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  1. Those numbers sound right. I think it was a gift in the $500,000 to $1,000,000, and a very generous gift. That being said, Fallon Field in its current form isn't a venue that can compete with what is going on in college lacrosse. I have heard others ask the question what does the athletic department do to capitalize on the success of the lacrosse program? Does anyone know if there is a capital campaign underway? I saw a stat not too long ago somewhere, and it showed the unrestricted giving to UA and it wasn't great.
  2. Syracuse

    The scary thing is that as someone else said the man up offense was bad and the 6 v 6 offense was just sort of Ok. Hopefully T Reh and Zellen get healthy.
  3. Syracuse

    Wow, speechless.
  4. Syracuse

    Fields not taking advantage of the times he gets a short stick on him. Surprised how restrained he is playing today.
  5. Syracuse

    Interesting first half. Troy Reh is definitely not 100% and haven't seen Zellen on the field so thinking he is injured as well. Given the last couple of years I would have hoped to see the offense push things a bit more rather than taking the air out of the ball, but what do I know.
  6. Syracuse

    Look a little tight to start, but decent start.
  7. Getting ready to watch on ESPN 3 and just saw the starting lineup. Some surprising changes on starting defense?? No Simms or Kluck. Anyone know what is going on?
  8. Agree, would love to see more social media, interviews, and what not. Thanks for posting the highlights!
  9. 2018 MLax Schedule

    Drexel is February 24th. Assuming Cuse will be the weekend prior. http://www.drexeldragons.com/schedule.aspx?path=mlax
  10. Fall Ball

    video of Hopkins scrimmage courtesy of a Hopkins fan. Someone mentioned that Stone Simms didn't play in the games at Syracuse and I didn't see #25 in these clips. Does anyone know if he is hurt? From what I could tell we had a lot of different guys playing close early in the contest so that makes me feel a little bit better about the score, especially when it got out of hand at the end. I agree with Albany Fan's comment about missing Osika. These were the cherry picked clips with goals, but at least from these looked like we had a tough time with the size of Hopkins at times which caused a lot of slides and good looks when they moved the ball. Again only showed the goals and not the saves, but looked like our guys in the cage had a hard time seeing the ball.
  11. Fall Ball

    I haven't heard anything about the guys from California.
  12. Fall Ball

    Maybe it is because of the growth of social media, but I don't recall as big of a deal when Lyle and Miles got to Albany as we are seeing with Tehoka. Maybe it is because the overall team is better and the expectations are higher now than in 2011?
  13. Fall Ball

    Thanks. That would be odd to play indoors. Wonder if something else is going on at Homewood? Just saw a replay of an interview with Connor Fields. The announcers were pushing him a bit to talk about Tehoka, but Connor did a nice job of recognizing his abilities, and at the same time talking about how good this freshmen class is. Didn't mention any specific names, but did say several middies were fitting in very well. Based upon what someone said who saw them play as a group this summer that isn't surprising to hear. Anyone hear anything about how Tehoka's addition may impact the attack rotation and who might be moved to the fourth attack position in the middie rotation that Bennett Drake played last year? Drake really blossomed there. Have to believe that Reh, will be there with Fields, but with Laffin and Patterson having solid freshmen years will be interesting to see how the five main attackmen are used this year.
  14. Any news that school has started? Everyone make it on to campus? I saw that several players weee really strong at the Minto Cup. Do we know how the volunteer assistant coach will be this year and who and when they play this fall?