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  1. I didn't say that at all. U asked how Flory felt. I just said how do u think the others feel. That's all. U took that way way way over the edge. I dont think they should play either but that's up to the coach. What Flory does is up to the coach! (With florys input I'm sure ) That's all I'm saying. My point is this and only this : I personally dont think Flory alone, coming back after injury, is going to make a huge difference. Again I hope I'm wrong. I just said redshirt him, keep giving the minutes to the freshman to keep developing them. I think Flory can be very very good. (From what I heard) . We are probably , like 1 to 3 percent, going to the ncaa tournament this year, so Y waste a year of eligabilty( u only get 4) . Coach would need to Make him understand that. Again If u disagree I completely understand, but I dont think it warrants a check yourself response.
  2. It does. But do u think De Souse wants to play more? Do u think any other player on the bench wants to play more ? Do u care what they want. I think it's the coaches decision unless flory is absolutely against it. Coach and glory need to come together. There is no reason to play this year.
  3. I do think we need to improve in many areas offensively but mostly down low. Next year we bring in a 6'5 and 6'7, so that wont help a ton. However I heard the 6'7 can really pass from the post. Flory being 6'5 does not help us there and I think would take minutes away from one of our young guards. Redshirt him . Maybe de Sousa is practicing poorly, because he is not playing great either, but he is very athletic. I would love to see him split time with Campbell. Let Campbell start and unless he is playing lights out , sub him from Sousa.
  4. I truly hope so . I really do. My point Is this .. how much better are then we now then we were during the canisius game ??? Not much . We will def continue to improve but will need to improve at a much much more rapid pace than we r now.
  5. I truly hope so. But after what I have seen in the first 11 games . I will mock away . Haha .. would need massive and I mean massive improvements.
  6. Defense was better, specificly on the top ball screen and help. However they are still slow on rotation and assignments after the second ball rotation. Offensively we missed several open shots. We have zero and I mean zero post offense. That there lies the issue . We were 7 for 11 on 3s to start. Then they started to hedge big because they did not need to worry about the low post. Please please please please please redshirt Flory. No need to waste a season.
  7. Missed several open looks . Hey hey we r young !!!
  8. I think dreadful is pretty accurate. Remember , Yale started the game 1-13. That means they shot 28-41 the rest of the game. That's 68 %!!!!! That's against another mid major not Duke . Several easy layups and missed assignments. Defense is somewhat alarming because its teachable. However I do believe we will be ok.
  9. The Good: thought Campbell played good defense tonight. Lulka had a nice offensive game. The bad: Healy and Clark shot the ball very poorly. Rizzuto took several off balance 3 pointers. They were much more athletic . The ugly: No offensive rhythm. Several tough shots early in the shot clock. Defensively pretty horrendous. We not just not a very atheltic team. Was really hoping for more progression over the first 10 games. Overall I'm a little nervous at the lack of athleticism on this team. Really need to gel the rest of the year and have a big sophomore year for several of these guys. Please redshirt Flory. No need to waste a year of eligibility for this team this year.
  10. This team is starting to scare me. The defense is especially atrocious. U can teach defense if the player is willing to learn.
  11. We have gone rounds on this on this board. I suggested lower ticket prices but most disagree on here regarding that . I would love to know or hear the marketing strategy. Would love to know the marketing budget . I just feel that the university does not care about attendance. Hopefully I'm wrong , but if u disagree please state examples as to why they care.
  12. Hope everyone is watching the great half Hank is playing.. he is all around the ball. Really playing well.
  13. After the game I'm thinking of starting a poll. Who is worse right now Campbell or our head football coach. Think long and hard , bc right now it's a toss up.
  14. Recruiting - 2019

    I understand this is only one play but watch Trey Hutcheson here. Very atheltic move. https://mobile.twitter.com/JP2488/status/1066437716831801344
  15. Campbell has had a few decent games but I have been saying this for over a year, he is terrible. This is a growing year. Need to play the freshman and sophomores. Play Campbell no more then 20 minutes a game, AT MOST. Still not convicted yet that either players whom are hurt should play this year. We are 8 games in. At what point do we just redshirt . What's the time line for either player? If they are not back by game 10 they need to sit the year and keep eligibility.