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  1. Couldn't make the game for multiple conflicts. Watching online. No box score available sucks.
  2. Agreed. I was just relaying what was actually told to me by several fans that sit around me in SEFCU. The people that sit behind me always ask me stuff about the team and the opponent. I share with them what I know, but I always suggest they come here. So much good info. But multiple people told me they didn't like the tone. They said if they wanted the negativity they would follow LCC. With that comment, I said they would fit right in, but to each his own.
  3. Don't post less. Post your thoughts and knowledge. Just censor yourself a little. There is a line between puppies / bunny rabbits / rainbows and death and destruction that can be found. My comment on players leaving or not coming is tongue in cheek and based on a comment that was shared with me. I hope players would never make a decision based on how the fans act on a message board - although they do make one based on facilities and game atmosphere in many cases.
  4. There are a few fans on this site that are open with their emotions and at times go over the top with the can of gas and a match. It's their right to post their opinions and feelings. I wish they would tone it down a bit at times, but that is part of being a fan. The sad part is that the overly negative posts have driven some fans away from the site as well. I know multiple people who go to all the games and are big fans, but they hate coming to the site because of the negativity. I have heard stories from people connected to the program that it got in some players heads and affected their play. May have caused some to transfer or never attend in the first place when they were searching for schools. I don't expect everything being rainbows and sunshine. I expect their to be a post about a bonehead play or a forced error. I expect criticism of players when they have a bad game. I expect people to share their opinions and I don't want anyone censored, but reading through this thread again is harsh. I stopped reading the football section early last season because it got so negative. Hopefully it doesn't get that bad here.
  5. I've tried to argue with people on the boards (here and the AE board) that they should be less negative on the players, and through the conversation I've come to see, and agree with, some of their points. That said, I'm with you on most of your comments. I hate reading that so and so sucks and this player doesn't belong in D1, and so forth. Back to the "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". That said, players should 100% not be looking at the sites. They should have them blocked. These are fans discussing their observations of what happened on the court. It's unfiltered and can get nasty at times. That is part of the fun of being a fan. As long as the topics stay with performance on the court, you will see rah rah posts in good times and suicidal quotes in bad times. This team has vastly underperformed expectations so far this year. 3-1 in conference or not, they just haven't looked good. With what appeared to be (and still does) an easy schedule, the team is ___________ among 350 D1 tema 271 in points per game 253 in field goal percentage 243 in turnovers 213 in assist to turnovers 213 in blocked shots (actually good for a UA team) 213 in rebounding (typically an area UA shines in) 276 in Adjusted offensive efficiency 198 in Adjusted defensive efficiency 302 in ORating Those are not numbers of the team we were expecting. While there is talent there, we all knew the team would be light in the play of the bigs, and knew it would be a guard heavy lineup. 194 in assists 167 in 3pt % 158 in FT% 194 in tempo Injuries have definitely hurt, but based on the talent we put on the floor, and the schedule, those are pretty bad results. It causes superaddicted fans to pull their hair out. The biggest problem I see right now is the ability to put an entire game together. Only in the Canisius game did the team perform start to finish. Even Potsdam had us looking bad for stretches. They hit the floor and show they have talent and can run any team off the floor for 10 minutes then don't score a field goal for 5 minutes. This is something that needs to be fixed, and now, or the team will end with a 4 or 5 seed and lose in the first or second round of the playoffs. Rizzuto: love what he does off the court. Great ambassador for the program. Hustles and has talent. Has not produced this year, and outside of a few good minutes has been a negative. DeSousa: still the best athlete on the floor. Proved he might be the best player on the team against St. John's. For some reason he hasn't performed in other games. When you have his length and athleticism, fans expect him to take over for stretches not finish a game with 0 field goals. Healey: one of the best shooters in the country. Not sure why he has been so cold shooting the last few games. Clark: best ball handler on the team, potentially in the AE. Always brings top energy, and has been my favorite player on the team for 2 years. Still forces too much at times and it makes fans batty. Love his energy. Hank: although he didn't play much early, he has outperformed everyone's expectations. Wish he would get more than 10 minutes a game. Lulka: Can't comment yet. He has underperformed, but that's understandable with the injuries. Fans need to let him get back to full game shape before complaining too much. Hutch: major positive surprise so far Lauderdale: fun to watch. Free throws are a gas. Needs to work on his hands JoJo: whatever he brings is a bonus. Hopefully he gets in better game shape soon to help down the stretch, has his surgery in the off season and is 100% for next year Hansen: Glad he isnt chucking 3s anymore. Has been solid defensively, but we haven't seen what he brought to the team in Canada yet. French: when given the opportunity this year he has shined. I wonder how he can earn more trust and get some more minutes. Doherty: he was highly touted, and supposedly the best passer on the team in the preseason. I'm ok with him taking a year to learn the level. Not sure why we didn't red shirt him if he was only gonna play mop up time. Shafer: no idea what he will bring when he returns. I can't think of a player on the team that I don't want in purple and gold. All great kids with bright futures. Kids that I am proud to call #purplefam. Kids that I am happy that my actual kids look up to and idolize. That said, when they underperform, it's expected that a fan message board for a D1 program with a history off success and a decent number of fans will rip into them. Go read the Kentucky fan boards this season. With some of their losses so far the posts there have been crazy bad. If you actually have connections to the team, please, I beg of you, find a way to block access to these boards on their phones and computers.
