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  1. Maybe I'll still buy my season tickets and just have them place a cardboard cutout of me sitting there. Build a little mechanical skeleton and remotely rig it so I can press a button to stand it up when something cool happens and maybe broadcast my voice and claps from home
  2. I won't be going, but I don't like football, so I wouldn't be there anyway 👍 Honestly, I'm even a little hesitant on basketball until more is known about the impact of covid-19 on blood clotting/PE because I've got a genetic clotting disorder. Here's hoping though!
  3. Genuinely absurd that Joe Bena was only an honorable mention Toss Pat Riley. He didn't even coach here
  4. Wondering what happened there. They're losing a loooooot of minutes
  5. At 6'5", he seems like he might be undersized to play inside, though watching some football highlights he does seem strong as hell Like Ahmad Clark, he's a DeMatha kid. I like the idea of building a deeper connection and pipeline from that program
  6. This sucks. I walked away from the Purple and Gold game his freshman year certain he was going to be a star. Really unfortunate that it didn't work out here and I wish him all the best
  7. Guess that Mitch Doherty has entered the transfer portal. I think we all anticipated that, but there's the official confirmation
  8. He's played his ass off for this team through injuries. Sure he had tried to do it all and that sometimes meant a lot of TOs and forced shots, but that's mostly because he's had to. Kid carried this team on his back all year long. I've really got nothing bad to say about him So glad he was recognized and joined the 1,000 point club this year
  9. It seems a little insulting both to Josh and Frusc to give the freebie to him. To me, it would undercut what's a meaningful gesture for someone who had their career cut short. Just let one of the starters get the matching basket and get the game on
  10. Home sick, but I've got a good feeling about this one! Romani looks great tonight and I wish we had another year with him
  11. Agreed. At the end of that season, I found myself wishing that he had another year at UA because he was really clicking with Cremo. Those last few games, and especially senior night when Travis was out, they had some good two man stuff going
  12. No two ways about it, we got trounced. D was fine, but that may have been the worst game I've seen from this team offensively. BAD AND NOT GOOD, FRIENDS
  13. It was wild hearing the announcers say he has a more complete game than Lamb. Wonder how the naysayers felt about that? Pretty glad the next game is Thursday. Hopefully that gives everyone some time to rest up
  14. That's a weird take. I've been consistently impressed with him this year and think he's largely been very good on the defensive end against less athletic bigs. He's also made a big leap offensively and should/could be a six to eight points a night guy.
  15. Bummer of a loss after a surprisingly strong first half. Cam had a nice start, but Lamb, and really all of Vermont, is unflappable. Their big shots were just shots, y'know? Rizutto played well and Hansen looked good for long stretches. That one block was killer. As usual, the drought killed us and Vermont is too good for the team to dig out of whatever lead gets built up.
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