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  1. In other news, the UVM Virginia game is 24-18 at halftime with UVM losing. That's a defensive game.
  2. I coach a 5th grade team, and this has been, by far, the ugliest half of basketball I have ever witnessed
  3. What, give them all the opportunity to lower their shooting percentage? I get that the 3 is in style in today's game, but this is unsustainable and unwatchable. Pound the ball inside. Drive to the hoop. Collapse the defense. Then take the open 3s. I'm not a fairweather fan, and I'll watch and go no matter if they win or lose, but part of me just wants to give up on the season and go watch a *vomit* UVM or *puke* a LCC game.
  4. Halfway through the first half and UA has taken 1 shot that wasn't for 3. Pathetic against a smaller D3 team. Sit everyone and use the next 5.
  5. Not sure, as that is before my time, but I went grew up in Potsdam, and I'll probably wear my Potsdam Stoners shirt tonight with my UA hat (Potsdam High School is the Sandstoners). I remember watching the powerhouse Bears teams of the 80s with Jerry Welsh coaching and Steve Babiarz starring.... https://www.si.com/vault/issue/43857/67
  6. On a different note, didn't D3 keep the three point line at the old distance for this season? How will that work? Follow the home teams rules?
  7. Potsdam is 3-0 right now. While they are D3 and this game "should" be an easy win and a good chance to work on stuff, they are supposed to be very good this season and could give us more trouble than anyone expects.
  8. I'm glad I missed watching this game based on the comments. I went to the movies with the wife and we were winning 15-4 when I turned it off. After the movie my wife asked: how many down years in a row do you need until the message board mob starts calling for WB's head the way it calls for GGs head?
  9. I had to coach my son's practice tonight, so I am missing my first D1 home game in years. Only watched the second half. Is Canisius that bad this year, or did the team step up the defense?
  10. This team has plenty of offensive efficiency, and can score in droves with only 4 on the court. My original note said I don't care how bad they shoot. Set WIDE screens. Box Out hard. Clog the lane defensively. Alter shots. All the little things that don't show in a box score. Having that big body just changes the philosophy of the other team. If the team I am playing against has their two biggest guys on the court at 6'8" and weight 220 or below, I am going to pound it inside against them all day until they prove they can block a shot, cut off the baseline, and stop me from getting the easy on
  11. I might be too much of a traditionalist, but defensively I think the team needs Hank or French to play at least 10-15 minutes a game (not each, total). There is something about a huge body clogging the lanes that makes a difference that doesn't always show in the box score. They don't need to score. Set good screens, box out, clog the lane, and alter shots.
  12. Hopefully the loss is a motivation for the team to focus. Losses happen and aren't a big deal if you learn and grow from each.
  13. Lehigh was better than expected. They lost their 3 top scorers from last season, but brought in some nice pieces. Some polls had them as high as 4th in the Patriot league. IMO this game all came down to 2 main things: Terrible shooting: Shot 30% from the floor for most of the game. Most of the the 3's were open looks. I didn't feel they were forcing the outside shot. Lehigh dared us to take them, and we missed. Throw in so many missed layups and easy shots and it is going to be hard to win. Defensive Intensity in the half court. Lehigh had their way with with the team. We couldn't
  14. Refs missed a lot of easy calls in the first half, but that doesn't even make a dent in the results. I left early for the first time all year because it was so cold. That interception that the UA defender knocked out of his own teams hands was the turning point. Can't blame him he was just trying to break up a pass, but that moment killed any momentum. After that it was a host of turnovers that turned a 2 point game into a 3 score game in a matter of minutes.
  15. The way I read it, they have UVM at #1 then they have a group of SBU, UMBC, and UA, and those 3 can finish in any order. SBU finished second last year, and UMBC finished 3rd, with UA moving ahead of Hartford and UML into that 2-4 tier and thats why they put them in that order.. The actual writeups show what each team needs to do to get to #2 or potentially catch UVM. I don't read into them picking UA 4th at all.
  16. Not sure that is the case. There is a legitimate argument that can be made that he should have been on the first team last season. From a fantasy basketball perspective he was the second best player in the league last year when you take into account everything - PTS/REB/AST/STL/BLK, well behind Lamb, but just ahead of Flemming and Lutete. Keeping his play constant should be a first team selection if it is based on stats alone as that site is very analytical. It may not mean that they think he will improve at all. The actual voters will take into account the shot selection and overa
  17. One of the more well written and researched preseason previews, regardless if you agree with their order: https://www.three-man-weave.com/3mw/america-east-preview-2020
  18. Thats the thing, they didn't oversell. There were more than enough open spots in the lot. The problem is tailgating groups take up 2-3 spots with 1 car in many cases. With a few thousand fans partying and having a good time in the parking lot and rows between cars, it was just impossible to get people who arrived later (after 2:30 or so) to one of the 100+ open spots without being dangerous to the people having a good time in the lot. Keeping the last 8 spots in every row tailgate free would keep over 175 parking spots with easy in and easy out. (I count 22 rows in the dutch lot that are used
  19. Anyone hear how yesterday with LIU went? I'm guessing the other two are Hansen and Clark. That said, I do think deSousa is primed for a breakout. I haven't heard anything about Brent Hank so far this season. He doesn't seem to be mentioned in any of the articles. He didn't play a ton (or at least wasn't noticable) during the purple and gold game. Always foul prone, but he seemed to have some nice moves, and is obviously a huge human being.
  20. Interesting weekend in the CAA: Maine beats William and Mary 34-25 SBU beats (6)Villanova by 1. 36-35 Richmond Beats (19)Delaware (the UA loss isn't looking as bad, but is really a lost opportunity) Now a 3 way tie for second in the CAA Between UA, NH, and Richmond: with Albany listed on top because of the better overall record.
  21. It was just poor planning. They really should designate a small area of dutch, along the outside, that doesn't allow tailgating. This would be great for cases of people getting there late, and for people that don't want to park in the middle of people throwing footballs and BBQs. Say the 8 outside spots in each row. Would free up more open areas for tailgating, everyone is happy.
  22. Thanks. Doesn't look like it is at all set up yet.
  23. Did anyone get the link for buying any of the new UA Under Armor stuff?
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