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  1. Benson's Contract

  2. Cremo nichols leave...

    Is that what all the kids are saying on myspace these days? Old......
  3. So I missed most of the game. Got to my computer with 10 mins left in the 4th and the score was 14-7. I liked what I saw after that although UML made a run.
  4. If UVM took a step back this year than the rest of the conference really sucks because they were 14-2.
  5. Or the way they played against us in round 1.
  6. Beating a team 3 times in one season is a tough task, especially one as talented as UVM. Crazy that their only two conference losses were to UMBC. Maybe they just have their number but I doubt it.
  7. Benson's Contract

    Why is this even a discussion? I'm amazed by it. It seems several coaches may have problems with Benson. I think he has been an almost total failure so far. SEFCU needs to be upgraded asap. It should be #1 priority with field house a close second. Amazing we haven't heard a thing about it.
  8. Benson's Contract

    He should!
  9. Tehoka News

    For those who didn't read the full article... Nanticoke wasn’t available after the match, but his older brother Chancey Hill shared his thoughts on social media. Hill, who taught Nanticoke the game, responded on Twitter when a reporter wondered what the DNP “means going forward” for Nanticoke. “Bigger and better things if that’s how Marr wants to coach,’’ Hill tweeted. Later, Hill “liked” a tweet from a fan that said, “He’s so gone after this season,” referring to Nanticoke
  10. Tehoka News

    Right now that seems to be the trend. It could change. Maybe his effort is not there in practice? Maybe the coaches are seeing something on the game tape that troubles them? Maybe they just feel the chemistry right now is better without him, which is weird because of the talent he has but very possible. Eli, I don't think this team is falling off the face of the earth. I think if they play like they played against Cornell and Maryland against AE teams they win most of the games in conference. But if the team that played umass shows up, they are in trouble in conference play.
  11. Watched this game on my phone at a dance competition. It was ugly! Offense was horrible. Any team that pressures this team on the perimeter just shuts us down so easily and causes turnovers. They couldn't work the ball around the perimeter, they couldn't get the ball inside, they basically couldn't do anything. Ugly! I'm still in the camp of this core being really good over the next 3 years. Good group. Coaches need to figure out how to break the pressure in the perimeter next year because teams are going to do the same thing. Also agree, find a PG!
  12. Tehoka News

    He's gone after the season.
  13. I don't remember Hank being highly touted but I may be wrong. I remember most of the talk being about Lulka and Healy but also remember hearing 3 very good Aussies but never really remember hearing Hank being at the same level as the other two. Hopefully he will grow into a Puk type player and understand how to not foul so much.
  14. Awards

    I think Sessoms is going to win it. I believe Healy should win it.
  15. So, I'm no expert on this game. I've been taught a lot over the past 6-7 years from a close friend who is a high school head coach in Westchester County. I have never seen so many point blank misses or saves in a game as I've seen today. There were maybe 5-6 times guys were within 3-5 yards of the goal and missed. Then there were probably 4 pipes hit. Those are huge missed opportunities. Just a really tough day all around. Rough seeing the senior faceoff guy for UMass just own our sophomore so bad they switched to the long pole. I wish I could say that this program would continue to be top 15-20 in the country but I don't think that's realistic. There will be down years especially after losing so much from last year. I was expecting a down year and still expecting it so I'm not too surprised by what is happening. Hopefully with all this tinkering the coaches will find a rotation that works together well and is successful. Plenty of time in the season and the whole conference slate still to play. Work it out fellas!!!
  16. Watched the game live but then watched the Lax replay so just commenting now. Solid road win. I love de Sousa's game. Cannot wait for next season when he and the rest of the freshman have a year of experience in them. de Sousa was all over the place. I've rooted hard for him from the start being a local kid who I followed in high school. He had a block party and a couple nice dunks and even a few nice drives. His length on defense is tough for opposing teams to deal with. Really happy to see Campbell have a nice run of games to end his career. Healy and Rizzuto have had a tough couple of games. I think teams are really keying hard on them both on the offensive end. Coaches need to a do a better job of freeing them up! Saturday should be fun. Hopefully they can steal one on the road and move on in the tourney. FREE MALACHI DE SOUSA!! They did!
  17. Anyone know why Lyle isn't playing in this league?
  18. And my daughter's dance competition! I need multiple devices!
  19. Tehoka News

    Glad the NCAA got their investigation done fast and he can play tomorrow.
  20. I saw this live on the feed. I had no problem with it. It almost bounced around the rim a few times. I think it was more a smile of relief it didn't go in.
  21. He has said Brown and staff should be fired in other threads after bad losses. No one else has. Absolutely agree that the staff deserves criticism this year as I think they've made mistakes and I think they've been out-coached in a several games. I think yesterday they continued to try and force the ball to Healy when it was obvious he wasn't going to get any room. I'm no coach but maybe try to use him as a decoy to draw more D and set up some plays for other players off of that. Him and another player who transferred out (I think McKay?) were both tweeting stuff after UA lost a tourney game. I think it was the first round loss to a bad Hartford team when they made a ridiculous amount of threes. Can't remember exactly but it was something about Karma for Brown. Guess maybe he felt he was forced out the door and didn't like it. Brown was right though. He's been a 10th man most of his D1 career and 8th man this year. Just search "Twyman twitter" and you should find the posts about it.
  22. Here we go again. Where were you when they beat #2 SBU and destroyed #3 UMBC? This is a REALLY young team. Your fire Brown bit is dumb. Let it go. He's not going anywhere unless they suck for 3-4 years straight. After the 0-5 conference start I thought they wouldn't win more than 2-3 conference games. Now that they have won 6 I feel good about the future. Next year should be even better but I'm mostly looking towards the year after to be a true contender. de Sousa had a really rough game tonight. As MRSGDG said, Dunn did an unbelievable job on Healy. Just blanket defense. Gave him hardly any room. I didn't think it was a push off by Cam in OT and he hit that step back 3, which would've been big. It looked like after Twyman's 3rd three he ran down the court staring at Brown holding up the 3 fingers. I might be wrong but looked like it. I remember his comments after he left and Albany lost in the first round of the tourney. Wasn't cool. He had a career high 9 points today. Ha! I'm happy for Campbell. He needed a game like this. Team inexperience really showed once again today. On to the next one.
  23. All I saw was this. Sophomore star Tehoka Nanticoke did not play for the University at Albany men’s lacrosse team in Saturday’s 17-16 loss to third-ranked Cornell due to what an athletic department spokesman described as an “internal matter.” Nanticoke did not travel with the team and his status for Tuesday’s game at Tom & Mary Casey Stadium against UMass is “undetermined.”
  24. Excellent half! Keep it up.