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  1. Just a general question in the recruiting line of thought: NY has almost as much population as as NJ and PA combined. Why does NY lag well behind those two states when it comes to D1 football talent?
  2. Hey Ref! Your mother wears an army issue face mask! (Youngsters won’t get this one) Hey ref! Did that swab you had shoved up your nose hit your brain?!?! Come on ref! Fifteen yards for a high five?? Hey ref!! The coach was yelling for a sanitizer break before the clock hit zero!! Ilegal motion?? Cmon Ref! The nose tackle sneezed!!
  3. Looks like she got decent playing time so the cause isn’t t obvious.
  4. I’d have to see what the plan was and what the infection rates were at the time. If it can be done safely, sure. I was at some games last year where it looked like most of the upper deck was practicing social distancing anyway. The opposite stands are usually sparsely occupied. I’d give it a shot unless it was apparent people were taking unnecessary risks. I still see brain dead a-holes walking around stores without a mask.
  5. By the way, although I live 15 minutes from the track, I rarely if ever go. Never went in 2019 for example. Also, I tend to avoid Saratoga during the meet and avoid the crowds and traffic. Having said that, the $ that it generates is very important to many people and businesses. I too am tired of basically every newspaper and newscast making as if the meet is the most important thing on everyone’s minds. It is, without a doubt, the only “big time sporting event” that regularly occurs locally. Even if you may not consider it a “sport”. I happen to consider it a sport as the horses and jockeys are athletes in my experience.
  6. Nope, not an SCCC member, but as a county resident a beneficiary of the tax dollars that the racing meet creates. "I think it's more important to get people back to work." This confuses me. Who? Horse trainers, jockeys, groomers? Not all the people who work at the track serving the patrons? Not all the people who work in all the restaurants and bars that serve the patrons? What about the people who count on the $ they make from parking all of those cars on their lawn? I can go on and on, but apparently we differ as to who would benefit from the meet. I have a family member who is unemployed as a result of COVID and presently earns as much, if not more, than before being laid off. And that's due to the relief bill...so it DID help. The best thing the government can do is just get out of the way and let people go to work and businesses open up. Then we wouldn't need the bailouts. On the other hand, if a business that employs 10,000 people is bleeding money and goes insolvent and 10,000 people not only are out of work, but have no work to return to when the crisis resolves....what happens next? The government supports them in perpetuity? I don't like corporate bailouts and there should be stringent controls to prevent abuse, but if the alternative is 10,000 out of work AND hope of returning to work...what do you propose?
  7. Absent patrons and all they bring there is literally no point in the race meet except remote gambling and state take of the money. I’d tell you what I really thought about Cuomo, but DP would accuse me of creating political rancor. Maybe he’ll recommend the stables board horses with equine encephalitis so they can all get sick and die. Governor Andy is counting on congress and the president to pull his bacon out of the fire and they are already signaling that the blue states can go pound salt. I’m disgusted with the response to this whole event. So DP, here’s some more rancor.
  8. Yes, we desperately need some sports rancor. It’s tough to drum up sports rancor when there’s no sports. The Gazette has been running these mock fantasy drafts with their sportswriters for things like H.S. basketball boys and girls all time best. Last week It was all time LCC BB players. They eat up an entire page once a week recapping the Jordan documentary of which I’ve not seen a single minute. Then they usually have articles about what people and players think about what came out in the documentary. Good god! It almost makes me want to watch poker tournament reruns which wouldn’t be reruns to me since I’ve never watched one. How about a foosball tourney with the players in full PPE? Man, I wish I still had my football game with the vibrating metal table and metal, spring loaded QB. You want rancor? You should have seen the fights with my 6 year older brother over whether or not that stupid little felt football actually hit Del Shofner in the end zone. THAT was rancor.
  9. Yes, agree. In our younger years a complaint was in person, in a phone call or via letter or perhaps telegram. Now it’s impersonal, often anonymous and sudden. It requires no reflection or soul searching. It’s just a gut reaction lacking concern about consequences. Research is based on internet searches where queries are guided by politically charged algorithms. It’s an ugly world we live in for so many reasons. I can’t read or watch anything news related anymore without considering the likely agenda of the source.
  10. When the sheep grow fangs the shepherd runs for cover.... There will reach a point where a growing number of people will not put up with it anymore. Anybody paying attention can see exactly what’s going on here. Multiple states and municipalities were on life support BEFORE all this happened and now their tax revenues are catastrophically reduced. Yes, people will get sick and yes people will die....but the country has to reopen soon or it’s all over. Football and basketball are the least of our worries. There’s disaster at the doorstep. IMHO.
  11. Whether or not there is a season IS political, don’t doubt that.
  12. https://dailygazette.com/article/2020/05/11/cambridge-star-phillips-commits-to-ualbany-women-s-basketball Looks like they are recruiting hard in Sec 2 and Lily looks like a great addition. Not for the first time I have to wonder....if she wants to study physical therapy, why would she chose UA? Or do they complete a science/health related undergrad, then go on to grad school for the PT masters? I suppose there’s more than one way to become a PT. Ah, never mind. I’ve got cabin fever and my excessively long hair is impacting my brain cells. Luckily I can still google stuff and come to find out, the PT masters was discontinued 5 years ago and now there’s a Doctor or Physial therapy degree in its place. And apparently you don’t need to do a PT undergrad program. I’ve answered most of my questions. Except where in the heck I can get a haircut....
  13. Looks be a great addition. I can’t say that it’s accurate, but the Pitt Panther board indicates that he is Saquon Barkley’s cousin and ran a 4.2 or 4.18 40. He came in as a 3 star DB, then switched to O where he was both a WR and RB.
  14. The Gazette story on O’dell made no mention of a UA offer or interest. They made it seem that there were no D1 offers at all, just some conversations.
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