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  1. Absolutely awful clock management at the end of that game. The QB wouldn’t have had to force that pass if they’d not wasted about 15 sec trying to get a play in. What shocked me was that JMU had basically no vertical passing game at all, no shots downfield that I recall. They put up a decent fight but were out-coached IMHO. And that Lance kid is a beast. The rich get richer.
  2. Nope. NDSU plays at a different level. Now they’ve got an all world QB to go with the rest of it. Half step slow and not enough.
  3. https://ualbanysports.com/news/2020/1/6/womens-soccer-nick-bochette-accepts-head-coaching-position-at-temple.aspx
  4. I’m happier with the CAA. In an article in SB Nation for the 2019 recruiting class out of the 382 blue chip (4 and 5 star) recruits in the country, exactly 6 came from NY and all of NE. N.J. had 8 on its own. There’s 3 FBS teams in NE and the same in NY. There’s most of the Ivies, there’s multiple FCS schools, many of whom didn’t give scholarships until relatively recently. It’s slim pickings...hence why the recruit so much in PA and N.J. I only mention this because it takes a while to build a solid recruiting base area, plus reputation and success. JMU has a huge advantage as did ODU when it was in the CAA. I think we’re where we belong.
  5. I’m not saying they SHOULD move up, just that they have a program that I think could be competitive in the MAC and Sunbelt levels of FBS. They talk on the MSU site about the fact that in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Minnesota there are only two FBS schools and no FCS schools in the latter two. They have a big recruiting advantage for top levelFCS players when it’s added to their championship success
  6. I watched a good bit of both games. NDSU is a juggernaut. They scored on back to back plays that totaled 150 yards...same player. Speed kills. I’ll be rooting for JMU, but they’ve gotta play mistake free. I posted over on the MSU board, and I really believe it, NDSU is an FBS team masquerading as an FCS team.
  7. Former UAlbany Women’s Soccer coach, Caitlin Colfer Cucchiella, will be Inducted into the NYS Girls Soccer Hall of Fame in Sept 2020. 😁
  8. Just America East for UVM, 1988 forward. So I didn’t factor out the years that UA was not in the AE. If I take those out the UVM numbers drop by 18 overall and 8 in WBB. So it looks like 106 to 25 in UA’s favor😀
  9. Just because I'm retired and have the time.....as of June 2019 (give or take a couple on the UVM side): America East UVM 43 championships.....25 in M&W BB UA 106 championships....11 in M&W BB 51 are in track and field
  10. What's the take on Joey Carino? He recommitted from Syracuse LAX, apparently because he wanted a chance to play QB. Supposed to be a terrific player, but why would he come to a school with a budding star with three years left? Some on the 'cuse board were speculating that he was gonna play LAX here. Tough to do both.
  11. Yes. Nice get. The kid from Dupage looks like a good one too. They really need some experienced beef in the middle and they seem to make the grade. They’ve swung and missed on some o line guys....Verdi, Solt, the brothers who never made the field come to mind.
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