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  1. Siena under investigation..

    I really had a good chuckle when someone on their board asked, with all seriousness, what Coach they would have to hire to have a realistic shot at JG3. I’m thinking that from 3’s perspective, after Coach K spends 2 hours in your LR spelling out your future and Michigan and Syracuse have your number on speed dial, the thought of playing for LCC has been deleted and bleach bitted from his consciousness. Good grief, what are they smoking over there?
  2. Just looking at stats. 40-15 on ground balls????
  3. Without Fields and dominant TD you can stick a fork in this one I’m afraid. Sad. Oh well. Spring game in 6 days!
  4. This looks a lot like some games from a couple of years ago. Breakdowns in all phases and over powered. They are contesting everything.
  5. No phase of the game going right. Getting smoked. One thing at a time.
  6. Their defensive checking is massive. Borderline fouls but not called.
  7. Like I said. Mackie and UA’s D. They’ve been down before.
  8. I think our defensive intensity and consistency is going to be key in this game. They can’t take a possession off. Mackie, their FO man, is good, and may be able to limit TD’s domination. Looking forward to a real war.
  9. Recruiting - 2019

    On Wylands show today he had some interview material with JG3 and reported on a recent two day period. JG3 had a visit from Villanova’s top assistant, a visit from Beilein from UMich and then a two hour+ home visit from Coach K. Sounds like he’s having fun with the process but is close to a decision.
  10. Siena under investigation..

    The latest on this was on Wylands show this morning. He said his source pointed to a Siena Asst coach as a source of the Patsos leaks. This Asst is apparently familiar with Beilein and as a result Beilein is off the list. If all true, the dumpster continues to burn.
  11. Groundbreaking