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  1. I agree. Still top 5 I believe. Win out and finish top 3. One bad game has not turned this team in an also ran. Almost two weeks off; get rested and healthy RESET.
  2. Wake up call. Bad offense, Bad defense, Bad goal tending. But most disappointing NO sense of urgency from the get go. Played like they "thought" they could turn it on at any time; only they never did turn it on. Supposedly a good week of practice? I wonder? Team looked tired and slow from the get go. Long BUS ride just too much? I guess/know I was WRONG about the new kids on O; but why the D was bad, I just don't know. Almost two weeks off to RESET.
  3. I agree and obviously HOPE you are right about why Marr is sitting Fields; and it looks like Reh also sitting again. I think the "kids" did well against brook and will be even more comfortable in their second start. umbc defensively can be tough though.
  4. ESPN+ and New ESPN App Coming

    Rather than cut the cord completely; I switched to Verizon/Fios (note not available all areas). For $108 per month intro package; I get 1gb up & download internet, TV, and phone. Don't need land line phone, save another &10. For TV, I choose the "Sports & News" package. It includes espn-all, yes, sny, msg, fs1, fs2, btn, tbs, tru, (all ncaa tournament stations except cbssn), more, & all local stations. HBO free 1st year +15 after (i will than cancel). I expect they will try to jump the price mucho after 2 year agree. If they do I'll re-apply to Spectrum as now a new customer and get their intro package, also about $100 per month. I will play these two back and forth until one or the other gives me the intro deal for an extended period of time. When my adult children advised me to "cut the cord." I found (maybe I did not look good enough, only so-so tech savvy.) you STILL had to PAY for a reliable high speed internet service/source. When you ACCOUNT for this expense, the cutting the chord plans: direct netflix, amazon, sling direct, hulu, now yahoo, whatever, are not really any kind of savings? But like I said, maybe I just do not understand streaming like you millennials. You still need to pay $50, 60 -- $75 for an internet connection, plus whatever your cordless plan charges??????
  5. 2018, I am by no means an expert; but it seems pretty nearly every team we faced has used a zone against us at least part of the time?? Does not seem to have affected us too much or what I have perceived as zones not really been zones???
  6. I LIKE the starting attack of Laffin-Diamond-Nanticoke with Patterson 4th attack. soph-soph-fresh-soph. Rest the old guys! Good time to unleash the kids. Davis +130 goals +180 assist in high school--terrific passer. Unless they suffer a case off the nerves {and I DO NOT think they will}, I expect this group to unload a barrage of goals on brook. And if I am wrong, our D and midfield still has more than enough to handle brook. PREDICTION: BLOW-OUT WIN UA. ps. also note Nanticoke and Laffin know each other very well; played together @ IMG and on Native American teams/clubs.
  7. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Wasn't Hooley's first year a summer Canadian trip. And if I remember it correctly, he average over 20 points, got injured and had to red shirt a year. A bit hazy about some of my details/facts; but I am pretty sure that Peter was a freshman star on our last foreign trip, which coach said would be a good learning experience for that team. And Peter and that team (not sure how many were around for all 5 years?) turned out pretty GOOD.
  8. Cremo nichols leave...

    My last comment on Joe. I know you are all saying: Yeh enough already yank. But here it is: Someone needs/needed to get in Joe's face and tell him he is NOT skilled or athletic enough to play @ a higher level. Until yesterday I would have said @ least he has there "heart" to play @ a higher level; now I am not so sure about that either. I hope he proves me wrong. DONE. see ya all over on the recruiting thread and on lacrosse of course.
  9. Cremo nichols leave...

    Again, I liked Zach Bye when he was here and I know he is/was a long time friend of Joe; but this comment just sounds like talk show fodder. How can he make a comment like this? There is plenty more that Joe could have done! For starters if nothing else, finish what he started; not to mention that he could lead a team to the ncaa's, could become player of the year in the conference, could break all sorts of personnel records. I know it sounds bitter to say he has not accomplished any of these things and truth be told the records, rewards & ncaa are really secondary, but finishing what he started here would have been (IMHO) much more rewarding than "seeing" if he could play @ a higher level. And Oh by the way he had no higher level or for that matter any offer from any school other that UA. Maybe a little loyalty to the school that showed a lot of interest and gave him a free university degree is something MORE he could have done.
  10. Cremo nichols leave...

    No offense to Zach Bye, but I think Joe's head is in a cloud and is definitely NOT clear. IMHO Joe is getting a lot of bad advise from someone/somewhere. I simply do not see any upside for Joe to transfer out. Be a STAR @ UA for his senior year, LEAD HIS TEAM to the ncaa, sign a nice contract in Sweden, meet a nice Swedish girl, settle down, play euro-ball for as long as he wants OR transfer to Power 5, ride the bench, probably get a free ride to the ncaa by his teammates rather than being a major force getting the team there; OK Sweden and rest still in play?
  11. Cremo nichols leave...

    Do not think the two things are equal. Grad transfers coming out of majors are usually NOT impact players @ that level. And if they are, they simply go to another major. I think Foster started only one game in three years before UA and his #s & minutes were less than small. So when as you say the other side of the rule happens, the majors take impact players from non-majors, so they can provide some depth or ride the bench? Not at all an equal exchange. For majors just swapping someone they do not want for someone they may or may not want. The mid/low majors lose someone they usually WANT or at the minimum very happy to have, for again some they might want. I am probably NOT saying this right; but it seems to me @ some level the grad transfer rule like everything else ncaa helps the rich at the expense of the poor.
  12. Cremo nichols leave...

    Say It Ain't So Joe. Just say NOooooooooooooooo!
  13. OK. UA has 6 players with more total points and goals than any of brooks top 5 scorers. brook's #1 goalie allows 11+ per game & saves 45% (I assume their backup is even worse.) They win face-offs @ 32 %. So is this a trap game? I know the team cannot take no one lightly, but it seems us fans should be pretty confident about his one?
  14. Cremo nichols leave...

    Check out Maine. Over the past few years, they lost enough kids to fill the AmEast All first team.