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  1. Im just glad we beat the two newer facility hot coaches of our league for him, kid seems to be just what we need big athletic off the dribble scorer. Agree to disagree in hank, in my opinion he is awful, doesnt mean i dont hear yours about him being a good defender. I definitely do not think hank is a good defender. Seems like a nice kid, seems like a kid if he wants to stay you keep, but will not amount to much. Next years playing group so far: healy, rizzuto, horton, amica, anderson, hutcheson, need more bigs now. Maybe they can sneak desousa in for backup minutes but id prefer UA upgrade hutchesons backup spot as well. As noted, we badly need to add two more bigs hopefully transfers and at least one more bouncy guard. Vermont just picked up a nice grad transfer, looks like there trying to stay at the top.
  2. Disagree on hank wouldnt make roster at many teams in our league, lulka was a good frosh but significantly sucked last year, no coaching. Is not to blame for a kid regressing there adults they take responsibility. Top 5 defenders in league— brent hank!? What!? April fools joke or something? We need new big Men to complement healy, amica anderson and horton. Yes beating stony brook and umbc on the trail is huge, there facilities and bugdet trump UAs
  3. Great size , athletic, can create shot, percentages or not he avgd close to 18ppg in one of best juco leagues. Late bloomer, if we beat out the two best jobs in the league facility wise il take it all day. BIG GET. Watch the film!
  4. Lulka looked like he did not touch a basketball since he frosh season last year! Agreed he was good frosh but WOW- theres step back and then theres total regress, he looked as if he never played basketball!
  5. Any update on shafer, lulka, hank? Any takers or did they enter yet? Would love more open scholarships to get some athletes in. Horton is a big step in right direction. When program was dominant they sprinkled iowa and australian kids in with nyc athletes!
  6. Hortons a stud, and exactly what Ua needed did you see they beat out stony brook and umbc? He is a more skilled kj jackson! Andresons injured but may get a look, Amica will be good but like most freshmen will need more time to get going right away. Based on off season comments and what I have heard about a total gut of the program this staff will be just starting!
  7. Says a lot off such a bad season to beat brook who by the way has lost a lot of starters to transfers and umbc who has way better facilities, I give this pick up an A
  8. This kid is a stud and yes exactly what UA needed. No more cremo and softy players, back to athletic hungry type players! Great get by staff!
  9. Doherty was removed from roster entirely, usually that would mean he is no longer member of program.
  10. Gotta love how they ran him out over player complaints, dod he stop paying them?
  11. You would think just cause he has rizzuto , healey and if they let desousa back ahead of him, plus brown mentioned bringing in teo more guards, amica, and jojo- he wont be stretch four anytime soon. Will most likely not have spot am I right? Why would he stay to ride pine. Team desperately needs a few shot blocking athletic big men.
  12. If healey was healthy maybe, but fast and clark equal turnover nightmares. Leaves the roster at: healey rizzuto jojo amica hutcheson run out or come back mandatory better hank lulka desousa out or graduated clark lauderdale hansen french shafer per brown they will add two veteran guards so that means they must be adding at least two more bigs to fill vacancies.
  13. Brown on radio today states they will sign another veteran point guard and maybe even another one, interesting. Def need two more bigs too. Also states the three and gun play will be no more, going back to rebounding and driving.
  14. All low level division ones are now dealing with grad transfer rule. As for keeping sophomores i am ok with it as long as desousa, hank and lulka are recruited over and have to prove themselves next year. They all seem like nice kids.
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