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  1. Shame it never got to work out but wish him the best with future endeavors. Hopefully he doesn’t wind up at Lowell tho lol
  2. Obviously it's a long shot... he wanted to be "the guy" but was outplayed by end of year. As a one and done it would be dumb not to at least throw our hat in the ring
  3. Alterique Gilbert transferring from UConn. Would have to think we'd at least kick the tires there
  4. He was injured the whole year and is only going into his sophomore year. doubt he leaves another program so soon
  5. Re Lulka: forgoing his final TWO years of eligibility would be uhhh interesting
  6. An elite fogo would help but this team still makes a bunch of lackadaisical mistakes
  7. Yeah the camera work has been atrocious this year. Makes me think it's a student handling it lol
  8. Is french a senior? I guess he's starting for senior night
  9. If it aint broke, don't fix it Outside losing mencer, theyre a year more mature and arguably more talented this year. Well see
  10. Team shown anything inspiring this year to be honest. Nothing to look forward to 🤔
  11. Not world ending, but that's a shame. Dudz is well liked almost everywhere
  12. Was obviously a rough game but not going to write the season off just yet. Have to see what adjustments they make next time out. Offensive firepower is there but theyll have to be a little more efficient if we're gonna lose the possession battle. I know it's not Albany style but maybe they should try to settle the ball more
  13. Not pretty but it's W. Gotta take care of umbc and UNH at home. Big game at UML and maybe the Stony Brook game is for the 2 seed. Would be huge
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