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  1. Recruiting - 2018

    I've interacted with the guys who run it to provide some info on UA recruits a few years back. I forget which ones. They get their info from twitter, newspaper articles, submissions from fans of the team or the site, from recruiters and from the players themselves sometimes. If you don't see something there from UA there is a link on the site to let them know but they will only update if it's verifiable through twitter or a newspaper article or the like.
  2. I should clarify. First trip to Hawaii was my honeymoon. Other 5 were sales quota club trips through my company, which is an unbelievable incentive to make your quota. If you do decide to go for this game, the second island should be either Maui or Kauai. Both are beautiful. Kauai is more mature and lush and has the Napali Coast which I personally think is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
  3. Been to Hawaii 6 times in the past 15 years. My wife and I absolutely love it. If you go, don't spend the whole time Oahu. short flights to the other islands are cheap!
  4. Recruiting - 2018

    The speed makes me ponder whether WB and staff knew something was coming with the transfers before the end of the season but who knows. I doubt it but......
  5. Recruiting - 2018

    What will be most interesting to watch is the rotation and playing time with this group of young players. Hopefully Brown and staff go 10 deep with the rotation if it makes sense.
  6. I don't understand why people are surprised we didn't drop further and still forecasted to be the #1 seed. We have some very quality wins, including the defending national champions on the road, still #1 RPI, 4th strength of schedule, 2 quality wins and 10-1. Losing to UMBC on the road without the best player in the country and one of our best senior offensive threats doesn't change all that. People were thinking we would drop to 5 in the polls or our seed in the tourney would take a huge hit but I never saw it that way. Yes, it was a BAD loss and hurt our season but it was not the end of the season or the world. Could the selection committee still screw us in some way since that seems to be the way they do us? Of course but I'm not sure it will happen if we can win out. Win the Yale game and all is well and back to #1.
  7. Everyone calm down. This was bound to happen at some point. Get it out of the way now with no Connor and Justin. I don't think they drop far knowing that their two best senior attackmen are out.
  8. Haha! Will do. I guess that came off the wrong way. I love the videos and think they are great and fully 100% appreciate them! Just saying I don't know who they are and a little intro would help.
  9. I see the ones in the tweet and in the credits but that doesn't help tell me who is who in the video. For example, in the Oline video, they are holding up names and I have no clue which one of them is that person. You can figure it out for a few but not all. They should open the videos with naming each guy so we can put a face to the name. Hard to follow when you have no clue who they are calling out with their answers. The QB one was easy to figure out since there were only three.
  10. Suero Leaving UA

    Don't be so hard on yourself, you've come a long way. haha!
  11. Suero Leaving UA

    ha! I guess I wasn't happy about this. DOH!
  12. Cremo nichols leave...

    He hasn't played anywhere else. I'm pretty sure he got himself in some trouble and was asked to leave North Dakota. It's in a thread somewhere on here.
  13. These are funny but it would be really helpful especially for the o and d linemen if they introduced them first. No clue who is who honestly.