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  1. I was planning on attending; but even if the storm skirts bingo, the I88 corridor is now projected 8-12 at least as far down was Sidney. I hope CDLax is right. Now plan on watching @ home.
  2. Siena's Jamion Christian

    Not that I care one iota; but "mayhem's" record at Mt. St. Mary was NOT awe-inspiring and a barely .5OO record and second round knock-out in the 2nd/3rd worse conference in the country. GW desperate obviously; but I am not sure exactly what everyone see's in JC. He promised mayhem and a fast passed offense and won most of their games on the defensive end. I think lcc had a higher scoring average under pathos. Probably wrong about all of this, as I don't follow that school very close; but anything that hurts them makes me happy {sorry Jimbo, not as magnanimous as you--no offense intended.}
  3. I guess lowell worse than I thought. But Harvard like lowell is supposed to be very bad, beat BU who is getting top 20 votes. Just cannot figure this year. Maybe the only consistent is how bad the AmEast is. Hartford lost to a pretty poor Quinnipiac team. On the other hand UA beats a "very bad" lowell team and shows up again receiving top 20 votes after two weeks off the list. As someone on the blog said; wins against anybody effect ratings more than close loses to powers?
  4. Did not say they were great on the wings; only better than pretty much every other wing rotation yesterday. And I absolutely agree with you they are a liability on close D. So have most of the two way middies, the last couple of years. Agree with 2018, used fewer two ways yesterday. Agree with coach in doing so; does not seem to have the horses to run two way middies any longer. Maybe just don't have the depth and/or skill to run two ways any longer; but I loved the strategy and it gave us a real advantage when we did have the kids and #s to do so.
  5. You are right about Kozar being the newbie. #29 [Kunz] also getting a lot of minutes of late on wing and some close D. He [kunz] seems a little tentative at times {especially last week against maryland.} Yesterday he seemed to struggle on the wing; but I think he had a big part on UA being 19-19 on clears yesterday.
  6. Tried to watch the replay after I got home; but it was not up last night. So solely based on my live perspective, have to complain about a couple of things. Face-offs were terrible and a number of new players played wing yesterday (for the first time I think) and IMHO they were worse than the kids used before.The Burgmasters' (who have been @ wing sparingly this year) were the only wings who showed me anything yesterday. I also thought ground balls were terrible; felt worse than the 31-37 stats reported. Not only did the wings hardly get any; we gave up at least 2 EASY goals on ground balls that squirted out of scrums to wide open mass players. 2018 said we should have won 20-5, and I agree; if we had done a better job on ground balls, mass would have scored less and UA more. Also, when mass made a run in the fourth, it was against some newbies on defense. However, I do not agree that mass is that bad a team. IMHO in a bad AmEast, they could finish 2nd or 3rd; partly because the league is just that bad and partly because I did not see mass yesterday being bad. Reserve the right to change my opinions, if I am able to watch the replay later.
  7. Sorry about crediting the comment to quint; but I agree 100% with your assessment.
  8. I am not sure what UA should be ranked at this point. But definitely NOT 56. Look at the teams ranked and many ARE there will multiple loses and with ALMOST WINS. Close absolutely enters into the rankings especially this early in the season. How is UA 1-4, really that much different than hopkins 2-3. If in the same league UA would be 1 game behind. Even Quint acknowledges that hopkins is only there because of history {"the NCAA playoff hunt. [ 2 -3 ] History alone gets them here".} Obviously the polls this time of year are pretty meaningless; maybe more so this year than ever with all the "upsets" and no one really standing out. Also, through 5 games few if any teams has played a more difficult schedule than UA. ps. For what its worth Quint hates UA period. I don't know why; maybe goes back to when he and Marr played together @ hopkins, maybe fought over the same girl, competed for the same coaching jobs; who knows. But Quint rarely has anything good to say about UA; and even when the situation dictates he say something positive, it is like he is choking on his words.
  9. Of course it is now all about WINNING. Not sure at large totally out? Win out (including a top 5 win over Yale--assuming they are still top 5); finish 9-4. Win first game in AmEast (10-4). Even with upset in final 10-5. Look at current 10-17 poll, every team except Georgetown already has at least 2 loses, some even with 3. Four new teams entered or re-entered top 20 this week. Even 1-9 ALL (except Ohio State) have at least one loss. ALL 1-20+ as league and tournament play begin will add to their loses. I know it is far fetched, but in this topsie-tervie year, UA can climb into at large ranking. Obviously win AmEast outright and not left to fate and discretion. Regardless, it is all about winning period.
  10. Looking forward to 2019/2020

    Anyone know anything about these two? Could either be a solution @ the point?? Curious about the praise for Jerotic. Diamond in the rough or just coach speak? Also, Flory still getting some coach speak? IMHO hope we have not given up on French. I like his hustle and given some experience and maybe the weight room over the summer, I think he has more of an upside than Lauderdale. Good rebounder and only big without stone hands.
  11. Not sure I've ever seen a year where as soon as a team gets to number 1 or 2, they get beat. Also so many upsets by "upstarts." Makes our 10 week run as number 1 last year pretty remarkable
  12. Think you are right. Probably NOT the same Hill. My apologies to which ever one plays for UA; and to the other Hill if I misinterpreted his comment. Seemed to be critical of Marr who went out on a limb and always does to protect his players.
  13. Benson's Contract

    Syracuse lacrosse parking now up to $15. Was 7 when I first started going out there for lax, maybe 8-10 years ago. General admission now also $15. Likewise $7 when I first started going to UA -cuse games. But I agree for an AMEast team to charge what we do for parking is bad; except if cuse ever does comes to UA, I hope we charge them double/triple; as Scrooge says a "lot of back payments" their.
  14. I am not sure exactly what Hill is saying here? Seems like he is criticizing Marr for benching Nanticoke and/or is he stating Nanticoke is going no matter what. Either way, unless I am miss interpreting Hill's comment he needs to go to BENCH too. I am having a hard time accepting the "fact" that Tehoka is a detriment to the team. If he is not helping the team or if the team is better without him, then he should sit period. If it goes deeper than that and he is a total distraction, than cut him loose now. Personally, IMHO Tehoka has to decide whether he wants to be a member of this TEAM or not and than act like it or more appropriately demonstrate that he does. And by demonstrate, I DO NOT mean he has to perform better. Maybe/Probably I am reading this whole affair wrong and am totally off base??? Don't really know what to think actually--should probably just like "state", keep my mouth shut.
  15. Benson's Contract

    Fire his a$$. Eat the contract if need be. He has done a terrible job. I have been on the fence concerning Benson. But as you can see I jumped off. Can Not think of one positive thing he has done {I am sure there must be some.} But without listing them, IMHO there are many negative things {we all have our lists & opinions of things he has done poorly/badly.} And the bottom line for me is simply the program has not gone forward during his administration and in many ways has regressed.