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  1. I love facts: I believe Clark's decision making is slightly better this year but if you look at is STATS, they are basically the same from last year. (I like him and he is our best player). A 40 percent field goal player as a sr. Healy STATS are actually slightly lower. Although hurt (and I understand that) , he was a better (statistical) player last year. The rest are the same or lower. That's kind of my point, they are not improving and if you look at the FACTS everyone will see that.
  2. I'm not saying they are not talented. I'm saying they are not progessing. These guys got a ton of minutes as freshman and I would like you to please name 1 player who has gotten noticeably better from last year to this year? Please name 1. I'm not trying to be an @ss I really mean it. Back it up with facts. That's my complaint. Just because you are a good high school recuit means very little as a sophomore.
  3. I agree. I have given the team the benefit of the doubt but not next year. Someone on this board (too lazy to look it up) tried to say we are an above average team . We are a slightly below Division 1 team . Click said this 10 games ago but he is 100 percent right . EVERY SINGLE PLAYER needs to be recruited above. This coaching staff should say every single starting position is open. I cant name 1 player that has really improved over last year . Not 1. Someone please help me on this because that's on the coaching staff.
  4. A joke is a good way to say it. The excuses are over next year. Healy is a shell of himself. Very few players improved. Not sure what they do during the off season .
  5. Absolutely pathetic coaching job. The fact this is staff does not have this team up for this team is atrocious. They should be ashamed of themselves. 1 more half to get back in this. Terrible .
  6. Lamb has played very poorly in Maine his entire career. That's probably why they think Clark is a more complete player. Clark is playing outstandingly his sr season . Good for him.
  7. Thank god for Clark. Bad Bad Bad offense half. No movement. Pretty Bad Defensively as well. Need to get out of here with a win.
  8. With Hartfore losing yesterday we are back in control. Unless Healy is near 100 percent I would not play him here either. Maine plays better at home but if we play good defense we should be fine. Would like to see Lulka get involved today and have double digits.
  9. I agree with everything you said here. This is the last year for excuses. I hate excuses and I tell my kids that all the time. I do think that when you lose 2 top kids to transfers unexpectedly at the end of the year it's different. If Brown knew they were leaving I obviously think they would have been recruiting. It's got to be tough to start recruiting again so late in the year. We can still finish 10-6 or better. (Stony Brooks best player appears to have a pretty good injury). I looks forward to seeing how we improve and what this recruiting class brings but I'm not ready to close the book on this season just yet.
  10. I cant remember the last time we got a transfer and they had to sit a year but if there was ever a time it's now. There are a ton of D1 transfers. Let them sit next year and then with our core are sr's we can try and have a very special season. The core of the team is still young but the excuses run out next year. I know we seem to have gotten a very good freshman point guard coming in but the rest of our recruiting seems very very underwhelming.
  11. Not a fair statement at all . But I'll give u 1 person. Lulka: a 9 point plus scorer as a freshman and our leading rebounder. I dont want to go find it but there was a recent article that stated the only 2 players who have not missed practice was Lauderdale and Henson. Your right every team gets injuries but only 2 players not missing practice is outrageous. We have had a ton of injuries. I would guess more then 95 percent of the other teams. It's not an excuse but your statement above is ridiculous.
  12. Probably 1 of my top 5 favorite movies.
  13. I could not agree more. When the preseason expectations poll came out I always thought a 3-5 win improvement would be good. The only downside to that was the extremely weak non conference schedule. We seem to say this every year but next year is a huge year for Brown. (Not that he is in danger of getting fired). Our core will all be Jr's and we need to start winning again. Anything less then a top 2 finish in the league would be unacceptable (Vermont is losing Lamb).
  14. Good close game. The better team won but that was without Healy. The number 3 seed is still well within reach. Absolutely right move not playing Healy. Get him as close to 100 percent as you can. Played hard tonight.
  15. 3-12 to start the game. I know we have injuries but this coaching staff needs to be a priority on recruiting players that can put the ball in the hoop.
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