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  1. According to the NYS Contract Report, the naming rights were awarded to SEFCU again on 6/6/19 http://www.nyscr.ny.gov/adsArchive.cfm?numID=2053857 The Athletic Media Rights RFP does not appear to have ever been awarded: http://www.nyscr.ny.gov/adsArchive.cfm?numID=2037546 And the RFP for the design services for the arena renovations seems to have disappeared. I am sure I will find it, just cant right now
  2. The team could not stay healthy at all this season. There is no reason to run anyone off. That's not a reputation the school wants or needs. I'm still a believer in the core of this team. Anyone have any news if Doherty will return or what his situation is? Is his name in the transfer portal? If he doesn't return, 4 open spots is more than enough to get a few bigs and another ball handler.
  3. You mention Shafer as leaving a few times in this thread, but I haven't seen it anywhere else. Is this confirmed?
  4. 5 open ships before any additional departures, 1 commit so far. (Amica). That's 4 new players already needed. (3 if Doherty ends up returning) Possible additional departures include: Shafer (outside of this board, I've heard nothing of him leaving), Lulka (I've read he might graduate early). No reason to run anyone off. While I'm disappointed with this season, I still really like the core of this team. Grabbing another 4 year kid, a grad transfer, and 2 athletic JUCO kids to fill the 4 remaining spots could be more than enough to fix this teams woes if they can stay healthy.
  5. Should seriously be looking to recruit over every player every year. Thats what top teams do. You should never ever be satisfied with what you have. You get the best, longest, most athletic players you can land regardless of position. Playing time sorts itself out. Brown needs to make sure everyone on the team knows that their spots aren't safe, and they need to work hard during the offseason - not only on strength and conditioning, but on flexibility, health, and stretching. Too many people forget those 3 things and then end up with back, leg, and shoulder problems. He is recruiting the best and longest he can find at anyposition and bring them in, as he needs to win now as its the last year of his contract. He needs to allow people to walk that wont ensure health next season. People seem to have soured on deSousa, but he hasn't been right since landing on his ankle wrong and missing time. He was playing hurt just like the rest of the team for at least the last month of the season. I think Hansen may have been the only player that didn't miss significant time or attempt to play while still under 80%.
  6. Is Shafer leaving? That would be sad, as I thought he had a lot of promise. Didn't get much PT this year, but was also injured all year. He should know the system already so he would have a leg up on any other new guys.
  7. Thanks for the concern. MRI tomorrow and hopefully a cortisone shot instead of surgery. I can't do surgery now with how busy I am now
  8. I'm sure he will be fine, but if you looked at his numbers over the last few games there is clearly something wrong. This thread is about blaming the coaches or the players for the underperforming season. I posted to float the idea that the trainers did something wrong. If I was healthy, I could do better than 1-18 from 3 or whatever Healy sis the last few games.
  9. I know Healey has been hurt for a few weeks. I remember there was debate if he should sit for a few games to get healthy. I think it started before the second Hartford game. He played in hopes of keeping a higher seed. I can't help but think that it was a waste ending with a 7 anyway. Would we have been better off giving him a few weeks off and bringing him back for the playoffs? Is the decision on the training staff? Who do we blame for all the injuries this year? Were they freak, or can the training staff be to blame? I am currently going through some back issues and a pinched nerve. It's painful. I've learned to walk through it, and when it loosens up I can even run and dribble a little, but I tried to shoot during my 5th grade teams skills contest to compete against the kids, and it really affects my shot. I'm no marksman, but I can normally drain a bunch in a three point contest, I couldn't get any arc and I did horribly. I have to imagine if what Healy is going through is anything like what I am, it would really hurt his shot.
  10. Playoff race as explained by the league: https://americaeast.com/sports/2020/3/3/MBB_0303200324.aspx
  11. Fairly certain that Josh's basket will be the top play on tomorrow's Sportscenter. Need to make sure that they finish that story with UA winning the game.
  12. Looks like tonight's game is going into the official record of the US Senate. Something tells me that it isn't going to be easy to beat an inspired UVM team, but it would be excellent to have that as a footnote...
  13. I wish the ESPN app allowed slowmo instant replay, but I don't see any contact at all. Looked like Rizzuto tripped when reaching and fell, and foreman stuttered a little when he couldn't reach the pass which I think caused the foul call. I've watched it a bunch of times and I don't see it. Doubt it would have made any difference in the final result, but getting the ball back down 3 with 11.8 left would have at least given them a slight chance to tie it at the buzzer.
