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  1. Not true. Terrible LB's WHAT!!! They did a very good job most of the game. Got to tackle a little better but certainly NOT terrible. It starts with the DL getting more pressure , when they get pushed off the line and 3 yards deep it affects WHAT the LB's can do, affects their slide, affects them getting to the ball or a gap even. ALSO as I said, getting away from the zone secondary coverage and the 7-9 yard cushion. They could go to a zone on the weak side and man on the strong side / wide side. I look at things more from a coaches eye I guess than a strictly fan's eye. Going to bed. Got an early event tomorrow after church
  2. My take -without reading anything already posted - The Offense is much improved as I thought they would be. NO the interception was NOT VT's fault. No 72 Clancy was playing tackle on that play and did a nose dive at the feet of the DE who stepped over him and hit VT as he released the ball. On Defense we HAVE to get the DL to play better!! They are overmatched - not sure why the constant rotation, 54 Walker is just too small gets pushed around a LOT. Not enough pressure up front causes all kinds of issues, puts pressure on the LB's and the secondary. I wish they would not use the zone 90% of the time. Our secondary starters (because of the injuries) are short 5'8" and 5'9" and when a team has tall receivers they get out jumped. Happened on the fade passes to the deep sideline and corner endzones all the time. The one near the end of the game on the far sideline is a perfect example. Our two guys were ON it BUT he outjumped them and caught the ball. I thought this was the case and the replay showed it clearly. We seemed to do better the few times we went man. Hit them at the LOS and it screws up the timing on those fades. Got to tackle the little RB's better too. Our cover teams have to do better, OBVIOUSLY. The kicks to the 10-15 yd line don't matter much IF we cover. They get it at the 25 anyway on a TB. Sorry Click but I do NOT look at this during the game. I watch the game!!!!! I check on my computer when I get home. AGAIN, being constantly negative does not help. The D did start to step up in the 4th!
  3. Like I mentioned earlier this week, that always is done by OC and his 'staff' unless the HC is also the OC, BUT with input from head coach. UNLESS there is a crisis situation, which may be where they see us right now. Maybe Coach Gatusso is going to be more involved with the O after the loss. THAT was the reason for him shaking his head after and when talking with Davis on the sideline would be my guess. Davis has never been at this level. Fordham more like our old league. MAYBE he has to re-evaluate his playbook some. Did anybody see the quote he posted on the UA FB page>> "Dr. Susan Elza‏ @UIL_AD Sep 9 MoreMost would rather be ruined by praise rather than saved by criticism. Coaches/leaders are obligated to correct what you are doing wrong. Toughen up and commit to getting better. #getthosefeelingsoffyoursleeve" About says it I'd say! When people want to have a dialog WITHOUT attacking I am game!
  4. I'd like them to go right to Burns if there are issues BUT he hasn't been with the 1st team so we have been told.
  5. I think the men's lacrosse team had the second highest average home attendance in the entire country last year [Syracuse had more at the dome] and as the program improves it will be even more. Means a lot! Basketball got a huge update with the scoreboard last year. More attendance means more money coming into the athletic program. As I said Lacrosse took in over $400K last year so we were told.
  6. Davon Bomar, Bel Air, MD, DE, TE 6' 3" 246 lbs, 4.87 40, https://twitter.com/bomard48 https://www.hudl.com/profile/5350784/Davon-Bomar Offered Sept 21, 2018, QUICK as all get out.
  7. Okay time to start this. Several have been offered
  8. 100% agree. We have been top 10 program for some time now. Time to actually project that to prospects and the rest of the lacrosse world.
  9. Agree completely. ALL schools have the same 12.6 scholarships too. [ I think]
  10. Wait a minute. I thought Lacrosse took in 400K last season!!!!!!!!!
  11. AWESOME. Once you get a taste of the big stage it is hard to get rid if. Hope this translates to GREAT play and confidence, maybe a chip on the shoulder too!!
  12. Well something we can agree on, 205 are the best seats in the place!!
  13. Very good to know a little more about him. I still have a little concern about the coaching experience. No better way to learn than to be a coach though.
  14. Bout time I'd say. Good to see them. Not sure they have enough experience - we'll see. Another question. Will Maloney be the Def Coordinator - not sure he is ready for that? WIll Marr handle that himself with an assist from Maloney?
