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  1. Kaloyeros Charged

    From what I’ve read he did not directly benefit financially, They were saying 10-14 yrs is what the prosecutors wanted and his lawyers 4 months! Most of what I’ve seen indicates he and another guy steered bids to two favored contractors by previewing the RFPs and writing them in such a way as to tailor them to the strengths of the favored companies. I guess that’s what they call bid rigging. The favored companies contributed heavily to Prince Andrew’s campaign, but don’t worry...cough cough...he’s not...cough cough....wink nod....involved. 🙄.
  2. The Bonnie’s drew 5480 against UB this past Saturday. Of course SBU is A-10 and UB is MAC, undefeated, #17 and from western NY. Avg A-10 attendance is way more than America East. I know they need to raise revenue whenever possible, but charging $10 to park to watch a game for a currently losing squad in a nearly half empty building does not seem to be smart marketing. And against a team that is 0-10.
  3. I agree that Colgate is a solid team and yes, their QB is totally one dimensional. Stick was money every time he threw the ball and they’ve got a three headed running monster. Pass rush was great. Just surprised how easily the Bison pushed the Raider D around from the get go.
  4. According to Google, Jambo is a Swahili word which is the equivalent of “hello.” So that would be very efficient as saying “hello Jambo” would be redundant. So just a hearty Jambo would get the job done. Must be careful of running afoul of cultural appropriation outrage. 😁
  5. I watched a good bit of the 35-0 pasting NDSU laid on Colgate. They are really in a different category than FCS. Colgate was not even on the same planet talent and execution wise. I know the Fargodome is a tough place to play, but holy cow.
  6. I used to have a boss who called me Jimbo. There’s no link between me and Rambo that I’m aware of. Think Rob Schneider from SNL in the sitting by the copier recurring sketch. The Caminator. The Camerista. So why not Cambo? You’re right though, Rodger does try to be cool. What drives me crazy about all sports commentators these days is all the phrases they use that sound ridiculous. Like “that kid really knows how to score the basketball”. Or in golf, “He’s always been a great ball striker.” Striking the ball is pretty much the whole game of golf in a nutshell.
  7. Congratulations to Maine on getting to the semis. They gave up -1 yards rushing. Now there’s a good young coach who has turned a program around.
  8. Forgot to watch the game last night. What a second half let down. Are they getting gassed or is it just the poor offense (bad shooting) that has been plaguing them all along?
  9. And the moderator will disavow any knowledge of your post.
  10. College football is getting really boring. NDSU, Alabama, Mount Union,etc. sameteams over and over and over. Hey, funone tonight...Syracuse vs Cornell in MBB. Boeheim coaching. One son with the ‘cuse and one son with a Big Red. May be a first.
  11. I watched most of the Colgate JMU game. It was good. JMU’s QB played like VT with 5 INTs. They only gave up 3 ptsoff the TOs, but still. Colgate has a pretty good defense, but not much of a passing game. We will see how far they can go.
  12. Should have missed this game. Eventually the threes have to stop going in....right?
  13. Totally forgot game was on, forgot to DVR, only heard some of the last 11 min on the radio. It sounded like the pace was absolutely frantic. Maybe WB had them go at that pace to see what happened. Let’s see how they come put today against Big Green.
  14. I watched most of tonight’s game. Frame was the offense. Defense was not bad. Lousy shooting in general and very sloppy passing led to layups by Canisius. Definitely work to be done before AE play starts.
  15. Looks kind of like the roster is partially up. Shows Tehoka as a Sophomore and the Frosh without pix. Shows McComber as 5-8 270 😆. That would be interesting. Still shows 2018 on the drop down, but 2019 on the heading.
  16. Great coaches. Cait Cucchiella was the coach for the first two championships and Bochette was her assistant. He’s done a terrific job as well. But yes, great coaching and recruiting.
  17. UA 1 #21 Arizona 0. Let’s hear it for the ladies!!
  18. And Coach MAC was 5-0 at BC last I looked.
  19. I watched a good bit of the Broncos vs Steelers today and there were several Parker sightings. Special teams, blocking and at least one target. Looked like he was fouled but nothing was called. He’s doing well.
  20. Check out Harvard’s. $37 billion. That’s why the Ivies have the “Joe Blow Head Coach” instead of just Head Coach.
  21. CAA getting taken to the woodshed today by the out of conference teams.
  22. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/schedule/ALL/20181129/ this is showing the LIU games at the scheduled time. SEFCU? Lol.