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  1. Benson's Contract

    It wasn't much, didn't have the actual RFP, but had a contact to get the RFP document from. May have only been turf replacement. Don't remember. I look at the reporter everyday for work, but I don't get alerts for this type of stuff as it isn't what my company does. If I remember at work tomorrow I'll post. My login credentials are saved on my computer and I forget my password lol.
  2. Benson's Contract

    I looked at the Contract reporter. There is also a solicitation for upgrades at Fallon Field that was closed a month or so ago.
  3. Looking forward to 2019/2020

    So Boals is off the his Alma mater in the MAC and Ohio. Don't know what effects this will have on the SBU roster, but have to think that it will set them back a little.
  4. Benson's Contract

    Didn't say he deserved credit, just it would be an achievement under his watch.
  5. Benson's Contract

    And I'm betting Benson is aware of this thread and has it bookmarked 😂. Might be an efficient way to get a message to him.
  6. Benson's Contract

    Don't 100% agree. The complaints about Benson can all boil down to achievement and communication. The news of this RFP hitting the contract reporter goes a long way towards achievement. Communication is the next step.
  7. Benson's Contract

    I'm not advocating for a conference change anytime soon, but the facilities should be designed with those ambitions in mind. How easy would it be to renovate again to fit in the CAA, A10, or even the Big East. I don't see anything like that happening anytime soon, but this building and investment should have the year 2045 in mind. (did I just type that number? Wow)
  8. Benson's Contract

    I didn't mean 6500-7000 immediately, I meant choosing a design that can be easily expanded to that level, or even more. The school shouldn't just plan for today's needs or even the next 5-10. It should be built with foresight for 20-30. UA tends to be shortsighted and that would be a shame. The capital region has multiple venues that can hold 1000-5000 people with the armory, the palace, proctors, glens falls civic center, etc. We have the TUC for big events. There really isn't much at the mid-level.
  9. Benson's Contract

    Why? Here is crude microsoft paint drawing.... The Red shows where SEFCU could be expanded without losing any parking or even having to move the road. According to google earth, this expansion of the building would almost exactly double the potential square footage. The orange is an area that is either open ground now, or the university has been buying property in that could turn into additional parking spaces. There is plenty of room.
  10. Benson's Contract

    The consensus of the posters on this board seems to be 4500-5000 seating capacity would be the goal. I am going to disagree. I don't think we will fill much bigger anytime soon, but spending 8 figures on something that doesn't have room for growth is shortsighted IMO. It will be 25-30 years before something else gets built. I'd rather see something in the 6500-7000 range with all chairbacks, and the ability to cover a section if it will be too empty. Something like big UA sheets that cover the corner sections or something. The venue will be used for graduations, concerts, and all types of other events. Why go too small, as long as there is a way to hide empty sections.
  11. Benson's Contract

    It is a public RFQ that was due a few days ago, so someone could FOIL the responses and award.
  12. Benson's Contract

    There were others too. Might have been called @sses in the seats or something like that. The thread I was thinking of was the older one.
  13. Benson's Contract

    I saw photos of a preliminary design of a renovation if SEFCU Arena 2.5 years ago. They exist. I can't speak about any details, nor do I remember them anyway. I am sure they have been changed multiple times since then, but I do remember being surprised how many of the things incorporated were suggestions from one of the old butts in seats threads.
  14. Benson's Contract

    Well it would be nice if they did something sooner rather than later. I am a big believer in this core group of players. 5 Freshman who will become sophomores and 3 freshman (1 redshirt from this year plus 2 signees). How great would it be to have a renovation and upgrade completed for their senior year. I mean, UA will be a Buffaloesque top 25 team that year, coming off back to back dances, including a round of 32 trip the year before right? 19/20 - 2 Seed in AE tournament, 15 Seed in NCAA, exit in round of 64 20/21 - 1 Seed in AE tournament, 13 Seed in NCAA, exit in round of 32 21/22 - Top 25, New or Renovated arena, and a sweet 16 appearance. And then I woke up...
  15. Recruiting - 2019

    Right now we have no official scholarships available, but I'm sure at least 1 will open. The team started 5 freshman, so the guys on the team probably don't see a lot of time in the near future. Anyone know what happened to Nathan Fromm? He was a commit last year, then went back to JUCO for another year. I assumed he didn't graduate or something happened. I was excited for him from the videos online.