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  1. Which is amazing because he was like..the MVP runner up last year.
  2. Communism isn't social democracy...and social democracy isn't socialism. and communism OR Communism isn't socialism. You are painting with no nuance at all.
  3. It wouldn't do any good, but this is a fantastic distillation of the issues and should be required reading for anyone who doesn't quite grasp the issue. That being said, I truly hope all these people who decry socialism are ok giving up their medicare, public schools, fire departments, police departments, infrastructure, child work safety laws and all the rest of it that are government funded and sponsored "betterments of society." Socialism is the Red Scare of the 21st century, and if you know anything about history, the Red Scare wasn't a thing other than meant to instill fear of the other, I tried to stay out of this, I really did, but two cups of coffee and an upcoming move to Trumplandia from my West Coast enclave of progressive sin (My congressman is the wonderful attack dog Adam Schiff) has me needing to sharpen my discourse.
  4. I have a question for you. As rather than banter back and forth I'd like to learn perspective. I'm also about to move from one of the most liberal enclaves in the US to one of the most conservative and it'll probably help less steam come out of my ears at cocktail parties. I imagine you're not the biggest fan of the NYT or WaPo and maybe WSJ (though the WSJ tends to lean right in its economic reporting and fairly down the middle in political matters), but what are your news resources that you believe are factual, unbiased and generally reliable? Mine are a mix of the standard-bearers prior to the fake news universe (NYT, WaPo, WSJ, CNN, some local well-regarded newspapers like Miami Herald, or LA Times, The Guardian UK) and some national digital outfits like Politico, The Hill and 538. Never MSNBC, never HuffPost or anything else with a deliberate and stated bias like that. And yes, I know this is WAAY off topic, but i'm trying to find some consensus here, folks.
  5. I am so torn on this. Part of me thinks it's a bit ridiculous but I'm also a dog lover and hate when I see people with cropped animals. That being said, those ears do look bigger than Cropped ears, so maybe it's just the dog at attention (looking for that boar?)
  6. I like it. Nice work..although that purple banner is aggressive and has me seeing spots.
  7. It's def. growing on me....Can you change the font to Furore too?
  8. I think it's still Damien based on the plans.
  9. When you demand an apology from the media for your handling of the pandemic, and then the pandemic ravages your state because of inaction, no, i'm not a fan of that. I think his firing of her was initially intended to tamp down any test releasing at all, which is why the results were artificially low in the beginning (I can't find the article, but i think the NYT or WSJ reported it). Her not being there may be something to do with the data not being analyzed before being released to the press..that is definitely possible.
  10. I just read through the doc and I actually think it looks MUCH better with the new font. Also, the new UA logo is a big improvement and looks more modern and less like Auburn..a very good thing.
  11. I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that the NYS outline is presented as part of it. Wonder if that's going to go on the court..that would. At least they got something right.
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