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  1. I know they weren't banned. Both got pissed off at other people (including me) for asking them to keep the ultra negativity off the board. So instead of either ignoring it and going about their way, or listening to the requests and being a little less critical and insulting, they decided to just walk away saying they are done posting. That was their choice. I do miss the analysis and what sometimes feels like insider info, but the tone has been lighter and more pleasant. The post volume has gone down, but you are seeing posts from newer names. So far it's been a net positive in my mind. Hopefully when they decide to come back the board will have more active users and the environment will be more constructive than "XYZ isn't a D1 player"
  2. Not all of us blame the staff, but when things aren't going well you go to the top. The leaders take the blame and the players take the glory. While I miss Eli and click and co posting on the board for the additional commentary and input, I dont miss the negativity. It's been decidedly more readable here even through the bad times. At UA we expect a winner. That's what we want the fans to expect, and that's what we expect the coaches and administration to expect. If we aren't #1 in the league, we will complain. I like it that way. We have great talent. We can beat any team in the league if we are on. We have a proven head coach. We have a proven history. I wouldn't be surprised to see a 4 seed UA get hot at the end and go to the dance as a PIG. 5 years without a real competitor for the chip wears on the fans. We want a winner, and we get pissed when we don't have one year after year. The biggest problem I have with the staff is that they are all Brown disciples. There are no real dissenting voices.
  3. Download the duck duck go browser. It is designed for privacy and it doesn't allow the site to know how many articles you have viewed.
  4. Wish ESPN would show the score and clock on the screen. This is hard to follow. At least if the game was in Albany, you could see the score on the boards court side....
  5. 6 regular season games remain. Let's hope he can get to 1200+ (11 games of 19+ ppg - 3 AE playoff games, the PIG, and the round of 64 😁)
  6. Kid is 100% effort, and seems to be truly a great part of #purplefam. I watched the video from the OP again, and while him talking about not getting a chance because of who he was behind him in high school was inspirational for kids to watch, I found it interesting that he spoke about the need to play more under control even back then. He has come a long way as a player. I hope he can get a chance to show what he can do in the post season this year when the team pulls the 3 games in March trick we all expect from Brown
  7. You can just look at who was out for a long period of time, you have to look at who is playing through injury as well. DeSousa missed a full game and was limited in a few Clark has played through Injury. Healy has missed a game and a half and played through injury Rizzuto has only been healthy the last few games. Hutch has been injured and playing through pain all year. Lulka/JoJo you mentioned Has there been a game where we have been at full strength (minus JoJo) all season? Has there been a game where there has been even close to a team at 75%? I don't think so. Hopefully by playoff time.
  8. Congrats Ahmad on reaching 1000 points at UA!
  9. I don't know why, but this feels like the movie "My Blue Heaven"
  10. Not sure who you think we will lose to among Maine, UMBC, NH, and UML, but I am thinking 10-6. The team will go 3-1 against those 4 teams and beat SBU or UVM in round 2 and finish 10-6 right where most preseason polls predicted. Will probably end the season at 18-15 or if we are lucky 19-15 right where I said in the preseason would be the minimum they would finish (although I think I thought 23 or 24 wins was where they would actually finish). Getting to 18 wins might actually be an over performance to preseason expectations if we knew back in October that the team would have this many injuries and missed games.
  11. No reason to speculate. Just realize that if he had to leave school for a personal or family reason, I think he has to be removed from the roster. Hooley stayed on the roster because he was still enrolled at the school and from what I heard was still doing school work during his absence (hearsay). He may still be part of the team, but not an official student at the University. We won't know more until the team says more. I have been excited to see him reach his potential in purple and gold. Time will tell.
  12. Wasn't able to make it tonight. How much did Fruscio play? 3 assists in s relatively close game?
  13. A few new offers showing up on Verbal Commits... Anyone know anything about Isaac Chairman? Looks like a 4 star recruit Campbell transfer that would have 2 years left? 4 star recruit with his only other listed offer being Detroit? Had offers from Standford, Murray State, Auburn, Little Rock, and UAB out of High School.
  14. When I first saw the schedule, I didn't like the BPG game being against UVM as they normally draw well anyway, and having it against someone else might help attendance more, but I'm now thinking that the opportunity to play a good game and even potentially getting a win against them in front of a BPG crowd might be better for growing the fanbase long term
  15. I'm betting we see Malachi on Lamb with a double team strategy of Hank and potentially even French on him when he tried to go inside. Using French in this game will spread the potential foul trouble risk and add another large body to protect against Giddens having a good game. Hansen's length will be good to cover his man and whoever is left open when the double team comes down low. Clark can cover Smith, and Rizzuto and Healy can worry about Davis and/or Duncan. I'm actually feeling the most positive about our chances against UVM than I have in a few years. The biggest thing that UA needs to focus on is not having one of those stretches of 5-10 minutes with no field goals. This UVM team is no where close to as explosive offensively as they have been. The question is if we have the shooting ability the team has shown at times or the 15% from 3 team that also seems to show up too often.
  16. I assume Rian Carter gets a ship and is the backup to JoJo and Amica. He was impressive before the injury. That assumes he wants to come back. I think he has 2 years of eligibility left.
  17. This is why losing JoJo hurts so much more than we realize. I get that he didn't feel he could contribute and felt it best to get the surgery now to be 100% for next season, but when Clark isn't on the floor the team plays a survival game. With no one else that can really handle the ball the team can not beat a press or really any pressure defense. Healey made a couple of nice attacking plays, but for the most part the team can't run the offense without him. It was a 2 point game when Clark had to leave. In less than 5 minutes without him it turned into a 15 point lead extremely quickly. By the time he was back in the floor the entire team had lost its energy and started playing defeated. You could see it in their eyes. Clark dove to save a ball from going out of bounds but accidentally threw the ball to Hartford who promptly hit a 3 and the team just appeared to give up. I hate to put pressure on one kid, but this team will only go as far as Clark takes them. We shouldn't have another game where the team shoots that poorly. I didn't think Hartford looked that strong defensively. The outside shots UA took were mostly uncontested and open. Most looked flat with no rotation if they were on line, the rest were all off right or left.
  18. Hopefully Clark is ok. He was limping while shaking hands at the end. If he is out, that would be the end of the season.
  19. Not sure if have seen so many shots be so far off. Like not even close. Add that to an extremely strange reffing job here in the opening 10 minutes and I'm baffled at what is happening.
  20. Was playing around looking up pro stats for some #purplefam and I have to say: it is way to hard to find stats on foreign teams. I though Sanders and Singletary were both playing in Europe. Can't really find anything. Sir Buckets was doing well somewhere, but outside of a few tweets last year, there isn't much out there. David Nichols was leading his league in scoring, assists, and efficiency last I knew. Cremo is still playing in the G league and doing pretty well, averaging over 20 minutes per game... Here is a video from a recent game....
  21. This team was supposed to be quick and able to score. We haven't seen that yet this year. Hopefully this game is the one that gets the team flying and we didn't waste all the good shots
  22. Nothing like playing against UML to get the offense clicking. Congrats to Can Healy for breaking the program single game scoring record. Cograts to Fruscio for a nice move. He took a charge (but called for the foul) and probably should have had an and 1 Nice to see Schafer on the floor Hope deSousa isn't out for long.
  23. I meant in the ESPN app. I was watching from my phone and I like the split screen with stats and the game when I rotate out of full screen.
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