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  1. Your expectations are good, the only reason they are low is because the schedule the team plays this year appears to be very easy. We all know that schedule rankings can be wildly off, but at first glance, 19-20 wins should be the benchmark at the minimum.
  2. Looking forward to hearing about how the "secret" scrimmage went today....
  3. No Doherty? I thought he looked good in the purple and gold scrimmage.
  4. So if we want to get a beer during the game or at halftime, we have to leave the stadium and then enter from that entrance?
  5. Game 1: MBB vs. Lehigh 11/09 7PM

    Is the game on the 7th or the 9th?
  6. Who really cares? Love it. Just make it bulletin board material. The team is better than #4, but after last season, they just have to prove it on the court. Last season the team was picked 4 and ended at 6. This year picked at 4 and will end at 2. It will average at 4
  7. For the record, I wasn't suggesting that he SHOULD win COY, I just found it funny that it could actually happen. Take a team that was expected to finish the season at 2-10 and then have them finish near the top of the CAA at 7-5 or 8-4 and that can many times turn into awards. My comment was tongue in cheek humor based on how low the opinions are of him of many on this board. As far as moving on to a bigger program, I doubt that happens even if the team finishes at 9-3, although it would make many on this board happy, and would be the best case scenario for UA as it wouldn't have to buy him out of his contract.
  8. Here is a fun one... Team was picked last in the CAA to start the season. Let's say the team goes 3-2 over the last 5 games to finish the season at 7-5, with a 5-3 mark in the CAA. Does that get GG CAA coach of the year? Never thought I would read anyone suggest that on this board this season, much less me. Lol.
  9. Winning cures all. Several people who have been outspoken critics of the staff have even made positive remarks lately giving "credit where credit is due." With the big win this week, and the team getting some votes in the FCS poll this week, I thought it might be time to revisit this thread. The team now has 4 wins on the season, and really should have 6 at this point if not for some troubles kicking and a few things not working out. With 5 games to go, where do you think we need to finish now for the "off with his head" attitude to subside until next season?
  10. Purple and Gold Game - 10/12 @12:30pm

    I remember at last years game walking out feeling good about the offense, but wondering if it was good offense or a lack of defense. Based on the metrics at the end of the year, it looks like a bit of both was the case. For some reason I didn't quite feel as excited with the offense during this game, but I liked a lot of what I saw defensively. That could bode very well.
  11. Purple and Gold Game - 10/12 @12:30pm

    Schafer played a little. Lauderdale didn't see much of the floor in the second half. Probably still recovering. It was nice seeing Fruscio get 4 or 5 minutes. Not hard to see why Rizzuto has been hurt. Kid was diving everywhere and very involved. Rian definitely impressed. Hit a few threes and made some extremely impressive passes. I was surprised we didn't see Hansen playing more inside. He took a bunch of threes, and not sure I saw him post up once. He was impressive though. Clark and Healy both played well.
  12. Purple and Gold Game - 10/12 @12:30pm

  13. Damn, I will be in LA for business that week and will miss it as well. Hopefully someone will be able to broadcast it on periscope or something? I would love to watch.
  14. Recruiting - 2020

    At this level you have to go after the best possible athletes regardless of position. We never know who is going to transfer, who is going to get hurt, who is going to graduate early and leave....
  15. Realized that after it was posted. It was shared one Twitter yesterday. Assumed it was new. Silly me.