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  1. I seriously do not get the venom aimed at TD. The kid never bitched, moaned or acted anything other than gung ho about UA Lax. He gave it all he had for two years and for whatever reason it’s time for him to make a change. It’s a free country and he’s not an indentured servant. He was a Dane, now he’s the enemy. Let it go folks. It’s one guy! If there’s some mass exodus of top players then maybe we should be worried about the program. I’m done talking about it and am not worried about it. Students transfer all the time for a variety of reasons and we never hear about it because they are not in the spotlight. We don’t make them give an exit interview where they state the reason they are leaving.
  2. I think we are in good hands. TD, thanks for two great years. Now be gone....
  3. Recruiting - 2019

    Per Gazette: August Mahoney verbally committed to Yale.
  4. I renewed my tickets yesterday and it seemed to know that I was paid up in terms of the seat obligation, so that’s a good thing. Overall the new payment website is confusing to me, but at the end it appeared to work ok. Perhaps the email I got was a generic one off of a list and the direct reference to me and the seat numbers was absent any account info.
  5. I made my seat commitment donation three months ago and yesterday get an email asking if I’m still going to want the seats. And if I want the free parking, I need to make a $100 donation...wtf? I’ll let you know if the left hand discovers what the right is doing.
  6. UC Davis dwarfs UA in enrollment, population of the MSA, has a medical and law school and a huge endowment compared to ours. And it’s a very short interstate hop to Sacramento. But yeah, there’s farmland around it.
  7. OK, I see that now. So she started looking after Coach Mac and before Coach M, but jumped after Coach M was announced. So maybe a factor, maybe not. Thanks.
  8. Where is the tweet for List on May 3? On the Rockies Twitter it shows up May 15? It’s normal for players to seek transfers when the coach who recruited them leaves.
  9. They don’t give scholarships, but all Ivies give financial aid based on need. I know nothing of the Ierlan family finances, but it’s pretty easy to get costs down to a very palatable level. You can go into the Cornell website and check their net cost calculator. It costs $72k a year to go there, but I put in some figures that seemed reasonable for a middle class family and it was cut more than in half. And you can’t make me believe that students with “special talent” don’t get a little tweaking of the formula.
  10. That’s curious. When the first player bolted after Coach Mullen was hired, I looked at the player’s bio and it noted an organization she belonged to. Pure speculation here, but that organization and same-sex marriage are not compatible. Was that it? No idea. For the record, I could care less who someone marries and fully support the hiring of Coach M. There is , however, an intersection of religion, society and athletics that can affect choices and have consequences. I may be totally off base here.
  11. I heard Marr say that on Wyland’s show...or at least that they should do away with faceoffs. On a totally unrelated subject, I’m currently in Prague and this evening saw a field full of girls playing lacrosse! Never knew they played it over here.
  12. Doesn’t he have to sit out a year or lose a year of eligibility?
  13. I am going to stick with this year’s plan. Check the weather, buy ticket same day or day before. Watch on TV if really nasty.
  14. I’m glad Yale won. They deserved it. And happy for Connor too.
  15. I see comments about TD’s brother. Isn’t he going to Cornell? When you look at the list of Under Armour kids and where they are going to school it all adds up. The plain fact is that the top talent regularly accumulate at a very select group of schools, of which Albany is not (yet) one. While we may have 2 or 3, and normally on attack, the big boys stock up a few each year and have 10 or 12 on the roster at all positions. That’s tough to compete with come tourney time. Bigger, faster, stronger is the key to making it to the next level on a consistent basis.