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  1. Women's ice hockey isn't very physical. The reason every girl I ever coached in youth hockey got a d1 scholarship. They played with the boys and played full contact hockey. Transitioning to the women's game was easy for them.
  2. It's different, but it's watchable for me.
  3. I heard he was gone a long time ago.
  4. Recruiting - 2019

    Can't fault anyone for going to Yale.
  5. It definitely wasn't the reason Trpcic transferred.
  6. No, according to what someone in athletics communicated to me, the required donations to purchase tickets is not deductible. There are conference and nationwide meetings of universities about what to do about this. There are some serious lobbying efforts to rescind this part of the new tax law..
  7. I think it's whether they increase the ticket prices to include the former donation or some portion of it. When it was a donation required to buy the ticket it was deductible to you, but you still had to pay it so the the tickets were more than list price. Now they still want (and need) the $, but a portion is no longer 'subsidized' by a tax deduction if you itemized. It's a matter of prices rather than the mechanism to pay for it.
  8. The donation required for buying tickets is not deductible under the new tax law.
  9. 2019 Danes

    I'm in the last row of yellow seats. Close to Men's room, Gold concessions right behind me, good view of field, on the aisle, comfortable seat back. It's all good.
  10. 2018/2019 Schedule

    I would assume the 1.3 was after the payments on the debt.
  11. President Update

    Takes a million to payout 40 G, which is pretty close to an out of state scholarship. They don't touch the historical amount which is the donations. When we set up a scholarship, we donated an extra amount to increase the spending amount.
  12. Stokes coming back will help some on that, but I really liked MacKenzie.
  13. Groundbreaking

    Track won the league every year with no good facilities. Now we have a good outdoor facility. Based upon results I guess we need somewhere to practice. If SEFCU renovation eliminates current indoor track, we'll need something.
  14. I think the new Sports "Bar", Damien's was a nice venue for this.