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  1. Any update on scrimmage with $ienna Time & Place? Maybe it is a game time decision based on weather?? Also, with first real game 2/15; you would think UA would want another scrimmage? More than two full weeks between 1/25 [$ienna] and Cornell for real??
  2. Maybe BEST first 25 minutes all season! Then the drought????? I think we went 10+ minutes with NO ONE other than Clark scoring a point [at least it seemed that way.] I don't know if Clark makes bonehead plays and forced shots because he simply has to carry this team on his back OR because he is not doing his job getting others involved?? IMHO the former. Maybe it is the old chicken/egg first question.
  3. absolutely terrible call. listening to roger and marinella, muted local buffoons long ago. Replay absolutely showed NO foul on drive or block!
  4. 2018 NICE assessment. I was writing mine at the same time as you; and funny to see us both using the word "storm". Pretty much agree with all you said, but being optimistic about "at large" if everything clicks.
  5. Looking at the roster, my very early thoughts: like football UA is going to surprise a lot of people. IMHO last year an anomaly. Perfect storm: head coach and offensive coordinator off @ FILA much of time, defensive coach @ llc; not to mention graduations, transfers, injuries and other personnel issues. But IMHO the single biggest issue is the team was unable to adjust their style to the new 80 second clock {and all of the previous mentioned storms contributed to this.} Being a fast paced team already, I think UA did not realize the clock would require much adjusting too. But as we saw (at least I did) the clock brought subtleties which seemed to help slower paced teams disproportionately. Like hof I've been frustrated with the lack of posts; but maybe it will help UA fly under the radar? Last year a lot of hype may have also contributed to the storm. So I'll stay on the cautious side top 15; top 10 not out of the question.
  6. Agree game tough to watch. Disagree Maine SO bad. They are big, long, have multiple guys who can hit the 3; and they are young. If they can channel their toughness without fouling SO much, they are going to win some games in the ameast. Also Healy makes his usual 35-40% from 3, game not close.
  7. DEFENSE is NOT the problem. Putting the ball in the net and turnovers IS.
  8. Do Not really agree. Share your concern and understand why you say this. But UA is starting to show signs of life and getting healthy. Agree with Click, we are as athletic as vt and as DP said brook basically same as last year (just playing better). Being optimistic--not counting UA out. I think our best bb is ahead.
  9. I surrender and bow to the majority. Still rather win week in and week out and be competitive every year and DO NOT think this is going to happen in the caa. {like I said before HOPE I"M WRONG!} But pretty sure I'm not wrong when I say NO ONE on this blog will ever live to see UA in a major bowl game or for that matter even a minor one FBS. {nevertheless less, HOPE you all "LIVE LONG AND PROSPER" AND HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY.}
  10. I was at the game as I am always. You are welcome to your opinion; but for me I'd rather see winning football and a ncaa game every other year or so. As far as running with JMU, I've NOT seen it. We have been a bottom dweller in the caa for years; and IMHO will be no better than mid level MOSTLY. {I hope I'm WRONG!} At least winning in the NEC, our attendance was respectable. Winning brings in fans. Since joining the caa our attendance has gone down every single year. I will follow UA no matter what league or even division; as I have since the first "club" game, through DIII to D1. You are more than welcome to abandon ship if desired. I will NOT; but would prefer to be top off a league consistently, than once in a while flash.
  11. This is also why I was/am against the move to the caa. Move up for what? One ncaa appearance in seven years; would have made at least 3 appearances in that period if stayed in the NEC. Also, less growing pains, head aches and EXPENSES in NEC. Either way, move or NOT, none of us on this blog will ever see a major bowl game including UA; and for that matter probably never even see a minor one. MOVE UP FOR WHAT??????????
  12. AGREE! I am basically a positive person and have been called a Poly Anna at times; but like 82 said, the lack of improvement {in fact regression in many senses} and the fact that UA is pretty much BAD in ALL areas; well is maddening. I've heard of the sophomore jinx {Rizzuto most definitely has it} but the whole team????? The inconsistency is even more maddening. At times their plays has me ready to get the fire hose out; but too soon accelerant instead of water comes out of the hose.
  13. Nailed It. Except I think it was 11 free's missed. 13-24 for UA; 14-16 monmouth. Speaking of sitting people: Rizzuto of course (even though IMHO feel at some point he will find his shot/game-tough kid); but IMHO send Lauderdale tp Florida or further-- can't shoot, can't defend, can't get off his feat to block or rebound. I would play him behind Luka, Hansen, French, & Hanks {even with the bad hands.}
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