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  1. Recruiting - 2018

    Looks like they added French today, but they state that this is "rounding out the team"? Did they forget to post Starks, or is it possible he isn't with the team? Also no Fruscio, but that is potentially because he is a walk-on? Both are still listed on the roster on the ualbanysports page. French:
  2. Recruiting - 2018

    Here you go: Clark was one of the first done. I haven't seen Starks, Fruscio, or French yet. I think they are doing 1 per day. The women's team was done last week. Here are the intro's so far: Lulka: Clark: Rizzuto: Hank: Campbell: Healy: Lauderdale: de Sousa: Miller: Brooks: Flory:
  3. Recruiting - 2018

    I'm curious to see what Sasha French looks like. I can't seem to find any recent video of him. If 6'11" is true, we could have a solid big man lineup. Have we had someone that close to being a 7 footer since Zoellner? Big Rich, John Puk, and Brent Hank are all 6'10". Am I forgetting someone? Plenty of size on the team this season: SF: Campbell (6-6), de Sousa (6-6) PF: Lulka (6-8), Lauderdale (6-8) C: French (6-11), Hank (6-10) Brown can even throw some other big bodies out there as well. I don't know if we have seen this much size in the AE in a while. SG: Flory (6-5), Rizzuto (6-3) PG: Healy (6-3), Starks (6-2) (leaving Clark and Miller at 6-1, Fruscio at 5-10, and Brooks at 5-9) With the smaller guys, could probably run a small line up as well with 1. Brooks, 2. Clark, 3. Flory, 4. Campbell, 5. Lulka or something like that. Gotta temper those expectations lol.
  4. Recruiting - 2018

    No doubt they could be suspect, and that is an advertisement for a personal trainer, but the bigger thing is that he appears to be able to handle the ball well for a big man. This year is going to be a crapshoot, but I am really excited to see the team play. I know it's sad to admit this, but I actually had a dream about the team a few weeks ago. Cremo and Nichols had left because Will Brown had gone all "Blue Chips" bringing in ringers and they left to get playing time elsewhere. Funny to think Villanova and Florida State meant more playing time. LOL. But Brown went 10 deep, all 10 were on an all AE team in some capacity (1st, 2nd, third, defensive, or rookie) and the team made it to the final four. Obviously pipe dream, gotta keep expectations in check, and I'll be happy with a top 3 finish in the league. Being an obsessed fan is great. 🤣
  5. Recruiting - 2018

    Saw this on YouTube...
  6. 2018/2019 Schedule

    This year's game isn't happening. Time to move on. $iena only cared about the $ and didn't care about the community. I already showed how the best solution for the community was home and home. Their AD wanted to save his job by not appearing to give in to the crosstown team. He stared UA down and ended up losing a money maker for his school. Good riddance. No reason to discuss that low-major program any longer. Let's move on to the games and team we have.
  7. 2018-19

    With the team being mostly new this year they are working on introducing everyone... https://twitter.com/UAlbanySports/status/1028989715930742786?s=19
  8. 2018/2019 Schedule

    I'm fine with 2 games a year with home and home, that works mostly great. It ends the "Albany Cup" though. What if there is a split? Do we really want to play them twice and have twice the affect on RPI and SOS playing that junk? Does twice a year reduce the hype?
  9. 2018/2019 Schedule

    My message above really should be what Benson shares with the media. In years that Siena gets the game they gain 4k in attendance In years that UA gets the game they gain 2k in attendance. Over a 2 year period that's only an average of 1000 extra tickets sold per year with it downtown both times vs. home and home at the expense of the uptown economy, future growth of UA athletics, it's sponsors, and fairness in basketball. The community solution is actually home and home, not pandering to the LCC community. Want to win the media war? Go on offense.
  10. 2018/2019 Schedule

    UAlbany alumni mostly leave the capital district when they graduate and travel the world. Most came from downstate and head back there when they are done. LCC historically has had more local kids and a large majority of those stayed in the area. With the cost of Siena, those kids were also from more "well-off" or "advantaged" families. Because of these factors, this area has a much higher percentage of alumni in leadership positions in the local business community being $iena alum. These are the donors and long time fans. These are the people that want the game downtown to add value to their advertising dollars spent in the TUC. They don't care about fairness from a basketball perspective. The game at TUC every year is better for the city and downtown. It is not at all better for uptown, UA, or their interests. The question then comes to where your loyalty lies, and what is actually better for everyone: the game, LCC, or the community. A. Do you want an event that brings 10k people downtown once a year, every year (4-5k more than when Siena brings a different low-mid major opponent in) adding value to the downtown businesses along with the $iena donors and sponsors. or B. Do you want to do that every other year, and during the other year bring an extra 2000 people to the SUNY campus (over bringing in a different low/mid major opponent) helping uptown business and adding value to the UAlbany sponsors and donors. or C. End the series In my mind, choice B is actually the best for the "community". It really only adds 2000 extra people to the paid attendance with choice A., while ignoring uptown businesses and the UA sponsor companies. The game at SEFCU also advertises the football and LAX programs and could entice LCC corporate sponsors to invest in advertising at Casey Stadium and SEFCU, improving the value of those events for the community. It also fixes the equity problem for the actual basketball teams. Choice C., is obviously the worst option for the "community" but if it forces the move to choice B then it is a great short term solution for the long term best overall "community" solution. As far as the "public relations" war, I don't see it. The only public relations war I see losing is potentially in the Times Useless, but remember where that paper wants the game to be played. (Hint: it's in the arena that has their name on it)
  11. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Instead of scheduling D3 Oneonta every year, why not schedule a local lower level team if there has to be a down game? Plenty of closer teams to schedule that could sell tickets. St. Rose. RPI. Union. Skidmore. Hell, give HVCC a game. Any of those would sell more tickets than Oneonta if we have to have a non-D1 opponent.
  12. 2018/2019 Schedule

    That's why is said #SEFCU19
  13. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Siena loses a bunch of money by losing this game. Their sponsors want it at the TUC so they get more exposure for their dollar. Siena gains a schedule spot to try and get a team they can beat UA loses an easy win. UA gains the opportunity to raise it's SOS, and the respect of its fan base. Too bad we didn't take advantage and gain a better opponent on the schedule. #SEFCU19 or please another year with no series. LCC will be begging for it to return within a few seasons.
  14. 2018/2019 Schedule

    5 home, 7 away, 2 neutral (in Ireland) (I don't count Oneonta - I get why we play it, but it shouldn't count as a home game) Biggest complaint is Oneonta being the season opener. It is nice to start the year with a big crowd. I skip the Oneonta game each year, opting to give those tickets away to friends (I'm trying to do my part to sell more season tickets and I like to let people watch the game from my seats). I would be surprised if there are 2000 people at that game. As far as the no P5 games, and what looks like a weak SOS - Providence will be a good test, and frankly with the team being so new and young and inexperienced, an easier schedule is a good thing.
  15. 2018/2019 Schedule

    I applaud the Athletic Department making the stand. This is just awesome that we finally put our big boy pants on and walked away. LCC won't find a team that will draw as well as we do every other year if it was a home and home. I heard from someone in the athletic department that we did propose 2 games every year, but apparently that was turned down. I will miss the atmosphere of the game, but without the game at SEFCU every other year (including this season) it is not at all worth it. Good riddance.