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  1. Thanks--this is a really helpful insight. So you found the culture we have distinct enough to persuade one away from other top programs? What makes it unique? And is that mostly coming from Coach Marr, or is there something else the university is doing that others aren't?
  2. Our grads seem extremely pleased with their experience at Albany and the team dynamic, coaching staff, etc, but how do you think we'll continue to recruit top talent as major schools decide to develop their programs? We're already at a deficit in that a UA degree is not as impressive as a Hopkins or UVA or even Bucknell degree, and it seems like more and more high caliber schools are now aiming to build competitive lacrosse teams. So, even if we're becoming (or have become) the Gonzaga of lacrosse, how can we stay there and continue to sell ourselves to top recruits?
  3. Yeah, until we have the prospect of seeing a ranking like this in any other sport, I think we lead with our strength for now. Hopefully it'll generate belief in other areas.
  4. Yeah, I did hear them make the 70% prediction for Baptiste. Way off.
  5. What were they saying? Did it change once the Danes won? Damn, it would (will) be nice to beat Yale.
  6. UMBC

    Didn't know UMBC's mascot is a retriever. That is one friendly mascot.
  7. I would agree with this. Outside of the powerhouse programs, the majority of D1 schools have never held the number 1 ranking in any sport throughout their history. This is a big deal and I hope the program gets some well deserved national coverage. I saw these so far: https://www.foxsports.com/other/story/a-first-for-suny-2-no-1-teams-in-division-i-lacrosse-022618 http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/lacrosse-blog/bs-sp-albany-mens-lacrosse-crowned-as-new-no-1-story.html
  8. Drexel

    Yeah- makes sense. i'll still keep fingers crossed they give this one to us, since it'll be close. It'd mean more than it ever would to Maryland.
  9. Drexel

    It would be nice to see, but I don’t know how you take a 4-0 defending champion Maryland team that beat UA twice last year and not make them #1. We're No. 2 in the LAX power ranking and Md is 10. http://www.laxpower.com/update18/binmen/rpi01.php
  10. Drexel

    If we are(!) come Monday, does this make us the first SUNY to ever hold the #1 national rank in a sport? Interestingly, the SBU women's lacrosse team will also take over the #1 rank if they beat Denver tomorrow.
  11. One last silver lining question—if we get into the tourney, could a close-call road game like this help our seed? I'm never sure if they take overall performance into consideration, or simply go by the math.
  12. Yeah, i took a guess on the total. The point was that their student support was really sad. Seems like an insult to the players that they could only muster a handful of students on a sunny November afternoon when the dorms are a short walk away. If there was 5,000, it was 99.9% community.
  13. FWIW, I was at the SBU game. A few takeaways: • I think Albany has a much stronger student engagement. A 1:00pm Saturday game only seemed to draw about 100 students. The rest of the crowd of maybe 7.000 were local fans. • It's pretty damn nice to have a full stadium bowl with seating all around. • The new indoor football facility they're building is going to be really nice and will force us to do the same if we want to compete for recruits.
  14. Stuyvesant Plaza

    Little trivia: I was once watching a show where they were interviewing Rachel Ray and she said one of the first jobs that inspired her career was working at a culinary shop in Stuyvesant Plaza.
  15. These are great questions. With Nano gone, I'm not sure what else will take us into a national conversation or help us leap in the rankings. So Athletics plays a role beyond just community building. There is evidence that winning at a high level corresponds to increased applications and donations, so I hope the school will see the value. Or maybe one of our alums will just become a billionaire and start pouring money into the program