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  1. Spring game starts at 3:30. Women play Stony Brook at home at 12 [parking issues??] and the men's lacrosse game starts at 1. Not gonna get to the Spring game early!! Timing sucks!!
  2. The system is just not working for some reason. They ARE aware of the issue!
  3. Yep he tires to force the ball and then gets the double or triple from the slide and is beat up and drops the ball. Got to pass the ball quickly
  4. AM East is up and you can chose tickets BUT not pay yet - probably until this week end's game. Need to know if they will host
  5. It is a sprain. No structural damage - same as initial diagnosis! If it is taped properly and a better brace OVER the tape he will be fine. May not be able to dodge a lot but can still feed and take his patented shot from the top. That flimsy little brace was terrible. If we get another lousy seed in the NCAA tourney we'll be out the first round!
  6. Still can't pay for FB season tickets. Can pre-order AE lacrosse tickets though.
  7. Offers were rolling at one or two a day now nothing for several days. There are several good ones on coaches watch lists. We'll see who's next. Of course offers mean nothing. Gotta see who actually commits AND signs.
  8. Ron John played a lot in a game a couple of weeks ago. did well. Not sure.
  9. The Burmasters on D is NOT working. They are too small and just get pushed around. Sorry but facts is facts folks. Put the big guys in - I agree!
  10. And tape the frigging knee UNDER the brace!
  11. We should have buried Binghamton then!!! They hate us that much because we kick their butts every year???? Same with UMASS Lowell - refused to postpone even though the field was icy and slick AND Fields got hurt! In my mind the lack of layoff of a few days absolutely hurt the team. You could see it in lack of hustle at times, they were tired. Not getting ground balls. TD was knocked around again - pushed to the ground and beat up. There were several he should have had but just got knocked around. Were they Ivy League officials?? Does each league have their own officials or do they travel and do all D I games? The stuff they let them get away with is pure BS. Benson NEEDS do a better job in scheduling in the future. Friday night and then 1 Pm Sunday is total BS.
  12. As I have said all along, knee HAS to be taped and then use the brace.
  13. Our loss and the Maryland loss turns everything upside down. No idea what the rankings will be now BUT without Fields we look lost!