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  1. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Thank you Mr. Benson. Screw Siena.
  2. That's pretty crazy. So they don't have to even state they are redshirting and they could play up to the last 4 games of the season and still redshirt? Is that correct?
  3. In camp with the Broncos. Zach Bye just tweeted a picture with him. Says he is having a good camp. https://twitter.com/byesline/status/1025455937698648065
  4. Heard about that yesterday. That is terrible. Condolences to the family.
  5. Kaloyeros Charged

    He really needs to go away for 5+ years. Probation and fines does nothing.
  6. Kaloyeros Charged

    Article I read said it was up to 60 years but they never get that. From the NY Post article I read: "Kaloyeros, who looked straight ahead as the verdict was read, faces as much as 60 years in prison when sentenced on Oct. 11." Also, the NY Post has a bunch of articles about Cuomo and the "Buffalo Billions" corruption scandel. https://nypost.com/?s=buffalo+kaloyeros
  7. Kaloyeros Charged

    I think it's all the buildings and technology in those buildings that they built with borrowed money. I have a friend who works in the industry and we chatted about this a while back and he was telling me exactly how much the equipment and buildings and clean rooms cost. It's crazy. I could see how it would be easy to spend that much but very stupid to build so much debt.
  8. Kaloyeros Charged

    Add Nano back to UA now. Thanks. Bye Bye AK
  9. haha! I know. Just messing around. It was posted I think three times.
  10. Guys, is Ian Renniger on campus? Hope Stire gets some solid playing time!
  11. Happy 4th to all! And I just bought 6 tickets for the vets through that article.
  12. Recruiting - 2018

    Hate to be a downer but I foresee some very unhappy players next year due to lack of playing time and more transfers at the end of the year. I really hope I'm wrong but many of these young men were probably recruited with open roster/playing time as a big draw only to see more players brought in later who will most likely take their playing time. I REALLY hope I'm wrong.
  13. 2018/2019 Schedule

    I hope this is true. Enough is enough. Home and home or nothing. Thanks.
  14. 2019 Danes

    Click is SALTY! ......and I like it.
  15. I didn't know where to put this so I figured I'd start a thread to follow updates on Connors status and career going forward. In this article they talk about why Fields has not had surgery yet and why he is playing right now. http://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/mock-draft-update-connor-fields-knee-and-timeline-a-sniper-joins-the-half-dozen/52604