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  1. It's still just a rumor, but created a pretty long discussion in the group.
  2. It is. It's a pic of him on instagram with the line "going pro" that was shared in a facebook college lax group.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/336566863045285/permalink/1916278861740736/
  4. I just read Tahoke is leaving for the pros on facebook? Joke?
  5. My selfban hasnt started yet lol. There is no apathy. I care deeply for the program, and I dont want to give up. I just dont feel qualified to comment on if a coach should be fired. Typing stuff on social media is pretty much out there forever. While its anonymous, it's not hard to figure out who is who. I'll root for the team, but I'll leave my negativity to the conversations at the bar instead of a public forum.
  6. I'm planning on bowing out of the conversation in the football forum altogether. Going with the "if you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all" bit. I've probably shared too much as it is. I wish the team luck for the rest of the season. I'll still go to the games I can make it to, but I won't plan my weekends around it. I normally try to give my tix away to people who have never attended a game during weeks I cant make it. My intention was always to help create new fans with my good seats to help improve attendance in the future. Not so sure that's a strategy I want to employ this year. Might end up scaring people away. Hopefully the team turns a corner.
  7. 2018-19

    I was most impressed with the improvement and movement of Brent Hank. He just seemed so much more comfortable. Healy might be my pick for AEROY. DeSousa has some major ups. He had a few powerful dunks in the practice period. Brooks impressed me for a little guy. I didn't notice Miller much until the scrimmage period. He will end up a leader on the team. Campbell looked good defensively, and while he hit a few 3s and a few mid range jumpers, his shot looked the same. It seemed to be all in his release. The team is as advertised. Lots of talent, but still raw and Will have growing pains. I expect Brown to have them going strong by the second half of the conference schedule.
  8. If players read the board, this board probably hasnt helped him keep the team.
  9. Honestly, both answers point to the coaching staff. The first is a recruiting problem, the second is a strategy and management problem.
  10. In the last season and a half, UA has 6 losses decided by 1 score or less. Total of 24 points in these losses. To me, losing all these close games means 1 of 2 things: 1. The team has an incredible coaching staff, but no talent, and although they keep the games close they just can't get over the hump 2. The coaching staff sucks and can't figure out how to utilize the talent and end up losing all the close games. I'll let the peanut gallery decide which is the correct answer.
  11. 2018-19

    Looks like the practice on Sunday will also be the purple and gold game, according to the email I just received...
  12. Moore and Maloney are big big guys. Wow.
  13. 2018-19

    If I decide to drag myself to the game tomorrow. I'm torn. It's the real men wear pink game, and my wife is a survivor, so I am planning on going with the family, but the weather looks cold and the product on the field does nothing to warm the heart. I may just give my seats away (if I can find someone to take them).
  14. 2018-19

    Nice. Some press and articles coming out finally. There is a chill in the air, the balls are bouncing, and open practice is on Sunday. It's hard not to smile.
  15. 2018-19

    Definitely stings, I was looking forward to "do more". May not be the worst thing, especially if he can get a red shirt. Will open up some more PT at the guard slot which seems like a packed house already. (Based solely on reports of talent obviously, as we haven't seen anyone play yet)
  16. 2018-19

    I made a rather insensitive comment on the AE board about not caring about any sports other than Basketball, LAX, and football because those are the ones that will gain national attention and increase the value of a UA degree, but I agree with Oldtimer, please dont call us a football school. Unless we are fully committed to becoming a FBS power, instead of being a FCS loser, we cant be a football school. Put money and resources into the programs that can and do win.
  17. Recruiting - 2019

    Interesting take.... https://www.foxsports.com.au/basketball/top-5-australian-freshmen-entering-the-201819-college-basketball-season/news-story/346b1e510bb33d195aceeb50a59bc5e5
  18. 2018-19

    Football School? God I hope that isn't the direction they want to go. I'm a season ticket holder, and I follow the team, but if they cut the football program altogether tomorrow I wouldn't be even slightly disappointed. Basketball is the path to building a national name. We are at least a decade from becoming even a fledgling FBS program in football. If the school doesn't plan on going hard at upgrading to FBS, then I am not sure we can be a football school. No one cares about FCS. Basketball has at the worst a 1:9 chance of making March Madness every year - probably more like 1:3 since more than half the league sucks. This is where the name will be made. (I am thinking the odds are: UVM 1:3, UA 1:3, Other 7 Schools combined 1:3). We have 0% chance of making the FCS playoffs much less a bowl game in the next 5 years. Mid-Majors have a few Cinderellas every season. Bring on the hoops!
  19. 2018-19

    He was supposed to be a junior this year, but announced he was transferring at the same time that Conway did. I assume he either didn't see any playing time coming (which I do not think that anyone knew about Nichols and Cremo at that time) , he just didn't like it in Albany, or maybe there are other family circumstances. I am not sure if there was anything public said about why he left. Wayne State is a D2 school, so I am assuming he will get lots of playing time there. Wayne State is in Detroit, and Xavier is from Ann Arbor, so this is pretty much him going home. This could be a big part of the reason.
  20. 2018-19

    For clarity the meet and greet was mentioned in the newsletter as well. It is the Sunday after the open practice. I asked about the purple and gold scrimmage when I wrote to get info on the open practice and it didn't seem like that was cancelled. Just the plans are not determined at the moment. A member of the athletic department staff told me they were doing a different kind of event this year that would have fan involvement. Not sure if that is the meet and greet or the practice, but we will see.
  21. Cant agree with that completely. We have 5 years left. Might as well have a chance at success for the next few years. My comment above that I change to never mind, had to do with recruiting. They really need to find an up and coming "money ball" type analytics expert to add to the recruiting staff. Someone that can play with the scholarship numbers and better determine the split of full vs. partial scholarships to help the roster. I wont say anything bad about the players as the team has talent, but to win in FCS you have have the right roster mix. This team has no depth and the injuries completely killed the team.
  22. Open basketball practice for season ticket holders next Sunday. I'm already over this season. This is gonna be like the end of last year... when I couldn't even give away front row seats near the 50 yard line when I couldn't make it to a game.
  23. Recruiting - 2019

    My comment wasn't negative, I want the other AE teams going after talent. Was just curious about him.
  24. Recruiting - 2019

    He has an A10 offer with UMass, but his only other offers are from teams we should beat on the recruiting trail. NJIT, Bing, Hartford, UML. Anyone know anything about him?