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  1. A good game guys

    1. I think these kids are reading too many press clippings. They were told they were great before the season so they figured the season would be a cake walk. Almost every game they come out flat to start the game and then turn it on midway through the first half. Champions prove they are champions from the start. 2. When does Z become a bust? A lackluster performance against UCLA and a so-so job against Siena, but is outrebounded by Lucious. He's one of the tallest guys in the AEast and is routinely handed his lunch.
  2. Do you root for Siena

    So is it safe to assume that if your mortal enemy was battling the devil in a fight to the death, many of you would side with your enemy because you have known him longer? I hope Siena will one day be entrenched in a massive blizzard and wiped off the planet.
  3. Um, why would Volleyball and baseball be good match ups with ND? ND's volleyball is 10th in the country and the baseball team has made the NCAA Tournament the last several years. Or were you talking about strictly for the fans? If it's for point #2, ND is never coming to UAlbany's campus, Albany would have to play in South Bend for those games to occur.
  4. 1. Lindy's picked Albany to win the AEast and ranked them 105th in the country. Jamar will be player of the year and best chance to be a pro at the next level. It did say that BU could win the league since their players have postseason experience. 2. Has anyone heard how practice has been going? The NCAA now allows 4 hours of practice a week until October 15th, so maybe that is where Lillis got hurt.
  5. Albany Athletics newsletter

    Even if the site is outsourced a person at UA has to update it so you really aren't changing anything.
  6. Athletics Reorg on Web

    This was probably a way of paying those individuals more and in order to do so they needed title changes. Unfortunately it also indicates who McElroy's favorites are as Ostrom and DePasquale who I believe have been there since the transition were passed up for a promotion/raise. Kind of disappointing for two guys who have given their all for Albany. Also, shocked to see that a person who has been a full-time employee for less than 3 years is suddenly an Assistant AD with a ton of responsibility. That's a lot of work for someone in their mid-20s. It does beg the question that if McElroy was given extra money to spend on salaries, why wasn't some if not most of it used to sign Will to a new contract? Will's coaching success will help Charlie's progress in constantly selling out the RACC. I wonder when the other shoe will drop this summer regarding coaching changes.
  7. Endowment Info

    One other thing that was pointed out to me from that report was Albany's graduation rate among athletes was the second worst, just behind Riverside. That is also pathetic considering FSU, Nebraska, Oregon and some of the others have kids leave early all the time to play professionally, whereas the Albany student-athletes are basically there for four years no matter what.
  8. Endowment Info

    I completely agree that it's pathetic, but you compound the fact when you compare it to those other schools. Delaware is on our level basically in everything but football and they are kicking our ass. Do you have a link to the orginal endowment release?
  9. Endowment Info

    Not to be the dark cloud again, but someone in the UA office needs to get a reality check. Who thought it was a good idea to put FSU, Oregon, Kansas, Nebraska and UConn on that list has to be a complete idiot. 3 of those five have established DI football programs with BCS Bowls under their belt. The other two are building up their football programs, but are national powers in hoops. Last time I checked Albany was nowhere near being in that same group.
  10. Articles on UB athletics

    But therein lies the problem, Ruler, yourself and the other Albany fans are already Albany fans. There has to be a way to get Joe Fan to the game. Be honest, how many of your friends root for Cuse or another DI school and are going to to forfeit watching a game between two I-AA powers? There is really nothing to do in Maine, Montana, Delaware, etc. Hofstra even lucks out because there is no dominant college football team in the area.
  11. Articles on UB athletics

    Maybe we are looking at things differently, but when I hear name opponents I don't envision Montana, Harvard, etc. I see Penn State, Nebraska or maybe a DI school at the lower end of the spectrum. No offense, but very few people in the region know about Montana and its success. Albany is a melting pot of football fans and they aren't going to go to Bob Ford Field for a I-AA clash between Albany and Montana. At some point Albany will have to take its lumps at home via a big-named opponent. Hopefully the new stadium will result in a move to scholarship I-AA and some DI schools wanting to play there. Um, you are greatly mistaken if you think some students enroll at ND because of tradition. I would be willing to bet that 75-85% of kids who apply and attend school there is because of football. In fact studies have shown that applications increase because of a winning season. This happens at every DI football and bball school. While you are right about Fordham, most of those kids apply because its an IVY and thus it has a long tradition itself.
  12. Articles on UB athletics

    72 - I could give you 20 names and you would refute each one with some reason. The point was to name schools that have done well in the fringe sports despite not partaking in a BCS conference or as an IVY League school. Yes, most people wouldn't recognize them, but those in sporting world recognize that achievement. Did you know that the men's and women's soccer programs were coached by the same man at the same time and he took both to a Final Four in the same year? The thing is these schools have an athletic program to brag about. While it may in sports that very few know they still have all produced Gold Medalists, National Champions, etc. Now I don't know your background, so maybe you were a wrestler back in the day or your child was and you have resentment towards the cutting of the program. No offense but college wrestling is an expensive sport and also creates a ton of problems at the DI level. There has to be a nutrionist on staff to help the guys with all the eating problems they have due to their need of making weight. A trainer is needed to handle all the various injuries that occur. Lastly, most wrestling coaches aren't the nicest people nor the most outgoing when it comes to dealing with their athletes. I hate to say it, but Division I athletics are a business. Yes, we all want the student-athletes to graduate and do well on the field, but the bottomline is that University Presidents and AD hate having to look of a book of red numbers each year. While I would be against cutting sports, sometimes its a necessity in order to make money. Is Albany football ever going to be a powerhouse? Probably not, but right now football and basketball are the sports that generate revenue so you do what it takes to make them better. Think of it this way: Pepsi introduces new brands each year to further take over the market. Unfortunately, most new brands fail so production either stops or is curtailed so that the company can refocus on pushing Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, etc. Keeping Crystal Pepsi, Pepsi Blue, etc. are not sound financial choices so they have to go, despite the effect they will have on people's families. Another point of interest is that you have to understand that the department's budget must be spread across 20 sports and there are no ifs, ands or buts. Mr. Voelker can't spend all the money on hoops and football because then he has to hear it from volleyball, track, softball etc regarding the promoting of two sports that haven't won an AE Championship. Also, he has to be smart on how he divides up the fringe sports money for the same exact reason. While some of us may believe that track and FH are two boring sports, you can't tell a coach that because in their eyes that sport is the most important. With fewer sports, more money can go to promoting the sports, providing the teams with the proper trainers to stave off injury, etc. No one wants to see sports go by the wayside, but to make the jump to scholarship football, the money needs to come from somewhere and that either happens with a tuition increase or cutting of sports. Lastly, this all comes back to student involvement. Yes the Rowdies are great, but at the same time there needs to be more students care about athletics and that comes from winning. Winning comes from providing the teams with the proper financial backing so that they can get the players and equipment they need to succeed. No one is going to Albany because they were the NEC Champions or made the NCAA Lacrosse Tournament the last three years, but I am sure application rates at Vermont are up the last few years thanks to Coppenrath and his crew.
  13. Articles on UB athletics

    I made a mistake with Minnesota-Duluth. What about Santa Clara and women's soccer?
  14. Articles on UB athletics

    1. Hopkins (Lacrosse) 2. Hawai'i (Men's Volleyball) 3. North Dakota (Men's Ice Hockey) 4. Minnesota-Duluth (Women's Field Hockey) 5. Cal-State Fullerton (Baseball) 6. Portland (Men's and Women's Soccer)