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  1. [MBB] Game #19: 1/19/19 - 1:00PM @ UMBC

    Horrible time out management by Brown.
  2. I disagree. The Danes DEFINITELY submitted in the second half.
  3. Didn't they lose to Hartford after being the number 1 seed 2 years ago?
  4. So nothing on the coaching staff?
  5. Pretty much. I'm over the underachieving the last three seasons and the woeful development of the team this season. This isn't an overreaction. Even great coaches lose the plot sometimes and need a change.
  6. When you're up 13, you clearly have the talent to win....So if the problem isn't the talent..then... where does the problem lie? Yeah. I'm a broken record, but i'm REALLY pissed at the way this season is going. Sorry guys. I appreciate what Brown has done, but this team is getting worse, not better. That means we're being scouted better by other coaches than our coach is scouting. And about Brown being a good coach in the post-season? Look what happened last two post-seasons...and we may not make it this year.
  7. I'm sorry but when your team is up double digits in MANY games this season, only to blow big leads, that's on the coaching staff and not changing up the defense when presented with adversity.
  8. Recruiting - 2020

    Let's hope he's not the Great Pretender....I'll show myself out.
  9. Prepare for greatness

    Just saw on Instagram something called Prepare for Greatness and an announcement date of Jan 22. Anyone know what that’s about?
  10. Prepare for greatness

    Big wet fart.
  11. For lack of growth of the program. For the past few years it’s trending downward. We have the Andy Dalton problem. Good enough to compete but not good enough to really win anything of note. At least that’s the last four years
  12. It’s about time for...FWB...
  13. Prepare for greatness

    Have we ever used the phrase "prepare for Greatness" before? Preparation = Practice..Practice = new field house. Whaddya think? Have i cracked the code?
  14. Lulka likely to be out according to Michael Kelly
  15. Prepare for greatness

    Has anyone else seen this? It wasn't branded sports, it was branded #purplefam.
  16. ANd there's no way that Jackson Ambush isn't going to be a star..at least with that name!
  17. Originally committed to Uconn so perhaps a nice get. Anyone posting these would be GREAT if you could post where else they got offers from. THanks!
  18. Are we better now ???

    There's no inside game. When theres no inside game, there's no outside game to kick out to for open shots. This offense is a MESS. I know all the inside guys are young, but I'm not seeing much of a glimmer of hope based on the development as the year as gone on. Healy is great when open. Clark does Clark things and Rizzuto will be very good...outside of that..
  19. Why would the school send out a release about it if he were transferring. That would only draw more heat on the program.
  20. 2019 Danes Part II

    College lax news: @UAlbanyMLax coach Scott Marr tells @LaxSportsNet @Tehoka1 is in the process of re-enrolling in school and will be with the team in January. Marr says Tehoka was away from the program in the fall for personal reasons. More tonight on #LacrosseNow
  21. is the game running behind? I logged in but no broadcast running yet.
  22. Interesting. He was originally the started at Montana...
  23. 2018-19

    Xavier Cochran transferring to Wayne State. Was he supposed to be back this year or was he already gone last year?