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  1. No, you agreed with me. I was was just trying to be a wise ass. 🤣😁
  2. Cremo nichols leave...

    Yeah, Nichols wasn't bad. Had a nice 3, but followed with a couple of bricks. UVM kid got Nichol's leg trapped under him while diving for a loose ball and David was limping pretty bad. Hopefully he's OK. They'll need all hands on deck against Murray State.
  3. Cremo nichols leave...

    Cremo played 3 minutes and Nichols 13.....
  4. Holy moly. Didn't see this until this morning. Can't blame a guy for bolting for a better place, but so quick? And after a barely over .500 season? It doesn't say much about the athletic/financial situation over there. As a long time area resident I have to say that I prefer that ALL area schools do well in sports and really don't revel in their fan's misery. It benefits all if every program is strong. It does warm my heart that some of the Loudonville trash talkers are losing their $iena over this. I guess the bloom is off the rose over on Rt 9, or perhaps they've dug it up and tossed it into a burning dumpster. Count me among those who feel that when a head coach leaves, the players ought to be able to transfer immediately. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
  5. Yeah. Regardless of the coachthis one has the potential to be real ugly.
  6. That gives us 5 years to get a decent coach in place.
  7. Thanks. You’d think there would be something on the team site at UA.
  8. She didn’t play much. Maybe decided it was not the place for her. She also was recruited by Coach Mac. Too bad if she’s gone, I had high hopes for her. Somewhat disturbing that there’s only 7 returning players and no commits announced that I can recall. What’s going on here? Lose a recruit, two returners bolt for other colleges and now Ford?
  9. They looked far better on both sides of the ball, but it may just be the level of competition. FO was a struggle. Nate did fine. Good ball movement and TN shot and distributed well. Laffin had the range and they kept feeding him. Not much to complain about other than the FO stat.
  10. It looks like they’ve figured out where TN fits in to this offense. Some great passing going on and good point blank shooting.
  11. Tehoka playing today per Marr. In the Gazette.
  12. Groundbreaking

  13. I was really tempted to go to this game, but with MBB having the same start time it’s easier and cheaper to stay home and watch the BB on the big screen and lax on the tablet. Unfortunate timing.
  14. Other than a porous defense, our biggest deficiencies were at the dot and man up. Man up was 0-5 and worse gave up a goal. There’s 6 right there. The point blank misses were odd, but the goalie was hot and he’s a big guy. Maybe they were nibbling at the edges a little too much? I thought Nanticoke played under control and had some nice passes,even though some failed to connect. A coup,e of times he should have been more selfish and forced an extra pass. At the end of one of the quarters he got blasted from behind right to the left of the goal and no foul was called.
  15. Our defenders look like they’ve got concrete shoes.
  16. I don’t think there would have been an advantage with him in there. It’s not a situation where you can do some kind of static analysis. If he was quick to hit open guys when the double teams came then maybe a positive. The UA scout has to be to double team and rough him up. Hope for a cheap foul. Offense wasn’t our problem. Defense was.
  17. Nice first half. Back 16 years ago when our daughter was looking at colleges, Hartford was the only place where our tour group was actually heckled by students. True story. What a dump.
  18. It’s the new Swiss Cheese defense. MBB starting.
  19. I like that the offense is coming from a host of players....who do they key on? In some ways not having Nanticoke in there is a help in having more fast attackers.