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  1. It is already a bleak house.... BU: 2579 Oneonta: 1659 Holy Cross: 1614 Monmouth: 1902 Dartmouth: 1740 Average Home Attendance by Season: 18-19 through 5: 1899 17-18: 2474 16-17: 2654 15-16: 3161 14-15: 3390 13-14: 2656 12-13: 2904 11-12: 2480 10-11: 2163 09-10: 2646 08-09: 2826 07-08: 3031 06-07: 3175 05-06: 2541 04-05: 2040 03-04: 1193 02-03: 1803 01-02: 1516 00-01: 2251 On pace to average below 2000 per game for the first time since the 2003-2004 season, and it looks like they have a shot to move into 3rd worst attendance attendance in the D1 era. Mark Benson and the Athletic Department have taken a lot of heat on this board because of the stuff going on in Casey Stadium and the football team, but this is really, really sad so far this season. I know it has been brought up a bunch of times on the board that the increased prices for tickets and parking are really hurting the attendance, but I am still have a hard time believe that is making that much of a difference. $10 bucks is keeping people away? I know they had a promotion for $3 tickets for this game. Going cheap didn't seem to help. FYI: Benson was hired before the start of the 14-15 season....
  2. Wins in 2018-19

    I'm still thinking 25 total wins... 2 more in OOC, 19-0 in conference including playoffs and a 1st round tourney win... Gotta stay positive
  3. Ahmad Clark

    I was referencing the not getting off the bench in high school part but working hard when unsaid inspirational BTW.
  4. Lots of good stuff happening within all of the bad. I'm no where close to giving up on the team, but eventually the losing has to grind on the team as much as the fans. I wasn't there as my kids had basketball games this afternoon, but I watched the first half and parts of the second on my phone. What I saw wasn't that bad, just shots didn't fall for either team on one side of the court. That rim needs to be checked lol. I'll defer any analysis to those who actually watched the game closely, but from what I saw it appeared to be a case of shots just not falling. Near the beginning of this thread I said what I thought they needed, and nothing today has changed that opinion. Continue to improve and be healthy by conference season. I can definitely see this being one of those teams that can get hot at the right time down the stretch of the season and beat anyone, but also score only 16 points in a half and lose to anyone. Too much reliance on the 3 will do that. (I am aware they scored 18, but I don't count that last layup by Clark with no defense) A play in game after winning the conference tournament as the 5 seed will be OK by me this season
  5. Ahmad Clark

    While the team had not been winning so far this season, Clark is playing like a first teamer. I was showing my 9 year old some basketball videos on YouTube today and I came across one on Clark I hadn't seen before. It's a great watch and pretty inspirational for anyone with kids that are trying to learn the game. It's probably been shared here before, but either way, it's worth a watch:
  6. New Starting Five?

    Guess it just feels like more than usual.
  7. New Starting Five?

    I was talking about opponents blocking our shots, not our blocks.
  8. New Starting Five?

    On a slightly different note, I don't remember ever seeing so many shots being blocked by our opponents as I have this season. Am I imagining things? Are we just playing some better Big's so far? Is the shot selection just worse?
  9. New Starting Five?

    I think part of the problem is also that Will Brown seems to have extremely high standards for earning playing time. Once you earn it, he sometimes seems to be loyal to a fault. There are some years that he seems to only go 7 deep. While Campbell has earned a long leash with his hard work and talent, the team desperately needs some more people on the team to step up their work and earn his trust and more time. They are all young so I assume it will come in time. From the stands and from what has been written about the new players, it appears that this team has the talent to go 12-13 deep. I don't see him going that far, but he realistically could go 9-10 deep allowing everyone to play a little less but with more effort and speed when they do play. Someone else earning more time would allow Campbell to play 20-25 minutes instead of 30+. On a similar note: Has Jerotic played any minutes yet this year? Is he redshirting?
  10. New Starting Five?

    Much better stated Click. Devonte has always been one of my favorites on the team. 2 years ago he was the most athletic guy on the team, and he had a few beautiful Alley Oop dunks that season. He is a hard worker, a great leader, and someone who just seems like a great guy to be around. If he doesn't go on to play internationally, it would not surprise me in the slightest if he became a great coach. That said, his shooting troubles so far this season, and for most of last season, have definitely made it significantly harder for the team to win. Opposing defenses haven't given his shot much respect and have been able to lay off. removing lanes and jamming the offense. If he is on the floor and open, I want him taking shots right now. Including outside shots. Make them or miss them, he needs the opposition to know that he will shoot them if open. No one wants to be that guy that let a low percentage shooter drain a 3 in front of them. If I was the coach, I would probably play him around 25 minutes again, split between the 3 and the 4. If he is hot, time can go up, if cold, lower it a little. As I said before, seems like a great kid and I am glad he is in purple and gold.
  11. I didn't watch live as I was at my sons winter concert, but I was actually able to avoid looking at the score at all and watched the replay. Defense actually looked better. Yale is very good. They are one of the top scoring teams in the county and only allowed 71. Still need to work on a lot, but this part of the game didn't bother me as much. Game was actually way worse than 8 points. Rizzuto hit 2 three pointers in the last minute to bring it closer after Yale had emptied its bench I do not think Yale was that much better than us. More athletic and experienced yes, but I do not think they are more talented. Clark got into foul trouble early and only played 9 minutes in the first half. He then got his 4th with like 9 minutes left in the second half, if I remember correctly. 2 of them were ticky tack fouls. The Yale announcer on ESPN+ actually laughed about one of them. Team needs a few things and I think they will be fine: Miller or Brooks to step up and become a reliable back-up point guard. Get in coaches face and prove they deserve the time. Rizzuto to catch up to the rest of the team to take some of Healey's time at the two (allowing Healy to play some PG as well) or as a third guard when going small Flory to get into real game shape by the middle of January to reduce Campbell's time at the 3 and enable him to play more 4. I still think deSousa is the most athletic guy on the team and will be a star, he just isnt ready for D1 yet. He will be next year or the year after. One or two of the bigs to step up and learn how to be mean. If one of them could become a junk yard dog and throw their body around I think it would help the team immensely and be a way one of them can differentiate themselves and get more playing time.
  12. If you ever see Roger around, ask him why none of the interviews are posted anywhere this year. The last few years they were all on YouTube. There are several tweets to him and 1045 in the twitterverse from a few people, but the conveniently ignore them all. Some of us aren't able to listen during the day.
  13. Me too. Having nothing to do with the backstory of Peter Hooley: Just the 2-6 start to the year with a team of mostly new players after a tournament appearance, then the team gels and runs to 15-1 in league. A championship game at home against the team that handed UA its only loss (also at home) then being behind the entire game, followed by a slow comeback. A packed arena full with people who thought they lost the game with a corner full of the opposing fans going nuts after a drive to the hoop is too strong and misses, only to have Warney tip the ball out to a 3-point shooter who drains it - for the win - making the crowd go crazy while that opposing corner goes completely silent and doesn't move from shock for at least 10 minutes? Yup, not sure that moment could possibly be topped. If it could, I sure hope I am there.
  14. I was in my old seats on the other side of the arena during that pic instead of in 200. Your shaky video always makes me smile though
  15. The interim president James Heller sat in the same spot a bunch if times. He was a good dude.