  15. I know they support the Thompsons, depends on if Lyle and clan is willing. I personally will not buy their products but would support the Thompsons. GREAT video by the way.
  16. I can't see or don't want a Nike commercial BUT any upgrade helps the program! Thompsons yes!
  17. Not anyone's fan. Just don't like the constant attacking. Unless you actually played for the school you do NOT have more to be proud of or upset about or personally at stake than I do; so stop the soap box nonsense. If I decide not to continue to comment it is because I dislike engaging folks who do nothing but complain and are negative. It is usually people who have little or no knowledge and do not know how to engage who start calling names and screaming, like you and your buddies.... I have had several of you folks tell me that you never played or coached so your argument is mute!! Enough. If you chose to TALK about what is going on without constant attacks of the coaches and the program and what changes you think should be made fine we can engage. If not I will no longer engage with you.
  18. Blah, blah, blah ~~ HE! HE! HE! I was waiting for your response and KNEW what it would be. Attacking me doesn't help your position - typically with most folks it means they have no other answers but to scream and attack. BTW I have only met Gatusso three or four times! Certainly not my buddy. As I said - I agreed with what you say about VT AND the throwing down field and I voiced as much during the game too [ and as I also said they saw the same thing and started throwing shorter passes too] OBVIOUSLY the OC is (was) in control, sets the game plan with the Off assistants and gets input and approval from the head coach but it is the OC, [and the DC on the Def game plan] Coach G did talk to him on the sidelines and I am sure during 1/2 time. [and they started throwing shorter passes]. You are correct that they have to be quicker to change during the game as the game progresses and situations call for it. They have been slow to do so and we all hope they change how they do this. BTW in one of the interviews last week Coach G did say he had spent time with the Def line on their play during practice. Looks like he is being more hands on with the def. line than in the past.
  19. I apologize for having the wrong number - a typing mistake on my part. FBS teams are allowed a maximum of 85 players receiving athletically based aid per year, with each player allowed to receive up to a full scholarship. FCS teams have the same 85-player limit as FBS teams, but are only allowed to give aid equivalent to 63 full scholarships. FCS teams are allowed to award partial scholarships, a practice technically allowed but essentially never used at the FBS level - the fact that they have "fully funded" 58 makes no sense [and doesn't mean they are not allowed the same number as everyone else - THAT was the point] BUT if that is true it means as I said they are better than everyone in the league thought - they were picked last. So WHAT - I am still tired of the attitude of all the guys on here who know nothing about coaching and want to attack, [even big mouths at games - I yell as much as anybody at the coaches and the players BUT I do not attack them at the games or on threads - I was horse after the game last night]. Calling me names does NOT change that. The amount the coach makes has nothing whatever to do with the issues. Nothing! We have beaten NH two years in a row, does that mean they suck? Or their coaches are terrible? Schools have other schools number for WHATEVER reason - you MUST know this. Look at Syracuse, Florida yesterday - numerous comments about that exact issue! Comparing one school to another makes no sense at all - every school has different issues. AND it doesn't add to the constant negativity since it has nothing to do with the issues. I have not commented on Morgan State thread at all and will not - I have read many of the nonsensical comments - some I agree with BUT I still will not make crazy attacks. I am not happy either, but constantly attacking the coaches doesn't help. The passing game last night was clearly the QB, he was overthrowing most long passes [he under threw a few too] of the night. The coach does not throw the ball??!! I do agree they should have started throwing shorter passes - AND THEY DID. Dev's 88 yd touchdown was a 15 yd or so pass. Still the coach does not throw the ball. Hope folks noticed that there were changes on the O line last night. The coaches clearly saw the need for a change AND they did a relatively good job protecting VT on the large % of plays. The D got to him a few times. Mofar is still running better than Hanks. They need to do more play action too. My concern is that some of these guys merely attack so they can attack, have little background or experience in coaching and do not notice the changes they are making in attempting to move forward. All is NOT negative during these games. It is hard for me to believe that Morgan State is 0-3. They are a better team than that - great QB and running backs.
  20. I was merely pointing out your mistake in the numbers. Nothing more, nothing less. Seems URI is much better than anyone thought!!!