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  1. I don't necessarily agree 100%, yes the money but it is important for the program. It also helps with recruiting. Kids see who we are playing out of conference and see that it gives them a chance to play good caliber schools each year. Also helps fund staff and scholarships.
  2. About right. Sidney sometimes gets hit. My experience after having driven Rt 7 BEFORE 88 was built and 88 literally 100's of times - visiting parents etc and then after mom died and dad moved up here - is that it gets sketchy starting about Sidney or Otego and then especially just north of Oneonta through just south of Duanesburg. It can be really awful over that 40-50 mile stretch or so. Hope the team is going down today!
  3. Thanks so much for the info. I looked and didn't see it. Of course, Pay for TV.
  4. Is the game available on Am East TV or anywhere?? It only shows Live Stats. That sucks if it is not being broadcast at all!!!!!!! Looks like it is NOT. Outrageous!! Live stats is all I find. Not even a radio broadcast that I see!
  5. I grew up in Binghamton - they seldom get the lake effect snow. It passes across the state through Syracuse and down north of Oneonta down into the Catskills, BUT the kids are surely use to it! I'll be nice and warm watching it on the computer!
  6. Could be a blow-out. At least that what we hope for!
  7. "Ground ball play has to improve and coordination on the face offs. Too many times the wings are on the wrong side of the ball either allowing an easy exit or a fast break." No kidding, I was screaming at them the entire game!!!!!! Man down is pathetic!! Same couple of guys are killing the squad. Time to make changes! I like Tehoka coming in as a middie, he even stayed on Def a couple of times.
  8. We have talked about how slow he is. Got to get these kids moving their feet, Can NOT get caught flat footed against ANYBODy at this level of competition and THAT is one of our biggest problems with two way Middies and close defense right now!
  9. He was in there a LOT, Got to learn to keep his feet moving, got beat on a couple because he slid when he should not have.
  10. I agree and they keep rotating them. Gleason is the best in my mind. Wings were lousy. Someone said the Burgs were good. Not sure what they were looking at!! Those two are slow, especially the older one! Gets beat all the time one-onone, all it takes is one step and it happens all the time - allows attackman the get an arm free to shoot because he gets caught flat footed.
  11. He did not play close D a lot from what I saw. We were actually watching for him because he has been better there than Perla. perla was much improved yesterday, may have been competition!
  12. I do NOT agree, they are just okay at wing. Okay other wise they are SLOW, get beat all the time when they move to close def. Sorry but they just should not be in on close D one on one they just get beat!
  13. Vermont is terrible! https://www.insidelacrosse.com/team/vermont/19 Look at who they have played!!!!!
  14. I did notice that a few guys did play that I have not seen in there much. I think maybe they wanted to get the chemistry working going into the rest of the season. As Coach had said during the week they made changes, worked on them and finally got Tehoka to understand how they wanted to use him. He only tried to force a couple of times late in the game. FO was terrible again - still rotating the wings and at least one of the rotations wasn't very aggressive. A couple of unneeded slides led directly to goals by them again!!! Same suspects - I did not see Dluhy in close D. Perla did play better. BUT the brothers still got beat one on one a couple of times for goals AGAIN. We did force 5 shot clock violations again. All it takes is one step and they are just slow a foot!!!! If we don't win the league there is a problem!! We have Harvard coming up and they are awful this year too. There is so much parity across the D I this year it is astounding, except for a couple of teams - who also have all lost a game.