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  1. 2019 Danes

    2018-2019 school year i.e. playing upcoming season?? or 2019-2020 school year?
  2. 2019 Danes

    Probably never find out WHY? Rumors joining his brother "sort-of understandable". Syracuse rumors made sense, in su would steal Scott Marr's pocket change. Yale losing six players to major league lacrosse, plus some other minor pieces?? Good young coach @ yale and excellent education--may be it is as simple as that?????????? Never truly believed it was about Scott being too "easy." And as far as good young coaches Merrick Thomson is as good as they come; unless he is moving on up [inevitable sooner or later.} I want to wish TD luck; but without understanding his true motivation and the WHY and the circumstances, I can only say at this time GOOD RIDDANCE! Any good news out there anyone wants to report? Anything new on the rumored incoming "star" transfer?
  3. Also now a player does not need permission to transfer. All he needs is to ANNOUNCE that he is. The team continues to have the right to RESTRICT where he can transfer to. Tampering rules are to be ENHANCED. If you believe that, I know of a blue chip prospect that no one else knows about and I am willing to convince him to go your school of choice {cash only accepted for my involvement.} Look out NCAA, it is going to be a free-for-all. You may have a totally new team every year.
  4. 2019 Danes

    Article in this morning TU. NCAA has made it easier than ever to transfer. Player no longer has to ask for a transfer; only ANNOUNCE that he IS. In conjunction with this, NCAA will enhance no tampering rules. Since twice nothing or 100 times nothing is still nothing; it is going to be a free-for-all. How do you monitor a coach shaking hands with the opponent team and whispering to the opponents star, we could certainly use you. And certainly their is NO WAY to control alumni/etc from encouraging in any number of ways a player to ANNOUNCE and transfer. Also interesting to note the ncaa REFUSED to change the "conditional release/transfer" rules. So all teams including UA are totally allowed and protected from law suits to RESTRICT where a player may transfer to.
  5. 2019 Danes

    IMHO I think the ncaa already makes it TOO easy to transfer. Certainly change of coach, graduate transfers, and legit hardship issues are reasons for unconditional release; but overall restricting transfers within conference or to teams on your schedule are MORE THAN JUSTIFIED.
  6. While I agree with most of what you are saying; IMHO totally DISAGREE "what the coach does off the court has nothing to do with the players, their academics, or their ability to play high level basketball." In fact, I would hope a coach has A LOT to do with how a "student athlete" grows as a player and person. Coach Brown, Coach Marr, Coach Abe, Coach Mac, Coach Sauers, Coach Ford and numerous others and how they lived their lives had a profound effect on the student athletes recuited to UA, their successes on and off the court. I hope coach Mullen, whatever her life choices are continues the tradition.
  7. 2019 Danes

    I have been away and following the TD saga from a far. I am still confused WHY?? If he does not/cannot fit it with UA players & Scott Marr type kids; how does he expect to fit it anywhere?????? If nothing else and there is plenty more there, UA kids in all sports are kids of character, hard working, over achievers and true student athletes. If going to Cornell to be with his bother, I could sort of understand that; but since other schools are involved; I can only assume he is looking for the "best chance" of winning and has given up on UA or has no confidence in UA taking the next step. Good luck to him I guess. Lastly. very angry about the unconditional release. Would $iena give such a thing? Would a power 5 give them? UnLikely. Only given in exceptional circumstances.
  8. 2019 Danes

    I do not have any inside information; but I find it hard to believe that TD would leave because some kids are having fun. TD came to UA for a reason and Coach Marr and his philosophy were certainly a part of that reason. TD may be as intense as everyone says; but I do not think he goes 70-80% without having fun doing so. When all is said and done it is still just a game and a college game that will not get anyone rich (unlike some other sports.) If he is not having any fun PLAYING this sport/game @ UA, I do not think he will find it any where else. If all he cares about is winning a national championship and has NO fun in doing so, I kind of feel sorry for him. That being said: I still doubt that he is leaving and if he does leave, IMHO it would be for some reason other than UA, its coach and players are "TOO LOOSE." Makes absolutely no sense to me.
  9. 2019 Danes

    Joining the conversation late, and have not until now read or heard the "rumors." HOPE TD IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!! But Kyle Marr to UA is not inconceivable. Coach really wants a championship and so does Kyle. Hopkins is losing a lot, especially offensively. I do not know anything about their 2018-2019 recruiting class [probably is GOOD, always seems to be: even though sometimes it does not pan out or is more highly rated than it actually is.] So maybe Kyle in his last year feels his chances with UA, Tehoka & McComber are better than rebuilding at hopkins? Dad will certainly relent his coaching son concerns, especially since Kyle is now established and a senior. As far as "who" is leaving, I know it does NOT follow the "star power" scenario but I have two possibilities: (1) Mitch Laffin could be un-happy. At the end of 2017 he made a strong statement as a starter replacing Patterson, then he was practically non-existent in 2018. Also, I remember an article or interview how he an Tehoka @ IMG would be teaming up @ UA. (2) A goalie. At the ncaa Yale game, I overheard part of a conversation that went something like why are you not suited up for the game; with the answer being there are four goalies ahead of me. I do not know who the unsuited goalie was and obviously does not equate to losing a "star" player, but we do appear to have a glut @ that position and another recruit committed???
  10. Women's Basketball 2017-18

    Sorry do not agree. I was not all that impressed with her first time around; and would have preferred someone younger. Also, if Tripic is definitely gone looking @ 2-3 years to rebuild no matter new assistant. With Tripic one more year, might be a 1-2 reload, which is a big difference.
  11. 2019 Danes

    Could NOT pay for lacrosse online. Erika had to put through manually. Football & GDAC donation still not available online?? Speaking of the lacrosse price increase; I was very happy to pay it, because less than 135 Gold seats still remaining {of which 115 are in section 104--more or less visitor side.} I suppose some additional seats might become available if some people don't renew. But my point is, when some of us complain about the "high cost" for tickets, we REALLY are only complaining when there are attendance issues (as in football Gold mostly ½ empty & basketball wings & ends pretty much always poorly filled.) Definitely interested in charging top dollar for seats/sports in demand; but reduce or promote when trying to fill seats and build interest.
  12. 2018/2019 Schedule

    NO ONE will buy that arena without a professional franchise. No legit professional franchise is coming to Albany. Do the math.
  13. 2019 Danes

    Fall Ball in Albany. Yeh!!!!!!!!
  14. 2019 Danes

    He was playing for Hill Academy vs Salisbury in the espnu game mentioned above. Pretty sure announcers had him committed to syracuse? Said UA had two commits participating (McComber & ??). Cornell had 6 commits participating.