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  1. - Clark - No matter what anyone says, as the only ball handler on the team, and someone who can take over a game, I call him a net + - Hansen - Too early to tell, but so far not looking good at all - Lauderdale - One of my favorite players on the team. May not be all-conference, but I call him a net + - Campbell - Regressed after an amazing sophomore year, but made 3 all-defensive teams. He was a net + - Miller - No idea what he did in the locker room, but didn't play his way into the line-up. I met him and he seemed like a good kid, but I'll go net - - French - We needed size, and he provides it, but so far he hasn't earned PT or has been injured net - as of today, but too early to tell with 1.5 years left. - Brooks - Net - - Flory - Never got healthy then left - Net - - Travis Charles - Sir Buckets! - Major + - Alex Foster - Never learned the system. One of the best athletes I have seen in purple and gold, but didn't earn enough time on the court net- - Costa Anderson - Hit some big shots for us, but didn't play much - net - - Matt Conway - Seemed talented, but never earned his way onto the floor - net - - Xavier Cohrain - Highly touted athlete. Never earned his way onto the floor. - Marquees Grayson - Started for a bit, but fell out of favor Net - - Jaraan Lands - Injured after a decent start. Transferred to D2 for more playing time with hopes to go pro - Net - - Martin-Garcia - Never played outside of garbage time. Net - - Jamir Andrews - I forgot he was on the team - Net - - Richard Peters - Didn't score much, but was a huge body and strong presence. He definitely helped the team on and off the court. One of my favorite players. It is too bad his injury never fully healed. Then again, if he was healthy he probably would have played higher. Net + - Ray Sanders - Dude could ball - Net + - Evan Singletary - Dude could ball - Net + You named 20 players. I didn't take the time to check to see if you missed anyone. 7 for 20 are pluses, including 2 of the better players to wear purple and gold in Ray and Evan 2 are too early to tell as Hansen has shown flashes, but if the season were to end today would be a negative. Need to see him in AE play before a determination is made. French has 1.5 years left could still end up a +, but he is tentatively marked as a negative. He has been here long enough to say he is a net - so far, but he could change my mind 11 are pretty clearly net negatives Not sure how the success % of 4 year players working out is, but this doesn't seem as bad as you imply: 35% success for strong contributors 55% fail rate for players that did not visually help the team 10% is TBD Go back and do the same analysis on the 4 year players brought in over the same period and see what the % looks like.
  2. At the start of the season, I said that based on the schedule this team should win 20+ games this year, and the bare minimum they should win to have the season no be considered a failure would be 18-19 wins. After 12 games, with 3 OOC games left, I'm not sure if they can get to what I expected. Assuming they go 1-2 in the last 3 OOC games, they would have to go 10-6 in league and win the first round playoff game to finish the year at 18-15. Definitely possible to get to 20, but seeming less and less likely. Do we need to adjust expectations?
  3. That was going to be the rest of my comment. We do look utterly lost against the zone though. I only saw the ball thrown into the high post 3 times. Lauderdale was 1-2 and deSousa missed a shot from sir buckets land. Not sure the ball passed through there another time.
  4. Half wasn't as terrible as the score looks. Niagara is draining contested threes right and left. Just can't miss.
  5. As for the bigs, I've been impressed with Hank since he has worked his way back into the lineup. If he improved his hands a little and got more aggressive he could be a force. Lulka has been injured and we haven't seen what he can do yet. Hansen was really good in Canada, but seems to have fallen out of favor. I always thought French looked good, but he hasn't been able to get into the lineup. Doherty was highly touted. The answer could be on the team now. Just need one or two of them to play well and assert themselves for a few games and it would open a lot up.
  6. We need bigs that are a threat down low, make layups, and can catch passes. Without them, opposing teams are able to gamble to steal passes and play ultra tight D on the guards. Right now the opposition isn't afraid of getting beat off the dribble because they know they have help from their bigs since they aren't worried about a dish down low.
