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  1. Tehoka does NOT ward. he legally uses his free arm to protect his body and stick - something new or going back to fundamentals. Warding is when you take the free arm to push the defender or his stick away from you.
  2. What about the time Baptiste hit TD clearly on top of the head coming out of the FO and McClancy got the ball and went down on the fast break and scored? That was cool I guess!. TN was NOT warding. Holding your arm to protect is not warding. Warding is when you purposely push the defender's stick out of the way. Haven't seen it called hardly at all this year. I think once against a team we were playing.
  3. Yep. He was taking it easy a little the other day - at least I THINK - because of the very wet field.
  4. Maybe he is BUT he is attacked, literally every time he has the ball, other teams slide to doubles and even triple - he holds the ball too long a lot. Been passing it quicker recently
  5. I think we learned from the last Yale game and will be ready. No question TD will do better. He watched video of every single game tha baptiste played this year. Not sure if he watched others. He will do the same for the Yale FO and will be better. I have no doubt about that. Remember it was 7-5 in the 3rd against Yale last time and we fell apart. Don't expect that this time.
  6. Disagree of course with this ".... I am not sure given what we knew that it was misplaced......" NOT deserved at all, especially the comments from the two young guys that we haven't played anybody!!!!! They were very smug about it too. The rest of your comment seems about right though
  7. Is on Inside lacrosse and a couple of links from there.
  8. Looked like they just refused to go out and cover Jackson and the other guys out front on the corners - defensive strategy maybe. Didn't want them getting close. In the end it worked though. JD did not have his best game but did just enough in the 4th
  9. Quint or maybe Paul is the good one - he is friends with Marr. The other two - always disrespecting us; and those two yong idiots they had in the studio. Outrageous
  10. I am talking about the US Lacrosse Guys that are doing the NCAA guys they have in the studio during the games and between games. They constantly disrespect us. Those two young guys were the worst of the worst. "They haven't played anybody" AND the two who were in th4e studio with them. I don't know their name - they are ALWAYS disrespecting us. The two who were on the field, the FO guy they all the"Beast" was not and the other guy grew up with Marr and likes the Danes. I do not know there names.
  11. They had a couple of young guys and the two who are always on there disrespecting the Danes. They all played at "Elite" programs and think we don't belong. All said Baptiste would dominate and UA hadn't played anybody.
  12. HOPEFULLY all of the 'talkers' who they have on ESPN and USA Lacrosse will stop disrespecting the program and give some props. Sorry but I get pissed listening to them. Those 2 young guys they had on what asses!!!!!
  13. TD won 15 of 30 - toe to toe with Baptiste! Time for all the naysayers to stop disrespecting us!!