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  1. If he thinks at 5'8" he can play at the big boy level FBS on a consistent weekly basis he is delusional. Yes, he had a great game against Pitt. Yes, he is a great talent and very fast, no question. Could he play at UCONN, UMASS, Buffalo, or Temple? Yes he can. Could he return kicks/punts at the low end FBS? Yes. Could he play in the SEC? No chance. If he transfers then prove me wrong and I will eat my hat. If he wants to transfer to a low end FBS school he will lose tons of games and the prospect of the NFL is a stretch.There is a reason major colleges didn't beat his door down coming out of HS. His height held him back. If he were 6'2 or better he would never have gotten away from those FBS schools. EB Hanks has a better resume to transfer up then this kid. Would love to see him back for sure as I think he will own the CAA in the years to come. If he is transferring to a DII or D III school, then good riddance. it is amazing how all of these superstar WR that leave Albany all manage to transfer to lower Division schools.
  2. This season has been a major disappointment no question. I really thought with this powderpuff schedule a 6-5 team would be attainable. I was wrong. The good news is we have another cake schedule next season. The Offense does have talent but Click is right the OL has regressed badly. If we can keep Mofor, Hanks, Holmes and McDonald that is a good start. The coaching staff should play every single young player/redshirt/benchwarmer etc. at every position they can tomorrow to see what they have. If this staff is getting another crack at it next year they need to scour every D1 transfer- JUCO player in the country. Spare no expense because they cant win with this current roster. Chuck at SBU and Rocco at Delaware ships in D1 transfers and JUCO's every year. We don't have time to bring along redshirts any longer if we are going to make a push. The QB situation going forward believe it or not looks promising. We will see what Byrnes and Under- whatever his name is are made of on Saturday. Defense? Oy...scrap that whole side of the ball and start from scratch!!!!! (see D1 transfers and JUCO players from above) I want GG to win regardless of what posters think of him. I am sure he doesn't want to lose and I bet this season is weighing on him. If he starts out bad next year it wouldn't shock me if he gets canned. I don't want that to happen and I am rooting for a turnaround. if Jim Fleming can do it at Rhody so can he. ALL IT TAKES IS PLAYERS. Its amazing how good a coach Bill Belichek became once he got Tom Brady (he was not good in Cleveland). Or Parcells with LT and Phil Simms or Bill Walsh with Montana and Jerry Rice!!! PLAYERS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. RHODY improved when they went out and got a D1 QB that needed to transfer from where ever he was. Elon same story. JMU just reloads with D1 tranfers every year. If GG gets canned the resumes that will come into Benson's office for this job will be major. I know three guys coaching at this level currently and two at the FBS level that would jump at the chance. My final thoughts are the rebuild either with GG or a new regime will not be as long as some fear. Parting Shot: Who the hell makes up the rules for tailgating???? I had a TG at the Towson game and they piled everybody into a small square space in Dutch Parking, MILES from the stadium. Then the police monitored everyone from a eye in the sky booth. It was like living in Russia in the 80's. Once the game started you had 20 minutes to clean up and go to the game...I mean WTF? This is Albany....not Alabama. Then post game you had 30 minutes after the game to clear out. Last year and the year before these rules didn't exist, you parked and stayed wherever you wanted. If we wanted to be closer to the stadium or tailgate longer it was not allowed. Many people pissed!! If they are trying to promote attendance this is not helping the cause. I was considering season tickets so I could park right next to the stadium but if the same rules apply No Thanks.
  3. Boy, I hope that is not true. If they can keep EB Hanks, Dev Holmes and McDonald we could be OK. That is a very good starting point on offense. They will add new players to the OL and hopefully the OK State QB transfer is the real deal. Click, I Agree 100% on D. Eliminate virtually everyone and bring along 2nd teamers, Red Shirts, JUCO's (wont take that long to jell) and transfers. That's how Chuck got it going at SBU and Fleming at Rhody. I would literally revoke any scholarship or outright cut the players in the secondary.
  4. I would grade them at 50%. EBH (Only a Jr. be back next season if he doesn't transfer) and Mofor have had some good games running the ball but VT has been sacked more than he should. The OL will be better next year. I am sure there will be players on the OL in the mix next year that are not in the mix this year. JUCO and 1A transfer city. I agree we should play everyone over the next 4 weeks. Get the OK State transfer QB some reps for certain. Our Secondary is why we are in the shape we are. With a serviceable secondary we probably get to 6 wins with this schedule. Our O is scoring enough to win. We would struggle stopping a top tier HS team from throwing on us.