  7. Anyone know if David Nichols is playing professionally anywhere this season? I haven't seen anything about him. I know his dad was on the board the other night. Now that we are half a season after both finished their grad transfer season, I'm curious what everyone on the board thinks... Joe didn't get much of a sniff in draft conversations and he hasn't caught on with a D team yet (yes he just got called back, but no games yet). Did the time at Villanova with limited action at the end of the season help or hurt his professional aspirations? 4ppg at Nova and a role on the bench in the NCAA tournament vs. starring in the AE with a shot at POY. I am thinking the it helped David as it proved he could contribute in the ACC against that level of player. As a PG you need to show that speed and agility against the fastest players. Seeing the hype Lamb has gotten from NBA scouts in the AE tells me that Joe may have been better off basketball wise staying home. Nova didn't use Joe to his strengths. He became a spot up shooter and the 4th or 5th option in their offense. In the AE he would have continued to show off crafty moves and been the focus of the offense. I am not thinking the level of play matters as much at the 2. Outside of basketball and in the business world it was obviously the best move for both of them from a resume perspective for life after basketball. All Academic team in the AE while playing basketball, graduating early, then going to another school for grad work playing there as well is impressive on a resume.
  8. It seemed that the ACC was using their ACC speed and length to swarm our guards. Our bigs being down low are a clear weakness so far with this team, so they were able to apply max effort to pestering the guards, and if for some reason they got beat off the dribble (only Clark could) their bigs were able to step in and stop them without much worry of our bigs getting the ball. Our guys didn't handle the pressure well. As for the foul shooting, part of the problem is that the majority of our foul shots were taken by the bigs: Looking at the box, the 3/4/5 players were 8-16, and I think that is a mistake. Hank is listed as 2-4, but my memory has him at 0-4. (Lulka 5-10, Hutch 1-2) The guards were 3-5. Only 60% there, but that's still a very small sample size.
  9. Circus shots (to me) means driving to through the lane into multiple defenders then tossing it at the hoop assuming you will draw contact and get to the line, with a prayer of it falling and getting an and 1. When no foul is called it looks silly. I don't have access to all the film, but it happened a lot. Going back to the tape might make it look better than it was live as you mentioned in an earlier post, but perception is reality.
  10. He may have very well been twice as good his junior year as his sophomore year, but the expectations were set higher (potentially unrealistically) so any of the perceived negatives of forcing or bad decisions were received worse by the fans. It's all about how high the bar was set. The same thing goes with Clark. I think the fanbase expected more improvement. It's still early though. Conference play is almost here.
  11. This is very true. That's part of what makes sports fun. I think that because UA still has a relatively small fan base it amplifies the sound and tone of any negativity.
  12. I'm not sure anyone (definitely not me) ever accused David or Clark of being selfish. I been one of the biggest supporters of Clark on this board, and my post history will show that. I honestly don't remember ever saying anything bad about either, beyond what looked like forced plays and what appeared to be a lack of trust in their teammates causing them to try to do to much. Beyond that, I love that you are on the board and following the team 2 seasons after David took his last shot in purple and gold. It shows the respect Brown has gained the program. Hope David is doing well. Also hope that this team figures out whatever it is they need. Only a few games left until the real season begins. It could be worse. At UA we build our teams up and when they don't live up to our oversized expectations we get depressed. We could be UVM fans though... they had dreams of getting an at large if they somehow got upset in the conference tourney. After these last few weeks they now have to deal with being disappointed when they get a 15 seed or nothing. We are going to be excited when we land a 16 or a PIG after beating them in the AE championship game. Everything comes down to expectations and if they are met.
