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  1. Cremo nichols leave...

    Hope it was worth it for Cremo. His team is getting thumped and he can't get off the bench. Couldn't get the Danes to the tourney so he leaves, now gets there and can hardly get off the pine. Which is better and which is worse??
  2. Some guys are going to have to stay and ride pine or play minimally. There aren't enough minutes to go around for 13 people who can all contribute every game. We are adding two pieces in Freshman and we need a PG. Outside of that, we should be good at 8-9 deep. What do people think of Hanks? He starts every game, but plays like 11 minutes. Its strange
  3. Or was it and he just hadn't shown it
  4. I am actually really surprised at how bad the Danes look today. They haven't made a single adjustment, and they don't even look capable of making them.
  5. I agree here. He drives me nuts, but its a better to have him in there going towards the basket than watching three guys pass it around 5 feet outside of the three point line
  6. The way the Danes are playing on offense if they get down by more than 10 they are done, and 10 might be a stretch
  7. The shot clock violations are brutal. Get something going to the Rim. The turnovers are a killer too.
  8. I agree. Didn't think it was a big deal. Over the years Coach Brown has showed he is a very competitive guy. I am sure him giving an opposing senior a smile and a high five at the end of regulation doesn't mean he is ok with a blown lead and an eventual loss.
  9. Answers that then. I couldn't remember if they did or not. Then we go for the highest seed possible and hope someone below us pulls an upset.
  10. If we don't get the 4 seed, would it be better to drop to the 6 seed to possibly avoid Vermont for one more round if we are able to get the win on the road?
  11. I agree that we are closer to the top than the bottom. We have clearly, and thankfully, separated ourselves. I just wonder how close we are to the top. Not sure the UVM game will be as good an indicator as round 2 with SB, UMBC and UML will be.
  12. In game 1 Vermont did whatever they wanted and we just let them do it, with a smile on our faces and a shrug of our shoulders. I don't think we will win this time around but I hope we keep it close and show some fight and fire. Push back this time around and let them know what is coming for them the next 3 years!
  13. No "D" in JOE. Great performance by Healey tonight. Been turning in solid performance after solid performance all year.