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  1. Hey cwDickens: It was the "Tale of Two" Halves. "It was the best of times, it was the worse of times." UA played perhaps the best first half of the last couple of season at least. Witnessed what this team is capable of and hopefully WILL become. In the second half, as shot after shot kept missing you could see heads droop lower and lower. Some of the shots were down in the cylinder, some rimmed out, & some were not even close; but no matter what, the ball would not go throw the hoop. Even missed ½ our foul shoots, even though the sample was small (3-6 I think). Went from +2 rebounding in the first half to -13 for the game. I don't really know what to say: it has been YEARS since I read "Tale of Two Cities" ; but recall it had a happy ending. I could be wrong.
  2. New Starting Five?

    I also have nothing against Devonte. Two years ago his defense was GREAT--won some games pretty much on his own and contributed always. Last your his defense was NOT as good and this year it has been BAD. Even coach mentioned that perhaps his offensive struggles were causing him to lose focus on defense. If he cannot help us defensively and his offense is a liability (not trying to insult him, but everyone, including our opponents see this) than his minutes need to be reduced. Lulka seems to be getting comfortable @ the 4; and I hate to see him taken out of that spot. There appear to be better options at the 3 than Devonte; and I think others would certainly help UA more offensively and the D would not suffer greatly. I meant no disrespect; just Monday morning quarterbacking. I wish the kid well and hope he proves me wrong!
  3. 2019 Season

    Are you at liberty to be more specific? Walk-ons? Late Transfers? Impact players or just adding depth? Or is it just the usual slow/lack of communication & reporting?
  4. New Starting Five?

    I SAY IT. Shoot me if you want; but I do not see him as a 4 and most definitely not as a 3. Bring him off the bench for defense {even though IMHO his defense this year has NOT been good at all;} and to spell the starters. But his minutes should be spread around and he should be used sparingly. IMHO I would keep Lulka (who seems to be getting better and more comfortable every game) at the 4. Rotate Hanks, French & Lauderdale at the 5. I would also instruct the 3 of them to play tougher and stop/block every shoot in the paint--give them a FREE PASS to foul. I would not care if all three fouled out every game.
  5. 2019 Season

    For some reason, inside lacrosse has been giving vermont a lot of hype this fall. Could be our main challenge for the auto bid. They are effected by graduation maybe as much as UA, but supposedly have a strong incoming class (mostly Canadians.) But from what I see, UA has a much stronger returning group IMHO. Handled them pretty well last year 21-5 & 14-4 and if you call grad loses about equal, IMHO UA still top dog. As for first 5 games, I think we come out 4-1 or 3-2 at worse. We beat cuse, because they deserve to lose after stiffing us once again. We beat cornell ,unless Irelan's brother is as good or better than advertised [the red offensively may be as good as it gets, but D still unproven and I think our D can hold them in check if goal tending comes around.] I was at the Umass game last year and don't buy into Umass' strong finish to their season as being a big indicator. [Our 2nds & 3rds dominated their staters and even if they have everyone back ,IMHO no way they beat us at home this year.] Maryland appears loaded and gets richer by the day with transfers and re-commits. No prediction about this one. Scott ever the optimist, in the TU this morning said our schedule is all about getting us back to being #1 where we were for 10 weeks last year. The paragraph and my predictions above are in-line with this optimism. I reserve the right to modify and or delete the paragraph after our 3 February scrimmages (weather permitting.) By the way anyone have the dates (I know 2/9 is $iena; others??) Lastly, for those out there always yelling that UA needs to strengthen its Schedule. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR---this one is most definitely a BEAST!
  6. 2019 Season

    I guess we will have to go out there and humiliate them. Rumor has it, contract cuse @ UA all but signed, but at the last minute they said they had an unforeseen ACC issue that could not be resolved. Like you say why am I NOT surprised.
  7. 2019 Season

