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  1. Okay time to start this. Several have been offered
  2. Now back to recruits. Several lineman have been offered recently. I thought they would offer more toward the end of the season and they are. At least a couple of JUCO guys, just like last year. They also are looking at a few FSB transfers again.
  3. Still gotta be positive. I actually PLAYED at the school and have purple in my blood! It kills me more than most of you when they do poorly. Does no good to just attack the coaches constantly. Especially when you KNOW he will have at least one more year to improve. AND again they easily could have been 7 - 4 this year. I know it is the second year in a row but it is what it is. Things happen that are beyond the control of the coaches or the players. All is not as bad as some of you think it is. Sorry but I will continue to be positive.
  4. I have seen a lot of freshman play the last couple of weeks, Odekoven had a lot of reps at WR, I saw kids on special teams and Joe Casale getting reps, lots of freshmen have gotten game position experience and have also played on special teams - thanks to the new rule - they still all have 4 years left. Undercuffler played well the other day. Burns has not played. I see him likely leaving, who know. If not they could both see time next year. OR they could sign one or mor JUCO QB's and have a competition. I underestimated Undercuffler's speed. Thought he was slow as heck but he showed soemthing yesterday. I will always try to be positive while STILL venting when I see things that I think could be done differently or better. https://wnyt.com/news/week-10---danes-have-bright-future-with-talent-waiting-in-wings/5149291/?cat=13334
  5. Well said. As we all know great QB's make good coaches. We have been looking for a QB for a while. 5 different ones in 5 years - not good.
  6. Time to stop putting words in my mouth. As I have told you here and privately, I prefer to be positive and look for positives.
  7. 70 is the limit - UNLESS the NCAA changed that this year for some reason.
  8. He needs some, you are correct. If he gets over 300 he should be fine. Depends on his foot speed - same with all of the O line recruits. Got to have foot speed.
  9. Jared Verse Bloomsburg, Pa., TE DE, 6' 5" 210 lbs, 4.56 40 6 hours ago https://twitter.com/JaredVerse1 https://www.hudl.com/profile/7589859/Jared-Verse
  10. Davis must have heard me! Albany wins. Stony Brooks ranked #10. We lost 4 games by less than a touchdown again and three on the last play of the game. Many of you will disagree I am sure BUT team is not as bad as the record is. But they BETTER improve next year!!
  11. Davis is blowing it in the 3rd and 4th Q. The team is playing very well today but on third down passing they are blitzing and he continues to run the ball on 1st and 2nd and throw on 3rd. THROW THE BALL ON FIRST AND 2ND DOWN!!!!
  12. Brody Peacock Stillwater High School G / T 6' 5" 280 lbs ‏23 hours ago https://twitter.com/BrodyPeacock http://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/brody-peacock/3S0iLEtrEeW-8KA2nzwbTA/gendersport/football-stats.htm Blessed and Humbled to have received my first offer from the University at Albany!
  13. Somebody said something about they need to stop redshirting guys. Every team has red shirts. Just found these rules - not sure if the are current or not: A college football team is limited to no more than 105 players during the offseason. During the football season, no regulated limit exists. The home team may dress 95 student-athletes, but only 80 may participate. A visiting team can only travel and dress 70. With a limit of 70, you have to pick 15 scholarship players to stay behind. Even more if you want to take walk-ons.
  14. By the way, they have been going after JUCO guys and FBS transfers. See my post in recruiting - the are 7 former FBS players on this year's team. I think 4 or 5 JUCO"S. They have offers out to several JUCO players this year [a couple of new ones in the last 2 weeks] see recruiting thread. Of course they also have offers out to HS players. I think every team has to have a mix. Anyone can easily watch the recruiting other CAA schools are doing. Every HS player Albany has offered was offered by other schools. And just about every HS player that has committed to another CAA school was also offered by UA. They are in the same boat as UA. Many here are correct, you have to win to get the top players!
  15. Jason Vaughn ‏ Advance Prep Academy, Auburndale, Fl. 19 hours ago DE 6' 5" 225lbs, https://twitter.com/Jasonvaughn25 https://www.hudl.com/profile/11773642/Jason-Vaughn Blessed and Thankful to Receive an Offer from UAlbany #GoDanes This kid is quick!!
  16. No computers at all in any classes when I went to school at UA - computer courses yes but no computer labs etc.
  17. My God - interception at the goal line - Pick six!!!! WHY HAS BURNS not played at all?????
  18. Hope!! 17-10 we have the ball starting on the 8. This 'drive' may be the game!!
  19. Great goal line stand at the end of the half, first down on the 2 by NH and they had to kick a FG, which almost missed! We get the ball at he beginning of the 2nd half. Let's do something. Maybe put Burns in to see what he can do!