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  1. I do not understand how teams get away with what they do against us. Had several hold calls that were slashes - plain and simple. We gotta start playing tougher. Got to get bigger. We had guys knocked around all day and they got the ground balls. Our kids are just too small to be that rough. Got beat on at a least 5 goals by bigger stronger guys just going right through us. Nuff said. And we got a bunch a fast small guys coming in. Everyone can tell we just can't do it without Fields!!! Just saying!
  2. Not a chance we make it to final 4. May not even win league!
  3. TD does not do well against big strong guys either! terrible today!
  4. Obviously Yale players are bigger and stronger. Albany keeps recruit small guys who can not defend them. Got to get some bigger stronger guys!! End of story in my mind!
  5. Don't want to say anything to jinx because this is ALWAYS a tough game, Ivy League teams are tough! They are big a strong. Our defense HAS to be good and tough. We got beat straight up on the outside 3-4 times, I think, against Binghamton, wasn't on the slide. Their guy just ran right by our defender and scored.
  6. We have to play well and make a statement for sure! Yesterday was good tune-up with Fields and Reh being back. They missed a bunch of time.
  7. 8in a row WOW!! 14 - 8 - Only Albany and Stony Brook are undefeated in conference play. They meet next!!! I think they have turned it around. Announcer said they would play NH again in playoffs!!
  8. I have been trying to watch the ladies play. I have never liked the girls game, even when my daughter playeg. They are way up though 10 - 4
  9. He had literally almost a month off, rusty and a little aware of the brace. Timing way off - bad passes.... Sore too. Doesn't seem to be a big deal really. I have taped kids with similar injuries and had kids play with similar sprains. Hell when I was as senior I had a very bad ankle sprain 1 week before our first game. Ice whorls, exercises in the pool, tapped etc. Hurt like hell for several games but I played fine but it continued to bother for most of the season. And I limped, mostly because of the pain. NOT comparing really though. Fields is a star player and we need him to perform.
  10. I think he is fine - he has a sprain and it will be sore. Brace helps with stability in dodges and spins. I did not see ANY problems at all with any of that. Just limping a little walking and jogging - soreness .
  11. Not really sure how anyone can be complaining about paying for parking!! Really?? Got to ANY Division one game for a prominent school. We have been number 1 for weeks and now # 2 IN THE NATION!!! Do you think it is inexpensive to open the stadium and pay for security etc etc etc?? This is just beyond me, sorry!
  12. Stands were packed even though it was cold> Filed is fine, limped during the third. Brace helped him. He was dodging fine but didn't really push it too much. had 7 pts. TD won 20 out of 22 - with help from the wings
  13. Paying for parking is NOT big deal. Go to bigger schools and see how much it costs. Parking is paid for all events now.
  14. Larry Walker Jr, Aliquippa, Pa. FS, WR 5'10" 175lbs https://twitter.com/Larry14WalkerJr https://www.hudl.com/profile/6395738/Larry-Walker-Jr Blessed to receive my 3rd offer from the University of Albany #B19DAWGS