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  1. I haven't renewed my season tickets yet out of fear it would be cancelled and I wouldn't see a refund. That said, if games were happening and fans could go, I would renew and go. I'm not as afraid of the virus as others, and they wouldn't open for fans if it wasn't at least partially safe. I would distance, and would wear a mask if it was recommend, (it gets cold in the stadium anyway) but that is to keep others safe more than me. As far as keeping politics off the board, I agree wholeheartedly, but there are times when politics intermingle with sports and the conversation is very relevant. Just have to keep it to how the politics affects the teams and the university, and not this politician sucks and that one correct.
  2. Maybe Will Brown's experience with JUCO and transfers over the last 10 years or so will give UA a headstart at adapting to the new landscape. Who knows. The 4-year Mid-Major star like Anthony Lamb is going to be rarer and rarer as time goes on.
  3. I was bored and drinking last night reading up on some of the commits this year. CJ Kelly seems really interesting to me. Great background in High School and a connection to Brown. He didn't overly impress at Norfolk and it's not like the MEAC is a power conference, but he seems to have some major upside potential. Not a fan of the fact that one of the only non-conference games that he didn't score in was against LCC in his year at Norfolk, but I digress. Is this the new Brown MO? Look for guys with high upside with injury issues and hope they heal and return to their previous form? I am a gambler by nature, but this has been very risky the last few seasons. Anyway, reading up on some of the new blood, it's hard to not be excited for the possibilities in a Lambless AE and a gutted SBU. Find us a "big" big and this team may be a surprise success.
  4. Interesting pickup. After playing football, I am sure he can contribute at the 4, and is pretty athletic from what I see, but this UA team is going to be SMALL. Desperately need a "big" big with the last spot.
  5. Need to look at Taurean Thompson - 6'11" Grad Transfer from Seton Hall. I am thinking he could be a major steal in the AE
  6. I could have sworn he was a Redshirt Freshman last year myself. I was pulling my data from verbalcommits, and they have him listed as a sophomore, which is why I put him there. Either way, he still has 2 or 3 years with the program if he sticks. He has talent and was highly touted out of high school. If he can come back from injury at 100% healthy he really could be a wildcard and make an impact. Right now, he has me thinking of Phil Flory. Flory could never recover from injury, and I don't think he played anywhere last year after leaving us. So sad from being a Marquette commit to a walk-on who got some PT at Seton Hall, to a lost season at UA with more injuries, to not playing, although I think he has an offer from a D2 school now. Hopefully Schafer can be 100%.
  7. As of 4/29 Sr. Champion Anderson Junior Kelly Shafer Horton Healy Rizuto Gates Hank Lulka Sophomore Hutcheson Freshman Amica 12 Scholarships Used - 1 Remain PG Anderson Amica Champion SG Healy Rizzuto Horton Wing Kelly Shafer Hutcheson PF Lulka Gates C Hank My observations: Desperately need another big. Hutch and Kelly could play the 4, but both are more suited and sized for the 3. Team will likely play much smaller this year with such a talented guard heavy lineup. I'd love to see either Hank develop further in his rim protection or another 6'11 or 7 footer to be recruited - but that is probably only a wild dream at this point. I wouldn't be so afraid of the teams size playing 4 guys under 6'5" if there was someone who could consistently block/alter shots at the rim. Next off-season will be huge. Only 2 graduating, but the majority of the team will be moving into their senior year. We can assume that there will be a transfer or 2 like always, or even the early graduation of Healy or Lulka, but getting 4-year players next off season will be of the highest importance. They can have one year on a senior laden team then the show will be theirs. Like always, on paper, the team looks talented enough to be very deep and have playing time issues, but I say that every year and it always comes down to a rotation of 7-9 players Team can withstand a few injuries to the guards, but if a big goes down for extended time it will be a rough season On paper, I will guess that the team gets no love in the pre-season nationally and starts the year in the #200 range. Exceeds those expectations and finishes around #140. Will be picked 4th once again in the AE, but finishes 2nd or 3rd. Has a realistic chance to win the league with no Lamb at UVM (who still ends up being picked #1 pre-season) in the championship game played at Patrick once again. The above can change in the blink of an eye if the team can find a play now talented big that is 6'9" or taller, but those are few and far between
  8. It's been discussed, but I don't think it happened yet
  9. Hinckson would be a great get. I think I read he is 6'7" but is listed as a guard. He could probably plug in to the 4 slot pretty quick, but I think he is more of a 3. Would help, but definitely would not help the major lack of size that this team has for next year right now. Also, wouldn't he have to sit a year? We need a big or two that can play now.
  10. Everyone take a little bit of time and watch this video. It's from an organization that is approved for continuing education credits for physicians. Simply the best explanation of what needs to be done for us to get the country back to somewhat normal.
