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  1. Dane Train is heading to Providence tomorrow.
  2. I don't think it is disrespecting the other teams to say that the lacrosse program has ascended to the top of the mountain, and is without a doubt the program which brings the most positive exposure to the university. It shouldn't be celebrated at the expense of everyone else, but it should be maximized to raise the overall profile of the athletic department and the university.
  3. Ice pick checks are legal, but from the stands you could hear a lot of Baptiste's checks hitting TD's helmet. Albany should have gotten 2-3 man up's from a couple of them. All in all Denver was throwing a lot of lumber that didn't get called.
  4. Slightly off topic, but I agree with you. The university has an elite program and they need to start supporting it as the flagship athletic program of the university.
  5. You know we are going to get a heaping dose of the 10 man ride so need to work on that and keeping Reeves below GLE. The face off battle goes with saying, but need to find some creative ways to slip Connor of off picks to get him a little space to get shots off from the middle of the field, and get on Starr early and often so he can’t get confident.
  6. I found the post game on the Hofstra Pride Facebook page. The Denver part is a good listen. Tierney was very gracious but made one very interesting observation that we have been talking about with attacking our SSDM’s and how that may be a great strategy early but can hurt you late which is why they kept attacking those match ups. I’m not expecting any changes because we are who we are, but it is a good point. I haven’t asked about what the deal is with Zellen, but he was a middie before he picked up the pole. I wonder why they haven’t given him any runs at SSDM. A short bench with our style is asking a whole lot.
  7. Exactly right. i just watched the TV converage of the game and maybe I am thicker skinned than some, but while they it did have a bit of the hall of fame blue blood against the SUNY boys I am not sure given what we knew that it was misplaced. I am thankful that any games are televised but the sport only reinforces the power bias from who is on TV and to things like that inside special that was done this year that only further reinforced the usual suspect bias. i think we are now the hot team but just getting over the hump isn’t good enough and I don’t expect any complacency. The seniors are just too good to let that happen. After watching it on TV it will be interesting to see how the midfield rotations work. The bench got a little shorter with no Ron John or Chris Ryan. I suspect some of the midfield defensive “issues”were fatigue related. Let’s face it not many of those guys ever have to play a full, intense game and that is why we constantly get the they are good but it is just the AE rap all the time. I think the knonwns on Yale are less than DU which helps, but with a potential two massive games in 48 hours even more important for TD to flip the table on Mackie.
  8. I would rather do that and believe that your goalie is going to stop more than let in. In previous games IMO we did the worst of both worlds and got caught in no mans land by over sliding and giving up opportunities outside as well as inside. One of the double edged swords of our two way middie play is that guys get tired and you could see that a bit yesterday and that is something to take into account next weekend. I would like to see a little less of giving that initial free run on the alley dodge, but not sure any other team has the combination of snipers as well as slick attackman as did Denver. I really thought this was the toughest personnel match up. If Justin gets the shorty again need a little more initiation from him. I think most teams will pole Jacob and Kyle.
  9. Wow, what a game. if you had told me the face offs would be 50/50 and Ready would out save JD I would have said we are probably in trouble. I am more in agreement with Steve. Once again the close D played a great game, but the overall D didn’t have the sort of game that raises the trophy on Memorial Day, but in this case I think we played it right by and large in that we didn’t let Walker and French get going. I think middies scored 10/13 goals, and you expect JD to make more of those saves. Other than Connor Kelly there isn’t anyone we may face who can shoot it like Colton Jackson and on a couple of those JD was screened by our defenders. I’m still not a huge fan of how we play the alley dodge, but at least today we played it more straight up.
  10. Same. Ready to go with the purple garbage bags!
  11. Yep, pretty messy day. Hope it doesn’t keep too many people away.
  12. The boys are pretty loose. Seems genuine to me. I say this is going to be less about the FOGO battle, it will be important, but more about how JD and the defense handle long, patient DU offensive possessions and reacting to stretches of the game where DU makes it and takes it. The D can’t over react to the DU dummy dodges and prove that we have to slide, and don’t let DU control the tempo. Make DU uncomfortable with a more uptempo game.
  13. Richmond

    Mayle is academically ineligible which hurts them a lot. Nick Phillips is a very good short stick SSDM, but I would give Troy the edge over the new Denver LSM.
  14. Richmond

    I just try to call balls and strikes as I see them. I rewatched the game and stand by what I said. This team has a unique ability to make it to where no other Dane team has. The most complete team ever, but going forward whether it is Denver, ND, Yale again we can't bank on have a 75%+ face off advantage. I think you can count on one or maybe two hands how many times our close defenders have lost a 1 v 1 match up this season, yet as a team defense we have been underwhelming at times, especially by creating offense for the other team. That's exactly what happened last night, the teams we are likely to face going forward will make us pay for it, and we are unlikely to have a huge possession advantage which will further stress the defensive schemes. Go back and watch Richmond's goals. IMO JD will have to save the ball at over 60% which he can certainly do in a game where we don't have a decided possession advantage.
  15. Richmond

    I see defense as a package and totally agree the close guys with the exception of one really bad slide by Simms played well. However, one of Lanchbury's goals was on a totally unnecessary slide, Hatfiled dropped a pass on a wide open look on a slide that didn't need to happen, and there were a few more where Richmond failed to execute where we gave them free offense. Dhluy had an amazing game as did Simms. I didn't see Perla as much, but the close guys have played solid all year. It is the coordination between the poles, what the LSM is doing off ball, and how we allow easy wing dodges that continues to bother me, and I saw too much of that against a just so so Richmond offense. Also, giving up nine to a mediocre Richmond team, when TD goes 75% or so and I want to say it was our lowest turnover game of the season isn't a very efficient overall defensive effort. For as much or as little as Richmond had the ball nine goals was a lot, but do agree in the 2nd half things were quite a bit better. That nine goals is probably 12-15 against our second round opponent.