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  1. 2020 Danes

    Thanks again for the reports. Was @ last years fall ball games and you are RIGHT-ON about UA being pushed around and a portent of things to come. Very GLAD to hear not the case this fall; and the increased physicality of practices; and strong 2019-2020 class. FOGO help could be still a year away. Still think Casey could be our outside threat/snipper.
  2. 2020 Danes

    THANKS! for the report. Do you know why the above 3 were not in Philly? Nagging injuries maybe; or possible red shirt potentials (even though pretty sure fall ball would not enter into a red shirt issue)?? Still like Casey with the O Middies. Has Diamond vanished again, thought he played well when he returned to the line-up @ the end of last year. Seemed to play well in the Alumni game last week. Swingruber (good size and speed) looked pretty good @ alumni game; but I only saw part of the game?
  3. Maybe just maybe UA football is back. While relatively optimistic pre-season, I have been disappointed that UA keeps losing to BAD teams and even the wins were NOT really impressive. Not convinced Towson was/is a top 10 team; but very satisfying and DOMINANT win. If not for two fumbles allowing easy scores, we dominated through out statistically and in every way. Did not see the game but listened on radio and watched the video highlights this AM. The Towson announcers were in awe and sounded like they could NOT believe their eyes. Obviously, did not see the whole game, but in the highlight video it sounded like the announcers were totally bored??
  4. OK. What is the phrase "Hope Springs Eternal." Every year I come away from the the purple-gold super optimistic. This year more SO. This team is GOOD and DEEP. I know, I know we've all said it before; but I do not know where Brown is going to find minutes for everyone. Very impressed with both freshman. Hutchinson playing with a brace on his finger, seemed determined to SHOW he can play and would not let the brace stop him. I expected Doherty to be good and he did not disappoint; but was very surprised just how good Hutch was/is. Don't know where coach will find enough minutes for them, but they are capable of competing right away. Carter is a flat out steel/find. I agree with all the other who made note of this.That being said, quite a bit of speculation that if his knee hold outs, JoJo might be better than Cater and even Clark. After the scrimmage the players came into the stands to meet fans. Talked with Lauderdale who obviously aggravated his injury. He limped badly and admitted to being in a lot of pain. Hope it is not a bad as it looked. Last year, I felt French could get more playing time if he cut back on his defensive "mistakes". He definitely appears more bulked this year and his rebounding, offense and overall energy level/hustle should earn him some floor time; especially if his defense improves. Speaking of hustle/energy, Rizzuto (as someone said) was all over the floor (literally). Hope he survives the pre-season let alone the year in total.
  5. Will miss this event for the first time ever. Since they changed the format and took the event away from Brown, who always put on a good show and great feast; the event has been a bust in my opinion. I'll be out of the country anyhow; and if this event is like the last couple of years, I will not be disappointed at all. Will be interested to hear, if I am wrong and any dissenting opinions.
  6. 2020 Danes

    Looking forward to your report. Disappointed I am unable to make the trip.
  7. California Law: NCAA Athletes Getting paid

    College Athletics has allowed NUMEROUS people to achieve an education and a quality of life, that they otherwise would not have been able to afford. Like your idea of minor leagues for all sports; but success and wealth in professional sports is NOT a guarantee and only a few relative to the entire population make it. Again, like your idea, but what about all those who DO NOT make it? Would we developing a whole class of un-educated people with some physical skills but no mental preparation for life and a successful and productive career??
  8. Burns is a red shirt JR. No real game experience until now but with program 3 Years: 2018: Made one appearance, at Rhode Island (9/8), attempting an extra point. 2017: Did not appear in any games. 2016: Redshirt season. Another BAD loss to another BAD team. Richmond going nowhere in the caa this year. {maybe best D-line in the league, but not much else--could be worse offense in the league.} Yesterday does not sport well for UA rest of the year. No more BAD teams on the schedule.
  9. 2020 Danes

    Saw the first and third periods of the lacrosse alumni game. Went back into the gym for the final set of the woman's volleyball game [UA beat hampshire 3 sets to 0.] Not much to offer from the scrimmage; seemed a big crowd so if any others want to chime in, appreciated. 4-3 UA over alums after qtr 1. Naticoke with a goal and Kyle Casey (who looked very determined and ready to take a step up) with a pair. Came back from volleyball at end of 2nd period with UA 10, alums 5. Third period was a mess with turnovers galore on both sides but alums went on an 8-0 run to go ahead 10-13. Left at beginning of 4th--dressed for volleyball, not lacrosse. Some other observations: Mastropaolo looked pretty good at the X, except on a clean break he shot the ball over the net with no back up in place. He was very active even when he did not win cleanly (one point after a scrum the ball shot out about 10 feet and he game from seemingly nowhere swept up the ball and led a break). We may definitely have something here. Don"t know alum he was going against though? Mastro. alternated with #18, but I don't think it was Sands?? [many players wore different #s and there may even have been two different #18s-{-see my post about having an alumni day program available.} #9 McComber who I had/have high hopes for looked frustrated he could not penetrate the alum defense.Tanner Hay looked even faster than last year bringing the ball up field; but like last year still appears too thin in close. Well those who saw the 2nd & 4th or want to add/dispute my 1,3 observations PLEASE DO!
  10. 2020 Danes

    .99 per week for an online subscription. Pay for 6months in advance get a $10 gift card. NOT trying to sell you anything; just reporting. Which by the way the Daily Gazette does much better than the TU where UA is concerned; and I am and have been a TU customer for over 40 years {sorry Bob87}.
  11. California Law: NCAA Athletes Getting paid

    Agreed 1000% The ncaa needs to address this head on; instead of facilitating around the issue and making unequal compromises. Pay athletes or not (I HOPE NOT.) Once and for all, the ncaa must step forward and say/pronounce that the students free EDUCATION is their payment PERIOD. The ncaa must fight the cal law tooth and nail; suspend all cal schools that participate in the new law. OR simply concede, dissolve , end college amateur athletics. IMHO I hope the former [FIGHT IT!].
  12. Curious that brook rated higher than UA on "Non-Revenue Sports" ; since UA wins the Commissioners Cup nearly every year? Certainly have won it more than brook. Or is the above chart reflective on 2019-2020 only??
  13. Very Dumb and Stupid and Misguided but the reason is #2. IMHO
  14. 2020 Danes

    2018, Is the Alumni game Friday the fourth. Seems like Saturday with football away would be better? But anyhow, do you know the time? Also, if you have any pull, a game day program would be nice; both to recognize/remember the alumni and get to know the newbies. I have gone to these for years (even though I am not a former player) and only recall one time where they did a program. I know other schools make a pretty big deal over these alumni games. I think UA's history is at the point where they should up the ante a little.
  15. UA played pretty well overall from the second QTR on. But WM might have done us a favor by playing the wrong freshman QB. The kid who started could run like the wind but also made some freshman mistakes (fumble and bad option choices at times) and did not have much of an arm. The back-up definitely had the stronger arm and as someone mentioned pre-game, both had about the same # of snaps coming into the UA game?