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  1. Nothing happens in a vacuum and we can’t do static analysis on proposed or enacted rule changes. When the NFL changed the touchback rule to come out to the 50, Belichik famously instructed his kicker to shorten his kickoffs to make the other team field the ball. He didn’t want to give up those 5 yards for free. Coaches will develop new fast break strategies and depending on where the ball is taken by the other team it probably will produce more rides. So we have wait and see how the game adjusts to the rule. I tend to like it overall. I think it will have a lot less impact on a quick trigger offense like UA than the teams that use a slow and deliberate offense. They will alter their approach too in coming up with plays that take less time to develop.
  2. Mazon reminds me of Nikita Whitlock. He played for the Giants a couple of years as a FB/DT. 5-10, 250. He played nose tackle at Wake Forest. Great spin move. He was able to get under all of these big linemen. It'll be fun to see Mazon play.
  3. 2018/2019 Schedule

    I heard negotiations broke down when Benson demanded the name be changed to the UAlbany Cup....probably fake news. ;-) Very pleased LCC does not get their way. Way to go MB!
  4. I like this rule. It not only gives coaches the opportunity to replace injured players, but it also gives them the ability to take a good look at the youngsters in real game conditions. Plus, late in the year when the dings and dents add up, they can get some quality sub time out of the freshmen without burning a year. I should think a freshman would have extra motivation to try and crack the lineup late in the year instead of being told he’s going to be on the sidelines all year. Some reward for the hard work in practice. Is there a downside I’m not seeing?
  5. If this is correct, Mazon Walker has dropped nearly 50# since he was recruited!
  6. https://dailygazette.com/ Nice articles on EB and McDonald. Look at sports sub heading down the page. The Gazette is really doing a bang up job this year. Andrew Grella did the article on Donovan and Kelly the article on EB.
  7. We never know, do we? There’s one we were expecting, but they didn’t show up. A little FB research showed a cute little kid added to the mix. Sometimes life gets in the way of dreams. There’s such a myriad of reasons why an athlete, or any student, needs to make a change. In general it’s none of our business, but I’m always curious as to why.
  8. Ryan Solt has a Facebook page that still has UA featured, but it shows that he started a new job as a server at Red Lobster back around the time of the spring game. What that all means....I dunno.
  9. I looked back to 2013 (I think) and Jake Meek averaged over 6 yards....and basically we all knew he was going to run. Somehow it worked.
  10. I wonder if the new OC merely crossed out the play or tore out the page from the play book and took it over the ion beam laboratory and had it reduced to quarks?
  11. Wow! Going from QB to LB as a senior? I guess the QB room was getting a little crowded. Let’s be fair to the kid. According to stats he averaged 2.5 yards per carry in 2017. That was an improvement over 2016 when he did 1.4. Of course he lost a couple hundred on sacks so that does hurt the average. Yeah, the 2.5 yards and a cloud of rubber pellets offense will be missed....not! At least us folks in 205 can stop calling out the play for the opposition. 😁
  12. If you look at JMU’s roster it’s overwhelmingly populated by players from VA, NC and MD. There’s a smattering of PA and NJ kids as well. UA has 37 kids from NY and has had some success in MD, PA and Ohio. Here’s the thing, and it’s just a theory and could be way off base. SBN did a study of top football prospects from 2013-2017...4 and 5 Star by state. The top three are as expected and the three largest states as well....CA, TX and FL. VA and NC are in the top 10 and MD is #12. I should think it follows that overall, the football talent in the top states provides a richer recruiting ground for local schools. Here’s the sad part, NY, the 4th largest state, ranks 35th! New England is bad too. If UA is going to competitive long term it has to pick off lots of top FCS talent in the Northeast and make strong inroads into the mid Atlantic states. I think they are doing what they can to improve. Unless UA establishes itself as a perennial playoff team I don’t see us stealing many recruits from JMU, Richmond or Elon.
  13. Being in the BHBL district I've followed him. The kid definitely has wheels. That 185 looks optimistic to me unless he's hit the chow and gym real hard since then end of 2017.
  14. SBU? I remember that one. I was better prepared than you and was still cold. If I recall, it was the one game my brother came to, but he’s as crazy as me so we sat there and froze. That stadium seat make a big difference most of the time.
  15. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2787304-vikings-ol-coach-ex-dolphins-raiders-hc-tony-sparano-dies-at-age-56 Both his boys played for UA. My sympathy to the family.
  16. I think we all desperately need some actual games to talk about! My choice of sports consumption, whether UA or professional, is based on what I find interesting. I did not watch a single NBA, NHL or MLB game so far in 2018....could not care less. Never been to a UA softball game, XCountry meet, track and field meet, baseball game, WLax game, field hockey game, etc. Dont watch “reality” shows on TV. My choice. So I’m not going to suffer through games, women’s or men’s, that don’t interest me.
  17. And I don’t understand the need to be so different. WSOC and WBB are every bit as physical as the men’s games. Women’s ice hockey is physical as well. Let em play!
  18. They would have to pay me to attend women’s lax.
  19. Just out of curiosity...I looked and Coach M's personal info is on her official Bio.
  20. The Times Useless has hitched it's wagon to a lame horse. UA has won its 6th straight Commissioner's Cup and LCC has won....what exactly? I grew up in the Schenectady area and always thought the Daily (Schenectady) Gazette had by far the best local sports coverage of the two main papers. I hope MK never leaves the Gazette because he really has the pulse on the UA sports program.
  21. I have a hard time watching it. The rules are so different than the men's game that its barely recognizable as the same sport. You can't say that about WBB or WSOC for example. So maybe that's why. They certainly are talented and dedicated athletes, but the game to me is dull.
  22. Recruiting - 2018

    I’d rather have too many good players competing for those 200 minutes a game than not enough. Basically any kid good enough to earn a D1 scholarship was a star player in HS. Those that rise to the top get the bulk of the minutes in college. Those that are willing to put ego and preconceptions aside become solid role players and prosper. Those that are unwilling to accept a lesser role or can read the tea leaves and see that they are in over their heads and won’t see much playing time will move on. It’s the way it has to be. I, for one, am really excited to see which ones rise to the top this year and if some players can’t accept that they will have diminished roles, so be it.
  23. Nice articles in the Gazette today regarding Liam Gleason. He said Coach Marr was very supportive, said he was ready and did not try to get him to stay. His quote was “go kill it.” Marr also said what a great day it was for UA that one of their own was going to be a head coach. I didn’t realize that Gleason was the first head coach in St Rose history, but never coached a single practice or game there before coming to UA as an assistant.