  13. There are some fans here that get overly negative on everything. That is what being a sports fan is all about. When I complain about it and how it might affect a players mindset when/if they read it, I'm told that they are adults and can handle it, and that complaining is all part of being a fan on a message board. It wouldn't surprise me if the negativity here helped push your son and Cremo to transfer. I've been told directly from people that it had affected some of the other players in the past. It's sad, but it is what it is. People on the board loved your son his sophomore year, but got on him hard his junior year. Clark exhibits many of the same things people got on David for. There are times when it seems forced and bad decisions are made. Both kids are/were immense talents. Some of the best we have ever seen at UA, but both had frustrating performances at times. Both can/could carry the team and look like the best players on the floor against an ACC team one game, then drive to rim against 3 defenders and throw a circus shot with no foul called on three straight possessions the next game. Both were 1st team all AE talents. Both would be significantly better with another ball handling threat on the floor with them that UA just hasn't had. If JoJo is as good as advertised, a guard rotation of Clark/JoJo/Healy/Rizzuto could be hard to beat. My biggest frustration with this team is the amount of 1 on 1 play and deep three point shots. The bigs haven't shown they are an inside threat or that they can handle passes. This allows the other team to focus on guarding the perimeter, which forces so much pressure on the guards that they turn the ball over. When the shots are falling, this team can play with every team they have faced so far. When they aren't, the team will see a 5 minute slump of 0 points scored. It's been the same MO since the 16-17 season. To me, the top priority for the coaching staff right now would be to develop confidence in Lulka, Hank, Lauderdale, and French. Convince Hansen to use his length down low instead of the perimeter. Get Doherty minutes to develop for next year, and focus all recruiting effort on a talented 4 year big.
  14. Look at the stats. Everything is even, but the team is down 10 with 6:36 left. It's all piss poor three point shooting.
  15. 1/4" in Washington DC and the city shuts down with accidents and emergency services 20" in Albany and the Schools are delayed 2 hours and your boss gets upset with you for being an hour late for work - because you had to snowblow your driveway an additional time before you could force your way through the bank the snowplow left. This is a pretty big similarity between our markets. Weather won't affect the Cats and also wont effect the Danes. From my understanding , the field has been plowed and the team is practicing outdoors. Playing in the 40 degree heat in Bozeman will be tropical for us!
  16. Welcome to the board catbob. Just remember to take everything you read on this board with a grain of salt. Much of the conversation here has devolved into complaining about whatever flavor of the day needs to be complained about. With a winning season, the tone has gotten decidedly much more positive and upbeat, but the lingering feeling of doom of the last few years still haunts the board. Just read some of the fire gattuso threads to get an idea of what I mean. Eli's comment on turnovers was not about the stats or numbers, but about the direct effect on the outcomes of the games from the turnovers this team has had. Team is 9-4 now, but could very easily be 11-2 or even 12-1 if not for the bad timing of turnovers or problems with the kicking game. Look at it this way - if your team averaged only 1 turnover per game, but each time it led directly to a touchdown or stopped a potential game winning drive you would still consider turnovers a problem for your team. Even if that 1 per game is the best number in the country - it is the effect of them on the minds of the fans!
  17. It wasn't that tweet. The tweet was from a reporter, and the comments were on that thread. The link I used worked for me, but the post was deleted. It was on the AE board as well with the same linke. All deleted now. Wish I had taken a screenshot.
  18. A reporter quoted Becker from after today's loss to Yale. The quote was about the UVM team playing as individuals and not as a team. Not being committed to Defense. Then Anthony Lambs mom (or sister who knows Julie Lamb I think?) commented back that it was the coaches fault. Taking a shot at Becker. Wish I had taken a screenshot.
  19. Thought this was interesting... https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1201309977408868360
  20. Maybe some of that cash could have been used to fund your precious crew team? LOL
  21. I know we don't play many games in the bitter cold, but I wonder how much it would cost to add those cielling heaters you see in restaurant/hotel entrances in cold weather cities to the concourse under the upper level seating. Could make that area much warmer, and some of the heat would rise up and make the bleachers in the upper deck more comfortable. When the sun was out, it wasn't too bad up there, but the metal bleachers were bad. I ended up putting my hand warmers in my back pockets to keep my butt from freezing. From the upper deck the attendance did look like more than 1600 when you saw how many CCSU fans were on the other side plus how many were in the lower level. Upstairs had maybe 250 people max. Have to imagine much of it was underreporting for purpose of the bid to host. 1600 at an average of $20 probably pays the NCAA, then all the normal costs were sunk and at a loss. If it helps build interest in the program it is worth it as an advertising expense.
  22. I'm still defrosting, but great game today. The first half was atrocious. Their QB was running all over us, their D was stifling us, but something turned on for UA. Exciting game.
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