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  1. That was pass interference in the end zone. No call was pathetic. Should've been in FG range. Pathetic.
  2. Who are these guys in Albany's secondary? Ugh and QB runs for a TD. No one got a hand on him. This D is not good.
  3. Testaverde shows some toughness there making that pass knowing he's gonna get smashed, which he did. Good start so far for the offense. Amazing Testaverde can look like two different QBs.
  4. This board has become terrible. I'm done. I'll be back for basketball season. Hopefully the childish behavior from grown men will have worn off by then. Bye.
  5. Please stop taking things so seriously. I was joking around.
  6. 2018-19

    that sucks for this young man
  7. In some defensive schemes the Dline is meant to keep the Oline engaged so they can't get to the LBs and so LBs can make the tackle. Not saying that is UAs scheme but just a thought. My biggest problem with the dline is the lack of any sort of pressure. Once they pulled one of them and had an LB lined up at end they got some pressure which was a nice adjustment. Do I need to post my football resume so people will believe what I wrote? - Played from 8 years old through high school on offensive and defensive line, stopped to play baseball in college before major injury halted career - Father was football coach for 30 years, he never played a down but still was extremely successful and knowledgeable - I assisted him as a coach for 4 of those years HAHAHA!!! Sorry had to do it! Seriously though, please stop bickering. It's making the site not fun to read honestly. Just PM each other your insults. Thanks!
  8. Well at least the offense played well. One pick was a bad throw and the second was a tipped pass. Other than those two plays, they played well. I will say it again though, this defense is going to get smoked by good CAA teams. SMOKED! Good to get another win though and good to see the offense continue to improve. If Testaverde can clean up the INTs that would really help. Oline coming around, opening holes and better protection. They need to figure something out with this defense. The secondary either gets beat bad or blows assignments WAY too much. Need to figure something out or try some different kids out there.
  9. This is really hard to watch this defense right now. LBs and CBs are really bad.
  10. Both of them just stood there and waited to try and pick it. It was fourth down, just knock it down! That was terrible. Now personal foul on UA? That's a BS call right there.
  11. 3 man rush, 8 in coverage and still burned BADLY for a wide open long TD.
  12. Nice adjustment by the d coordinator to put the linebacker #31 as an edge rusher on 3rd downs. He's gotten pressure a couple times already and a sack just now.