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  1. Privately I have felt that Tehoka would not last 4 years...just a feeling based on observation. Hope it’s not the case, but it would not surprise me if he leaves at any point. 2018....where was the hate coming from? Just curious...if you can say.
  2. Since Hasbro probably does not want bad publicity from being thrown under the bus after a loss, they likely wouldn't be supplying said Nerf footballs....
  3. Today's Gazette: Both teams were whistled often for penalties. Richmond was penalized 132 yards across 10 penalties, while Albany had 122 penalty yards on 10 penalties. "We're fighting some extra people out here," Gattuso said. So it looks like the officials get the rolling bus treatment this week. Other than a questionable no call on the pass interference in the end zone I can't think of what he might mean. How about two careless penalties on one drive? Our favorite lady fan in 204 was screaming pretty regularly, calling the coach needing some of her wrath "Dilbert", wondering why they were taking Dolce out on third down when he was the only one getting much penetration. Most everyone in my section had bailed when I finally moved down to the north berm perimeter with around 8 to go. I posted a picture on FB with the minuscule crowd remaining for what should have been an exciting finish. I guess they've seen enough this year to know it was pointless to stay. Once again, when it came down to needing someone to make a play on D, no one did. I hate to be so negative, but it's based on observation and experience. 2-9 looks like a real possibility. Oddly, Villanova might be our best chance to eke out a win.
  4. I went down to the north berm with about 8 min to go. I was right behind the D on the losing drive. The team has no spirit, no leaders, no fire. No shouting, no encouraging, nothing. You could tell they were beaten before UR even got into FG range. It was inevitable and they knew it. How did DUDzinski ever get to Coach at a Big 10 team? Virtually no pressure on QB...virtually no blitzing. The talent and execution on their two lines is light years ahead of ours. Our OLine cannot pass block to save their life. I’m with Eli cuz I am not sure I can stand to go to another game this year.
  5. And the LB has a name ready made for Sportscenter.
  6. I just heard GG on the My4 show saying that it was a poor kick that led to the FG at the end of the first half....didn't mention the TO that gave their guy a 2nd crack. So it wasn't a pooch kick or is he revving up the bus?
  7. Oh I’ll go and am hopeful. On an analytical bent, they have TALL receivers. Expect a lot of jump balls and end zone fades. If we can’t bring the heat on Mancuso it could be a long night. Ground and pound, get EB and Mofor out into space and use a short passing game when needed. Take an OCCASIONAL shot downfield. Blitz the heck out of them. What’s the appropriate size flask for the game? I can recall University Field in the early 70s passing a bottle of peach brandy around...fairly open about it too. Not anymore. At one of the MLax games last year I saw the rent-a-cops roust a couple of guys who smuggled in beer.
  8. I can’t recall being less fired up about going to a football game.
  9. 2018-19

  10. 2018-19

    Football, the move to the CAA and the stadium is what drew me back closer to the university. I’ve always followed basketball, but watch on TV for the most part. Lax is TV and in person. If I lived close to Albany I might go to BB games, but it’s much less expensive and more convenient to stay hone and watch on tv. Why do we have to be. BB or football school? We have a choice unlike a certain local D1 place.
  11. I was wondering why I’m down in the dumps. My college team is essentially done for the year barring some sort of miracle transformation. My pro team is likewise situated. All this only one week into October. Football....bah humbug!
  12. VT is not the answer for 2018 and is gone in 2019 and this season is essentially lost. Brunson has proved he is not the answer. Time to play Burns and give him experience for 2019. Get Undecuffler in there for experience. Safeties don’t play offense. No excuses there except bad coaching, timid play calling and inadequate talent.
  13. I’m thinking of just mailing in the remaining tickets. This is pathetic.
  14. There’s probably a half dozen HS QBs in the immediate area that are better than VT.
  15. I went to WM sked and got the livestream there. Free. Testaverde looks pretty rough today.
  16. Lots of WRs also played DB in HS, so I wouldn't be surprised if they'd scavenged the receiver ranks for talent.
  17. GG on 104.5. He said they are down 6 safeties. Joe Casale might be available, but he doesn’t think he’s ready (in terms of learning, etc) so he’d rather not have to play him. Says WM is big and physical.
  18. Football, athletics resources (moved)

    This the wrong place for this discussion, but: I never thought UA would be at the level they are now in the CAA, but it happened. Took 43 years or so, but it happened. However, I can confidently say that UA will NEVER be a nationally prominent team at the FBS level. At the FCS level, very realistic. Lax is like hockey. Relatively small number of schools participating means the talent is a bit more spread out and you can catch lightning in a bottle. This is how RPI and Union have managed to win 3 national D1 championships between them. Even so, MLax is increasing in popularity nationally and at a rapid pace I truly believe the talent pool will shrink when more P5 schools start a program. Again, I’d rather strive to be relevant at the FCS level instead of aiming to be irrelevant at the FBS level. It could be interesting though to see what happens as parents try to steer their kids away from the known dangers of football to generally safer contact sports like MLax. The pool of talented players may compensate and increase. NCAA requires an average attendance of 15,000 at the FBS level and a good number of teams are failing or struggling at that, mainly in the Northeast and upper Midwest. Syracuse can’t fill the dome when teams like FSU come to town, let alone their cupcake lineup. FBS is a bad pipe dream for UA.