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  1. 2018-19

    My starting lineup based on a 2 hour practice (and I know this will be wrong) would be Clark (slightly over Brooks ) do to being familiar with the program. Which could change any second. Healy Miller De Sousa Lulka We would be playing 6'1, 6'1, 6'3, 6'6 and 6'8. That's fine again most teams. I know that Campbell will start but I liked these others more. I'm sure we will find out soon .
  2. 2018-19

    Was at the practice, and I know some of you wanted an update, so I will give me honest opinion. Thought the team played well. Definitely improved as practice went on. Brown is coaching hard and really trying to teach this team. Rizzuto- did not practice, was in sweats. De Sousa- played well. Needs to get stronger and make better decisions but overall I was impressed. Clark- Much improved. Much more in control. Really looked good and looks like will take a big step forward. Miller- did not stand out. Made a couple of nice defensive plays and always was in the right postion . Brooks- looked good offensively. Defense needs to improve but he is working hard. Hanks- Raw , but I think showed promise. Working hard to improve. Healy- LOVED what I saw out of him . The redshirt year did wonders for his body. Hit several 3's . Worked in control with and without the ball. Campbell- well he was campbell. Nothing more or less. U guys decide on that. Lulka- again LOVED his play. Under control. Hit a couple of 3's. Looking great. Jerotic - looked a little behind but could develop into a nice player. French - hit a couple of open shots. Had a couple of nice post moved that did not go in but ultimately can def help the team. Lauderdale- was impressed. But seemed out of gas a couple of times. Out of control a little as well at times, but overall looked like a men among boys. Fruscio- played hard as always. Vocal.
  3. godanesgo99, Let me give you two examples why its 100000000 percent number 2. There has been a lot of complaining on this board and I believe most is very warranted. Why ? Because its coaching 101 that he is messing up. Two weeks ago he trys to ice a terrible kicker who ends up missing the kid right before halftime. However because our great coach called timeout right before he gets another chance and hits it. YOU DONT GIVE A CRAPPY KICKER TWO CHANCES AT A FIELD GOAL. And that cost us the game in terms of points on the board. Second thing was his clock management in the richmond game at the end of the first half. THE USE OF HIS TIME OUT WAS TERRIBLE, and therefore cost us points and completely changed the game. I could give more examples but what's the use. IMO this is why he needs to be FIRED now. The man cant coach period.
  4. 2018-19

    Will Brown said Philip Flory (foot) needs surgery. Set for next week. Out until mid-to-late December. Could redshirt, could play. Kid has had sorts of issues. I say redshirt him and get him right.
  5. 2018-19

    Thanks . Did I miss something or did they fail to put that anywhere in the email??
  6. 2018-19

    Does anyone know what time the open practice is on the 14th? Thanks
  7. I hate being negative but Click and Eli are right. This team is terrible. I said game 1 this team will not win 5 games and was ripped. They are terrible and regressing. I really do like HOFs insight and positively but if even he has to see the severe dysfunction with this team. Period .
  8. Soooooo coach tries to ice a kicker that's 1-3 on the season. Then gives him an extra kick. Wow . Just wow.
  9. 2018-19

    Was talking to a friend of mind at work (Siena Alumni) who told me that Siena is a .500 team over the last 25 years. If that's true that atrocious, and makes their fanbase even more delusional than I ever imagined ( I did not think that was even possible). I looked at our stats and what really jumped out at me was the fact that we are 134-67 over the last 6 years. That's outstanding. I know I do not give Coach Brown enough credit but the above record is very good. I really do believe that we are on the upward trajectory. Now to do believe that we need to have a more challenging non conference schedule and I hope we do over time. Bottom line is that i hope we continue to build a more and more successful program.
  10. I truly dont hate it. To me it's either go ALL IN with atheltics or not . This half ass stuff is bs. I have no idea what happens behind the scenes but all we heard was that Benson was a fundraising guru. Last check we were still behind Siena. I for one are not seeing the monetary growth needed.
  11. Recruiting - 2019

    Anyone have any idea who is on their official visit today? Saw brown tweet about it . So I was just wondering .
  12. I'll admit I'm a casual lacrosse fan, basically UA and nothing else. Went to 3 games last year. I understand the basic rules and follow along. My question to the avid UA lacrosse fans is this. Should we spend the money upgrading the lacrosse program or basketball program? It would be AWESOME to win a national championship in lacrosse and its probably our best sport. But I truly think it does more for the notoriety of the school to be a very very good mid major program. ( See any of the very good midmajors). Now to know zero about how much money it would cost to severely upgrade the lacrosse program but I do know it will cost more then 10 million to do so with the basketball program. Just looking to see what u guys think. If we become a lacrosse powerhouse what does that do for the UA brand? Because if we become an excellent mid major and I tell u exactly what that can do for the UA brand.
  13. 2018-19

    Have to admit, very excited for the season to start, mostly because of the unknown . I will say this, that unless the transfers and upperclassman are wayyyy better , I would start at least 2 freshman if not 3 or 4. If Brooks or Clark does not hit the ground running then I would think Healy has a great shot to run the point . I know it will take shots away from him but we need someone out there and getting a freshman experience can only help later. Lulka looks to be a starter from everything I have heard. De Sousa appears to be a great get by Albany and as long as he adds a little (or a lot) of strength and understands the defensive assignments I would be shocked if he does not see major minutes. Lastly I have seen Rizzuto play and he appears wise beyond his years. I think will be a very good player at Albany and has the skills (to me) to play right away. (If not maybe a redshirt ) If Hanks develops I could see him really helping us down the line. Not sure about Nikola. Was going to be much better school (Conference) and they seemed to be high on him. Maybe he can help right away. I think he will be 20 years old soon so I can't see a redshirt coming his way. Would be curious to see what people think our starting 5 will be out of the gate.
  14. Recruiting - 2018

    Right. Coach Brown said on 104.5 just last week that there would be 6 freshman this year, 3 redshirts from last year,Rissuto , De Sausa , and __________. My guess is that it was Nikola. But maybe this has change once again.