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  1. I loved this quote from a Denver player. “It seemed like they had so many options,” said Denver defenseman Dylan Gaines, whose primary matchup was Nanticoke. “We were trying to stop one, and then the other would just open up. Colin Squires did an unbelievable job on their best player. Even with him doing that job, we still had a lot of trouble stopping other guys because it seems like everybody can light it up and put the ball in the back of the net. That was definitely a struggle to figure out who to stop and how to stop them.”
  2. Yes, I'm a broken record. I have said this 100 times and many times to the athletic department. There is absolutely no reason with today's technology that EVERY men's basketball, football and lax press conferences are not on YouTube or our website. It's pathetic. Siena has a person who takes video on a phone and hits upload to YouTube and every basketball presser is on their YouTube account. It's that friggin easy!!!!!!
  3. Studio guys all picked Denver before the game. If Fields was healthy all year I think this team goes undefeated and wins by more today. Anyway, since I don't have electric I watched the game at a Yard House in the mall while my wife and kids walked around. Even got a couple next to me fully into the game and excited about it. I think most people thought I was nuts when I was standing with my arms raised screaming yes when they won. Ha! I absolutely loved watching the faceoff battle. Two tremendous players battling hard. TD did an amazing job against one of the all-time best. So proud of that young man's performance. Nanticoke is such a big bull and I love it but he really needs to be careful. He threw a bit of a punch when he was on the ground and at one point after the whistle faked throwing the ball at a defender's face. He needs to cut that stuff out but man is he good. The goal at the end of the half was just amazing. Just so happy and proud of this team. Now it's time to get revenge on Yale and get to Monday!!
  4. This is why I changed my prediction. I think TD has the edge. Thanks for the well wishes everyone. Enjoy the game, wish I could be there but I will find a local bar with power to watch it at.
  5. I'm changing my prediction of 51% of faceoffs to TD. I think he wins 60-65%. Speed can beat braun!!! OT: Anyone want to come over? I'm throwing a deck smashing party! INSURANCE FRAUD! Kidding of course. Thanks for the responses and the PMs. Very helpful. I doubt I will get a dime from insurance. Here is a little video I made of the damage.
  6. Grad Transfers - Will Brown

    Love this: “I’m looking at the glass half full, not half empty,’’ Brown said. “No excuses. We’ll have different guys on different nights. I like the talent in our program. I’m confident we’ll be good.’’
  7. It doesn't look like I will make it down for the game this weekend. My town was hit REALLY hard by a tornado a few days ago. My road is especially bad with most houses hit by trees. My family is OK and astonishingly my house came out with no damage. They are estimating it could take 3-4 weeks to get power back so I have a bunch to figure out here with the family. OT: Anyone know anything about home owners? Will they help if our house wasn't damaged and we just have a lot of trees on the ground and can't really live there right now? Sorry, don't mean to hijack this thread. PM me if you have info.
  8. Recruiting - 2018

    I don't care what Campbell does as long as he doesn't shoot threes. Other than that I like him and think he can have a very good season.
  9. Recruiting - 2018

    I'm predicting a few young men upset with a lack of playing time. I hope not but only so many minutes.
  10. Richmond

    51% to TD
  11. ho-hum, just another championship for UA athletics. haha. Kidding. Awesome job by the Ladies and best of luck on the long trip to Oregon!
  12. Richmond

    What he said. Denver scares me. Their D is very physical and we've had problems with physical defenses. Baptiste is a senior and very good so faceoffs could be even. Our D and JD are going to have to pick some ass. Going to be a battle. I was rooting for ND after watching the first three quarters.
  13. Richmond

    Amazing quote from an opposing coach: “When he has the ball in his stick,” Richmond head coach Dan Chemotti said, “I felt everybody in the stadium — even our defense — I just felt like became spectators, just wanting to watch him play. You want a kid like that to play.” And Michael Kelly is doing an absolutely awesome job with these stories and the clips from the press conferences and goals and tweets. Times Union has nothing like it. Just awesome. https://dailygazette.com/article/2018/05/12/no-2-ualbany-men-s-lacrosse-advances-to-ncaa-quarterfinals
  14. Richmond

    I'm just happy to see Connor out there playing well. I really hope he can stay healthy because if he can play like that and run the offense like he did, we will once again be very hard to beat. Overall, solid win.
  15. Recruiting - 2018

    What is the deal with Flory? I don't know much about him. He is transferring from Seton Hall but doesn't have to sit out a year? Sorry if I missed but I've been away for 6 days and haven't been able to read everything.