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  1. It's small, but they have a damn nice arena!
  2. That ledge was so NOT two stories. It was like 7 feet!
  3. I enjoy looking at this site, even some of the bickering. I don't post much, but I find the comments interesting and helpful. Since athletics are cancelled for who knows how long, I wonder if folks might want to keep conversations going in one form or another—as a replacement distraction. One idea could be to talk about random UAlbany memories. I remember the blizzard of 1993, which dumped about 27 inches on the city throughout one night. I was living on State quad, and we went out the next morning and played football in it, even though the snow was up to our knees and we were basically all moving in slow motion. Since most roads were dangerous to drive on for several days, we couldn't goto the bars, and so everyone just held parties in the suite rooms. Soon enough, we were going a bit stir crazy, and so we trudged our way to the Denny's on Western. The walk was long and cold and icy, but it felt like freedom to be out of the dorm and heading to some civilization. Not sure if it's there anymore, but you could always get unlimited coffee and a side of fries, and just sit there for 3 hours—for a grand total of about $3.50.
  4. Thanks, Click. Amazing that this is being debated while the smartest scientists in the world are calling urgently for a rapid response.
  5. This page offers a video tour and renderings: https://www.binghamton.edu/baseball-complex/. It looks insane, but I can't imagine it not being severely underused. And here's an article mocking the indulgence...
  6. Was just at Princeton stadium and saw they put up a bubble on their football field after the season ended. Not sure if this is more cost efficient, but maybe an option...
  7. Oof... They need someone to edit. A quick look at two pages shows they posted the same photo twice...on each page... https://ualbanysports.com/sports/2011/8/2/205237082.aspx https://ualbanysports.com/sports/2011/8/1/205235596.aspx
  8. I know this is off-topic, but maybe being a Jeopardy category tonight will bring us some luck against the Johnnies.
  9. fwiw: SBU had a reported 9,652 at LaValle Stadium for their opener against Bryant. They've been much better than us in recent years, but they shouldn't be drawing more than double.
  10. All true. A real merger with Albany Med or Albany Law sure would help...
  11. the methodology breaks down as: Outcomes (35%): graduation rates, social mobility, Faculty Resources (20%) Expert/Peer Opinion (20%) Financial Resources (10%) Student Excellence (10%) Alumni Giving (5%)
  12. I know this isn't sports related, but I got an early look at the US News 2020 rankings and was disappointed to see us now firmly miles and miles behind the other 3 SUNY university centers. The rankings are: • Binghamton: 79 • Buffalo… 79 • Stony Brook: 91 • Albany: 147 As much as I'd love us to concentrate more on lifting our sports program, I also wish the administration would look to bridge this other gap, which is more important to most applying for jobs. When i went to school, Albany was just behind Binghamton but well ahead of Buffalo and SB.
  13. This literally could not be lamer. the kicker: Food and giveaways... while they last! (aka: a dozen donuts and 17 Albany pencils)
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