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  1. Thought this was interesting... https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1201309977408868360
  2. Maybe some of that cash could have been used to fund your precious crew team? LOL
  3. I know we don't play many games in the bitter cold, but I wonder how much it would cost to add those cielling heaters you see in restaurant/hotel entrances in cold weather cities to the concourse under the upper level seating. Could make that area much warmer, and some of the heat would rise up and make the bleachers in the upper deck more comfortable. When the sun was out, it wasn't too bad up there, but the metal bleachers were bad. I ended up putting my hand warmers in my back pockets to keep my butt from freezing. From the upper deck the attendance did look like more than 1600 when yo
  4. I'm still defrosting, but great game today. The first half was atrocious. Their QB was running all over us, their D was stifling us, but something turned on for UA. Exciting game.
  5. The Dane Pound has a lot to be thankful for this year. An incredible Football season, a basketball team that has a lot of promise (regardless of the gas can many have) multiple other teams and athletes having banner years, and an athletic department filled with STUDENT athletes. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  6. Unfortunately I won't make the basketball game even though I have a SEFCU pass for there. I have to coach my son's game at 1030. I wonder if they will let me in with my SEFCU pass at 1230...
  7. Bought my tickets, but I'm still not sure if I am going to go with the weather the way it is forecasted. Its gonna be cold. They might be a donation to the athletic department or available if someone wants good seats. Who am I kidding, I'm sure I'll be there. Did we determine if we will have to pay for parking or if they will give us the same passes from where we were during the regular season? I haven't had a chance to call yet.
  8. So did the coaching staff get better, the playbook get better, or was it a matter of finally getting a QB the can play at this level?
  9. I'm not saying he is going to win, but he isn't out of the conversation. JMU is expected to have seasons like this every year. When I originally wrote it, it was tongue in cheek as the message board was still in a negative place at the time. I don't think anyone thought they would hit 7-5, much less 8-4. https://www.dnronline.com/sports/college/evaluating-the-candidates-for-caa-football-awards/article_b3a2f83c-f2a8-5fd0-be21-4560b8f5f0a3.html
  10. Just wanted to bump this as I was laughed at for making this comment. Let's see what happens lol
  11. I don't know what our bid to host the game looks like, but let's say we bid $40k. That's 4000 fans at $10 each to the NCAA. My seats at $25 each. If American University has a group of 40 people flying, that would be $4,000 for the typical airline change fee of $100 a ticket. Assuming there is a later flight, seems like a no brainier to pay that for them. Hell, even adding $25 a head for a per diem meal, you are up to $5,000. If the average basketball seat is $10, you gotta imagine they would get 500 more fans to attend a night game than a 10am game. Maybe I'm wrong, but how much do they
  12. Really hope they can find a way to make the game a night game instead of doing 10am. I would love to make at a UA sports day, but there is no way I can make a 10am start. I actually had the schedule of my 5th grade game set to 1030am so I could make the 1pm basketball game. No way to move that game now. I have to imagine that the attendance to the basketball game will suck at 10am, but you never know. Might get some football fans going to the basketball game in the warmth instead of tailgating in the freezing cold.
  13. For the CCSU fans complaining about a home game... I thought a big portion of that was the bid they put in? Did their admin put in a good bid?
  14. Or help it if they move the schedule around so people can make a day of it. I coach a youth basketball team and our first game of the season is at 10:30am. I hope they dont move the basketball game earlier. I was looking forward to heading straight there after our game. Now I gotta figure out if I go to the football game or the basketball game or what... It is getting COLD!
  15. Is this on the radio or streaming anywhere? The ESPN Radio App to listen to 104.5 seems to be in a blackout as nothing is playing.
  16. No argument there. I'm just saying that the talent appears to be there, but there has been no leadership and they aren't playing together as a team (yet). They need to go inside out, they need to attack the rim to make the 3s open up. I haven't actually been that upset with the shot selection for the most part, they just aren't falling for them. My comments were geared towards the extreme negativity to the coaching staff, the recruiting, the kids, and everything. If the team still looks like they so right now come the middle of the conference season, then burn it down, but right now it is
  17. That team, Sanders and Singletary were new and had just joined the teams as JUCO transfers. Hooley was a Jr. that missed a big portion of the season. The team had role players that were unestablished like Ennema, Mike Rowley and Peters or freshman in Baker and Stire that didn't play much till late in the season. Is Clark or JoJo a Singletary? Is Healy a Hooley? Is deSousa a Sanders? Is Rizzuto a Baker? Is Hank/French a Mike Rowley/ freshman Stire? Is Lulka/Hansen a Sam Rowley? Is Fruscio a Williams? I'm not saying that anyone on this team is equal to a player on that team, but I am
  18. Not ready to join any Brown bashing. He has earned trust. Disappointed with the start, and how the team has played, but the season isn't lost. Look at the 14-15 team. That team started 2-6, and had a total non conference record of 5-7. That team went 15-1 in conference. It wasn't constructed that differently than this team. I'm not saying this team shows any signs of being that team, or that there is reason to believe they will, but they can't continue to shoot this cold, and opponents won't shoot that hot. I think the talent is there, it's just not clicking.
  19. JoJo is not a JUCO. Played 2 seasons at Northern Arizona of the Big Sky, then sat out a season at Nevada. Very different than a JUCO. He should be a big help when he comes back if the injury doesn't hurt his athleticism. The big problem right now is that no one on the team can hit a shot if the rim was twice the size. I have the gas can in my hand, but at the same time, it's not too far fetched to see them put it together. Q was unconscious tonight from deep. Hitting 3's that were 10 feet behind the arc. I actually didn't think the D was that bad, but when a team is that hot, even great
  20. I'm kind of glad the game isn't being broadcast tomorrow, as it pains me to watch right now. If I was Brown, I'd institute a new rule: Let Healy shoot 3s until he hits 1 to keep the streak going. After that no one is allowed to shoot a 3 (including Healy). If you shoot one, you sit.
  21. Might want to change this topic for the 3 games this weekend together? Not sure how much activity would be in three separate threads...
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