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  1. Like many other teams, SB has an inside game; they have a number of people who can handle the ball and score; and I hate to state the obvious, but guys like Rizzuto are not Div. I players. We are not getting recruits that match other teams - that is pretty disappointing especially when the Stony Brook coach is very new.
  2. ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL - three losses in a row to 2-7 Siena, 4-6 St. Francis, and 2-8 Brooklyn.....
  3. My thoughts are not based only on this game but on this season so far...and also based on last season. Click makes great points about how Vermont is somehow able to recruit high level talent year after year despite antiquated facilities and the frozen tundra up there. Many of our guys are not competitive Div. I players. St. John’s had 11 blocks and 54 points in the paint - come on man, that’s pathetic. Our front court is fully replaceable and Clark is not a point guard (it’s painful to watch). All of this to me adds up to extremely poor recruiting (I don’t question CB’s ability to coach) - and recruiting is a huge part of a head coach’s job. I also don’t discount the fact that he runs a very clean program with kids that represent the university well.
  4. I hate to spell out the obvious, but this team is an absolute embarrassment (they went 10 minutes without even sniffing a basket). The lack of talent is patently obvious - we have one shooter, no point guard, and absolutely no inside game. Much like the women’s program (that lost to St. Francis and scored 41 points), this program has fallen off the landscape. We can bitch about a lot of things but the reality is that the talent is just not there. I hate to say it, because it’s sacrilege, but a change may be needed after 19 years.
  5. Pressure on Coach https://dailygazette.com/article/2018/03/30/with-these-stunning-departures-do-we-have-a-watch-for-ua-s-brown-too
  6. Look, we're all bitter about this but....the kid played his heart out while he was here, represented the school well on and off the court, did well academically and graduated early....so while we may not be happy about it, let's wish the kid well and move on. and Nichols did pretty much did the same..... Believe me, I think this sucks and puts us in a hole but remember that these are kids and perhaps we don't agree with the decision nor do we love the timing or the way this went down, but let's not hate on these kids for making a decision that they believe is in their best interests.
  7. But Joe is graduating with a degree from UAlbany.....so that makes him part of the Purple Fam, no?
  8. more info now available on Times Union.....
  9. an even bigger concern - do they know something we don't? is it possible Brown is on the move?? this all smells
  10. You guys can put whatever spin you want on this but it is crushing to the program....and sends a terrible message to potential targets. Not only did we lose our top four scorers from last year (and most importantly our two highest scorers), but we lost a guy in Cremo who was the epitome of the player you want on this team - a relentless worker and a guy who seemed to bleed purple. Devastating....
  11. I think there is something going on internally with this team - they are showing NO ENERGY and NO URGENCY. This is hard to watch
  12. what an absolute embarrassment on national tv looks like one team made a ton of changes based on the first game they played, and one team did not.
  13. getting beat to every loose ball - team as a whole looks like a deer in headlights what a disappointing performance
  14. time to change our face-ff strategy.....we are getting killed at the x...it looks like he is frozen out there
  15. our freshman face-off phenom is playing like a freshman pathetic turnovers = true choke in a big game
  16. I just listed 5 teams that are not even close to us in terms of RPI and league RPI. That said, I am not really arguing about our seed - I am arguing about being the LAST seed playing the FIRST seed. The worst team in the tournament should be required to play the best team. We are not, by far, the WORST team or the least deserving team in this tournament. If it was close, I could then see the geographic issue playing a deciding role. However, that is not the case. And teams seems to be flying all over the country to play. Further, you have to give some credence to our track record - we are not first timers to the dance. Like I said, if it was close, I get it....but this, to me, makes a mockery of their system.
  17. Can someone please tell me how we are the last seed in the tournament when the following teams are seeded higher - with a lower team rpi and lower conference rpi: keep in mind that we have a 113 rpi n mex st 137 hampton 151 tx southern 169 robert morris 181 unc ashville 197 sure, they can use geography as an excuse, but is it far fetched for Robert Morris to go to CT and for us to go to Notre Dame to play? it can't be just geography - iowa st is playing in bridgeport, texas a&m and penn are playing at UCLA, oregon is playing at UNC....I can go on and on.... by the way, not only are we the last seed but new mexico st and hampton are 15 seeds, not 16 seeds. We have been to the tournament SIX straight times and beat a 4 seed last year. Honestly, this is a joke.
  18. the ESPN 3 feed is at least 30 seconds behind live action if you are checking the espn scoreboard
  19. I have to say that these latest developments have been disturbing and I am really curious as to the real reason behind these moves. I understand Twyman and Wells - but hope that we get some real answers about Baker and McKay. There was a strong need for McKay and the opportunity was there for playing time. Perhaps it was as simple as the fact that he was very close with the Aussies on the EWU team and not so much with our guys - who knows, but it certainly is a dramatic change in schools and geographic zones. As for Baker, I honestly think he was good enough to possibly get into the starting rotation next year(certainly no hard and fast rule that the seniors get priority over the underclassmen) - either way he would have gotten a decent amount of playing time on a very good team and then have 2 years left to really be a large cog in the wheel. Now if he stays at the same DI level, he has to sit out next year - which puts him exactly where he would have been if he had stayed. Which brings us to the question raised earlier : does any of this this have anything to do with Coach's status? why are we hearing nothing on that front? why has nothing been finalized? an unsettled situation can't be good for recruiting.
  20. Any way you slice or sugarcoat this, it is a major loss. Baker may have been the player on that team with the most talent and upside. Coach gave him more playing time than most freshmen because he know how good he was and what he was able to create. Not only did he have a silky smooth jumper but he had a great first step and an ability to get to the basket. I really think he had AE POY capability and I envisioned the offense running through him his junior and senior years. Maybe he would not have been starting next year, but I do think he would have gotten a lot of playing time. It is very disappointing...
  21. just got 2 in Section 150 as well....never got through on website but got through on phone after 20 mins of redialing
  22. As an FYI, Mark Singelais tweeted a photo of the TUC minutes before Siena's quarterfinal game - there was no one there. I would also note that the TV broadcasters commented on the quiet and relatively light Siena crowd during their semifinal game.
  23. What's the word on Tanner Leissner in terms of the extent of his ankle injury? Any update on Richard Peters?
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