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  1. Groundbreaking

    On the other hand, UA practices in cold, rain and crap weather, so when they play in cold, rainy or crappy weather it’s no big deal. Not to say an indoor facility would not be nice.
  2. Fields made a couple of amazing plays with his stick that did not involve scoring. What a warrior! TD went toe to toe with the best and fought him to a draw in the biggest game of TD’s life. That’s a win in my book. The look on Tierney’s face at the end was priceless. Frozen sour puss.
  3. Carcaterra was on with Wyland this morning. He thinks there’s much more pressure on Baptiste to dominate than there is on TD. Basically he thinks UA can win without TD dominating, but not the other way around. So we shall see.
  4. Hi. Sorry to hear about the storm. Obviously, check with your agent or claims person. But, to the best of my knowledge, unless the tree damages something covered under the policy, you are on your own in terms of removal. The town might help and some churches have work crews that will assist. Good luck!
  5. https://dailygazette.com/article/2018/05/15/as-one-mullen-takes-ualbany-coaching-job-another-mullen-s-coaching-career-pauses I did not know that her wife was a highly successful D3 coach at NYU....a twofer!
  6. I want to dislike him, but I can’t. He seems like a real quality kid. There’s a good interview Carc did with him in the SUV back in March. TD is going to need all of his wrestling skills. Of course the wings will be crucial, especially if they effectively neutralize each other.
  7. Siena under investigation..

    After a Google cruise, it appears that Ed retired from coaching in 2010 after a long stint as head coach at WPI. Since then he appears to be performing as as a solo singer-songwriter. Sort of a folksy Austin, Texas style. So there you go....living the dream.
  8. Looking at the box scores of the three Denver losses: The second two losses, ND and G’town were very even games, except in the score. The Duke loss the Blue Devils had a decided advantage in turnovers, but otherwise did not dominate. Baptiste handily won the faceoffs in all three contests. My guess is that if we can play aggressive D and get some turnovers and JD is solid, TD can get enough faceoffs to fuel the high powered offense. It won’t be easy, but they are beatable. I’d love to go, but I’m obligated to an event in the evening, so it’ll have to be TV.
  9. Looks like an up and comer. Let’s see what she can do. Welcome!
  10. Mine was fine. Glad Big Red won. They got hosed by the committee.
  11. Siena under investigation..

    Just an anecdotal observation: Today I passed by the team wear section in the Clifton Park Kohl’s .... one Albany T-shirt left....two FULL racks of some hideous green crap right next to it. Just saying....
  12. I can’t speak for the young man but TD has to be pumped. The opportunity to measure yourself against the best is a dream for most players I should think. The kid from Richmond was giving him fits yesterday until he figured him out and then it was all over.