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  1. Me too. Having nothing to do with the backstory of Peter Hooley: Just the 2-6 start to the year with a team of mostly new players after a tournament appearance, then the team gels and runs to 15-1 in league. A championship game at home against the team that handed UA its only loss (also at home) then being behind the entire game, followed by a slow comeback. A packed arena full with people who thought they lost the game with a corner full of the opposing fans going nuts after a drive to the hoop is too strong and misses, only to have Warney tip the ball out to a 3-point shooter who drains it - for the win - making the crowd go crazy while that opposing corner goes completely silent and doesn't move from shock for at least 10 minutes? Yup, not sure that moment could possibly be topped. If it could, I sure hope I am there.
  2. I was in my old seats on the other side of the arena during that pic instead of in 200. Your shaky video always makes me smile though
  3. The interim president James Heller sat in the same spot a bunch if times. He was a good dude.
  4. Going to get even more crowded when 6'5" Flory comes back as well. Depending on how long it takes him to get into game shape, maybe he redshirts?
  5. Felt like more than 1900, but it's been a while since we have seen the place packed. Losing combined with Cremo and Stire gone, for local support, equals attendance down. Start winning some games and they will come.
  6. I thought French played fairly well, but we didn't see him at all in the second half. I'm not sure if Lauderdale got in the game at all (not counting the last minute). Anyone have any info on them?
  7. Cremo nichols leave...

    Thanks for sharing. Interesting article. While it sucks we lost those 2 stars, I still like the rule as it is written. D1 college athletics are really only about 2 things: 1. Education for the players. It might be athletic education to play at the next level, or it might be traditional education to get a good job after school. 2. Marketing for the university. Exposure increasing the value of a degree along with school spirit for students and alumni. That's it. The scholarships are business agreements/contracts though, and there needs to be some teeth. The current rules have that. Get a degree at the institution you are at, then transfer without penalty (same as with JUCO). Want to break your scholarship contract without a degree? You are forced to sit a year. Want to play as a walk-on and not accept scholarship money? Then be able to transfer without penalty. You have no contract. It just makes sense for all involved.
  8. 2018-19

    Is marijuana still considered a drug? Is it something that anyone, anywhere, is prosecuting any stronger than if he had some beer in his car and admitted to drinking some a few days earlier (not intoxicated while driving of course)
  9. Healy: ROW

    I posted this on the AE board, but here are your current candidates for ROY and All-Rookie Team: Sessoms - Bing - 17.9 ppg, 45% FG, 24% 3P, 4.4 Rpg, 3.5 Apg, 1.1 Stl, Healy - UA - 17.9ppg, 44% FG, 43% 3P, 3.4 Rpg, 2.8 Apg, .8 Stl Moll - UVM - 9.1 ppg, 42% FG, 24% 3P, 4Rpg, .5 Apg, .1 Stl Rivera - UML - 14.3 ppg, 57% FG, 47% 3P, 3.9 Rpg, 1.7 Apg, .6 Stl Lulka - UA - 9.1 ppg, 49% FG, 31% 3p, 7.6 Rpg, 1.1 Apg, .1 Stl Latimer - SBU - 10.4ppg, 37% FG, 41% 3P, 4 Rpg, .9 Apg, .9 Stl Martinez - UNH - 9.1ppg, 51% FG, 39% #p, 5.9 Rpg, 1.0 Apg, .6 Stl Guadarrama - UNH - 9.0 PPG - 42% FG, 31% 3P, 5 Rpg, 1 Apg, 1.2 Stl, .8 Bpg
  10. As I posted earlier in the thread, in 14-15 the team started 2-6 as well. Then went 15-1 in league, and ended with the SBU dagger. "And Warney tips the rebound out to Hooley. Here's Hooley for the win...."
  11. Where is this streaming? CBS app doesn't seem to have it for me. Sounds like Dartmouth is lighting it up on the radio.
  12. I am going to keep reminding everyone of this.... The most successful UA Basketball season ever, in my opinion, was 14-15 when the team went 15-1 in league, just barely losing to to SBU at home for the only conference loss (Sanders had good look for the tie at the buzzer). This was the Peter Hooley shot year. The team started 2-6 that season. Losing to Quinnipiac, St. Francis, and Holy Cross... Sometimes when you are integrating new players, much less an entire team, it just takes time to meld. I have seen some great things from this team. The question now is if Will Brown has it in him to bring them together and teach them to win as a team.
  13. If you are talking about the CBS app, I think you need to sign in with your cable subscription. I've watched a few games on that platform and never paid anything.
  14. Game should also be streaming on the CBS sports app.. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/albany-vs-liu-brooklyn-odds-line-start-time-belfast-classic-picks-predictions-from-model-on-6-1-roll/ via http://cbssportsapp.com
  15. No, it costs you $0.50/game plus the added enjoyment of being their live. You lose that by not going. That has value. The question then becomes, how much do you value 2-3 hours of enjoyment. I still find it a value. No I'm not paying for parking because I have a SEFCU pass, but it's worth it to me. I have 4 season tickets, and many games I used only 2 of them. I try to give some away to come games and people won't take them. To me the wasted seats just get averaged into my costs. How much do you value your enjoyment?
  16. Interesting (to me) that Canisius played Albany, then Florida State, then today I'm watching them play Villanova. They just cant escape losing to the purplefam.
  17. Yes, I've been vocal on this board about Albanys sports snobbery, and the Knicks at TUC, but it has gotten bad lately. Didnt we average 3500 just a few seasons 2ago? SEFCU Arena, even with its desperate need of an upgrade, is still a really loud, fun environment when there are 3500+ there.
  18. I know the students were all out of town, but I honestly can't remember SEFCU being as quiet as it was last night. Is attendance going to be that terrible all season?
  19. Not sure why, but the Oneonta site says that their game against UA was part of the Belfast Classic as well. https://oneontaathletics.com/schedule.aspx?schedule=542
  20. I gotta give a shot out to Campbell to BTW. I have never been as down on him as many on this board have been, but he was very good tonight. Some solid hustle plays and 2 huge 3s down the stretch. After these last few games, it looks like he may have turned a corner. I don't think teams can automatically sag off him at this moment: which will be huge for the team come conference play.
  21. My biggest take away from this game is that Ahmad Clark might be the streakiest shooter I have ever seen. I almost want to see him take a few quick shots early, and if the go in: give him the green light. If they look as bad as they did tonight, either put him on the bench or just order him to not shoot. I love watching Brooks play, but there was a lot of times I found myself thinking: "Dude, this isn't JUCO. You might be able to make that pass at that level, but with the size and length of solid D1 players, those just won't cut it." Healy is still very turnover prone, but he shows flashes of greatness. While he is good now, I am betting he will be a stud with some more experience. Our bigs need to spend a month in McDonalds eating McRib sandwiches to put on weight, then do nothing but battle with Greg Stire under the rim to toughen up. Someone mentioned that he was on the bench in a suit for Oneonta. I didn't notice him tonight, but since he is officially done with amateur athletics, maybe the team can hire him to be a special advisor or something.
  22. I'm torn. I want to watch the replay of the game to see these refs are as terrible as they seem live, but I'm not sure I can stomach watching this again.
  23. Some in the crowd were yelling for Fruscio to get in the game starting around the 9 minute mark in the second half when the team was up more than 20. But every time his name was yelled Oneonta would go on a mini run. It was almost like they were afraid of the having to face the Karate Kid.
  24. Good thing they have a game tomorrow. This effort would have meant lots of running tomorrow...
  25. May not be that bad, but it was painful to watch.