IT DIE!!!!! I don't need this game; I do not believe the University needs this game {be better off with a real money game.} The only community/entity that needs this game is lcc and its dieing fan base. Even if lcc concedes (and I doubt it) to come to SEFCU, I would rather pay regular admission and watch anybody else [even Onenonta] than pay a $50 premium to watch lcc. That is what it cost season ticket holders the last time lcc came to town ($100 actually, over the regular season price for 2 seats.)
  9. Title IX violations

    OK. You lawyers/etc. out there; what is the worse that can happen at this point and/or what do you feel is realistic?????? Also, whatever happened to the 3 year remediation plan to the ncaa?????? Has "anything' been done @ all??????????????
  10. Thanks to HOF and 2018 for your assessments and updates!
  11. No comments on the above posting or no one interested in lacrosse right now??????????????? I myself am pining for some news. Even though I have been a season ticket holder for BB & FB for 40+ years, lacrosse has become my new love. And not to reopen an issue; but I also was a season ticket holder for Volleyball {now free}; and I still rarely miss a home game. Anyhow, I know lacrosse is a long way off and understand the "quiet" at this point. More than likely, see you all in the Fall & Winter postings/threads.
  12. What's Up? Just read this article from Inside Lacrosse. Not a single UA commit involved???????? Preface from Quint "I know there are a zillion of these events going on but I Love this one...." There has to be almost 200 participants. Are UA commits involved somewhere else? Opinions? Thoughts?
  13. You do not list Skidders re-commit from Vermont?? Is he coming 2019?
  14. 2018-19

    Both are a mystery. Healy because if that good, why did he redshirt? Clark shooting seemed inconsistent to me; but when I went back and checked the #s he did shoot 41.8% from 3 {but really only 18 mades for the season.} Hopefully 99 is RIGHT, with real playing time both will really step up. Really the whole team is a mystery--should be interesting season??
  15. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Based on 2018-2019 Basketball season ticket package I received in the mail this week; llc will NOT be playing @ Sefcu this year. Chairbacks same price as 2017-2018 $150 plus GDAC (which if made for football, DO NOT have to pay again.) If lcc coming than the price would have been $200 as in 2016-2017 {+$50 $ienna premium.} I HOPE this confirms we are NOT playing them at all??