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  1. Kaloyeros Charged

    He got more time than any of the others who actually benefited financially. I'm waiting for the appeals.
  2. Albany Foundation - Report

    It's been going on for quite awhile. Campaigns are normally quiet until 50-60% of the goal has been received. Then the public phase begins.
  3. Olean is in the middle of nowhere. If you live there you'll be delighted to go to a game. Like living in the North Country, every hockey game is the place to be.
  4. Healy: ROW

    And some bad turnovers.
  5. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Today they lose i double OT by a point. They had #! turnovers and shot 54.4 % from the free throw line. They really need to cherish the ball more. Stokes had 8 turnovers herself.
  6. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Yesterday's game against Holy Cross was tough to watch. We missed a ton of lay ups, 4-13 on FTs. Shot a little over 30% from the field and the FT line. Stokes had 7 TO and was 1-8 from the field and 0-1 on FT in 29 minutes. She had an extremely tough day. They only lost by 6 and couldn't shoot more poorly.
  7. UNC endowment 1.1 Billion UAlbany endowment 65.3 million
  8. Looked close to that to me. That's about 3000 empty seats.
  9. It was doubtful any change would be made regardless of the outcome of the game.
  10. Cremo nichols leave...

    Are we really going to discuss every game they play the rest of the year?
  11. I want to win. Don't care how it's done.
  12. 2018-19

    And wrestling, Warren Crow.
  13. Cards were free when I took Fortran. I screwed up so many with my poor keypunching skills, cards were only available from vending machines the next semester!