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  1. Why is Rizzuto starting? 0-11 from the field? Was he’s a beast on D?
  2. I was out and literally only saw the last 16 sec. that was enough.....
  3. Meanwhile the ladies beat UML. Maybe Donnie Bassett could work with them on FTs. If they could hit some foul shots they’d definitely improve. Oh, the women drew almost double the crowd for their game than the UML men did. That’s nice.
  4. https://nypost.com/2019/01/14/announcer-apologizes-for-disgusting-remark-toward-native-american-lacrosse-player/
  5. McComber is still packing 270.
  6. If WB didn't know that they (Cremo, Nichols) were leaving (did he?), finding quality players in March has to be pretty tough. Up until that point who would come with the two top guards returning and replacements already waiting in the wings?
  7. Yesterday was not a good showing. But I’ve got confidence WB will turn it around. Why? Because he’s done it twice before. Look at 2003 and 2009 and then the years that followed. Despite the lack of AE Championships the last few years we are coming off of 4 straight years of 20+ wins. That, and the loss of Cremo and Nichols, buy WB an awful lot of slack. It’s still a lot of Frehman starters and Flory/Rizzuto are behind in development due to injuries. The JUCOs are definitely disappointing, but I think there was some late scrambling to get them. If they aren’t a .500 team or better next year I will be concerned. Until then I will not engage in hand wringing.
  8. Ugggghhhhh......KC Indy is on......
  9. And 12 of 16 are from outside the US!
  10. Maine hasn't beaten a D1 opponent yet...just 2 in state D3's.
  11. I went back and watched a little bit of the game. Kept my breakfast down too! I'm certainly not going to criticize WB and his offensive schemes, but there's quite a contrast watching UVM come down and UA come down. There's a lot of movement to UA that (at least in this game) produced very little in the way of improved shot opportunities. UVM came down and everyone pretty much went to their place, some drives started and kicked back if the lane wasn't there, a little movement to set up screens, but otherwise a lot a lot of crisp passing and quick shots that were invariably open because our D wasn't keeping up the pace. I can never understand how a team can be so cold at home, shooting at the same baskets they use in practice day after day. Chalk it up to live action nerves and UVM's D I guess. OK, I've run out of stuff to say....on to Maine!
  12. The UA bench was 1 for 8 in 48 min of playing time. We had three starters 35 min +and UVM had nobody over 25. There is no bench for UA. Only 4 UA players had a rebound. Curiously, we did just fine on turnovers and steals.
  13. Interesting that bench points were 31-2. Exactly the difference in the final score. If our starters are having an off night shooting, there are no sparks to go to on the bench. I need to keep reminding myself that there are the four freshmen out there vs the class of the league. Lulka played a heck of a game despite not being 100%. UVM was far superior in terms of experienced talent, crispness of execution and defensive intensity. We did not have a single player in foul trouble which is surprising to me considering how they were getting taken to the woodshed. Lack of fight or just resignation?