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  1. I remember some final along those lines....something like 51-0 at the half.
  2. I don’t want to start another thread, but thought I would mention another name from the past with Albany ties. Al Bagnoli, who coached here and got his masters at UA....currently the winningest coach at any level....currently turning Ivy League doormat Columbia into a respectable program. I was also wondering, is there a Bob Ford coaching tree out there some place?
  3. I remember it well, although I watched it on TV, not at Bleecker. My only UA Bleecker experience was the $iena beatdown.
  4. https://nypost.com/2019/10/22/under-armour-founder-ceo-kevin-plank-is-stepping-down/ tuesday mood?
  5. Just saw that the 61st renewal of the Ithaca vs Cortland football game will be played next month at MetLife Stadium. As of a few weeks ago they had sold 39,000 seats, which is already a record for D3 football. As former UA opponents in our D3 era, I think it’s pretty cool they get to do this. Both teams are 6-0 at the moment.
  6. Anyone sitting around me (including my wife, who was telling me to shut up) can vouch for how much I wanted them to throw to Wisnewski. He was open ALL GAME. Here’s a startling stat: Wesneski and Hussein have 11 receptions and 8 touchdowns. That tells me that the opposing defenses forget our TEs in crucial situations. They are open so much it’s ridiculous that they are not used more. Maybe JU will learn to love them as his security blanket as he grows more comfortable.
  7. The only down note for the day was parking. We arrived at Dutch at 3pm. Told them we were not tailgating. I was coming in off of Fuller. They said go left, then told me to go right, forcing me to back up into traffic. Then I get to the entrance, barricades are up, they say it’s been closed for ten minutes. I do an A turn, back to the original entrance where the cop tells me they probably closed the lot because the game started??? Directed the other way where we were refused entrance at every Dutch lot. They said the lots were full. So my Dutch Lot hang tag got me squat. We ended up parking in the lot off the west end of the podium, a very long schlep. Utterly clear that parking was out of control and security was not knowledgeable of the situation. Just one more embarrassing episode for our disfunctional athletic department IMHO.
  8. Awesome in the second half. JU definitely had an off day (can you have an off day with 4 TDS?) but some butter fingers by the receivers too. Mofor is developing a real beast mode...me likes. D stepped up big time when needed. Wesneski was open so much he could have had some more catches. Way too many yards given up, but the only number that counted is 35-28. 😄
  9. Doing everything possible to lose this game. Dropped passes galore, dumb penalty, poor tackling, missed extra point. Did I miss anything?
  10. I refuse to use that new location....it was an idiotic decision in keeping with other idiotic decisions since Casey opened up. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that the athletic department uses more than one or two brain cells when considering the impact of changes.
  11. Even with a successful season, I’d have to think he’d be low on the radar screens of most FBS programs.
  12. We’ve had too many years of woulda shoulda coulda. They’ve got all the offensive tools you could ask for especially if Burns can be consistent. The D has improved. I’m still looking for 7 wins plus, barring any big time injury losses. They’ve a real shot at going 4-4 or better in conference which would be big. They were competitive with CMU and the two other losses were due to bad place kicking and turnovers, plus a penalty party in Richmond. If they keep focus they can do it and JU should get better each week. Mofor makes you forget EB and Green, Reeves, McDonald and Wisnewski are the “Dev Who?” Squad. Unfortunately Green, Reeves and DMac are all seniors.
  13. CAA website has him being from Atlanta and someplace called Georgia Prep...lol.