  11. There is a lot of discussion on what the best course of action is, and no not all science agrees. We actually need people to get sick and recover right now, we just need it to happen slowly so we don't overload the healthcare system. Social distancing is good, but this wear a mask everywhere and avoid everyone will do more harm than good - unless we want to stay with everything shut down until a 100% effective vaccine is available (at least a year from now, if ever) It's called "Herd Immunity" look it up. Learn about it. Once "herd immunity" is reached, the spread of the disease will quickly die down and eventually stop. If we do not get to herd immunity, we will have a second outbreak as soon as social distancing is relaxed. This is why you see the opposite in Sweeden right now. Distance those vulnerable, and encourage the healthy and strong to be out in the world and get sick! Herd Immunity = (r(0)-1) / r(o) If covid-19 has an r(0) of 2 - then we need half of the population to have immunity for us to be considered "safe" as a county if covid-19 has an r(0) of 3 - then we need 2/3 of the population to have immunity to get to "herd immunity" The USA has 330,000,000 people. According to current estimates, COVID-19 has an r(0) value of somewhere between 2-3 This means we need somewhere between 150,000,000 and 200,000,000 million Americans to have immunity to reach "herd immunity" How does someone get immunity? Get vaccinated - unfortunately current estimates are that we are over a year from being able to have a vaccine tested and mass produced - if it is ever solved Get sick and recover We need people to get sick and recover while protecting those at risk of serious complications from getting it since we don't have a vaccine in sight. The problem is that the virus is pretty fast. Without social distancing we would theoretically get to the 150,000,000 to 200,000,000 cases pretty darn fast - but our healthcare system would crumble under that much volume all at once. People would die that shouldn't. People that could easily be saved and cured would die because of lack of healthcare resources. This is why you always hear "slow the curve". We need to get 200 million people to get it and recover so we can fully open everything up again and not completely kill the economy - but it can't happen all at once. Slow the curve. If we do social distancing too well: like closing everything down and forcing people to wear masks everywhere the go we will never get to herd immunity without a vaccine. This means keeping everything shut down for another 12 months or more. That will kill the economy and potentially harm as many people as the virus itself. With overboard social distancing and masks we could potentially slow the virus to a crawl. We could get a false sense of security that things are safe and we can open everything back up. If we aren't at the stage of "herd immunity" when that happens, because Trump forces it or because everyone thinks it is safe, we will very quickly have another major outbreak and very quickly need to shut everything down again. Sorry for the long post, but the current reaction is really pissing me off in how overboard it is. It is causing the shut downs to be longer than they should be, and it is increasing the risk of another major outbreak within weeks or months of everything opening up again. PROTECT THE ELDERLY AND VULNERABLE MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCE TO SLOW THE SPREAD AND REDUCE THE CURVE DO NOT GO OVERBOARD - WE NEED HEALTHY PEOPLE THAT CAN WITHSTAND IT TO GET SICK AND RECOVER ROOT FOR A COMPANY TO FIND A VACCINE, GET IT TESTED, AND RELEASED Sorry for the long post. This whole thing is just pissing me off more and more each day.
  12. Not to bring conspiracy theories into the discussion, but why I am thinking that this will be the gateway to mandatory vaccinations and flu shots for whatever the gubment says is the threat of the day?
  13. I could see fall sports delayed or cancelled, but honestly, if we as a country aren't back to normal by the time winter sports start practice we will have much bigger issues than college sports. We will be in the great depression 2.0 and it will be bad. Very bad. Like more people suffering and potential deaths than the virus could kill if every American caught it type bad.
  14. Wow. I must being seeing things. I wrote Hansen as gained, but I meant Holmes. I could have sworn I saw someone just post today that he had signed. Looked back and either the post was gone, or I imagined it. I thought I saw a post that looked like the Kelly post. Oh well, pass me another beer.
  15. Hmm Lost: Clark, Lauderdale, French, deSousa, Doherty, Hansen Gained Amica, Horton, Kelly, Champion, Hansen That would imply only 1 scholarship left, unless someone else is leaving that I am unaware of. Going back to my depth chart from a a few pages ago, we had 9 scholarship players and a walk-on: meaning 4 available ships. The team has added 3 since then. Math means only 1 remaining, unless we get 14 for some reason instead of the normal 13.
  16. I guess that is my assessment simply because there is no capable depth at the big position. Penetrate and dish is great, but if the other team isn't concerned about that dish going to a big for a dunk or layup, or assumes the pass will go through the bigs hands, the other teams big can converge on the penetrating guard. This ends up in a circus shot layup, blocked shot, turnover, or a dish out for a 3. Clark and Nichols both attacked and penetrated. We gave them crap on this board for desicion making, but in reality, that's really all they could do. The other teams converged on them forcing the silly shots and bad passes because there weren't real capable bigs that the other team was concerned with offensively. Teams need balance on the floor. They need the other team to be concerned with at least 4 of the 5 guys on the floor, if not all 5 or penetrating will lead to what you saw from Clark and Nichols.