  6. Big game with the potential to go 2 games up on SBU. Crazy start to conference play all over the league. Who would have guessed the standings would like like they do right now after 2 weeks of conference play?
  7. Who would have thought that Brent Hank would have the highest ORating on the team at this point in the season....
  8. I was made fun of on the AE board for predicting Maine would steal a few wins they shouldn't. It's because of what we saw last night. They have 3 or 4 players who can really play and carry a team to a win. They will probably finish 8th or 9th, but could steal a win against anyone in the conference including SBU or UVM if 2 or 3 of them get hot at the right moment together. They just have no depth whatsoever and will get blown out more than they keep it close or steal a win. Back to Clark. He can frustrate us fans (and coach Brown I'm sure) but he balls hard all the time. Simply have to love the effort. If JoJo can get back to full strength by the middle of conference play, having the two of them on the court together could give other teams fits. Here is the epitome of what Clark brings...
  9. How many years have we had the opener on the road? 14-15 team started 12-0 in conference before losing their only conference game at home against SBU (that we should have won) after going 5-7 in the non conference (6-7 overall but we played NJIT in the middle of the conference schedule). Conference opener was at home that year against Maine, but they did win their road opener.
  10. Only 4 turnovers in the first half? That is the stat that seems to determine if UA does well or not. Protect the ball and they will be in games.
  11. More on JoJo. Didn't realize UA has won 16 of 17 against Bing https://m.timesunion.com/ualbany/article/UAlbany-basketball-14948356.php?utm_campaign=CMS Sharing Tools (Premium)&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral
  12. Maine beat Columbia 75-72 last night. Darwich hit a layup to tie the game at 65 with 1 second remaining to send the game to OT. Then with 4 seconds left in OT Columbia hit a layup to tie the game at 72, but Flemming hit a 3 just before the buzzer to win by 3. That's two heartbreaking losses at the end of a game by Columbia. Not sure if that says more about their inability to close out a game, or more about UA being on par with Maine right now.
  13. Highlight of the game for me was Lauderdale being ready to defend after Clark lays it in. The score to tie is obviously huge, but I want my kids team to watch Lauderdale. This video shows it pretty well:
  14. If you pick Suero, you might have to consider ones of the younger players as well, and we don't know what they will do this season. Say Healy stays 4 years, he will have been on 3 teams of this decade, and 2 years in next. Which decade team is he on?
  15. Here is your list of nominees. They are all players that played on the team during the 17-18 season or earlier. Players in the last 2 years are too hard to judge at this moment. They might get screwed part of their career was in 2 different decades... Guard: Jacob Iati Logan Aronhalt Mike Black Tim Ambrose Peter Hooley Gerardo Suero DJ Evans Evan Singletary Ray Sanders Joe Cremo David Nichols Cameron Healy Ahmad Clark Forward/Center Blake Metcalf John Puk Sam Rowley Mike Rowley Dallas Ennema Greig Stire Travis Charles Devonte Campbell Adam Lulka
  16. Thanks for the update. I still really miss how 104.5 used to upload all of their interviews to youtube. So hard to listen to while at work, and I still have not found a reliable place to listen to the replays. If anyone knows how to get to them, please share.
  17. Foul shooting definitely cost the game, but that wouldn't have been the issue if the team didn't give up 14 offensive rebounds. That part was the hardest thing for me to see. So many second and third chances given up.
  18. My 10 year old just looked at me after that bad pass turn over to Anderson in the corner and said: "I can't watch this anymore. Too many turnovers and missed free throws" then he walked out of the room.
  19. Team moved away from pounding it inside and the turnovers came back and the shot selection deteriorated.
  20. Love how much the team is pounding the ball inside. It's what I've been asking for all season. Establish inside to make the opponents bigs have to pay attention down low, which will force the opponents guards to give ours some room to move as the bigs won't be able to help as effectively. More open shots and less turnovers will be the result.
  21. Another thing to consider in the JUCO/transfer vs. 4 year thing... How many 4 year players did we miss because we gave a ship to a JUCO/transfer kid? I don't think it's that many. Most were recruited late to fill roster spots. If you are going to take a risk on someone to be a practice player or to take a gamble on someone with talent, why not do it with someone that will only take a roster spot for a short time, instead of taking a kid that might not work out for 4? I do wish the team was recruiting higher and getting more 4 year players, but I also don't want them taking 4 year kids that we don't see ever finding regular player time. Let Maine take those kids.
  22. It depends on what you call a success. Not everyone can start. Not everyone can be a star. You start 5 players and have a roster of 13. That's 38% of the players on the team. Players that come in and earn solid rotation time and perform in their role should be considered a success. If you have a 9 man rotation with 4 players getting garbage time, that's 31% of your roster that are really only practice players.
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