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  1. Rider is predicted to be one of the worst teams in the MAAC this year, so he should be able to get a lot of playing time once he is eligible. Sitting out the COVID year may not be a bad thing anyway.

    Personally, I think that his skillset just wasn't a match for Will Browns style. If given the chance to play big minutes in a faster paced environment he could excel and put up big numbers. He has the athleticism and skills to do that.  

  2. 29 minutes ago, madDOG said:

    Anyone who thinks the statement 'black lives matter' is racist, or is intended to make white people feel sorry for being white, has a fundamental misunderstanding of what the movement is about. Please, let me try to help you understand....

    Right now, when you hear "black lives matter' you're interpreting it as "black lives matter more than white/blue/latino/asian lives", which is incorrect. That is *not* what the movement is about, but unfortunately many have been lead to believe this by people who want to delegitimize the movement.

    The correct way to interpret is: "black lives matter too". If you understand this, then there is no reason to respond with "all lives matter" because BLM is inherently about all lives (black/white/latino, etc) mattering. It is meant to reinforce that black lives matter as much as all other lives, and their issues should be taken as seriously as all others.

    Hope this helps.

    Probably a more eloquent way of saying the same thing I did. Thank you.  

  3. 2 hours ago, UA1882 said:

    "Black lives Matter" - Is a racist 100 percent statement. 

    They advocate for something that makes up a micro fraction of the issues. They ignore the thousands of black people (some children) killed in several cities. Is there racism this country....absolutley.  But dont scream that the "police are the issue". Look in the mirror first. 

    Change the name to "All Black lives matter." And I will get behind that.  As long as they protest the dozens of black people killed in Chicago every week as well.  

    There is freedom of speech in this country and I respect that. However please don't have an issue with people saying "BLUE LIVES MATTER" as well. 

    • Blue lives do matter.
    • White lives do matter
    • All lives do matter

    Please remember, just because we raise awareness for breast cancer in October, it doesn't mean we are saying that prostate cancer isn't also an issue. Just because someone says save the whales it doesn't mean Bing all the other fish in the sea. We should all support BLM. 

    The issues of race or so multifaceted that you can't argue about black on black crime or someone will remind you that crime is local and the racist policies of the 40s-70s literally forced people to move to certain neighborhoods. Literally stole property value and equity. Crime is based on life situation and locality - most crimes occur within 2 miles of someones home. Why aren't people talking about white on white crime? (hint: that's the majority of crime in the US)

    BLM is an important movement that needs to be heard by people across the country. Have bad things been done in its name? Yup!

    Are their bad cops that ruin the reputation of the good cops? Yup! Are their good cops? Yup!

    Should we shut up and try to listen to a people that have been marginalized for centuries? Yup!

    Carry on. I'll try to keep politics out of future political comments. 

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  4. Agreed blorp...

    Do I want the players on the court holding pro Biden or Pro Trump signs? Nope. That would be upsetting. 

    Will it bother me if they take a knee during the Anthem, not a bit. Kneeling is a sign of respect, but showing that something is wrong. Like when a kid gets hurt in a little league game we have all the other kids take a knee. This is by far the most patriotic way to display their concern with the direction of the country, and to pay respect to the lives lost in the name of equality. 

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  5. OMFG seriously? A change.org petition about the shape of the ears in a team logo? Cancel culture on full display. 

    I get it, it's cruel to crop their ears, but lets take a look at the history of why it was done: Cropping the ears was done with hunting dogs to protect them from being mutilated while hunting wild Seawolves (I mean wild boar).  The point is to make the dog look angry and mean. All the Great Danes I know have been lovable. The floppy ears make them look lovable.  

    Maybe put some small print on the bottom of the logo "The University at Albany does not condone the cropping of ears. No Great Danes were harmed in the artist rendering of this logo."

    I can't take this world anymore. 


    Also, the existing Scooby/Damien has cropped ears. Was there a petition for him?

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  6. 21 minutes ago, Eli said:

    Aren't we also getting new jerseys this sports season? Sounds like a full refresh. I remember during the homecoming game they had a lot of hype about a big announcement...most of us thought it was a big donation and SEFCU reno. Instead they trudged out a few athletes with some pretty lackluster jerseys. It was a HUGE disappointment.

    That announcement was you can't have Under Armour with UA

    My assumption is that all the new Under Armor apparel will be launched. A new Dane logo? The question will be to buy a bunch of new crap or assert my age by only wearing the old Damien stuff - or even my old 90's stuff. 

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  7. On 7/3/2020 at 5:43 PM, cwdickens said:

    Unfortunately, godanesgo99, at best you have no clue about modern tribalism in American society.  Further, you took my comment out of context, leaving out a much broader statement, that had nothing to do with on how this country was formed. Shame on you.  Sadly, you likely never had the opportunity to take classes from Dr. Catherine Newbold or Dr. Harry Price.  With that said, I do not need a lesson on Constitutional law from you.

    As a lawyer, and constitutional history buff, but typing in a forum with simplistic readers, we can believe whatever we like. 

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  8. On 7/2/2020 at 2:54 PM, cwdickens said:

    The United States of America has become a country of tribal factions.  Political, Social, Economic, Health Issues and throw in sports for good measure.


    Just for clarity, that is how this country was designed. It is not "becoming" that way. We have 50 independent states, joined together to regulate commerce between the states, and to plan for the common defense. 

    This is why each state has a governor and legislature. It's why the electoral college exists.

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  9. 5 hours ago, jimbo said:

    The chance of getting him is slim to none....IMHO. He’s got Power 5 teams after him and his dad and uncle were both former $iena athletes...so if he wants to stay local it’s not gonna be with the Danes. 

    Until UA makes the round of 32 this year, and the sweet 16 next year. He will want to be a part of that!


    (Then I woke up)

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  10. So 3 guys that are traditional "big" sizes at 6'8" or higher. It doesn't really matter much in the AE, but the non conference and any potential post season could be tough against bigger teams.

    If healthy, all 3 should get significant time. I am hoping Hank can add a little offensively this season. He has the body. Lulka showed a lot before his injuries, and Doles showed promise in the CAA.

    I'm already excited for this season, but need to keep expectations low. On paper they have the talent to be the top team in a "Lambless" AE, but with most of the team retooled again it's probably anyone's guess.

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  11. Definitely fills the teams biggest need with size. Looks like he only played 5 games last year. I am guessing he was injured? 

    Started 10 games as a freshman, and came off the bench as a sophomore. Only averaged about 11 minutes per game throughout his career.  "Per 40 minutes" and "per 100 Poss" stats actually look pretty good. Probably won't be a star as the CAA isn't that much of an upgraded league, but I have to imagine he would be a huge help to the team if he is healthy considering the current roster construction. UA is probably pretty attractive to him considering there is nothing to stop him from getting lots of playing time except himself. 

  12. Anyone have any updates on the last ship? A couple interesting offers out there....

    DeMarcus Morris, 6'8" PF and Christian Hinckson, 6'7" SF are the two most likely targets on verbal commits, but it seems that VC doesn't seem to have as up to date info this season.

    Grad transfer Taurean Thompson might be my top target based on who is publicly immediately eligible in the transfer portal, but some other interesting names are: Kodye Pugh, Gorjok Gak, and Jeriah Horne. All of those guys would probably go higher, but any of them could make an impact in the AE.



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