  17. Did we sign Holmes? Is that the other player being mentioned lately as someone signing this week?
  18. I agree with this wholeheartedly, with one exception. I am more of a traditionalist when it comes to roster formation. Have 2 players or even 4 that are sized for the 4 and the 5 just doesn't work if you want to focus on defense and rebounding. As this roster sits now, I see more of the same thing we have seen the last few years: guard oriented chuck the 3. The players you put at the 3 spot are the ones that are guards, but are bigger than traditional guards and not quite big enough to bang down low. Lamb at 6'6" was really undersized as a 4 in the AE. He was strong enough to do it, but in all reality was a 3. Travis Charles was great for us, and played the 4 ok, but he was undersized for the position as well. He was great because his 10-12 footer was deadly, but he was overmatched defending most 4s. He was really a 3. I see Hutch the same way. Play him at the 4 and we lose a lot rebounding and defensively. He might do ok himself, but I bet the team rebounding and team defensive rating is down when he is in that role. Get me a 6'8" athlete for the 4 and a Kirsten Zoellner clone for the 5, then we can talk about what players slotted for the 3 can move to the 4 when needed, and what 4s can move to the 5 when needed. What 2s could play the 3. Etc.
  19. I think there are still 3 scholarships left if my count is correct. 2 if there is another wing signing this week as reported in this thread. Team still has zero bigs after Hank and Lulka. I am not a fan of a team that is constructed with 6-7 players for 2 floor positions (7th being walk-on Carter), 3 players for 1 position, and 4 players for 2 positions (assuming both remaining spots go to bigs). Hopefully whatever wing that is supposed to sign this week is 6'6" or 6'7" so they can play the 4 as well or this team will have a lot of problems down low. Especially if Lulka isn't 100% or if there was another injury. I would have to think that considering the current makeup, this would be an attractive situation for a big grad transfer or incoming freshman that wants to play right away.
  20. DeSousa is talented and knows the system already. With his length and athleticism, he really could be the solution. I don't know why he decided to leave: maybe he sees himself as a slasher and no playing time coming. Maybe Brown pushed him out because of the lack of improvement or work ethic, maybe he thinks he could go higher, or maybe he wants to go lower and dominate. Who knows. I wish him well either way. Rian Carter impressed during the PG scrimmage last year, and I could see him working his way onto the floor if he has the work ethic and desire. Anderson's injury is the question mark with him. With the 4 current ball handlers, I actually feel pretty good about the point guard position right now, but so much depends on on health and a freshman. I wouldn't be against adding another as an insurance policy. Current Grades: PG: B (could be an A or C depending on health and how Amica plays) SG: A Wing: B (could be an A, but I expect a Hutcheson Sophomore Slump) PF: D (could be as high as a B if Lulka is healthy, but there is literally 0 depth) Center: D (Could be a C, but Hank still needs an offensive game and there is literally 0 depth) The fastest way for me to be excited for the team next year would be for the news to come out the Anderson is healthy with no restrictions and the team to sign an athletic 6'8" or 6'9" big and a center that can play 20 minutes a game.
  21. Here is what I see currently: Guards Handle the ball, penetrate, run the offense JoJo Anderson (Injured last season) Rian Carter (Walk-On - Injured last season) Will Amica (will be a Freshman) Jamel Horton (JUCO Transfer) Shooters Cam Healy Antonio Rizzuto Wing/Combo Trey Hutcheson Sam Shafer Forwards Power Forward Adam Lulka Center Brent Hank Breakdown Freshman - 1 (Amica) Sophomore - 2 (Hutcheson / Shafer) Junior - 6 (Carter, Horton, Healy, Rizzuto, Lulka, Hank) Senior - 1 (Anderson) Available Scholarships - 4 (3 if Carter gets a ship) So with 3 or 4 scholarships left, it is pretty obvious what the team needs at this time: BIGS! Current Options for Bigs: Convince deSousa or Doherty to return JUCO Recruits - Offers to people 6'6" or taller Simeon Kirkland - 6'10" (VC says PF) DeMarcus Morris - 6'8" (VC says SF) DeAndre Robinson - 6'6" (VC says SF) Meikkel Murray - 6'6" (VC says SF) Jakorie Smith - 6'6" (VC says SF) Arecko Gipson - 6'6" (VC says SG) Isaac Chatman - 6'6" (VCC says SG and 4-stars) HS Recruits - Recruits to people 6'6" or taller Shane O'Dell - 6'6" (VC says SG) The recruiting team really needs to step up and find some bigs! In my perfect scenario: deSousa stays to play the 4, We get 1 skilled Grad transfer, 1 skilled JUCO, and 1 HS recruit all bigs.
  22. Great video checking in on our Aussies during quarantine. I'd kind of like to trade places with Cam right about now ...
  23. Could be a great target. His brothers played football at UA. Didn't get much play at Wake Forest, but could be a great get in the AE.
  24. We had 3 straight NCAA appearances, then we were the favorite but got upset by Hartford, then made it to the chip with a talented young team. Underachied the following season, but was still really good. Should have beat Louisville. During this time, the UA fanbase got used to having sky high expectations. That 2017 team would have run this current team out of the gym. The real question is: Does Brown figure it out and make this team a contender next season, or are we in a new reality of not being one of the top teams in the conference and needing to accept it.
  25. Watched the 2017 championship game that UA lost to UVM tonight. Such a different team than what we had this year, but what was a sophomore led team. So much crisper play.
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