    Goalie is such a hard position to judge and evaluate, even for coaches and experts (neither of which I am.) A number of years back I went to an all day fall ball scrimmage @ Yale. I think it was Blaze Riorden's sophomore year and he was firmly established as UA's starting goalie. Yale and Quinnipiac were the other teams participating with UA and Q pretty much dominating Yale who had not really arrived yet. The UA back up goalie (I think it might have been Cross NOT Colassaro) absolutely put on a show. I was sitting with parents from Quinnipiac and everyone agreed he was far and away the best of the 6 or 8 goalies that played that day. Everyone agreed Riorden could lose his starting job. Obviously it never happened and the few times Cross (if it was him) played in a back-up role, he never showed much. So my point; judging goalies in fall ball or scrimmages when you do not really know if they are facing 1st, 2nd , 3rd stringers or even untried freshman and walk-ons is pretty difficult. Add in the fact that which goalie gets help or lack thereof from which defensive alignment. So let's keep positive and HOPE, there is more to our goalie's than we seen so far.
  8. Havidan {I can call him by his first name after sitting with him last year at a Volleyball game. It was just after the hurricane in Puerto Rico and we had a nice discussion about the devastation and that he still had family there--of course I do not call him by his first name in person} and his beautiful wife walk by my seats pretty nearly every game and say hello. For you younger guys, the previous home game the Rodriquezs' had their beautiful daughters with them. I also love that they attend!
  9. Good game overall; especially the second half. Monmouth is not as bad as their record indicates. Their problem is they do not shoot the three well--our bugaboo. I think they made all their 3's (5) in the first half . I don't know if our defense in the second half, finally stepped up and learned how to defend the three or just the %ages for Monmouth taking over. I hope the former, but more of the same needed before our bugaboo fixed?? Monmouth inside game is good, took us to cleaners in the paint and rebounds. Hanks helped negate that in the second half. Going forward hopefully we play like yesterday's second half. And the "lowly macc"* {Bob 87*}, better not get fooled by Monmouth's record especially, if they find their 3pt. range a little.
  10. 2019 Season

    Right-on summary .THANKS. I think we will be OK at midfield. Seems to be a lot of options there offensively, but as you say the question mark there may be which one's can be effective as two-ways. From what I saw in the fall, Jones and Altamari will do fine @ face-off. Won't be in the 80% range [who besides Irelan is], but mid 60's not out of the realm; and if wings develop 70's possible. I think our D will be a real strength and they may HAVE to be; because I was not impressed with either goalie in the fall. I had Yoquinto ahead of Siekierski; but maybe because he was in against #2-3 offenses {hard to tell in the fall though.}
  11. Football, athletics resources (moved)

    The fire Gattuso and/or Benson thread seems to be still going strong over on Fall/football etc. But I decided to post my comments here as more than football is at stake. See Clacks negative assessment of football, title IX, facilities ALL right-on. In Clack's post, he does give props to Benson on GDAC and I also agree with him there; but he says Benson is hard to judge overall because COMMUNICATIONS on facilities, resource allocations, title IX are pretty much non-existent. And here-in rests my biggest concerns. Does Benson think the title IX issues are just going to evaporate???? Everything is always such a big secret?? Going back to the "bag and stadium seat" fiasco; a committee of administrators, students, fans, community leaders, campus police, etc. could have avoided so much embarrassment and BAD feelings. On these larger issues of coaching concerns , title IX, facilities, and resource management; COMMUNICATIONS AND COMMUNITY/FAN INVOLVEMENT are even more vital!
  12. Fan2018, Your prediction of 15--nailed it. You also said you think Tehoka IS coming back. Hope you are right-on there also!
  13. Absolutely Agree with ALL the comments made about "stone hands" bigs. I mentioned this in a post after the LIU 22 TO game, that many of our to's were caused by this and also our rebounding has been effected greatly by this '"hand disease".
  14. Of course much of this is TIC. And I agree Brooks is/has been BAD, even said he may have already blown his chance. But we absolutely NEED HELP defensively and bringing ball up; and IMHO I have seen nothing from Miller addressing either of these issues. Like you say, he may bring some intangibles, but looking at our record and play, I DON"T SEE IT. And of course I really do not think Fruscio as the answer. So you been watching off the ball, who or what do you see as our defensive and turnover answer? Not TIC: Campbell is/should be nothing more than in a supporting role and Lauderdale even more so. IMHO.