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  1. Just reading the Bag policy @ Gillette. Standard NFL package, pretty much nothing allowed in: no seat cushions, no seat pads, no umbrellas, no anything {see football fiasco a couple years back.} Anyhow, anyone know if seats in UA section (bought from UA ticket site) are chairback or bleacher?
  2. If you order on UA Ticket site you should be able to sit in UA area unless sold out first. Also office not closed; from order form: "The deadline to purchase tickets through UAlbany is Thursday, May 24 at 3:00PM. Game tickets can be picked up in the Ualbany ticket office Thursday, May 24 from 10am-6pm." Did you get the original email offer? There appears to be some issues with UAlbanySports.com; but if you "View Archives" you should find the original offer/order details
  3. Without Tripcic I do NOT like our chances of winning the AmEast!
  4. Speaking of re-watching. I rewatched last night and the un-sportmanship {or whatever they called it} penalty on Tehoka seemed un-justified. A den player was laying on top of McClancy and all Tehoka did was push the player off. It did not look like a hard push or aggressive. Maybe I missed something, I better watch it again?
  5. Will re-watch today; but from my wet and live perspective a couple of comments: first the crowd was amazing; sat with a couple of Dads who are 'little league lacrosse" coaches , who use the Reh brothers as assistants. Whenever the one dad yelled to Troy to be tough on the wing, Troy would give the gentlemen a nod and proceeded in doing so! It was so much fun, felt really involved. If the weather was better (even though by the UA game it did improve) it would have been even a larger crowd. Thought JD was not really sharp, but overall I thought the D played well and agree with those who said said our strategy was to not over slide and to make den beat us from the outside.I think the strategy DID work overall, but thought there were a couple of shots JD could have handled. (might change my mind when I watch replay). When Tehoka got the personal foul call, I turned to one of the L.I. dads and asked "Freshman mistake?" and he said it was overdue, that we had been taking cheap hits for much of the game; and up by four with a couple minutes left, maybe it was a good time to retaliate and send a message UA will protect teamates. Got a little nerve racking after though. Connor may not have had a lot of points (only 3 assists I think); but he made some huge hustle plays. He kept the ball alive on a rebound shot, which eventually led to a Patterson unassisted goal; and saved a ball from going out of bounds while three defenders pretty much on his back. But maybe the best part of having him back, has freed McClancy from long sticks and double teams. [McC 3 goals 2 assist yesterday and multiple points last weekend also after pretty much being shout down when Connor out.]
  6. Groundbreaking

    The #1 recruiting handicap UA faces in lacrosse is the lack of an indoor training/playing facility. Syracuse has had a man-up for years in the dome. Notre Dame has had one for several years now; Ohio State for two. Villanova (or maybe it was Georgetown) won their first there games this year and playing inside in February was heavily credited for the victories. For years Syracuse was credited with recruiting top players because of the perception of their history and dominance; which is certainly true, but the dome was OFTEN the piece that allowed them to close the deal.
  7. RGood, Will miss you tomorrow. Best of luck with your storm issues. Glad you and your family are well. A couple of suggestions which you might want to look into. If you have food spoilage from lack of power that is a reimbursable expense. Also, your tree mess may be covered (I am not sure why others are saying No, but I have had storm damage trees covered before, even a garden bush that was flattened by a falling tree---the circumstance may be different, but it does not hurt to ask your insurance people to find out. Speaking of insurance, you more than likely have some sort of deductible and I found out by accident that most home insurance deductibles are YEAR specific and not "event" specific. Home deductibles unlike Auto which is accident specific can be accrued over a years time. So if you have a $1000 deductible policy and reach $800 because of this storm, you would only need $200 more to start collecting on the next home event, even if totally unrelated to the current storm. I am certainly not wishing you any further home disasters; and I AM MOST DEFINITELY NOT AN EXPERT; but I do know that for the event deductible to apply (if your policy has this), you DO have to file a claim even if you do not collect anything. My point is when back on your feet call your agent; ask questions, do not go by what I say or whatever blog opinions you may be receiving.
  8. Grad Transfers - Will Brown

    99, While I agree with everything you are saying; my point is the difficulties majors face are NOT the same difficulties mid and low majors face {as the article's author claims.} Also, while majors certainly have losing player issues, they have considerable more resources to adjust . In addition, when a one bid conference loses a player the impact can be far greater and more costly in many ways as well as in winning and losing. In a one bid conference a bad shooting night, a bad bounce here and there, and sub quality officiating can cost a team an ncaa bid. Losing a player (especially a stud) in a one bid conference is significantly more damaging than losing a major player to the NBA where the team generally just reloads with another McDonald's All American.
  9. Grad Transfers - Will Brown

    Good article and Will & UA come off very well; but I have to disagree with the author on the following: " He understands that to pull off consistency, even in a one-bid league is a monster challenge, but no more so than it is for a team from a multiple bid league. Coaches need to develop, coach and retain players. And when they don’t, they just have to regroup and march on." The challenges in multiple bid league are different than in a one bid league but definitely NOT equal. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the richer you are even more so. The ncaa says it is all about the students, but I've seen little or no evidence of this. IMHO their actions are all about helping the power conferences at expense of the smaller and especially hurting the smallest one bid conferences.
  10. Groundbreaking

    I thought it was just speculation on someone's part?????? I do not remember reading anything remotely official concerning the poll??? Brutus are you out there? HELP!
  11. Groundbreaking

    imho. First priority: Field house. Indoor Track and big enough for football & lacrosse practice and able to accommodate a lacrosse game for inclement weather. Second priority: Sefcu upgrades.
  12. Recruiting - 2018

    Again, I insist I am NOT a Devante hatter; but I just do NOT see the "leader" label some have predicted? This team has needed someone to step up and be a floor leader for two+ years. The leader position has been wide open and begging for someone to take charge! Coach has repeatedly said this over and over again and even casual fans have been clamoring for an in your face Jacob Iati type. IMHO I have seen absolutely NO evidence that Devonte has been this type of player or has any hopes of becoming one. It will be a very young an inexperienced team this year, and I hope one of the newbies steps up, because I do not see Devante as much more than a role player. Does not mean a role player can not be a "leader"; but as I said I've seen no indication Devante has leader characteristics .
  13. Recruiting - 2018

    Not a Campbell hater; but what bothered me more than his offensive struggles was his defense seemed to go south also. "Maybe" his offensive struggles were effecting his defense, but especially in the second half of conference play, his defense was no better and than anyone else on the team. And, I have not checked the #s, but I bet you will also find his rebounding declined as the season progressed.
  14. Richmond

    I hope the TD/baptiste thing does not become a distraction. On paper we are as good as denver defensively; probably better. We have a huge edge in goal, where denver has tried 2 or 3 with mixed results. Close D probably even, with midfield defense same if UA uses the bigger two ways. Offensively we are superior across the board and if Connor is close to 100%, we should score plenty. Even, if Connor somewhat less than 100 and denver ties him up, we have enough fire power still. My main concern is if TD struggles, the rest of the team needs to pick him up. In the yale game and to some extent last year's ¼ game vs maryland; the whole team seemed to "die", with TD struggling. WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH OFFENSIVELY AND DEFENSIVELY to compete, even if TD struggles. I hope TD dominates baptiste or at least holds his own; but if he does not, UA cannot use that as an excuse. The D needs to step-up, be stout and get the ball to the offense who needs to (quote Marr) "have fun!"
  15. Richmond

    AGREE. with Carcaterra, but would use Reh or Diamond as primary ball carrier and keep Patterson as 4th attack.