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  1. I have what is probably a pretty ignorant question: but with the new shot clock aren't quickness and speed and endurance probably more important assets????? I guess if you have an extra 10-20lbs without losing any of the above, best of all? Also, looking/hoping for a report from you from Rutgers!
  2. Noticed on 2020 commits: A long way off; but INTERESTING he is from TD's school and rated 83 and being a 2020, I guess that makes him only a Junior now. Future @ FO looks bright? Regan Endres Victor Senior High School NY FO 2020 83
  3. I PREDICT we win the next four straight. Do not lose again to vt 2/9. Any one want to give me odds?
  4. AGREE!! Besides the stone handed bigs; all our team seems to have lost the art of the dribble. I have never seen so many unforced TO's and TO's on minimally contested drive attempts. For the amount of time Clark must handle the ball, I would guess his TOs per minutes with the ball (if there is such a stat) is not much worse than the rest of the team. [Probably wrong?] Also, announcers yesterday said Clark leads the league in assists and their man Jackson second????????? Stat people, is this true? While I seem to be defending Clark; it was his TO that led to a fast break lay-up at the end of regulation that cost us the game, even more so than the wide open 3 (the only points of the game by Counsins) that set the knife.
  5. I do not know if it is opinion poll time, but Brown keeps saying this team is "going to be good." Is he just saying the politically correct thing? Is he just trying to build some team confidence? Is he just trying to keep a few fans coming through the turnstiles? Is he just trying to keep some fight alive for the final playoff spot and then hope for upset or two? Or is just trying to convince himself? I don't know! ALL OPINIONS WELCOMED. Someone want to start a poll?
  6. I agree 100%. Malachi and French would be upgrades defensively. Both are raw offensively and perhaps down right inept on the offensive end. But they both have looked good and hustle like hell on the defensive end. Sure they make mistakes defensively, but NO worse than pretty much everyone else. They both rebound the hell out of the ball and even though they may be lost offensively they are very active on the defensive side when given a chance.
  7. While I pretty much agree with you; I would give Rizzuto and deSousa another year. Both pretty highly rated and recruited in high school. deSousa just too athletic to give up on and Rizzuto pretty much broke every Iati high school record, & both Iatis' turned out pretty damn good. So IMHO I would exempt Rizzuto & d Sousa from your house cleaning {even though I am most disappointed in those two.}
  8. Thanks for the twitter info. Glad to see coach and the team with a little chip on their shoulders about pre-season rankings. Liked his comment, even though pre-season polls are pretty meaningless, it still is a little hurtful to be ranked behind teams we have consistently beaten of late and to teams who have not won much of late.
  9. WOW. You are certainly entitled to your opinions; but wow IMHO you are way off base with this line-up. #1Lauderdale has about as much mobility as the statue of liberty and lady liberty has better hands! Miller was brought here for senior/grad leadership and +½ way through the season has shown 0. He was a walk-on at Umass that worked his way into a scholie and some major minutes, but my guess he lacks the athleticism and/or desire as a short termer to make that same sort of effort again? As for Campbell, we can argue him all day long, but he has regressed (whether his O affected his D or vice versa) the past two years. Give him some minutes out of loyalty, but start NOT. So I hope you do not take my disagreements personally. Hey, I am the idiot that suggested playing Fruscio [and got hammered for it.] This team needs something, who knows maybe your line-up works or maybe nothing works this year????
  10. While I agree with pretty much everything written here--we are BAD right now, talent is lacking or young (choose one); I feel compelled to make one positive comment. I think our defense HAS improved and has gotten better nearly every game. The offense has definitely regressed and like someone once said, you are not as bad as you look when you shoot poorly and probaably NOT as good as you think when you have a hot shooting game. (liberally quoted but I hope you get my point.) But anyhow my positive comment about yesterday's defense is the number of Stops we got, and the number of shot clock violations we caused.You could easily make the aguement that the difference in the game was the 4 or 5 desperation heaves maine made as the shot clock expired.
