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  1. video https://twitter.com/MikeCatalana/status/1074119166041436160
  2. Bottom half record wise, first round loss in the AE tourney. I really hope I'm wrong but I just think they need a lot more time to get experience and get better. I know the conference is not that good but I just don't see a huge improvement coming in the next month. I would never mock anyone for thinking anything about what the rest of the season will bring. I just don't see and as I said, I REALLY hope I'm wrong. Do I think this team will be very good next year? If we don't lose a lot of players, YES, very good. A full year for freshman and jucos.
  3. Was behind so I just finished watching the game. I'm not sure I've seen an Albany team miss as many open shots as they did in the second half. That was just hard to watch. Really fun to watch first half. Good on both sides of the floor. Just keep plugging away. Some of you seem to think we will be good come conference play but I just don't see it. I think it's going to be a long season from start to finish.
  4. I think dreadful is an overstatement but it wasn't good. It's not like they gave up 90 pts. Hopefully they will continue to improve defensively as the season moves on. Let's start with the next one!
  5. I honestly think this team is going to be fine. Maybe not this year but definitely next year. 4-5 freshman getting significant time and Jucos who can take a year to get acclimated. I think there is talent there. Bad shooting night for everyone hurt.
  6. Kaloyeros Charged

    These white collar rich folks never get big sentences.
  7. I agree there is not much we can do but what happens if he gets lucky and wins some games next year. The AD and Gattuso will talk about the progress and he will be back for another year after that!
  8. Also, I think this post came off the wrong way. Maybe just worded it incorrectly. I really thought they were going to win this game but LIU just kept getting closer and closer. By bad loss, I really mean tough loss after leading basically the whole game and losing at the end. But again, I just keep telling myself that I have to have proper expectations at this point in the season with this roster. I do like the improvements I've seen from some players. As everyone else said, they need to take better care of the ball!
  9. The first 8-10 mins of the second half were some of the fastest and frantic basketball I've seen. Just back and forth, layups, three balls, turnovers. Craziness. Seemed like neither team got deep into the shot clock in any possession.
  10. Bad loss. I just keep saying to myself, "young team, inexperienced, it will click soon". Still hard to handle these loses.
  11. What the heck kind of play call was that out of the timeout? Obviously wanted to try the 3 by Healy but looked like ZERO backup plan. Weird to see from Brown.
  12. Missed the first half due to work. This second half has been crazy. I don't know how both teams have kept this pace throughout the whole half. It's nuts! These young kids playing at this speed is a recipe for disaster. Turnovers are killing.
  13. ESPN has our record at 3-1. That's not right. ha. Nice to see Lulka showing some offense!
  14. I really think #2 has lot to do with the reasoning you gave for number one. They are rushing and pressing too hard. There is no way that Lulka's touch around the rim is as bad as it's looked. Last night he got a rebound and because HC had that shot blocker he rushed, spun and just sort of chucked it towards the basket with little control. Once he slows down a little and sort smooths it out, more of those will drop. This is just my opinion and I may be totally wrong but all the big men seem so rushed all the time with no Sam Rowley type smoothness we saw later in his career.
  15. I'm probably going to sound like a broken record this year but I'm going to say it again. These kids need time for the game to slow down a little bit for them. Everything, especially for the big men down low, seems so rushed. It's like they know the game is faster so they are trying to physically play as fast as they can and when you do that you get reckless and lose control. I think we've seen this a lot with the Jucos and freshman in the past. I believe players like Lulka and Lauderdale and even Hank have the skill and talent to be good in this conference, it's just going to take time and more importantly experience. That game went from borderline unwatchable to an exciting finish. Good to see them show some fight and come back. Of course I would've liked a win and I'm not a fan of moral victories but hopefully this will give them some confidence. The talent is there!