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  1. You can blame Wyland and Voelker for that one. They said on the broadcast second largest. On that note, Wyland is much better at basketball than football. He is wrong a lot on spots and penalties and first downs and such. Totally missed the fumble on the goal line until the UA player was halfway to the sideline and he insisted the defender stripped the RB on the tackle and took the ball away until he saw the replay. Voelker was constantly correcting him.
  2. Agree. Excellent in after coming out flat. Cuff had a rough day but made some throws when it counted! Good stuff!
  3. I'm waiting for the TE sneak out play. They just ran it and he was wide open but instead Cuff went for the fly down the sideline.
  4. A couple more bad passes today by Undercuffler. He is definitely having a rough day with accuracy. It's gonna happen. I wish they could run the ball better and take some of the pressure off of him. Big defensive series coming up here. Have had a hard time stopping them today.
  5. Agree. Roger and Voelker are teasing some BIG ANNOUNCEMENT by AD Benson coming up in the fourth quarter. Wonder what that is.
  6. 7763 announced crowd. Second largest in UA history. Doesn't look like it when they show the crowd and the berm.
  7. UA defender went for the pick instead of just knocking the ball down. Instead it's a 30+ yard completion. Need another big stop here by the D!
  8. Huge play Mencer! Huge run back! I said o my son right before the play, this is a HUGE play on 4th and 3. LET'S GO DANES!!!
  9. Undercuffler is not sharp today. Accuracy is off almost all day. A few bad drops on the passes he put in a good spot. Hopefully they come out in the second half a little sharper on offense and score some points!
  10. Damn. Big momentum shift with the long TD just to allow them to come down and score before the half. Defense has not had a good day.
  11. Not that would've been a TD that I can remember. And missed the PAT. Ugh.
  12. No idea what the refs saw on that call on UA TE. Replay didn't show me anything and same ref 30 yards away made the call.
  13. Good stop by the D! Need to get the offense going. MAKE SOME NOISE AT THE GAME! COME ON!!!! I'm fired up at home!
  14. Ref right in front of the play doesn't call that PI but the ref 30 yards away does.