  5. Pete Rosso would of been in over his head (young and first HC job). KC Keeler for results alone would of been my choice baggage and all. He won a National title at Delaware. as soon as he gets another he will move on to the show with an FBS job. Rumor is UMASS is interested in him. I don't care how much is owed to GG if he goes 2-9 he will be gone. My hope is he turns it around. I cant see that happening though. They need a winning FCS coach or bring in a real FBS assistant. No way will this program stand still for 4 years if he goes 2-9. THERE HAS TO BE A BUYOUT CLAUSE!!! What say you lawyers on here (Dane 96)
  6. I would be surprised if he is still employed here next year especially if we go 2-9.
  7. That's the frustrating part, this team does have players. EBH, Holmes, McDonald and sometimes a QB. They are awful on D, a complete overhaul is needed. This wont be a long rebuild if a new coach comes in. He will bring players from 1A, JUCO and probably his former school. Rhode Island got good overnight when they brought in D1 transfers. Rhody's QB is lights out and so are their receivers.
  8. If they make a change and that may not be the case, they should throw a truck load of money at Jim Fleming and Chuck Priore. Find somebody at this level who can get it done.
  9. This loss absolutely ruined my night on Saturday. A big reason why my night was ruined because I throw a huge tailgate party on HC every season (you are all invited...will post details) and was planning on being 4-2. I finally got the courage to look at the news articles this morning. I was too sick to even come to Big Purple Fans. Wow, with 6 minutes left they had the lead and couldn't close the deal. PLAY DEFENSE !!! Hate to say it but I have joined Click's camp, and I don't just mean the staff. Wholesale changes from the top down. Contrary to what I have read it wont hurt recruiting, scholarships offered by a proven winner like the guy at Elon or just look to Rhode Island. Both teams were doormats and in two years they are both outstanding teams. Maybe someone reach out to Fleming for an upgraded job offer. For those who think they will scrap football and put the monies towards other sport you are delusional. They will get this fixed. They didn't spend the kind of money on a stadium to field an NEC team. Shame on the school for not getting Ford this facility 15 years ago, we would be in the playoffs every year. I wont be as harsh or vocal but clearly our secondary is beyond horrific, 22 points is enough to win. Hate to say it poster's but I will only post one more time for the sake of my tailgate party as to the where's and when's but I am done until next season. Best
  10. To be fair to the Defense they did register two sacks and only gave up 74 yards rushing. The OL sprung both Hanks and Mofor for 100 yards rushing and gave up one sack. VT was upright enough to throw for 300 yards. One of our sacks was late in the game and shut down any chance of an SFU comeback. We will need 3-4 sacks to make up for a poor secondary. Like you, I am truly concerned for our secondary. If we can improve a just little in the secondary that might be enough to outrun/outscore our soft portion of the schedule. I stand by my 6-7 win prediction. No margin for error against this soft schedule. Maine will be a loss guaranteed. W & M, UNH and Richmond are awful this year. Lets see how it unfolds as many were throwing dirt on them at 0-2. At some point pride will/should kick in. They need a convincing CAA win to restore their confidence. Bill & Mary provide that opportunity. A funny thing happens when a team wins a game in convincing fashion or beats a team they are not supposed to beat, self confidence is gained or restored. When we beat Buffalo two years ago, they probably won two more games alone because they thought they were better than they actually were. The same thing happened this year but in reverse, they got destroyed by a team they are on equal footing with and its taken two mediocre wins to get them back to feeling ok about themselves. A solid win at WM should do the trick. We win at W & M we will get to 6 wins. We will need to win one of those toss up games like Delaware or SBU to get to 7. Remember, this years offense (Dev Holmes, Hanks, McDonald and VT) is starting to click and is light years ahead of that offense that beat Buffalo, I mean we now have a serviceable to good QB. Opposing defenses cant defend everything. They can't stuff 8-9 in the box and if they do Holmes will burn them. Our D is not there...yet. As I stated earlier if we lose to W & M we are cooked as the bottom will drop out.
