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  1. I just noticed that Josh Gontarek has landed at Shippensburg as a redshirt junior. That’s a good D2 program. He’s one of the team’s leading receivers, which is not surprising.
  2. Gazette says VT still starter, but it may be just before the game when it’s decided if he’ll play. No mention of Nic....Brunson ready to step in.
  3. I’ve got no idea what the situation is, but the young lady has a public Facebook page and gives no indication of being anything other than a UA athlete. There’s a post from yesterday which appears to be on campus. So who knows? I have little confidence in the folks updating the website.
  4. 2018/2019 Schedule

  5. I think that except for weather factors, the main driver is how many students decide to show up.
  6. She was great! Im pretty sure she was there last year and for some reason I think she's a parent from PA....could be wrong. At one point I leaned over and told Eli he was getting drowned out and so next time he just yelled "What she said!" All the fun folks are up in 204/205. My friend Ben, sitting next to me, is a parent of a former UA player and he was dropping F-Bombs left and right...although at low volume.
  7. HOF2013, here’s what I don’t get: CLEARLY VT was struggling early and often. Is the game plan so inflexible that they can’t change to a run heavy play calling scheme with short passes and dump offs? You know, to get some confidence back for the QB and some offensive rhythm. UA was never out of this game so why all the desperation deep throws? Who was at the controls Saturday night? Was it GG? Was it Davis? I can’t yell because my voice leaves me after one shout so I save my comments for here. Despite the beautiful pick play(rub?) on the slant to Holmes to save their bacon, the pass game was awful. It’s up to the coaches to work with what they have and adjust the play calling to what they are seeing from the QB and the flow of the game. Any competent D1 QB could have hit a wide open Holmes running across the middle. I’m with the group that says they’ve never been more deflated after a win.
  8. I’d love to see a pass chart for last night. In my view the team should be running, using short passes, passes to the backs, jet sweeps, reverses, etc. take a few shots down the field. I can’t fathom why they took so many long shots down the field. Especially when it quickly became evident that VT was having a rough start. The kid has a decent arm, we’ve seen it. Ahhhh, what the heck do I know? He was reported to have “tensed up” and was letting the crowd’s calls to replace him get to him.
  9. By the numbers Using NFL QB rating: VT 38 Morgan State QB 116 Mofor and EB averaged 4.65/carry 200+ yards of penalties combined -----------------------------------------------------
  10. Now that I’m home with an adult beverage, let me just say this: I’m glad they won, they did not deserve to win, it was one of the sorriest passing performances I’ve seen at any level, the play calling was atrocious and Eli was being drowned out by a woman in 204 who had a potty mouth and knew how to use it. Five turnovers including a pick six on a throw a blind man wouldn’t make and they somehow pull it out. I wanted to be excited, but I was disgusted with what I saw. And that’s all I’ll say. Oh....Dev Holmes is all he’s cracked up to be and 51 yard FG...that was terrific. Glad McDonald finally got one for the distance.
  11. With 8 minutes left in the third URI has dropped 35 on UConn. Unfortunately UConn has dropped 42. But they are hanging in.
  12. I don't need to have designed, built or driven a train to know that when it goes off the tracks something went wrong. Maybe the train was going too fast, maybe something was on the tracks, maybe something on the train broke, maybe a rail failed. If a plane crashes into the side of a mountain I don't have to be an aeronautical engineer or a pilot to know something went wrong. If a team is 1-8 over its last 9 games and just got blown out by the only team selected below us on the preseason poll, I don't need to be a former player or coach to know something is wrong. Former players and coaches may have better insights into inner workings, but it does not take away from others who can see and analyze. I have a very good friend who is a successful former head coach of a sport I know almost nothing about. This former coach asked me what I saw at one of the games....wanted my opinion. Gave my opinion. The coach said I was absolutely right and had been harping on the team to correct it. Never played or coached that sport except for a few PE classes in HS. I've watched football religiously for nearly 60 years. You learn stuff.
  13. Recruiting - 2020

    Based on who has already offered him it appears definitely a reach. The only thing I see that makes sense is that he’s an Aussie, so maybe he just thought he would take a flier due to our history of success with Aussie players. Or maybe there’s a current/former Aussie player with connections.
  14. I have to admit that I do not get this at all. Wouldn’t using a real ball be a way of developing center skills in practice? Isn’t the anticipation of a snap and the act of catching the snap and moving the ball in your hands and preparing for a pass, pitch out, handoff, etc developing QB skills? The only thing I can think of is that they are working on something specific that has nothing to do with snap/catch and everything to do with reaction after the snap. But what do I know? Singleais sort of left the question hanging.