  11. IL has UA preseason AmEast favorite; says cap narrowing. Patterson preseason POY vt(2) -- brook (3) -- umbc (4). Can't really see any of the three knocking us out of #1. Article NOT an in depth analysis, but says UA has questions and lost a lot; but so has everyone else. May be I am being overly optimistic; but IMHO with a "focused" Tehoka, our attack will be as good or better than ever; there is enough at midfield and the question who and how many step forward is a good problem to have; defensively we may be stronger than ever; goalie really the only big question IMHO. Our fogos are as good as any in the league and with experience will more than hold their own. Also interesting that Patterson got the nod over Tehoka as POY, doubt any other team even has two possibles
  12. Is this Skidders? Is he at IMG now? I am not sure what this picture shows? Is he wearing a UA shirt--2019 or 2020 commit?? THANKS.
  13. Most bio's now up. Still list McComber @270 NOT. Yunker with some pretty impressive high school #s! Still no bio on Ryan Smith. Saw an interview with him when he signed; seemed a pretty confident/almost cocky kid; out of West Genessee {a lacrosse legend.}
  14. On IL top 50 players listing with men & women mixed has Tehoka @ #23 and Irelan @ #5. If women represent ½ the list, that would put Tehoka around 10-11th best and irelan 2-3. Does not mean anything but interesting to see/read.
  15. supposedly a re-commit out of vermont. Checked vt commit page on IL, no longer listed @ vt. Searched his name, now shows un-committed?
  16. Could this be any more vague? Seems to say a legit charge taken in the arc becomes a defensive foul unless the charger does something deliberate? But this only applies on a fast breaks; does not really address the issue of an in the arc charge in the ½ court set which was pretty much the case on all the calls Monday. Also, does not really agree with how coach Abe's husband explained it to me. He said if you take a charge properly in the arc feat planted, etc, etc. it cannot be called a charge and CANNOT be called a defensive foul, hence NO CALL. Anyhow, thanks for your input, does not really clear anything up for me and from how it has been called since its implementation, I do not think most officials understand the rule either. Whoever on the ncaa rules committee wrote this and those in charge of it communications and implementation should be shot for treason or minimally have whatever degree/degrees they have should be revoked. Rules should be clear and understandable. You do not have to agree with a rule; but it should not be so vague as to make it impossible to understand and nearly impossible to enforce properly.
  17. Good effort all around with the usual lulls thrown in to keep things interesting. I think some guys are stating to realize they can help this team even if not scoring points. Play defense, rebound, SET legal screens, make good passes, help bring the ball up against pressure and don't turn it over. For instance: I thought both Rizzuto & Story played well defensively and Hanks especially in the first half rebounded the heck out of the ball; I thought Campbell (& I've been hard on him) is starting to play DEFENSE like he is capable and is more comfortable offensively because of it {or maybe it's reversed better O, better D, but he seems so much more relaxed the past two games--maybe coming off the bench is just what he/team needed.} With Clark in foul trouble and [god forbid] Brooks single handledly tried to give the game away, Miller even though he only played sparingly, brought the ball up court on successive possessions and calmed things down. If the bench can contribute in small ways and rest the staters and hold the fort when players in foul trouble, I think we will be ok. Now I need some expert help here {I know there is really NO help for me.} My issue is the charge circle. Coach Abe's husband who is some sort of official official, explained the rule to me a number of years back. As he explained it, a charge cannot be called in the circle; BUT if the offensive player commits a player control foul (a charge) and the defensive player is properly planted but in the circle, the proper call is NO CALL. The announcer yesterday (who as 99 said, was as bad as there is) repeatedly said that it was "automatically" a foul on the defense in the circle. UA would have been up by 20 at he half, if the number of charges we took would have been called as NO CALL and hence no foul shots. I know the charge call is wrong probably ½ the time anyhow; but my question is, does anyone know has the charge arc rule changed? Is a legit charge but take-in the arc a NO CALL or is the defensive player "automatically " assessed a foul even though he was in proper position albeit in the wrong spot?????
  18. 2019 Season

