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  1. Never miss? Thats a pretty big ask.
  2. UMBC will get fouled on a drive, make 1 and we win!
  3. How is it a charge on our end on Miller but thats not a charge to clear space for the foul line jumper??!?
  4. Someone showed some fire! FINALLY! Healy gets knocked down and got up Hot yelling at a UMBC player. I have waited so long to see someone get angry!
  5. And then Clark throws the great play In the trash. Trash, like that last possession in regulation. So Frustrating
  6. Great hustle by Clark to get his own rebound. If they score on this possession that rebound might have saved this game
  7. Great possession. Ball moves around, drive a little, kick and get an open look for three. More of that!!
  8. Hopefully not. The possession or two before the shot clock violation they had great ball movement, got it inside, everyone touched it. More of that, less of the dribbling and just passing it around 5 feet from the 3 point line.
  9. Connelly played an average of 5.2 minutes as a freshman. He played an average of 21 or so as a sophomore. I didn't think he played that many as a sophomore and was mistaken there, but was almost certain he wasn't much of a contributor as a freshman. I would be interested to see transition points for this years team vs last years team. Some of you stat gurus can probably find this pretty quickly. I would be surprised if last years team wasn't far superior.
  10. Lauderdale is growing on me. Good energy, active and mixes it up a bit. I agree with playing Miller more too. If the young guys are not coming along how you want, then put in the older guys and maybe they can turn it around. Lulka reminds me of a Devlin or Brian Connelly type player. Brian Connelly is a perfect example for what a lot of these kids can hopefully become. It took Brian a year or two to work himself into the rotation but by his Junior and Senior year he was extremely important to the success of the team. Give Lulka some time and I think he will be ok. Same with Rizzutto. Best thing about freshman is that they become sophomores. Someone earlier mentioned that Clark has pretty much replaced Nichols spot and I disagree here. Nichols was bigger, stronger and faster. He drove and attacked the rim and could finish because he was a bigger body. He attacked in transition, sometimes to our displeasure, but his team ran and got out in transition much more with him running the show. Really surprised Flory had so much hype around him and hasn't done anything since coming back from injury. They seemed very excited to be able to add him to the line up and acted like he was going to give us some real punch on offense. I haven't seen it at all.
  11. Done. very little fight in the second half