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  1. Maybe my expectations are a little low but I'm hoping for a 5 win improvement from last year. The teams core is still just sophomores. If we get around 17-18 wins this year and then around 23 next year , I'm hoping it will set up a magical year in 2 years.
  2. Another good win . Team has exceeded expectations for many of us. Hopefully finish the season out strong, continue to develop our QB, and maybe have a couple of good seasons over the next few years.
  3. Recruiting - 2020

    Schalmont just sent a twitter message thanking Josh Pelletier for attending their workout today . So that must mean we are still persuing him. Looks like a decent player. He is 6'6, high IQ player but does not look very atheltic. But I'll admit I dont follow him very closely. I would think we need an athletic big man, maybe 6'8 or taller but maybe O'Dell would be a good pick up. I have no idea.
  4. I'm still waiting to see what happens which is why I have not been posting on the Football side. I think people are upset with the program. And rightfully so. It's a message board. It's kind of made for complaining (kind of). If I dont like something I dont read it . Same as in life. These are 2 big games . I still have no idea how good or bad this team is. But we will find out very shortly. Then we can make our determination pretty definitively.
  5. Recruiting - 2020

    I'll admit I know very little about this guy but if u guys say he is good I'll take your word for it. It really does look like Brown has upped his recruiting over the last couple of years. I truly feel a new arena would do wonders for us and take us to a level we have never seen before.
  6. Recruiting - 2020

    I hate secrets on a message board. The recuit who verbally committed is Will Amica.
  7. Canada Tour

    I definitely do not have a box score. Maybe its the browser I'm using . If u would not mind at the end of the game can u post the box score. Thanks .
  8. Canada Tour

    I checked it once and the only thing I got was the score . If u have a link with the player stats can you plz post it so I can check it later. Thanks
  9. I have been silent on the expectations because I'm trying to remain neutral if not positive. I did not renew my season tickets however i hope the team plays very well. You have to believe this is coach G's last year if he does not produce. The big question, as we all know, is Benson. What has he really done ? To be honest I'm not sure. I dont think it happens but I would not mind him taking a hike as well.
  10. Recruiting - 2019

    It appears Romani Hansen just committed. Grad transfer 1 year remaining.
  11. UConn to the Big East

    I was more talking about sports in general and not just football. Our football team is bad, but the rest of our sports programs have been pretty good over the years. No reason (other than money) not to explore a move. There are so many positives (not just athletically) to moving up in conference.
  12. Will be interesting to see the domino effect. I highly doubt it would affect us but you never know. Even though we had a down year athletically, I do believe we have outgrown the AE. Given our prolonged success, larger (better) conferences could do a lot worse then Albany.
  13. Recruiting - 2019

    Good for him . It always seemed like he wanted to go higher. Also without a scholarship it did not look good to get him.
  14. Recruiting - 2019

    I really hope he does come. I hope that all of the guys who are suppose to come , all do. It does seem like he wants to go higher. (Which may be a mistake. ) However in my opinion if he really wanted to come then he would have committed after his official visit. Would be an awesome commitment but I think the job that Brown has done is unbelievable.
  15. Recruiting - 2019

    We have Zero scholarships left. So unless something happens I'm going to say No .