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  1. Sam was really good his last 2 years, I'm going to show some more patience on Lulka. Patience is a virtue that some on the board do not possess in abundance.
  2. Watched the 2nd half on ESPN+. Seemed to me that the ball and player movement was much better.
  3. I heard, that unlike most schools, UA verifies admissions prior to offering.
  4. I was at the game last night. I am hoping DeSousa is getting healthy. I found it interesting that when he's in the game, he communicates to teammates a lot, and seems to know where people are and when they're not in the correct position. I certain;y can't be positive that he's actually correct but he seems to show some leadership qualities which do not currently seem to be a strong point.
  5. Not sure we were a great program when she came in. This sounds like some "Gatusso" rants from prior years. I realize it was a bad weekend, but take a breath, get the yoga mat out.🙏
  6. We had 8 scholarship players available for the game and 1 didn't play.
  7. I thought Rizzuto played good defense. No one shot the three ball very well. Actually the whole yeam played pretty good D. Hansen was a little slow closing out the three, but imho the defensive effort was pretty good.
  8. My big worry is that the dedense hasn't been very good stopping the run. they've stiffened as teams neared the goal line.
  9. Wasn't it a great day to be a Great Dane?
  10. Did the basketball football doubleheader. I waited to get home to read the threads, which I thought might be interesting. I'm on t football next. I expect it will be similar. We stink, we're lousy, things are looking better, we win. Wish we could play a complete game, but we'll take it. Put the gas can back in the garage (we'll need it for the snowblower).
  11. I've heard, if you have basketball parking and come for basketball, if you don't leave you can stay for football game.
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