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  1. Just looking at stats. 40-15 on ground balls????
  2. Without Fields and dominant TD you can stick a fork in this one I’m afraid. Sad. Oh well. Spring game in 6 days!
  3. This looks a lot like some games from a couple of years ago. Breakdowns in all phases and over powered. They are contesting everything.
  4. No phase of the game going right. Getting smoked. One thing at a time.
  5. Just a love tap on the chin I guess.
  6. Their defensive checking is massive. Borderline fouls but not called.
  7. Like I said. Mackie and UA’s D. They’ve been down before.
  8. I think our defensive intensity and consistency is going to be key in this game. They can’t take a possession off. Mackie, their FO man, is good, and may be able to limit TD’s domination. Looking forward to a real war.
  9. Recruiting - 2019

    On Wylands show today he had some interview material with JG3 and reported on a recent two day period. JG3 had a visit from Villanova’s top assistant, a visit from Beilein from UMich and then a two hour+ home visit from Coach K. Sounds like he’s having fun with the process but is close to a decision.
  10. Siena under investigation..

    The latest on this was on Wylands show this morning. He said his source pointed to a Siena Asst coach as a source of the Patsos leaks. This Asst is apparently familiar with Beilein and as a result Beilein is off the list. If all true, the dumpster continues to burn.
  11. Groundbreaking

  12. I went to one game when there was nobody at all watching the Dutch lot....can't remember which one. Just parked and walked over.
  13. http://highschoolsports.pennlive.com/news/article/3644489014301532952/dino-tomlin-the-son-of-pittsburgh-steelers-coach-mike-tomlin-gets-his-first-two-college-offers/ This is what I was going on...the press is never wrong, right? LOL.
  14. Yes, he is. Was offered in January by Iowa State.