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  1. SO a few remarks both past and present. 1. I am not sure why our man-up unit is so poor so far this year, we usually have a great unit which is a result of great shooters, excellent vision (esp. by Fields up top) and well schemed patterns designed by Merrick. It doesn't look like they are in a funk, but maybe they (coaches) believe they are talented enough to just freelance, which against top D1 teams with good DC's is never the case. I know a lot of coaches are NOT big on the whole "flip/fake flip" thing, however from my POV, if you run a F/FF at the top of the set, it forces the top defender to guess which guy has it, forcing a rotation without the ball traveling an inch. That is very valuable. I'm no coach but I have at least a dozen man-up looks in the ole thinker that generate multiple options, not the one hitter types. Additionally, when it is a 30 second penalty, why do 95% of teams waste 24 seconds throwing the ball around the outside, it makes no sense to me even if you do have a great 6-6 offense like the Danes. 2. I still feel like this teams greatest asset outside Fields is the fact that teams have to put a SSDM on either Patterson or McClancy. It showed up big time in the UMD game and in a prior post I did an analysis of output by those 2 based on type of defender. I think LaxFilmRoom would be proud. McClancy does not get anywhere near the credit he deserves but it will show on draft night when I guarantee he will be a top 10 selection. His stamina is ridiculous. Does anyone know what the current team does for conditioning? Is it strictly by doing high tempo drills or does Scotty still make them get on the end-line for "4-stops"? Also- which team will be the first to put a shorty on Reh and get toasted for doing so? My guess -- UVM. 3. Jared Bernhardt for UMD is scary good & if he and his coaches ever figure that out, watch out for UMD (and I hate UMD). He is so quick and fast he toasts every D guy on him, but for some reason they get away from him. I.E. game vs UA, he scored the 1st goal unassisted on a simple run from X, but they never got it back to him in that spot. 4. I give Nanticoke a pass. I recall Scotty always giving freshman the same pep talk about how Fr. year is a roller coaster and how you have to try to manage the highs and lows. UMD had a great D guy smothering him all game and it looked like he got a minor knee injury on that first dodge.... 5. Speaking of. I LOVED that set they ran multiple times in the first quarter where they brought Fields or Tehoka out top and put 5 along GLE. While you can't run it multiple times in a row, I hope they keep sprinkling it in because both of them can draw that slide easily and have their head up looking at 5 v 4. 6. Someone tell Reh I love him. He gets lost in the shuffle but I know he will be good for 3-4 games of 4 goals +, especially when UA faces lesser competition that try throwing junk defenses at them. Woooo that's all I have. Thanks for reading. Thoughts & opinions always welcomed.
  2. Maryland's D is really really good. UA's D can't solv Connor Kellys throwback passes.
  3. I really liked the opening set with fields dodging into a 1-4..... But don't do it 4 times in a row, mix things up a bit!
  4. I can't wait to see what we do against a title contender like Maryland. With all due respect to Syracuse, I think they are still a year away from a trip to MDW. Although, that win looks even better with each passing Syracuse victory. The battle I am most looking forward to is........ coaching staffs. I think the world of Liam and Merrick in terms of X's and O's, and obviously Marr does a great job of being the CEO -- motivation, etc., however, it is a fact that they got out-coached against Tillman and crew in the quarterfinals. Simple things like moving Rambo to up top to let him dodge downhill and use his unique size/quickness ratio absolutely killed us and we had no adjustment for it. Let's Go SUNY!
