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  1. Very very slippery slope. Do I think the ncaa is perfect?... no I dont.... However something that is constantly lost in all this is the fact: THESE GUYS ARE ON A FULL RIDE!!!!! They pay for nothing.... not even books. If I'm the PAC 12 I say HELL NO. Dont play then. I'm sure they will do everything they can to keep the players safe. As for the other stuff ...F@$% Off.
  2. Also I dont disagree with anything anyone has said in this thread at all ... I wont get behind the movement ... which is my right ... its everyone else's choice to get behind it. If you want to support it then great please do. Am I a racist .... I dont think so... I can honestly say with all my heart that I have NEVER treated anyone different because of their skin,gender...ect.... It's just something I wont be a part of YET!!!!
  3. I'm not arguing the movement . Good for them . I wont be a part of it . However If it means "Black lives matter too". Then change the name. Because it does not say that. I can think of several things that mean something different by adding 1 word to the end of it. It would make things more simple of you just say what you mean. There are several BLM activists, Shaun King comes to mind, that says BLM ....not BLM too . He does not like the too at all. So what you said is not 100 percent true from one of the founders. Good for the movement. I do think some things need to change. When the bigger issues change then I will get behind it . Not before.
  4. "Black lives Matter" - Is a racist 100 percent statement. They advocate for something that makes up a micro fraction of the issues. They ignore the thousands of black people (some children) killed in several cities. Is there racism this country....absolutley. But dont scream that the "police are the issue". Look in the mirror first. Change the name to "All Black lives matter." And I will get behind that. As long as they protest the dozens of black people killed in Chicago every week as well. There is freedom of speech in this country and I respect that. However please don't have an issue with people saying "BLUE LIVES MATTER" as well.
  5. I kind of stayed out of this thread because I really dont care about people opinions. I do what I need to do . But then you go and say horse racing should be Banned . Lol. I am a thoroughbred horse owner and breeder (on a small scale). I can 100 percent tell you that these horses are treated better then 99 percent of the world. Eating, vet visits , training, ect. A lot of people dont know this but they LOVE to run. They truly do. You are 100 percent right, some people mistreat the horses. However , some people mistreat dogs, cat, ect. So I say BAN all animal ownership. Of course not. Horseracing badly needs a Central governing body, but it's a great sport and most people do it right. Interesting fact: Approx 10,000 thoroughbred horses are killed every year. Approx 2.5 million dogs and cats are killed every year.
  6. There appears to be 400+ available players in the tranfer portal. Got to figure we are recruiting hard but jesus. Get a big man here, that will play big minutes. Should not be that hard. Really nobody to compete with. Then again I've never recruited anyone. Plus I know what if they are not a grad transfer they may need to sit a year.
  7. Michael Kelly @ByMichaelKelly · 52m Duquesne grad transfer Kellon Taylor has committed to UAlbany, per a source. Played football and basketball at Duquesne. Hope to God this is a walk on ! Or maybe not playing basketball. Just football . Not sure .
  8. You would know way better then me but there are still several hundred players in the portal. (Several good players ). A ton of minutes for big guys . You would think someone would want to come and play 30 minutes a night.
  9. Doesnt really get the blood flowing but I guess at this point beggars cant be choosers. We will be a guard oriented team anyway . Just hoping to find 2 serviceable big guys.
  10. Unfortunate but you don't want anyone here so doesnt want to be. We have a ton of minutes available for a big man to come in and play right away. Hopefully a grad transfer and something else. I'm not a recruiting expert but I seems that there are several, several players still available.
  11. If you followed the team you would know that Hank has been on every video thanking different people (first responders, teachers, ect) . Giving updates from Australia. He is on this team. He is part of UAlbany Basketball whether like it or not.
  12. Higher league ??? The Southland conference ( the conference of his former team) was ranked 30 out of 32 conferences) To put things in perspective our conference was ranked 21st of 32. I think you just say things to say things. No knowledge at all just talk. Also when he was a freshman his former conference was ranked 30 of 32. That being said at least he is a division 1 player that had some success. I like the pick up. Will give us some much needed depth. We will see if he need to sit a year or not.
  13. I would hope we have some type of therapeutic by then. However I could very well see playing in front of no fans. If you can't have gatherings then you cant have in person school. So if what you are saying comes true then you can cancel UAlbany academic year as well (in person).
  14. Given the recent commitments I'm guessing we have no shot of getting Holmes (he decides today ). That man would be a terrific get. Anyone else concerned that Brown is just not offering Freshman recruits? We offered basically none this year. Maybe he is feeling the heat of his contract and needs to win now but I dont think you can consistantly build a program like this. (Unless your Iona!) .
  15. Lulka was a 10/7 guy as a freshman. I dont care what level your in that's pretty good. I expect him to start and play a pretty major role (if not injuried) . My concern is of course getting some atheltics big men. Which is tough at the mid major level. Also we need to Balance out the classes. We have several jr's. Need at least 1 more freshman if not more.
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