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  1. Looks like all games will be watchable, except for UNH; which if memory serves me, was on Youtube last time UA went there.
  2. 2019 Danes Part II

    You and me both, brother, you and me both.
  3. 2019 Danes Part II

    Because, even if Albany gets trounced on the FO, the shot clock will limit true TOP dominance by any one team, unless the D or Goaltending is considerably worse. Think of how often the :30 went up during any given game last year, not just UA. The net was missed maybe 60% of the time? That's gonna cause a lot more changes of possession and a lot less teams holding on to the ball looking for that one opportunity.
  4. 2019 Danes Part II

    Exactly that. Face-offs are less significant, especially towards the end of a game with the ability to make up for his loss with stout and challenging D.
  5. 2019 Danes Part II

    This certainly mitigates the loss of TD as FOGO significance just lessened.
  6. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Not a single P5 team on our schedule this year. Nothing like a Louisville, Duke, etc. Big bummer.
  7. 2018/2019 Schedule

    More Breaking: According to a source, the UAlbany-Siena Albany Cup game will take at least a one year hiatus. The Great Danes' non-conference schedule is complete and the Saints are not on it. Discussion on where game is played has been a hurdle in the past. @WNYT
  8. Was Diggs granted another year? Would love to see what he could do with more consistent QB play
  9. 2019 Danes

    Bad news I’m assuming?
  10. Season Preview https://herosports.com/fcs/football-2018-preseason-preview-albany-great-danes-caa-football-cici?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Link&utm_campaign=FCS
  11. 2019 Danes

    Lacrosse Commits‏ @LaxCommits FollowFollow @LaxCommits More We have word that TD Ierlan has decided on defending national champion Yale, pending admission. Huge get for the Bulldogs
  12. 2018-19

    Total non-sequitor, but i thinks its time we update our court. And yes, I want Damien somewhere on it. So many schools have great graphics and logos..
  13. Recruiting - 2018

    UMass grad transfer Ray Miller has committed to Albany, per a source. Immediately eligible.