  5. While I tend to agree on the assessment of Patterson, one big thing to keep in mind is that Syracuse opted to put the LSM on McClancy, which allowed Patterson, an attackmen, to dodge against a short stick all game. ANY division 1 attackmen should be able to beat a shorty with their eyes closed. Since then, Patterson has been getting the LSM. The scoring directly reflects that. Patterson vs the LSM has 2 goals in 3 games and against shorties he's had 4 goals in 1 game. McClancy had 1 goal when getting the LSM vs Cuse and 5 goals in 3 games when getting a short stick defender. It also provides further evidence that playing a 4th attackmen works and we are starting to see other teams implement the same strategy (I.E. Notre Dame. McClancy is a consensus top 10 MLL draft pick. The number of D1 teams who have so much firepower that a top 10 midfielder draws a short stick match-up is one. I think one wrinkle that we may see UA implement against UMD is to decrease the number of defensive shifts McClancy takes in order to keep him as fresh as possible for the offensive end. On another note - I am interested to see if T.D. has added any significant counters to his game. Looking back on the quarterfinal loss to UMD, they threw out their #2 FOGO who went from a stand-up stance and did a rake (I'm not 100% on this). This move allowed him to scrap for the GB with the advantage of already on two feet as opposed to T.D. who had to get up off one knee. I obviously can't argue with the results thus far, but UMass showed that teams will at least make the faceoff competitive
  6. Logan Wisnauskas is a transfer from Cuse and is very good. As typical, UMD has a entire starting attack of guys that would be #1 guys at other schools. The question is, does the UA defense have it in them to play a full game and does Gleason have the adjustments needed. Last year's QFinal got out of hand because of the inability of UA to stop Rambo dodging from up top
  7. Pardon my lack of political correctness .... UMass just joined Drexel on the #MeTooMovement
  8. IMO UMass was the mid-major power in the era just prior to UA's rise. In 2002 they missed out on the FF by losing to Hopkins in OT, in 2006 they came from the 10 or 11 seed to make it all the way to the championship game losing to that all time great UVA team in a route and in 2012 were 15-1 and ranked #1 for portions of the year. The good ole Garber Gorillas. Ideally, TD will do his thing and the offense is crisp allowing UA to rest their starters in advance of the UMD showdown. Does anyone know if the team is flying to Maryland? I don't know what the athletics budget is like these days but we use to fly to 1-2 games a year and this seems like an ideal situation to do so. IMO that bus ride costs a team half a goal at least.
  9. Oh good to know. I live in Syracuse and I'm a CPA, so unfortunately until April 15th, my ability to watch the Dane's in person is limited to when they come to the Dome. I watch all their games on the stream though and I do thank the good lord every night that they switched to GoogleCast. The product is legitimately 10x better. I happen to like no commentators as well. Keeps me focused on the action and since Eaman McAnaney left to go do Sportsnite there are only a few commentators I enjoy.
  10. I happen to know that a guy I played FB with donated at LEAST that much to build the stadium - before the Casey's gave their 10 Mil gift. That doesn't shock me one bit. With all respect to the Casey's (& I mean that literally) it is too bad UA didn't build in some way to show appreciation to all those "little guys" that help fund capital projects and general operations. The Casey's deserve to have the stadium named after them, but what about a "hall of faces" that show a photo, name, and maybe even a short bio of all contributors over say $10,000 and then a plaque with a listing of everyone else who contributed something as part of the "2020" campaign that seemed to go on for 20 years. I could be wrong but if there is anything of the sort on campus or in the stadium I have surely missed it. Tell your teammate "thanks" for me for helping transform the UA campus
  11. @NYSteve661 - I was thinking the same thing, however, I know Duke schedules games with a 2 day turnaround on purpose to prepare his team physically and mentally for the final 4. Modeling after Duke isn't the worst idea I have ever heard, even if it's just a product of the circumstances. I'd imagine it would help settle the nerves of a team embarking on their first trip to Memorial Day Weekend if they can look back to a weekend in early March where they handled 2 quality teams in 3 days. Now thegame at Maryland 4 days after.... that's just plain mean. GO DANES!
  12. 1. I am shocked that the gift by John Fallon was only 250-500K. Not saying that is chump change, but that is not a lot of money as far as bequests to universities go. I always assumed (wrongly) that he had given 5-10mil. Well that definitely changes my outlook. I don't think 500k buys you perpetuity naming and location rights to a D1 lax program. 2. I wish someone would step up with that 5mil donation that would allow JFF to become "JFF at JPompo6 Field house." I could be wrong but I think that a lacrosse specific field house would be the first one ever, though I am sure other sports would get access to it. Even if that is the case, We would probably be the athletic program with the lowest overall profile to have a facility of that quality -- which isn't a bad thing, we can't help who we are, but we can be proud of it! 3.Reason #768 why a field house would be worth the investment -- tomorrow's game. It could have been played in perfect conditions in front of 1,000 of UA's most loyal fans. We went out to Notre Dame when I was a Freshman and played in their field house and I recall they had a significant home field advantage due to the crowd being on top of you, the field not being full size, strange lighting, several different line patterns that were really confusing. We could have a few of those home field advantages while ditching the confusing lines and short field. We lost that game 7-6 and was part of what we endearingly refer to as "The best team to ever start 0-5" We opened with a close loss @ #1 Hopkins, then 7-6 @ #6 ND, followed by 8-7 in 3OT @ #9 UDel, another loss 9-8 @ #12 UMass, and a fifth loss 7-6 @ #14 Drexel. We finally won our first game of the year by playing our first home game of the season #11 Princeton and beating the pulp out of them 10-2. That was the last time PU game to the Capital Region. To cap off this trip down memory lane I recall we hit our high water mark for the season when we were up 11-2 at halftime of the AE Championship vs #6 UMBC and then promptly hit our low mark by squandering that huge lead and losing 14-13. The game isn't over until it's over! 4. Now that I have rambled on about my glory days...... I commend Scotty for taking out all of the starters to start the second half vs. Drexel... there was nothing to gain and everything to lose by playing them. We don't need to embarrass teams to the point it becomes unsportsmanlike (not saying we've come even close to that point) and more importantly, the biggest thing standing in the way of us getting to the final 4 IMO is injury. These cold games in February and March are really hard on the body and I would hate to see such a promising season go up in flames due to injury(ies). 5. I am very much looking forward to watching the Maryland game... over ... and over... as they most likely possess the greatest probability of being able to at least disrupt T.D.'s domination at faceoff. I NEED to see how our Danes perform under pressure. I am sure they will do great, just as they did in the first half of the Syracuse game, but I can't help but think about those college basketball teams like Wichita State a couple years ago that blew the barn doors off every team they played in the regular season and carried a top ranking with them most of the way too, but in the end they fell just short of their goal mostly because they just didn't play as many minutes of intense pressure basketball as a few of the other great teams did. My only anecdotal personal evidence of this is when I was at West Genny and we rolled all season to 22-0 and #1 national ranking, never trailing in a single game all season with the likes of John Galloway, Tim Desko, Luke Cometti, Ryan Barber, and 10+ other D1 players.... when we got to the state title game against #3 in the USA West Islip, we found ourselves down 3-1 at the end of the 1st quarter and in the huddle you would have thought it was 20-0. We hadn't faced and battled through adversity so we didn't have any composure. We forced a few passes, tried to do a little too much 1-1 and without much affair we were down 5-1 and had no answers on either side of the field. We lost that game 7-3. What drives the point home further is the year prior we played the same West Islip team only they were #1 and undefeated and we were 16-5 (the most regular season losses by a Genny team ever at that point) and because we had dealt with so much adversity we were able to fight and scrape and ended up falling just short 7-6. Anyway - there are my thoughts. A little too much about the good ole days but I thought they were relevant and maybe at least someone was a little entertained. P.S. Ryan Smith from West Genny is gonna be a Puppy for the Danes come Fall '18 and I think he has the potential to become another UA 2 way middie. It's also coach Messere's final year coaching at Genny and they have a really good team. It's been a while since WG has won a NY State Championship... Maybe all the planets will align for me and WG and the Danes both go out on top...
  13. On the subject of John Fallon Field, I find it very interesting that they are playing so many games at Casey (before the renovation at JFF). When I played at UA from 2007-2010 the stipulations were that the football team was ABSOLUTELY not permitted to set foot on JFF as it was designated by JFF himself. I know if I gave millions to have a stadium named after me, I would expect the games to be played on it and if it falls behind the times, UA either spend the money to upgrade or come to me and see if I will put up more money. I ave no inside info on this. Let's get back to the real story here. In all my years of following lacrosse I don't remember any team being up 16-2 at half. Probably the best 2 weeks in Albany lacrosse history. I hate Inside Lacrosse but I have to admit I bought one of those "Dane Train" tees. I want to see UA break the goals and differential records this year. But mostly, I want to see them make the final 4...... I would put money on it happening, so long as they dont run into Baptiste in the quarters.
  14. Fall Ball

    Thanks for the warm welcome -- I really appreciate it. I think that Patterson will slide into the "4-man" position, which is the same position I played during my career. Essentially he will sub in on the offensive end for the LSM, pairing with each set of 2-way middies. Along with dodging from GLE, he will also be tasked with working the crease and finding spots in the slot for time and room shots. On the recruiting front, I think the next big step for the Danes will be to attract a top flight midfielder. Not saying we don't have good mids, because we do -- they are especially adept at fitting into the 2 way system Merrick has developed (when I was on the team we didn't use 2 way middies). I would think that we would be able to get one of the stud middies that are built like a horse. Coming out of West Genesee I was attracted to Albany because of the free-flowing system UA has come to be synonymous with. Another part of UA's game I was particularly impressed with is their transition offense. It seems like they have a core set of principles rather than "plays". I saw a lot of passing and cutting and/or picking which puts an immense amount of pressure on the defense. I am taking another pass through the scrimmages trying to identify how I would game plan against UA and the only team that I can think of that would possibly give UA a very difficult time is Denver. Beating Albany starts with neutralizing Ierlan and controlling the time of possession. In the past, the common ingredient to beating Albany has been putting their offense in a bind by controlling the time of possession. It seems like when that happens the offense loses its identity because they want to score and score quickly but they don't take the risks they usually do because they don't want to give the ball right back. I hope Scotty is putting the team through a lot of situations setup like that...but hey, I'm not the coach, it's just my two cents.