  14. I just watched the ending again, and i still do not see contact by Rizzuto on the full court pass. If anything he brushed him as he tripped, but certainly not enough to call a foul. Am I crazy? Should have been a turnover with it being UA ball with just under 12 seconds remaining and down by 3. The only thing I can think may have happened was the Brown told the ref we were going to try and steal the inbound pass and if we couldn't get it they would foul immediately. If the ref had that instruction, they may have called the foul on any contact. Rizzuto clearly did not impede the SBU player in anyway. It amazes me how they call that but ignore far more contact in normal defensive situations.
  15. We can play with and beat last night's SBU team, but the thing that surprised me the most was how much better shape they were in physically than we were. Not only more athletic with ups, but just appeared to spend more time in the weight room. I can't get over how poorly Healy has shot the ball over the last 2 weeks. Seems flat and off. I wouldn't be surprised if the team plays well and makes it to the AE championship game, or even wins that game and plays in the PIG. That said, I also wouldn't be surprised if we get blown out in the first round of the playoffs by 20+. What team shows up? The one that scored a 100 against UML and outside of a freak half court shot at the buzzer played even with UVM for the first half, or the one that didn't score double digits in the first 15 minutes against UMBC and looked overmatched against Bing, NH, and at UML? Such a strange disappointing season. Hopefully it is just a sophomore slump from everyone, as expectations should be high again next season. Re: Hanson, where has that been all year? Kid was balling yesterday. There was one play in the second half where he burned by his defender at the wing and was at the rim so quick that if you blinked you missed it.
  16. Anyone know where Adam Lulka is tonight? He isn't on the bench.
  17. I'm pretty sure he got a waiver to have an additional scholarship just like we did last year with Starks career ending injury (with us bringing in Jerotic at the last minute - who redshirted then left)
  18. Last game of the regular season. Team is on a slide going into game 30 at home vs. SBU. A loss there gives this game 0 value. A win might make this important for a home game in the playoffs (unlikely) . Starting the thread for this game early to share this article... http://www.therepublic.com/2020/02/26/a_shining_moment_speidel_to_take_court_for_senior_night_at_vermont/ Feel good story: UVM will start star recruit Josh Spiedel who was hurt in a car accident before attending UVM. He was never able to play again, but UVM honored the scholarship. Will Brown and John Becker have agreed to allow Josh to score the games first points. UVM will then allow UA to score to even the game, and Josh will come out. Hopefully UA will start Fruscio and let him get the first UA basket.
  19. I think this slide coincided with Doherty leaving the program. Did something happen we don't know about that shook up the team? I'm not making any accusations, just an observation.
  20. Wow. Glad I didn't watch this game. Checked the score after my teams last practice and almost lost my dinner. Don't want to read through the thread. They showed signs of starting to put it all together as conference play started then just fell apart. No words to describe it.
  21. Right now, I am just happy that we played against Potsdam early in the season. We would lose to that team if the game was today. Hopefully UML will snap the team out of the offensive funk.
  22. https://digitalcommons.gardner-webb.edu/undergrad-honors/21/
  23. I didn't say the coaches don't get credit in good times, but good coaches push it all to players. As a rule: leaders take blame in bad times, contributors get credit in the good. In business, in sport, and life. There are obvious exceptions.
  24. I've never said be nice to, or defend Will Brown. He is paid pretty solid money to produce a winner for the school and the fans. It's been half a decade since we have seen that. In bad times, the coaches and the staff deserve to take heat. They are to blame for everything that goes wrong. Everything. In good times the players get all the credit. They are on the floor, they executed the plan, they played the games. That's athletics. I tend to trust WB because of the past success and having a team that is in the top half of the AE almost every single season for the last 15+ years, but 5 straight without a significant win means he will get the heat and deserves it. I do have a problem with bashing the players in the bad times. They have what they have and do what they can. The coach didn't put them in a position to do better. Didn't recruit enough other players. Didn't design the right plays. Didn't sit them when they needed to sit them. Didn't draw up the right plans. It's the coaches fault 99% of the time. The 1% it's not, it's the ADs fault for not advising the coach the right way. Players might have an off night. Might make bonehead plays. Might royally screw up or miss an easy shot at crunch time. That's the coaches fault. The players aren't getting paid, and are part of the family. Talk about when they messed up. Say you think we would be better off with French playing if that's what you feel. Say the bigs need to get better hands. There is a line though that shouldn't be crossed unless you are talking about the ones at fault: the coaches.
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