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  1. As a lawyer, and constitutional history buff, but typing in a forum with simplistic readers, we can believe whatever we like.
  2. Just for clarity, that is how this country was designed. It is not "becoming" that way. We have 50 independent states, joined together to regulate commerce between the states, and to plan for the common defense. This is why each state has a governor and legislature. It's why the electoral college exists.
  3. Until UA makes the round of 32 this year, and the sweet 16 next year. He will want to be a part of that! (Then I woke up)
  4. Early 20-21 season projections are updated on the Bart Torvik site. His projections aren't that high on UA. That said, he still has Malachai on the team and hasn't added NJIT to the league yet. https://www.barttorvik.com/?conlimit=AE&state=All&year=2021&sort=
  5. So 3 guys that are traditional "big" sizes at 6'8" or higher. It doesn't really matter much in the AE, but the non conference and any potential post season could be tough against bigger teams. If healthy, all 3 should get significant time. I am hoping Hank can add a little offensively this season. He has the body. Lulka showed a lot before his injuries, and Doles showed promise in the CAA. I'm already excited for this season, but need to keep expectations low. On paper they have the talent to be the top team in a "Lambless" AE, but with most of the team retooled again it's probably anyone's guess.
  6. My e-mail has been wonky, and communication from the school isn't always great. Can we use this thread to discuss if there will be a 2020 season, and deadlines for season tickets etc.? I haven't renewed mine yet - mostly because I do not know if there will be a season. I will buy them if the season is going to happen. I just dont want to miss a deadline and lose my seats.
  7. Apparently not true.... https://twitter.com/ASUNCommish/status/1271120470742630403?s=20
  8. Definitely fills the teams biggest need with size. Looks like he only played 5 games last year. I am guessing he was injured? Started 10 games as a freshman, and came off the bench as a sophomore. Only averaged about 11 minutes per game throughout his career. "Per 40 minutes" and "per 100 Poss" stats actually look pretty good. Probably won't be a star as the CAA isn't that much of an upgraded league, but I have to imagine he would be a huge help to the team if he is healthy considering the current roster construction. UA is probably pretty attractive to him considering there is nothing to stop him from getting lots of playing time except himself.
  9. "Hey Ref Fix your facemask, your missing a great game" "Hey Ref: Go back to quarantine!" That wasn't a foul, he was perfectly social distanced! I am sure you all can come up with some much better ones than me!
  10. Anyone have any updates on the last ship? A couple interesting offers out there.... DeMarcus Morris, 6'8" PF and Christian Hinckson, 6'7" SF are the two most likely targets on verbal commits, but it seems that VC doesn't seem to have as up to date info this season. Grad transfer Taurean Thompson might be my top target based on who is publicly immediately eligible in the transfer portal, but some other interesting names are: Kodye Pugh, Gorjok Gak, and Jeriah Horne. All of those guys would probably go higher, but any of them could make an impact in the AE.
  11. Benjamin Griscti - 6'11" - Stretch 4 that shoots 3's? Amarri Tice - 6'5" wing from Newburgh. Both are their first offers.
  12. If she is transferring down, does it mean she didn't see playing time?
  13. I haven't renewed my season tickets yet out of fear it would be cancelled and I wouldn't see a refund. That said, if games were happening and fans could go, I would renew and go. I'm not as afraid of the virus as others, and they wouldn't open for fans if it wasn't at least partially safe. I would distance, and would wear a mask if it was recommend, (it gets cold in the stadium anyway) but that is to keep others safe more than me. As far as keeping politics off the board, I agree wholeheartedly, but there are times when politics intermingle with sports and the conversation is very relevant. Just have to keep it to how the politics affects the teams and the university, and not this politician sucks and that one correct.
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