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  1. Don't quote me on this, but I am pretty sure the scheduling is completely up to Coach Marr. I heard him on several occasions that he tried to get Rutgers on the schedule this year but it fell through and he is or was in talks with Tiffany at UVA. Not a lot of people want to play the Danes.
  2. Agree with you and as much as it pains me also agree with Quint on the AE schedule.
  3. You are way more knowledgeable than I am, but I see this as a troubling trend and not just one bad game. I will agree that this was a pretty bad perfect storm match up especially with little to no prep time and I also agree the defensive woes at time IMO have not been with the close D guys, more SSDM's and a penchant for one pole in particular (maybe he is being told to do so) but sliding when there is no need to slide.
  4. The little glimpse I got into Connor's initial injury is that it was more serious, and was at least a 4-6 week recovery. When he went down on that penalty against Harvard that set him back even more. I applaud his courage, but the long game and with the wins we had in the bag Albany was going to get into the tournament. I haven't talked with anyone since the game, but my gut says Connor is done unless we make it Memorial Day weekend and then maybe, just maybe he can get on the field. I think our close defense is stronger, and more athletic overall then last year, but the loss of Osika is huge at the SSDM. I don't know what the situation is with Zellen, but we need some bigger bodies up top. We have given up way too many soft alley dodge shots this year, and that may be part of the reason for the early slides on defense. Ron John is a bigger guy who saw some time early, but none recently, but overall our SSDM's while very tough are under sized. We need to fix the rotation or concept heading into the tournament. Offensively, I have been surprised from the get go that we do not have more Canadian concepts. Merrick coaches the Canadian team with Brown from DU, and we don't do anywhere near the picking and backside stuff, nor do we spin the ball like Denver. I don't know if that is a personnel issue or what, but with Fields out we don't seem to have anyone that can consistently beat his man one on one other than when McClancy inverts. We have several really good catch and shoot guys, but Eccles isn't that guy. Both Burgmaster's have shown an ability at times to create and shoot, but that is about it. We have to find some way to create hands free opportunities for our outside shooters. I think Tehoka has been banged up for a while and it very well could be the freshmen wall. Other than the Syracuse game he really hasn't been effective the entire year. He still has the ability to make the incredible pass, handle, or shot, but at least now in his development I don't think he has shown that the offense can run through him. He just draws way too many double teams which leads to turnovers. Diamond has shown some ability to play X, but does he have the confidence?? I don't know. Justin, more so the last two years, showed the ability to get around X and make a shot, but lately he has been just about exclusively an off ball guy. Can he take over the offense now?? I don't know. I think we are in trouble, and I say that because even when we were scoring 15-20 goals a game the offense was rarely pretty, and when the second and third line guys came in I saw more hero/summer ball stuff then guys working a system. I think the way the offense is constructed now we would have a hard time scoring more than 6-8 goals against a quality defense with a stud FOGO like we saw on Sunday so to go far, surprisingly it is going to come down to the defense and JD IMO.
  5. I also feel horrible for Connor. When he went down in the Lowell game I was adamant back then that he shouldn't have seen the field for many weeks and felt him going back in and then playing against Harvard was a huge mistake. He did look pretty good moving against Binghamton, so I am not sure what to say about what happened today. It is easy to be negative after a day like today, but here are some things I have observed this year. 1) the team seemed to have peaked 4-6 weeks ago 2) At least IMO I didn't see the team improve throughout the year 3) Even when we were putting up a lot of goals the offense never really looked efficient and crisp. 4) Almost no transition goals this year 5) Maybe someone can explain to me but I haven't understood what we are doing on defense all year long 6) Some guys who really needed to rise to the occasion just haven't been able to do it.
  6. I am worried about Yale today. The last two games we have given up soft goals on alley dodges and JD just hasn't been seeing the ball as well as he was earlier in the year. If we create scoring opportunities today with these slides which I still don't understand Yale will light us up. We need to regain our offensive efficiency and play much more disciplined on the defensive end. I know the boys are ready and let's lock down that number one NCAA seed today.
  7. What is up with the slides? Have to stop the unnecessary sliding
  8. and the only poll that matters. https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/lacrosse-men/d1/ncaa-mens-lacrosse-rpi
  9. Coach Marr on the radio this morning. Kessinich had some interesting comments and stats in his weekly poll http://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/quint-s-top-20-testing-times/51878
  10. It was a very quiet bus ride home with a lot of soul searching.
  11. You are right there was no leader on the field tonight, but even as the last seed in the field with Connor and Reh we have a chance to win the whole thing. Brining back Connor too early and losing him dooms any chance we have to win it all.
  12. I agree with you on the offense, but not on the defense especially when we dominated again at the face off. To go back to the art history class I had to take in college the defense is a bit of a Monet, and the SSDM's were exposed tonight and put on top of that some really bad ball watching. If we are going to give teams, and we have all season, a lot of 8-12 yard uncontested shots and JD isn't seeing the ball this is what happens.
  13. I am never going to call out an individual player, but our plan on D all season and it has worked to date because JD has been saving the ball at over 60%, but the SSDM's give too much cushion on the alley dodges, and we hedge and slide when we don't have too which gives uncontested time and room shots. There was no one within 5 yards of #6 when he had an 8 yard shot on JD.
  14. I agree, but at least he is trying to make something happen. Can't say that about many of them.
  15. The short sticks have been playing so soft. Time to put some of them on the bench