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  1. Benson's Contract

    That's kind of what I meant. As I'm sure you know there is normally a dollar amount attached to these things. The people I spoke with did not know that information but will find out. The whole project will either need to be completed by 2021 or just the planning as you stated above. That's what I was trying to find out.
  2. Benson's Contract

    I have no doubt that you are 100 percent right . I know zero and I mean zero about stadium bids. However I called my contacts at the state today and they sent me this. It's very recent and will be very interested what it exactly means. Will find out more in the upcoming days. And of course this is a bid job. https://www.nyscr.ny.gov/iframes/openAdDetail.cfm?id=33F0DB83-78FE-48DA-A934-573B39C9022B
  3. Benson's Contract

    What I can say is I have done work for the state. Everything I have done in an OFFICAL capacity has been public . If someone asks me to do something unofficially then of course it's not public information. I have tried to buy state land, build on state land, worked on designs on state land, and everything official was public. Everytime we got paid to do something was public information. Of course I know nothing about stadium design . What I can tell u with 100 percent certainty is that the newer dorms at albany was 100 percent public , from the design, to the construction, to the landscaping.
  4. Benson's Contract

    I would say normally that goes public. Because everything needs to go public with a state school. Even the people who did the design . There needs to be bids.
  5. Benson's Contract

    It's all speculation but I'll throw my two cents in. I'm not in the know, but some people who are say that we r actively negotiating with SEFCU. I'm not sure what that means (for old arena rights or a new one). The fact that our atheltic department has said nothing leads me to believe we are several years out. Normally the way it works is: A couple of big gifts, then a proposal with several designs, then fundraising (including how much state funds), then a bid process once determining which design. That process takes years, especially for a state school. I'm surprised a local news outlet has not asked . The record seems to be good at things like that.
  6. Recruiting - 2019

    What's his position? It says guard but he looks more like a shooting guard. Transferred from Northeastern where he did not play all. I dont know much about the Jr college league he played in. I guess I would reserve judgement until I find that out . Because is stats are not all that impressive. Reece Brooks Juco Stats: 17 ppg. 43 % from 3 . 6.6 assists per game. Cook: 14 ppg . 40 % from 3. 4 assists per game. 64 percent from the line . Again maybe the league his is playing in is wayyy better. I really really hope it is. However those are some nice offers .
  7. Looking forward to 2019/2020

    I could be 100 percent wrong but I think Clark CAN be a point guard. I really do. They need to work, work, work , work with him . Teach him . That's what coaches do. I think the following year is much more important then next year. Also we went 12 -20 this year. If we cant improve by 4 wins (16-16) returning almost everyone then that's 100 percent coaching .
  8. Looking forward to 2019/2020

    I like this thread. But I'll tell u guys this. Huggggeee offseason . I have not given up on Clark as the Point guard either. He had a tremendous about of talent. They need to teach him to be a pg. A grad transfer point guard , unless unbelievable, does not help us. I want a point guard for our freshmans jr and sr years. I think best case scenario is a proven division 1 transfer. Let him sit out a year and learn. Then be ready in two years when our freshman are jrs.
  9. Benson's Contract

    I am not impressed as well, but u find it highly unlikely he is fired. I just dont see it. What do people mean by Brown is in trouble ? For what ? And what does that have to do with Benson ?
  10. Will be an interesting off season for sure. Another questions is what to make of Jerotic. I did a little research on him and he looks like a decent player. I also believe he is 20 years old already. Will be interesting if he stays or goes. And if he can contribute to the success of the team .
  11. Clark really regressed throughout the year. But again it was his first year playing a lot of minutes. Like I said b4 this offseason is absolutely huge. Not to get dramatic, but this might be the biggest offseason Will Brown has ever had.
  12. Campbell, again had a nice game. Really glad his career ended with him playing well.
  13. Healy really cannot create his own shot. YET. If he was able to, he probably would not be at this level . We, as a team, have a ton to work on. We have a very good big man coming in next year. This will be a huge off season for us.
  14. I really did not want to get blown out . I looks like we did.
  15. Not at all. Siena did not get their point guard until very very late. I'm sure we are recruiting.