    I think/hope Tehoka steps forward. Unlike Connor & Lyle who led "quietly", Tehoka seems to be more fiery. A few times last year maybe too much so. But I agree with something you (2018) said in the past, how hard he worked and spending an extra year @ IMG to get to college. He was the number 1 recruit in the country for a reason and he certainly held his own in the FILA against some of the best players in the world (many older and more experienced.) I/We may never know what the fall absence was all about; and I absolutely agree had he been with the team, fall ball would have been a great place to bond and for him to assume the leadership position. Nevertheless, I fully expect/hope that the fire and desire in him comes roaring out this spring. Rutgers should be a good first test.
  19. 2019 Season

    2018, You have a much better grasp of team rosters and personnel than I. Last year brook was 7-8 overall and NO quality wins that I could see. They were 5-1 in a weak AmEast, and lost to vermont in the tournament. Granted any team can lose on any week (aka UA's loss to umbc.) I assume, but do not know that brook loss some players also, but based on 7-8 & 5-1, I question if they have a stronger returning class than UA. I also know nothing about their incoming class, but agree with IL that vermont should be our number AmEast challenger. If I had to guess or predict, UA will not go undefeated in the league; but everyone else will beat up on each other equally and hence we will will still win the auto bid. This does NOT say I do not respect your assessment about brook. I asked you who you thought could challenge UA for the auto bid and I most certainly appreciate your input.
  20. 2019 Season

    I am not going to get into a war of words with you; but I'm am not going to let you call me an a$$ and get away with hit. Slandering is NOT allowed on this blog and I hope DP gives you a reprimand at least. But for your information I do not "constantly" attack coaches or for that matter anyone else. Probably the most negative thing I've posted in the past two years is I thought Mr. Benson was premature in granting Gattuso an extension. While I may react "LIKE" to opinions expressed on this blog (and opinions that EVERYONE is entitled to, no matter what, as long as they are appropriate and do NOT personally attack blog members); I challenge you to find these "constant" attacks you claim I am making. You have called me and others idiots and have denigrated our posts and "opinions" because we've never coached or played. Sorry, you took offense that I notices you NOT being positive; and then you make a lame excuse that negative scheduling posts are different than negative coaching comments. Well, IMHO I do not see any difference here--negative is negative. And as far as I'm concerned you are as welcome as anyone to be as negative as you want. But you are NOT welcome to call me or anyone else an a$$ or an idiot and positively WRONG claiming I "constantly" make attack on coaches. IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) you break every rule written or intended of this blog and should be banned.
  21. 2019 Season

    2018, I know all of this is just speculation right now, but who do you see beating us out to host? The only team I see much improved is vermont and that is based on a "supposedly strong" freshman (mostly Canadian) class. As far as strength returning, I cannot see anybody to match UA, even with ALL our question marks. IL had vermont maybe sniffing top 25: no other AmEast even close. Anyhow, cannot wait for the season; as you say it should prove be an interesting one for sure.
  22. 2019 Season

    Hof, What happened to always being positive?
  23. Not to butter up the boss here, but I have too agree with DP. I thought UA played pretty well overall [still to many to's and stone hands] and competed with a team playing ugly and as "desperate" for a win as us. Coach sounded almost "giddy" with praise and enthusiasm after the game. I would not go that far, but knowing Brown, I think he was just trying to instill/hope this game brings some confidence going forward.
  24. I have been a season ticket holder since day one and HAVE NO PROBLEM AT ALL sitting next to a "free bee" in the seat next to me. Until someone steps up and buys that seat or any other GIVE THEM ALL AWAY FREE; maybe a few or hopefully many will eventually get hooked and come back as paying customers. If not, it is still more fun to be in a full house, even if half are there for free.