  11. Now that we've seen the good, the bad and the ugly lets begin the season over at 2-2. Many of you have seen the games. I have only watched the second half of the Pitt and Morgan State games. Most of you are more qualified to make commentary since many of you have been to the games or watched on television, computer etc. From the games I have read about Rhode Island was a dumpster fire. Rhody is improved but they are not 45-7 in the 4th qtr better, that was just a defensive abomination by us. The Morgan State game was a disaster from a QB standpoint. Impossible to win throwing that many picks and somehow we managed to get the W. If VT doesn't throw those picks we win 30-13. St. Francis is not awful and they are far superior to Morgan State. I was worried about SFU to be honest, they went toe to toe with Richmond. In fact I think SFU beat Morgan State a year or two ago soundly. OK, going forward it is clear our offense is finally clicking on all cylinders. Defense cant cover anyone. I think the LB play is ok, not great. DL needs more pressure and I think we need to bring along some RS Frosh to rotate through the secondary as they are terrible. If our D could play the way it did in the second half of the Pitt game we will be in business. Remember, we have never been great defending the pass just look to the last 30 years so this isn't a surprise. OK, here is the silver lining...with the exception of Delaware (overrated) and Maine (Tough as hell) the rest of the schedule is soft. UNH has not won a game, SBU is overrated and will be exposed by Villanova this weekend, WM may not be as good as St. Francis, Towson is on our level maybe less, Richmond is bad. All of these teams will struggle to defend our offense if VT doesn't go into the tank. The worry of course is everyone will throw on us. If we can get our secondary to play at the college level and not the high school level we realistically could win 7 games. No, I am not drunk this morning. No kidding posters it could happen. Our offense is very good but the D is mediocre. The secondary kids that were hurt were nothing special last year so for them being hurt is really a non event. The next 4-5 games are VERY winnable. If we piss away the Wm & Mary game the season is over. I wont point fingers or call for anyone's head...yet. 6-5 … 7-4 or better would be acceptable to keep this regime in place.
  12. As many on BPF know I am a former player (100 years ago...I know no one cares), a long time $$$upporter and a true fan of UA football. I am not a guru or "know it all" when it comes to football, although I am helping coach my son's youth team on Long Island and we are kicking butt. With that said, there are several areas that I feel need to be addressed. Click, I love the passion, but sometimes like coach Ford would say "the glass may be half full." Or its possible it may be half empty lets see how the next two weeks pan out. Try and stay optimistic buddy...the sky is not falling and if GG and Benson are canned there will many, many candidates to fill these spots ASAP!!! It will not set the program back 5 years, in fact the foundation of scholarship players are in place. It might take 1 year, but odds are a new regime would hit the ground running with many transfers etc. If a new coach were to come in he would probably keep the OC and system in IMHO and start over with the rest of the staff. This job is a very sought after coaching post for this level. Where it concerns GG or Benson I do not have enough information to join your camp but remember, I would bet there is some kind of buyout clause in this extension ( I would guarantee it) . This is not Benson's first go around as an AD. A first year law student would insist on a buyout. Someone posted what is left to play for? Well for one, a free education. 63 scholarship kids would play for a degree. Second, how about a little something called PRIDE. One of the four cornerstone of our program that Coach Ford instilled is PRIDE! And finally, this team has been HUMILIATED. That's a kick in the stones when you play better against Pitt then a middle of the road Rhody squad. Now, to the performance, absolutely awful against a decent Rhode Island team. Maybe Rhody is better than we think but time will tell. We win the next two games going away and move to 2-2. Anything short of solid wins then its time to hit the panic button. This loss reminds me of the Holy Cross game from a couple of years ago. It was ugly. These next two wins will not solve anything when it comes to the CAA. There is two weeks to fix the D. If they struggle the next two weeks then I agree with Click that this team has quit and changes may be needed. The team does have talent, no question, it just needs to be executed against top tier competition. The good news is if we can turn the D around we have a favorable schedule this year. Wm & Mary, Towson, Stony Brook and UNH are not that good. Delaware will be tough. a 7 win season is not out of the question if the D can get it together. If not, then maybe changes are needed.
  13. Does anyone have an update on Hanks? Is he100%? I assume he was not 100% last year. Did the NCAA grant an extra year of eligibility because of his knee. If he was healthy last year they beat Maine and Elon giving them 6 wins.
  14. You can always fire a coach if need be and pay him out, who cares. The contract may stipulate he doesn't get paid out if he is fired or loses money if he doesn't win a certain amount of games or makes the NCAA tournament. Until you know the terms of the contract we shouldn't worry. its not like its our money that's paying him, its the University's (I know taxes...take it up with Cuomo). Contracts or handshakes mean nothing in sports(see that moron Josh McDaniels). I would be more concerned with how far a firing would set back the program. I imagine if we don't make the NCAA tournament in the next year or two then there would be something to bitch about
  15. One could look at this from the other side of the equation. He had two seasons with 7 wins and should of made the NCAA Playoffs two years ago but got screwed over by the committee. He did it with NEC level players. Oh and he beat an FBS team. UB is awful but they still give out 85 free rides. if Hanks was ready to go last year we would of won 6 games even without any talent at QB. We were in all of the games with the exception of (cant believe I am going to say this) ...Rhode Island and they quit in the second half of the Delaware game. That was my final straw last season. Maybe he is a great coach to win as much as he did with NEC players for 2 out of 4 season? That was then, this is now. I don't believe the situation is as dire as some here believe.We need a QB no question. I believe he will get this thing going in the right direction THIS SEASON, not next. We have a very good D, Hanks should be ready to go and we just need some production out of the QB. PS the loss to Elon 6-0 and Maine 12-10 was a disgrace