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  1. Watched the replay. It wasn't the greatest effort, but I am going to stand by what I said as I was shivering yesterday that the elements really sucked and impacted the level of play. It is hard to play a skilled game that requires touch and soft hands when you are playing with ice cubes for fingers. Some of the guys were wearing two sets of surgical gloves under their gloves to try keep warm. Now that the excuses are over.... Some interesting coaching moves. Reinserting Yunker and he steps up with several nice goals. There was a change on the man up. Collin Lyons and Spahr played on the one man down situation. Glad to see the coaches make an adjustment. Nate had a great day. I wouldn't say Bingo had the best shooters, and his stats were probably a little better on paper because of the mediocre quality of their shots. He covered up for another so so day of defense. Bingo's best play was to hang up a defender and then wait until one of our guys lost his man to give them a look on the doorstep.
  2. Thawing out in the car. Going to reserve judgement until I get a chance to see the replay with a scotch to warm me up! It wasn't a good game, and just speaks to how bad the AE is this year. Nate played out of his mind. Don't know what his save total was, but had to be one of his best.
  3. It is fracking cold here so going to cut them a little bit of slack with the ball handling. Wind chill has to be close to be in the teens. That first goal was on Ron John and not Burgmaster.
  4. Sounds like a double long john kind of day.
  5. Partly, I think it is just how crazy this year is. The top 4-5 teams seem to be separating themselves from the pack. I do think the AE is as down as I can ever remember. Even when the overall conference was weak, UA, UMBC, or Stony Brook had strong squads. That's one of the reasons, while I liked what I saw on Saturday, I don't think we should officially say all is right now. The defense is still giving up too many goals, face off consistency is still a huge issue, and while overall turnovers seem to be improving, too many just silly ones at bad times.
  6. Providence blew out Lowell last night.
  7. Yes, blow them out, but keep improving. Our man down defense is allowing opponents to score 55% of the time. That has to get better. No idea why that isn't getting addressed. It is so obvious what the problems are. If what I saw on the replay, of fewer two way middies, I like it a lot. Ground ball play has to improve and coordination on the face offs. Too many times the wings are on the wrong side of the ball either allowing an easy exit or a fast break.
  8. I just watched the replay and one thing I noticed, but didn't hear the announcers talk about and it looks like a pretty big change. To me it looks like the coaches are not running many two way middies anymore. The Burgmaster's still took some shifts both ways, but Ashton Bradley and Goldsmith were the two primary defensive middies. Ron John and Noah Taylor unless I missed it didn't take any deliberate defensive shifts as they would in the past. This probably has something to do with Tehoka playing a pure middie role now, but I like what I saw. It keeps our smaller, d middies fresher and I didn't see our d middies getting blow away. Still need to change up the man down. I want to go back and look at the numbers, but I bet we are allowing close to 50% on man down opportunities. Watch how #4 doesn't close out on the last man down in the 4th quarter. SMH
  9. Kunz has been playing a lot and was splitting time with time in the 4 man close rotation, mostly with Filipowski. But with Filipowski now playing a lot of LSM as well, Kunz is staying on the field more.
  10. Only newbie on defense was Kozar getting a few minutes in the 2nd and 4th quarter when he got pulled after giving up a gimmie goal in close. Long poles on the wing other than Fillipowski had a rough day, and on face offs for some reason were both on our offensive side of the field a few times which game them fast breaks.
  11. Dhluy started and played quite a bit. I think he may have a bit of a lingering injury, and when things were rolling they used it as an opportunity to rest him. I think Kozar went in for him, but got pulled when they made a bit of a late run and Erik went back in.
  12. We needed this win, but think overall it was a bit of fool’s gold. UML is a terrible team, and I agree at times the offense looked potent, especially on that big run, but can’t stress enough how bad they were. Should have won that game 20-5 and emptied the bench. That being said ball movement was good but as HOF said it did get sloppy and we played a shorter bench. Man down defense and wing play was still suspect. Definitely good enough to win most AE games this season, but not much of a margin of error.
  13. More news about Siena in the local press this week than the Danes! Oh my, time to right the ship.
  14. The season starts on Saturday for sure. Not going to be an at large bid this year so the only way in the NCAA's is going to be winning the AE tournament. As weak as the AE is looking whoever gets the AQ is probably going to be in the play in game. It is a crazy enough season that any team in the tournament could win the whole thing, but the deterioration in our face off game is really troubling. This is probably the biggest week of practice of the year.
  15. Tehoka News

    Two different people.